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Thomas Peverly of Portsmouth NH and some of his Descendants
Thomas Peverly of Portsmouth, N.H. 1623-1670
and Some of His Descendants

By Henry Winthrop Hardon, A.M., LL.B.
Sometime Professor of Law at Cornell University
Late Professor of Law at Columbia University, Boston

Privately Printed, 1927
Of this book there have been printed One Hundred copies Only
This Copy is No. 39
Wright and Potter Printing Company, Boston, Massachusetts

Unplaced Peverlys

1. THOMAS1 PEVERLY, of Portsmouth, was married about 1644, and was therefore born as early as 1623, probably in the southwestern part of England. He died between 19 Apr. and 30 June 1670. He married JANE2 WALFORD, daughter of Thomas1 and Jane Walford (Stackpole's History of Kittery, p. 33), who married secondly Richard Goss(*) (N. H. State Papers, vol. 31, pp. 92, 224).

In 1652 he had an "outlot" of 50 acres (town records). In 1653 he had 6 2/3 acres (ib.). He was made freeman at Exeter in 1657 (REGISTER, vol. 8, p. 77). In 1660 he, as a free commoner in or prior to 1657, was granted 42 acres of the common lands, in addition to 68 acres which he had then received (Brewster's Rambles about Portsmouth, vol. 1, p. 27). Part or all of this was in that part of Portsmouth lying south of the "Plains," and extended from Sagamore Creek to what is still known as Peverly's Hill. His house was on the Creek (N. H. State Papers, vol. 31, p. 87). In 1664-65 he was surveyor of highways (town records).

In his will, dated 19 Apr. 1670 and proved 30 June 1670 (N. H. State Papers, vol. 31, p. 115), which was made when he was "very weake & sick in body," he mentions his wife Jane and his children, the sons (except John) and the daughter Sarah to have their legacies when they "come to age."

Children, born at Portsmouth (as mentioned in his will):

i. MARY,2 b. about 1645; m. before 6 Nov. 1666 JOHN HOLMES (see will of Thomas1 Walford, in N. H. State Papers, vol. 31, pp. 87-88),

b. about 1641 (ib., p. 89).

ii. MARTHA, b. about 1647; m. before 19 Apr. 1670 (???) NOBLE (probably Christopher Noble, who was the only Noble in the
church list of 1678. Cf. Brewster's Rambles about Portsmouth, vol. 1, p. 62).(+)

2. iii. JOHN, b. about 1649.

iv. THOMAS. In 1700 a Thomas Peverly witnessed a deed. The funeral of a Thomas Peverly occurred 9 Sept. 1720 (North Church records).




viii. SARAH.

(*)The compiler is indebted to Charles Thornton Libby, Esq., for Goss's Christian name.

(+)Lazarus Noble of Portsmouth died 9 May 1727. Among the claims against his estate was one of Martha Noble, for nursing (N. H. State Papers, vol. 32, p. 310). A wife or daughter would have had no such claim, but a mother might, for services to an adult son, or a sister, for services to a brother. The uncommon name Lazarus suggests Lazarus Peverly, brother of Martha (Peverly)
Noble. In 1716 and again in 1735 a Christopher Noble of Portsmouth, perhaps son of Christopher and Martha (Peverly) Noble, with a wife Jane, executed deeds.

2. JOHN2 PEVERLY (Thomas1), of Portsmouth, yeoman, deposed 14 Apr. 1731, "about 82 years of age" (N. H. Deeds, vol. 17, p. 498), and was therefore born about 1649 (at Portsmouth). He died in 1731, his will, dated 5 Sept. 1730 and proved 25 Nov. 1731 (N. H. State Papers, vol. 32, p. 381), having been made when he was "labouring under the infirmitys of age." No record of the name of his wife has been found, but she had a seat in the meeting house in 1693 (Brewster's Rambles about Portsmouth, vol. 1, p. 67).

He was doubtless the eldest son, for he was named as executor of his father's will, and in the event of his mother's remarriage he was to have the entire estate, paying o5 each to the other children.

He is first mentioned in the town records in 1672, when he was allowed 4 shillings for a day's work on the highways with his oxen. In 1673/4 he was alloted 67 acres of the common lands (town records). In 1679 he was summoned for failure to pay the minister's and town rate "for some years past" (ib.). The only Peverly in the Portsmouth tax list in 1688 is a John Peverly. He was a selectman in 1695/6 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 2, p. 101). He and his sons John and Nathaniel were original grantees of Barrington (N. H. State Papers, vol. 9, pp. 41-45).

