Mole Creek / Chudleigh, Tasmania, Australia
On the 26th day of May 1823 Danniel Pickett arrived in Tasmania on board the Jupiter. He was convicted in the Berkshire Courts for housebreaking and transported to Tasmania for a term of 13 years.

It is thought that as there was no father named on his birth records that he was born out of wedlock. His mother was named as Lucy Pickett. I am not sure exactly what the situation is here. If anyone has anything to add to this can you please get in touch.

It appears that having no named father runs in the family. I have another tricky one that I would like help with. Julius William Nathanial Flowers had no father named also and his mother was Mary Ann Flowers. Was he born out of wedlock also? If so who was his father? Any assistance on this one would also be appreciated.