Family Lines

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Family Lines

Leroy D. Peavey's Report
Gladys Fuller's Family Group Sheets
Vermont Family Group Sheets

Abraham Peavey Line
Abraham and Olive (Downs) Peavey
Joseph Peavey Line
Joseph and Elizabeth (Powell) Peavey
Ichabod Peavey Line
Ichabod and Margery (Potter) Peavey
LeRoy Deering Peavey Line
Joseph and Arabella (Nutter) and Abigail (Chesley) Peavey
Inventor Line
William C. Peavey, son/brother of Edward Peve 
Missing Kin Line
Nathaniel and Anna (Unknown) Peavey
James Peva/Peavey Line
James and Rachel (Savage) Peva/Peavey
Money Line
James and Mary (Nutter) Peavey
John and Lois Line
John and Lois (Coolbath) Peavey
Politician Line
Peter and Esther (Barker) Peavey
John D. Peavey Line
John D. and Joanna (Butler) Peavey
Road Preacher Line
Thomas and Mary (Stevens) Pevee
John S. Peavey (Father of Moses) Line
John S. and Sally (York) Peavey
Royal Dames Line
Daughters of Edward and Mary (Cluff) Peve
Southern Peavey/Pevey/Peavy Line

Leroy D. Peavey's Report

Anyone doing serious PV research should take the time to read this report. Leroy D. Peavey was born in 1876 in Rockingham County, NH, the son of Samuel Roswell Peavey and Mary A. Smith. In 1930, he compiled this report from his research notes. The result is a well researched family genealogy that utilized many sources that are no longer available. Leroy's report has become a major source for modern PV genealogists. For more information on his family tree Leroy's Line below.

I wish to thank James Peva for his assistance in changing a copy of Leroy's single-spaced report back to its original double-spaces. With his help, Leroy's notes and index now correspond with the correct page number.

Report (43 pages)
Index (14 pages)
Gladys Fuller's Family Group Sheets

Vermont Family Group Sheets

Abraham Peavey Line

Descendents of Abraham and Olive (Downs) Peavey
Main researcher:
Barb DeMarco:
Abraham Peavey's Descendents

Major Brick Walls Update 25 May 2002

Ichabod Peavey Line

Descendents of Ichabod and Margery (Potter) Peavey
Main researchers:
DG Vancuren: and
Don Mellen:
Major Brick Walls Update 25 May 2002

Inventor Line

Descendents of William C. Peavey, son or brother of Edward Peve
Joseph Peavey Will

James Peva/Peavey Line

Descendents of James and Rachel (Savage) Peva
Main Researcher:
James Peva - Chronological Summary of Recorded Events
The Descendents of James and Rachel (Savage) Peva.
Speculation on who might be the parents of James Peva/Peavey

Peva -- Royal Dames Connection

James Peva Pedigree Chart, Page 1, Page 2

Six generations of the Peva family
William Peva, son of James and Rachel (Savage) Peva (Photo)
Elbridge Norris, brother of Sophronia Norris (Photo)
Elbridge Norris was a prominent shipbuilder in Damariscotta, ME.  They built the famous "clipper" ships, and both George & Joseph PEVA worked for their uncle in the shipyard as teenagers before going to sea.
George Peva, son of William and Sophronia (Norris) Peva (Photo)
Captain George Peva Biography
Joseph Peva, son of William and Sophronia (Norris) Peva (Photo)
Lenora Peva, daughter of George and Susan (McDowell) Peva, Age 2, Age 60 (Photos)
Lenora Peva wrote a story about the flood of 1884.  She was about six years old at the time of the flood, and wrote the account of her memories when she was 77. The location of the story is Evansville, Indiana.
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
Gravestones and Obituaries
James Peva Grave (Photo)
Elbridge Norris Obituary
Elbridge Norris Grave (Photo)
Elbridge Norris is buried in Damariscotta, or the adjoining town of Newcastle, Maine.

John and Lois Line

Descendents of John and Lois (Colbath) Peavey
Eliphalet and Dudley Peavey

The process of determining the parents of Eliphalet and Dudley Peavey has been a difficult one as the birth records for both of these men were lost when the Strafford County Courthouse burned down. See the article COINCIDENCE OR EVIDENCE?? by Lisa Braendle and June Peavey's reply for more details on why we determined that Eliphalet and dudley were brothers and why we believed they were the sons of John and Lois (Coolbath) Peavey. Possitive identification for the father of Eliphalet came when Grace Staples found an old book  -- the 1820 census burned so the book is a replacement of the census they had to do for tax purposes.  It was done in 1822 -- in the attic of a house that once belonged to Robert Peavey, the one proven child of John and Lois Peavey. Grace found Eliphalet in this book and proved beyond a doubt that Eliphalet really is the son of John and Lois (Colbath) Peavey. Since Dudley is Eliphalet's brother, he is also the son of John and Lois. Behind the house is Dud Peavey Brook, clearly named after Dudley. When Robert Peavey died, the house was purchased by Betsey Brown's family, she being married to Dudley's son Daniel.