Children, born at Portsmouth (as mentioned in his will):

3. i. JOHN,3 b. about 1688.

4. ii. NATHANIEL, b. 14 Mar. 1690.

iii. GRACE, b. about 1692; m. WILLIAM Ross (N. H. Deeds, vol. 42, p. 75) of Portsmouth. She covenanted in the North Church in 1709 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 2, p. 54).

Children (surname Ross), b. at Portsmouth:

1. Jonathan, of Portsmouth, joiner. He conveyed, 7 Jan. 1749, lands in Barrington formerly of "my grandfather John Peverly" (N. H. Deeds, vol. 48, p. 390).

2. William, of Portsmouth, carpenter (ib., vol. 39, p. 202). Probably others, who died s.p. before their father.

3. JOHN3 PEVERLY (John,2 Thomas1), of Portsmouth, yeoman, was born at Portsmouth about 1688, and died, leaving a will which was dated 26 Mar. 1753 and was proved 26 Dec. 1759. He married, 5 Feb. 1712/13 (N. H. Genealogical record, vol. 5, p. 42), DELIVERANCE2 LANG, daughter of Robert1 Lang.

He served two weeks at the fort in New Castle during Queen Anne's War (N. H. State Papers, vol. 13, p. 240). In 1758 he gave to the town a lot for a schoolhouse, on the north side of the road now called Peverly Hill Road, leading to Rye (N. H. Deeds, vol. 53, p. 345).

Children, born at Portsmouth (as mentioned in his will):

i. JOHN,4 of Portsmouth, farmer, b. about 1714; dead in 1780, although he was taxed in 1779 (Portsmouth tax lists); m. RACHEL4 BABB, bapt. at Greenland in 1721 (REGISTER, vol. 28, p. 420), daughter of Philip3 (Philip,2 Philip1) and Rachel (Lewis) Babb (see will of Philip3 Babb, dated 29 Apr. 1758 and proved 31 July 1782, in Rockingham Probate Files). In 1748 he petitioned, with others, for a grant of lands (N. H. State Papers, vol. 28, p. 492). In 1757 he had 60 acres and a house at Pembroke (N. H. Deeds, vol. 51, p. 557), which he and his wife Rachel sold in 1759 (ib., vol. 59, p. 393). In 1766 he suffered a common recovery, to bar the entail on the ancestral estate created by his father's will (ib., vol. 87, p. 501), and, with his wife Rachel, sold part or all of it (ib., vol. 79, p. 355). In 1770 John Newmarch had judgment against him for goods sold from Aug. 1764 to Aug. 1766, including 11 gallons of rum (N. H. Court Papers).

ii. TEMPERANCE, bapt. 26 May 1717 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 4, p. 100); m. NATHANIEL3 LEAR of New Castle and Portsmouth, yeoman, b. at New Castle 25 July 1712 (REGISTER, vol. 50, p. 459), son of Tobias2 and Elizabeth (Walker) Lear (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 1, p. 23, Granite Monthly, vol. 39, p. 89, N. H. Deeds, vol. 80, p. 168).

iii. ANN, bapt. 23 Nov. 1718 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 4, p. 100).

5. iv. WILLIAM, bapt. 18 June 1721 (ib., vol. 4, p. 104).

v. SAMUEL, of Portsmouth, bapt. 14 Apr. 1723 (ib., vol. 5, p. 39); d. before 1753. He signed a petition to the Masonian proprietors in 1748 (N. H. State Papers, vol. 28, p. 493). His children, unnamed, are mentioned in the will of his father, John3 Peverly.(*)

6. vi. GEORGE, bapt. 28 Feb. 1724/5 (South Church records).

4. NATHANIEL3 PEVERLY (John,2 Thomas1), of Portsmouth, housewright, born at Portsmouth 14 Mar. 1690 (family Bible,
described below), died 20 May 1769 (ib.), leaving a will made in "advanced years," dated 2 Jan. 1769 and proved 19 June 1769, in which he mentions all his children named below. He married, 13 Nov. 1715 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 5, p. 43), ELIZABETH3 COTTON, born at Portsmouth 29 Mar. 1689, died in May 1765, daughter of Benjamin2 and Elizabeth Cotton (REGISTER, vol. 58, p. 297).

