MOSES CLEVELAND (1619/1620 - 1701/1702) - IMMIGRANT

On 2 February 1619/1620 MOSES CLEVELAND was born in St. Stephens, Ipswich, Suffolk, England. MOSES’ parents are Samuel Cleveland and Alice (maiden name unknown).


In 1635 MOSES (age 12) and the group he was with came first to Virginia to settle, but having too much trouble with the Indians they boarded a ship and came up the coast to Plymouth, Massachusetts. MOSES came to New England as a ship carpenter’s apprentice in exchange for passage to America; although, it is generally stated that he came from Ipswich as an indentured apprentice to a joiner, housewright, or master builder, thought to be Edward Winn who would become his father-in-law.


1635 – 1648/1649 (between): LIFE IN MASSACHUSETTS

Between 1635 to 1638 MOSES most likely remained in Boston. Then in 1638 he settled in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

In 1640/1641 MOSES (age 21) moved to Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts with his master and settled there.

In 1643 MOSES (age 23/24) was admitted as a freeman.

In 1648/1649 MOSES (age 29) was granted land at Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. On 3 February 1648/1649 a committee appointed MOSES to lay out the portion of land which had been promised him.


On 26 September 1648 MOSES (age 29) married Anne Winn in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. MOSES and Anne had at least eleven children:

  1. Moses (b. 1 September 1651)
  2. Hannah (b. 4 August 1653)
  3. Aaron (b. 10 January 1654/1655)
  4. Samuel (b. 9 June 1657)
  5. Miriam (b. 10 July 1659)
  6. Joanna (b. 19 September 1661)


In 1663 MOSES (age 39) is listed on the Woburn Militia Roll.

  1. Edward (b. 20 May 1663)
  2. JOSIAH (b. 26 February 1666/67)
  3. Isaac (b. 11 May 1669)
  4. Joanna (b. 5 April 1670)
  5. Enoch (b. 1 August 1671)

MOSES became a man of some prominence in New England, and it would seem, was identified with all the political movements of the day.

1701/1702: DEATH OF MOSES

On 9 January 1701/1702 MOSES (age 82) died in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.


Notes On Moses Cleveland

Information is based on the following sources:


President Grover Cleveland: http://www.angelfire.com/il/ClevelandFamilyChron/Prez.html SEE WEB SITE SOURCE INDEX.


The name of Moses’ master is not ascertained, but conjectured to be Edward Winn (whose daughter Moses marries).

If Moses was age 12 in 1635 he would have been born in 1623. If Moses was age 39 in 1663 as listed on the Woburn Militia Roll he would have been born in 1624 not 1619/1620.

Moses landed at Plymouth, but more probably at Boston where in 1635 there were far better docks.

Moses is the great great great great great grandfather of President Grover Cleveland through his son Aaron Cleveland.

Moses and Ann Winn son

Aaron and Dorcas Wilson son

Aaron and Abigail Water son

Aaron and Susannah Porter son

Aaron and Abiah Hyde son

William and Margaret Falley son

Richard and Ann Neal son

President (Stephen) Grover and Frances C. Folsom

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