Click here to view the document that proves that Eliphalet is the son of John Peavey, Sr. (document discovered in May 2002)

Descendents of David Peavey, son of Dudley Peavey

Descendents of Eliphalet Peavey

Eliphalet Peavey death record
(Joseph) Leonard Peavey death record, son of Eliphalet Peavey
Lowell Mass Vital Records
Death notice of John Peavey, son of Eliphalet Peavey
George W. Peavey, son of Eliphalet Peavey
Page from the bible of George W. Peavey
George W. Peavey death, son of Eliphalet Peavey
Arthur Peavey birth, son of George Peavey
Arthur Peavey 1st marriage, son of George Peavey
Arthur Peavey 2nd marriage, son of George Peavey
Louise (Peavey) Barnes, daughter of Eliphalet Peavey
Four Generations of Descendents of David and Louise (Peavey) Barnes (photos)
Gravestones and Obituaries
Louise (Peavey) Barnes (Photo)
David Barnes (Photo)
George W. Barnes, son of David and Louise Barnes (Photo)
Leslie Barnes, son of George W. Barnes (Photo)
James Thomas Barnes, son of Leslie Barnes (Photo)
James Thomas Barnes Obituary
James Thomas Barnes Funeral Notice
Pearl (Langmaid) Barnes, wife of James Barnes (Photo)
Pearl (Langmaid) Barnes Obituary
George Albert Barnes Sr, son of James Barnes (Photo)
George Albert Barnes Sr. Obituary
Raymond Barnes Obituary, son of James Barnes

John D. Peavey Line

Descendents of John D. and Joanna (Butler) Peavey
Main Researcher:
Linda Snodgrass
Major Brick Walls Update 25 May 2002

John S. Peavey (Father of Moses) Line

Descendents of John S. and Sally (York) Peavey
Main Researcher:
Mark & Jackie
Major Brick Walls Update 25 May 2002

Descendents of John S. Peavey Report

Moses Peavey in 1850 Census
Moses Peavey in 1860 Census
Letters & Surveys (from Moses' descendents)
Edgar PV Survey
Edgar Peavey, Sep 3, 1966 letter, Page 1, Page 2
Edgar Peavey, Nov 25, 1966 letter, Page 1, Page 2
Gladys Fullter, Sep 3, 1966 letter, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Joseph Peavey Line

Descendents of Joseph and Elizabeth (Powell) Peavey
(may be link to southern PVs)

LeRoy Deering Peavey Line

Descendents of Joseph Peavey and his wives Arabella Nutter and Abigail Chesley
Samuel Roswell - Leroy Peavey Family Photos
The Descendents of James T. Peavey
Descendents of Winthrop Peavey Report

Gravestones and Obituaries

Isabel and Betsey Peavey (Photo)
Mary (Smith) Peavey (Photo)
Samuel Peavey (Photo)
Samuel & Mary Frank & Harriet Peavey (Photo)
Samuel Roswell Peavey (Photo)
Sarah Peavey (Photo)

Missing Kin Line

Descendents of Nathaniel and Anna (Unknown) Peavey

Money Line

Descendents of James and Mary (Nutter) Peavey
They owned an inn Newingham, New Hampshire.

Politician Line

Descendents of Peter and Esther (Barker) Peavey

Road Preacher Line

Descendents of Thomas and Mary (Stevens) Pevee

Descendents of Edward Peavey (Thomas and Mary (Stevens) Peavey Line)

Clarence R. Peavey
Marriage Record #1
Marriage Record #2
Death Certificate

Will & Probate

Page 1 Page 3 Page 5 Page 7
Page 2 Page 4 Page 6 Page 8
Gravestones and Obituaries
Clarence R. Peavey (Photo)
Sofie (Willett) Peavey (Photo)

Royal Dames Line

Descendents of the Daughters of Edward and Rachel Peve
(Sarah, Mary and Deborah)
See The Birth of the Royal Dames for more information on this line

Descendents of Edward Peavey (Royal Dames Line)

Peva -- Royal Dames Connection

Southern Peavey/Pevey/PeavyLine

So far have no confirmed link to New England Peaveys, however, they MAY be from the Joseph Line -- Descendents of Joseph and Elizabeth (Powell) Peavey.
Southern PV Brick Walls

The following links are to pages maintained by Barthlynn McCoy.

The Peeveys of New Hope has research on Joseph Peavey, Sr., born 1734 in North Carolina.

Our Revolutionary War Page has information on PVs from Georgia who served in the Civil War.

The War of 1812 has information on PVs who served in that war.

Barthlynn's Alabama Roots contains information on the 37th Tennessee Infantry Company E in which William H. Peevey served in the Civil War.

Volunteer Soldiers in Indian Wars and Disturbances, 1815-1865 contains information on several PV men and the services they performed.

The site also contains the following databases:

Peevey Bible Records
Peevey Biographies and Letters
Peeveys in Georgia Land Lotteries
Peevey Marriages
Peevey Obituaries
Peevey Twins
Peevey Wills
Peevey Census Records

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