He served in the fort at New Castle for a brief period during Queen Anne's War (N. H. State Papers, vol. 13, p. 241). On 5 Mar. 1715 Benjamin Cotton and Elizabeth, his wife, conveyed to Nathaniel Peverly all his lands in the Plains at Portsmouth lying on the south side of the road to Greenland and "before the door in front of the now dwellinghouse" of the grantor (N. H. Deeds, vol. 11, p. 543).

Children, born at Portsmouth (family Bible in possession, 1925, of John S.7 Peverly (21, viii) of Canterbury):

i. ELIZABETH,4 b. 8 Oct. 1716 and bapt. 11 Nov. 1716 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 4, p. 100); m. 13 July 1740 EZEKIEL4 PITMAN of Portsmouth, son of Lieut. Ezekiel,3 a soldier at Louisbourg (N. H. State Papers, vol. 8, p. 867), and Elizabeth3 (Shackford) Pitman (Stackpole's History of Durham, vol. 2, p. 308, REGISTER, vol. 27, p. 9).

Child (surname Pitman), b. at Portsmouth (North Church records):

1. Elizabeth, bapt. 3 Dec. 1749.

7. ii. NATHANIEL, b. 15 June 1720 and bapt. 19 June 1720.

8. iii. THOMAS, b. 5 Sept. 1722 and bapt. 9 Sept. 1722.

iv. ABIGAIL, bapt. 3 Oct. 1724 (South Church records); probably d. young.

v. ABIGAIL, b. 14 Mar. 1727; m. 26 Nov. 1747 JOHN CLARK of Portsmouth (REGISTER, vol. 22, p. 27).

vi. MARY, b. 11 May 1729.

(*)Samuel Lear had a son, Samuel Peverly Lear, baptized in the North Church, Portsmouth, 20 Feb. 1793 (church records).

5. WILLIAM4 PEVERLY (John,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Portsmouth and Dover (1782), husbandman, was born at Portsmouth, and was baptized 18 June 1721 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 4, p. 104). He married first ELIZABETH (???); and probably secondly, at Portsmouth, in Feb. 1777 (town records), JOANNA VICCAR, daughter (?) of John and Johanna (Gummer) Viccar.

On 8 Dec. 1766 he, with his wife Elizabeth, conveyed to Thomas Seavey the land devised to the grantor by John Peverly, his father (N. H. Deeds, vol. 80, p. 159). In 1776 William Peverly and Kinsman Peverly took the Association Test Oath at Portsmouth (Brewster's Rambles about Portsmouth, vol. 1, p. 216). In 1800 William Peverly, upwards of 45 years old, with one female above 45 years of age in his family, was of Dover (United States Census).

Children by first wife, born at Portsmouth and baptized in the South Church there:

i. KINSMAN,5 of Portsmouth and Newington, master mariner, bapt. 19 Feb. 1743/4; m. 30 Nov. 1768 ABIGAIL CARD (South Church records). He was commander, in 1776, of a vessel sent by the New Hampshire Committee of Safety to St. Pierre, Martinique, for gunpowder (N. H. State Papers, vol. 8, p. 75), commander, in 1777, of the privateer Friends Adventure (Adjutant General's Report of 1866, vol. 2, p. 368, N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 5, p. 165), and commander, in 1778, of the privateer Hero (Deslandes v. Peverly et al., Rockingham Superior Court Files, 4337). He bought land at Rochester in 1778 and sold half of it in 1779 (Strafford Deeds). He was last taxed at Portsmouth in 1779. He is not in the United States Census of 1790.

Children (probably):

1. Elizabeth Kinsman,6 m. at Portsmouth, in Sept. 1796 (town records), William4 Muchmore of Portsmouth, mariner, bapt. at Gosport 13 Sept. 1772 (REGISTER, vol. 66, p. 298), son of Benjamin3 (William,2 John1) and Sarah Muchmore. On the tax list of 1808 William Muchmore is marked "dead." Administration on his estate was granted, 16 Feb. 1814, to his widow Elizabeth (Rockingham Probate Files). Her petition for an allowance, 25 Aug. 1815, states that at the time of her late husband's decease she had three children then and still alive, two of which were under 7 years of age, and that soon after his decease she had another child, which is still alive. She is listed in the Portsmouth directory of 1857 but not in that of 1860-61.

2. Anna Card, b. about 1779; d. in Nov. 1823; m. at Portsmouth, 1 Aug. 1802 (town records), John Whitelock of Portsmouth, printer, bapt. at Kittery Point, Me., 20 Dec. 1778 (church records), probably son of John and Mary (Pray) Whitelock. He was taxed at Portsmouth in 1807, but on the list of 1808 he is marked "Gone." The tradition among his descendants is that he published books containing religious views too liberal for his time, was constrained to leave Portsmouth, and went to Canada. The New Hampshire Patriot of 1 Dec. 1823 announced the death, at Portsmouth, of "Mrs. Nancy Whitelock, aged 44, widow of the late Mr. John Whitelock, printer."

ii. ANN, bapt. 2 Mar. 1745/6.

iii. JOHN,(*) of Portsmouth, mariner, b. before 1755.(+)

(*) In 1790 an unnamed "Peverly son of William" was taxed at Portsmouth. The following year John Peverly was taxed and continued to be taxed until 1798. He is described as a mariner. One John Peverly was again taxed in 1811-1813.

(+)This date was furnished by Charles H. Batchelder, Esq. iv. MARY (probably), b. about 1761 (pension record); d. 2 Jan. 1850; m. "in the spring or summer of 1783" (pension record) GEORGE4 HUNTRESS of Newington, husbandman, a soldier in the Revolution (pension record), b. at Portsmouth about 1761, d. 12 Mar. 1836 (REGISTER, vol. 73, p. 198), son of Joseph3 and Sobriety (Tobey) Huntress.

Children (surname Huntress), b. at Newington:

1. Margaret, "eldest child" (pension record), b. 24 Nov. 1783 (ib.); d. s.p. (?) about 1868; m. at Rye, 4 Apr. 1811 (Parsons's History of Rye, p. 578), Thomas6 Moses of Portsmouth, tailor, bath-house keeper, b. at Portsmouth, d. in 1856 (Brewster's Rambles about Portsmouth, vol. 1, p. 182), son of Samuel5 and Mary (How) Moses (Moses Family, p. 202). He was not taxed at Portsmouth after 1839.

2. Mary, d. unm. 10 Aug. 1869 (tombstone). Administration on her estate was granted, 12 Oct. 1869, to Sarah Kingsbury, "only sister and heir at law" (Rockingham Probate Files).

3. Sarah, b. about 1794; d., probably s.p., 9 Sept. 1887 (diary of Jackson M. Hoyt of Newington); m. (???) Kingsbury, said to have been of Wells, Me. She witnessed, in 1848, Mary Huntress's receipt for a pension as widow of George4 Huntress.

Other children, who must have d. before 12 Oct. 1869, if Sarah Kingsbury was then "only sister and heir at law," for the application for a pension to George4 Huntress states that he had "a large family."

9. v. WILLIAM (probably(*), b. about 1762 (pension record).

6. GEORGE4 PEVERLY (John,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Portsmouth, yeoman, born at Portsmouth, and baptized 28 Feb. 1724/5 (South Church records), died in Sept. 1774 (New Hampshire Gazette of 9 Sept. 1774). He married ANN (???), who was living in 1759 (N. H. Deeds, vol. 6, p. 547) and was probably the Widow Ann Peverly who died in the fall of 1810 (New Hampshire Gazette of 6 Nov. 1810). She was probably the "widow Peverly," 't. 87, whose funeral occurred 24 Oct. 1810 (North Church records).

In 1748 George Peverly petitioned for a grant of public lands (N. H. State Papers, vol. 28, p. 492). In 1757 he had from his father a mill right on the stream running from Peverly's Brook into Sagamore Creek, "where a sawmill formerly stood" (Rockingham Deeds, vol. 103, p. 198), and 96 acres at Barrington, his father's original right (N. H. Deeds, vol. c, p. 547).

Children, born at Portsmouth:

i. MARY,5 bapt. 28 Aug. 1748 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 5, p.87).(+)

ii. SUSANNA, bapt. 3 June 1753 (South Church records); d. 9 Nov. 1821 (tombstone); m. at Greenland, 21 Jan. 1772 (town records), JEREMIAH4 DENNETT of Portsmouth, husbandman, b. at Portsmouth 25 Dec. 1752, d. 18 July 1818, only son?? of Ephraim3 and Lydia (Waterhouse) Dennett (Stackpole's History of Kittery, p. 348). In his will, dated 7 Apr. 1812 and proved 17 Aug. 1818, he mentions his wife Susanna and children as given below (Rockingham Probate Files).

(*)He was brother to Mary (5, iv) (pension record).

(+)A Mary Peverly married about 1768 Timothy Ham of Portsmouth, and died 9 Oct. 1838, 't. 93 (tombstone). He died 5 June 1824, 't. 79 (tombstone).

?? See Brewster's Rambles about Portsmouth, vol. 2, p. 101.

Children (surname Dennett), b. at Portsmouth (baptisms in North Church):

1. Lydia, b. 19 June 1773 and bapt. 4 July 1773 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 5, p. 45); d. 5 July 1859; m. 22 Jan. 1796 Josiah5 Shackford of Barnstead, farmer, b. at Newington 21 Jan. 1767, d. 31 Dec. 1843, son of Capt. Samuel4 and Elizabeth (Ring) Shackford.

2. Susanna, b. 23 Apr. 1775 and bapt. 4 June 1775 (ib., vol. 5, p. 46); d. 4 July 1857; m. (1) 6 Mar. 1796 Edward Mountford Grouard of Portsmouth, son of James and Eunice Grouard; m. (2) 3 Nov. 1842 Joseph Spinney of Portsmouth, who d. 4 July 1857 (tombstone). Child by first husband (surname Grouard): (1) Francis, of North Hampton, chaise maker.

3. George, of Portsmouth, joiner, b. 27 Feb. 1777; d. 31 Jan. 1834; m. (1) 13 Nov. 1800 Elizabeth6 Shackford, bapt. at Newington 31 Jan. 1778, d. 21 Feb. 1803, daughter of John5 and Ruth Webb6 (Adams) Shackford; m. (2) 18 Sept. 1803 Margaret Staples.

4. Ephraim, of Portsmouth, master mariner, b. 4 Feb. 1779; d. at sea in 1833; m. about 1799 Lucy Howe of Boston, Mass.(*)

(*)He is said to have adopted a granddaughter of his sister Susanna.

5. Anna, b. 15 Feb. 1781 and bapt. 4 Mar. 1781 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 7, p. 13); d. 16 Nov. 1855; m. Capt. John Haven, son of Rev. Samuel Haven.(+)

(+)A note by Winfield S. Dennett, late of Saco, Me., in possession, 1925, of Alexander Dennett, Esq., of Kittery, Me., who has a considerable collection of Dennett material, states that she married (2) 22 Jan. 1796 Seth Shackford. On its face this is improbable, and Samuel B. Shackford, Esq., of Dover, N. H., who has been for many years engaged in compiling an account of the Shackford family, finds nothing to confirm it.

6. Mark, of Portsmouth, farmer, b. 30 Mar. 1783 and bapt. 13 Apr. 1783 (ib., vol. 7, p. 14); d. 19 Aug. 1858; m. 1 Mar. 1810 Olive5 Fabyan, b. at Newington about 1790, d. 8 May 1834 (tombstone), daughter of Samuel4 and Anna5 (Pickering) Fabyan; m. (2) 6 Sept. 1835 (town records) Susanna Thompson5 Huntress, b. at Newington 23 Dec. 1796, d. s.p. at Chelsea, Mass., 9 Sept. 1890, daughter of John H.4 and Susanna4 (Thompson) Huntress. His farm on Gravelly Ridge, in the northwestern part of Portsmouth, was owned, 1925, by his grandson, Frank W. Dennett of Portsmouth.

7. John Plummer, of Portsmouth, joiner, b. 22 May 1785 and bapt. 5 June 1785 (ib., vol. 7, p. 16); d. 19 Sept. 1867; m. 11 Mar. 1815 Dorothy Gile, widow, b. about 1791, d. 7 June 1819, 't. 28 (tombstone). His "only heir" was Martha A. Demeritt, wife (?) of Samuel Demeritt of Portsmouth, who, on the petition of Martha A. Demeritt, was appointed administrator of John Plummer Dennett's estate (Rockingham Probate Files).

8. Catherine, b. 25 June 1788 and bapt. 6 July 1788 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 7, p. 74); d. 3 May 1872; m. 8 Dec. 1811 John5 Fabyan of Newington, farmer, b. at Newington 2 Sept. 1787 (town records), d. 27 Jan. 1871, son of Samuel4 and Anna5 (Pickering) Fabyan.

9. Jeremiah, of Portsmouth, master mariner, b. 19 Oct. 1790 and bapt. 7 Nov. 1790 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 7, p. 76); d. at New Orleans, La., about 1874; m. 7 Oct. 1845 Hannah Cate, b. in 1793, d. 7 Oct. 1848 (tombstone).

10. William, of Portsmouth, mariner, b. 16 May 1799 and bapt. 2 June 1799; d. at City Point, Va., 5 Oct. 1822.(*)

(*)The Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution issued but subsequently cancelled a certificate that children of William Dennett (No. 6, ii, 10) are entitled to join the association. No proof of his marriage is known to the compiler.

iii. SARAH, b. 21 July 1754 (town records); m. at Greenland, 13 Nov. 1775 (town records), JOSEPH5 HODGDON of Newington, farmer, b. at Newington 21 June 1755, son of John4 and Mary (Decker) Hodgdon (REGISTER, vol. 22, p. 25, Hodson-Hodgdon Family, p. 38).

Children (surname Hodgdon), b. at Newington (town records):

1. Robert Peverly, b. 2 May 1779 and bapt. 26 Nov. 1780.

2. John, b. 20 Feb. 1782.

3. Mary, b. 3 May 1787.

4. Joseph, b. 27 Feb. 1790.

5. Sarah, b. 31 Aug. 1792.

iv. TEMPERANCE,(+) b. 29 Mar. 1758; d. at Exeter 30 Mar. 1841; m. 13 Jan. 1777 COL. SETH4 WALKER of Portsmouth, register of deeds and an officer in the Revolution and later in the State militia, b. at Portsmouth 29 Aug. 1756, d. at Derry 8 Oct. 1838, son of Seth3 and Ann3 (Tripe) Walker.

(+)The South Church records contain the baptism, 7 May 1758, of Elizabeth Peverly, daughter of George. Either this is an error, of which there are other instances in Rev. Samuel Haven's entries, or the child's name was subsequently changed to Temperance, for the Walker family Bible expressly states that Temperance was daughter of George and Ann Peverly. Martha W. Gale certified in May 1842 that her mother Temperance Walker, late of Exeter, widow, died 30 Mar. 1841, that she was a Revolutionary pensioner, and that her only surviving children were William Walker, Temperance Walker and Martha W. Gale (Rockingham Probate records).

Children (surname Walker), b. at Portsmouth (family Bible in possession, 1925, of Alan H. Strong, Esq., of Philadelphia, Pa., grandson of Betsey Briard (Walker) Hartwell):

1. Seth, b. 10 July 1777; d. 21 Aug. 1777.

2. Seth, of Portsmouth, master mariner, b. 14 Sept. 1778; d. 18 Jan. 1824 (lost at sea); m. (???). He was living on High Street in 1821, and in 1827 Widow Eleanor Walker was living there (Portsmouth directories). He is said to have had a son Seth.

3. William, b. 13 July 1780; d. 10 June 1854; m. Margery Greenleaf Ward, b. 17 Mar. 1779, daughter of Elizabeth (Lunt) Ward (Lunt Family, p. 28).

4. Betsey Briard, b. 6 Jan. 1783; d. 21 Sept. 1783.

5. Betsey Briard, b. 10 July 1784; d. 28 Mar. 1839; m. 2 Oct. 1808 Jonathan Hartwell of Portsmouth and of Boston and Littleton, Mass., merchant, farmer, State senator, 1843, b. at Littleton, Mass., 21 Aug. 1783, d. 10 Sept. 1867, son of John and Mary (Dix) Hartwell.

6. Nancy, b. 28 July 1786; d. 31 Mar. 1798.

7. Lucy Maria, b. 11 Dec. 1789; d. unm. 29 May 1841.

8. Temperance, b. 20 May 1792; d. 31 Mar. 1798.

9. Samuel, b. 4 Sept. 1794; d. 27 Mar. 1798.

10. Harriet, b. 10 Mar. 1797; d. 9 Apr. 1815.

11. Temperance, b. 8 Nov. 1800; d. unm.

12. Martha W., b. 26 Jan. 1804; d. 6 Sept. 1863; m. at Exeter, in Apr. 1832, Charles C. P. Gale of Derry, teacher, who d.
about 1838. On 24 Apr. 1838 Martha W. Gale of Derry, widow, petitioned that administration on the estate of  Charles C. P. Gale be granted to John Kelly (Rockingham Probate Files). Three children, all of whom d. unm.

v. GEORGE, bapt. 2 May 1762 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 5, p. 137). He is not in the Portsmouth tax lists, and probably d. in infancy.

vi. ANN ELIZABETH, bapt. 21 Apr. 1765 (ib., vol. 5, p. 183); d. 9 Feb. 1850; m. at Greenland, 24 June 1784 (town records), NATHANIEL5 SHANNON of Portsmouth, Barnstead, 1796, and Gilmanton, farmer, b. at Portsmouth in 1764, d. 5 Feb. 1826, son of Nathaniel4 and his first wife, Ann (Card) Shannon (Shannon Genealogy, p. 138).

Children (surname Shannon), b. at Portsmouth (ib., pp. 238-248):

1. Nathaniel, of Gilmanton and of Wolfe Island, Province of Ontario, 1820, farmer, b. in 1784; d. 5 Dec. 1839; m. Polly Gorman of Gilmanton, who d. 5 Dec. 1839.

2. George, of Gilmanton, farmer, b. 4 Oct. 1786; d. 8 Apr. 1868; m. Sarah Tibbetts, b. in 1785, d. 5 June 1872, daughter of
Ephraim and Sarah Tibbetts.

3. Nancy, b. 7 June 1789; d. 17 May 1855; m. 17 Mar. 1807 Asa Lamprey of Gilmanton, farmer, b. 12 Jan. 1780, d. 6 Sept. 1865.

4. John Sherburn, of Gilmanton, merchant, postmaster, member of the Legislature, 1833-1835, State senator, 1851, b. in 1791; d. 4 Aug. 1868; m. in 1815 Abigail Rand, b. at Barnstead in 1797, d. 12 Sept. 1868, daughter of Moses and Abigail Rand.

5. Samuel, of Gilmanton, farmer, b. 15 May 1793; d. 7 Jan. 1833; m. 15 Aug. 1816 Mary Burnham Caswell, b. at Northwood 25 Feb. 1799, d. at Concord 13 Nov. 1893, daughter of Elijah and Sarah Caswell.

6. Eliza, b. in 1799; d. 3 Nov. 1833; m. James S. Cate of Salem, Mass. They had children, all of whom d. unm.

7. Margaret Nelson, b. 13 Oct. 1801; d. 22 Apr. 1874; m. in 1824 James Nichols of Salem, Mass., b. 7 Nov. 1801, d. 4 Oct. 1869.

8. William Cogswell, b. 26 Apr. 1805; d. about 1893; m. (1) in 1829 Maria M. Smith, b. in 1808, d. 1 Feb. 1850; m. (2)
Nancy Lamprey.

9. Elsie Jane, b. 15 July 1808; d. 10 Apr. 1884; m. 4 Jan. 1830 Benjamin7 Swett of Gilmanton and Antrim, 1874, farmer, b. at Perry, Me., 5 Feb. 1805, d. 27 May 1895, son of Daniel6 and Jane (McNeal) Swett (Swett Family, p. 58).

7. NATHANIEL4 PEVERLY (Nathaniel,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Portsmouth and Canterbury, 1783, yeoman, born at Portsmouth 15 June 1720 (family Bible, described below), died 24 Sept. 1799. He married, as early as 1769 (N. H. Deeds, vol. 96, p. 118), ANN JONES, daughter of John Jones (Rockingham Deeds, vol. 106, p. 10). In his will, dated 20 Mar. 1799 and proved 2 Oct. 1799, he mentions only his sons Nathaniel, James, and Benjamin (Rockingham Probate Files).

Children, born at Portsmouth (family Bible in possession, 1925, of John S.7 Peverly of Canterbury, baptisms in North Church):(*)

(*)It will be noted that the first child was born when the father was nearly 50 years of age, an unusual thing when marriages as a rule were early. This suggested the possibility of a Nathaniel,5 son of Nathaniel,4 as father of the children. No such Nathaniel, however, has been found in any record, and the family Bible, which records in succession the births of Nathaniel3 Peverly and
his wife Elizabeth and their children and the children of Nathaniel4 Peverly, clearly establishes the correctness of the text.

10. i. NATHANIEL,5 b. 18 Mar. 1769 (town records).

11. ii. JOHN, b. 17 July 1770.

iii. JEREMIAH, b. 11 Mar. 1772 and bapt. 26 Apr. 1772 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 6, p. 43); d. 13 Dec. 1795.

12. iv. GEORGE, b. 12 May 1773 and bapt. 23 May 1773 (ib., vol. 6, p. 44). about 1768 (death record), died in the almshouse 20 June 1850, 't. 81 years (REGISTER, vol. 73, p. 201). In 1800 he had one male under 10, one female under 10, and one female between 10 and 16, besides himself and his wife, both between 26 and 45, in his family (United States Census).

Children, born at Newington:

16. i. GEORGE6 (probably), b. about 1792 (Census).

ii. ELIZA D., b. 23 Aug. 1797; d. 13 Apr. 1872; m. 24 Aug. 1815 JOSEPH6 NUTTER of Newington and of Wausau, Wis., farmer, b. at Newington 20 June 1793, d. 20 June 1863 (REGISTER, vol. 73, p. 205), son of Matthias5 and Anna5 (Trickey) (Vincent) Nutter.

Children (surname Nutter), b. at Newington (family Bible in possession, 1925, of Winfred N.8 Nutter of Merrill, Wis.):

1. George Peverly, of Wausau, Wis., farmer, b. 4 Feb. 1816; m. Ann Earl.

2. Eliza Ann, b. 28 Apr. 1818; d. 3 Jan. 1894; m. 25 Dec. 1843 Rufus Kittredge3 Oxford of Portsmouth, merchant, b. at
Portsmouth 28 Sept. 1822, d. 15 Apr. 1880, son of John2 (John1) and Elizabeth D.6 (Remick) Oxford (Stackpole's History of Kittery, p. 687, REGISTER, vol. 30, p. 224).

3. Joseph Matthias, of Wausau, Wis., farmer, b. 4 Dec. 1820; d. 26 Dec. 1889; m. in New York City, 28 Aug. 1870, Bridget Fitzgerald, b. at Dungarvon, co. Waterford, Ireland, 1 Feb. 1847, d. 29 July 1917, daughter of Patrick and Ann (Lemay) Fitzgerald.

4. James William, of Wausau, Wis., farmer, b. 13 Aug. 1823; d. s.p. 26 July 1908; m. 4 Mar. 1860 Harriet Atwood Keays,
b. at East Corinth, Me., 3 Feb. 1841, living at Merrill, Wis., in 1925, daughter of Warren and Mary (Howard) Keays.

5. John Darius, of Merrill, Wis., farmer, b. 10 Dec. 1825; d. 22 July 1897; m. 30 May 1870 Armaline Londerville, b. at St. Paul, Province of Quebec, 8 Dec. 1853, d. 14 Dec. 1923, daughter of Fabien and Mary (Forest) Londerville.

6. Mary Abigail, b. 30 June 1828; d. at Elmira, Oreg., 4 July 1908; m. at Portsmouth, N. H., 27 Oct. 1855, August Hett of Wausau, Wis., carpenter, b. at Darmstadt, Hesse-Darmstadt, about 1831, d. 10 Apr. 1878.

7. Harriet Emily, b. 15 June 1830; d. s.p. 22 Oct. 1863 (REGISTER, vol. 73, p. 205); m. 2 Dec. 1860 Nathan Bacon Orr of Wausau, Wis., 1864, carpenter, b. in Boston, Mass., 10 June 1834, d. 2 Jan. 1907, son of David and Mary (Bacon) Orr. He m. (2) Martha Jane Nutter, sister of his deceased wife, and (3) Frances B. McCleary.

8. Charles Wesley, of Wausau, Wis., surveyor, b. 4 Sept. 1832; d. in 1915; m. Ellen Couldthirst, b. at Pine River, Wis., living at Medford, Oreg., in 1925, daughter of Charles and Armaline Couldthirst.

9. Samuel Hoyt, b. 31 Aug. 1834; d. 18 Oct. 1839.

10. Emily Augusta, b. 31 July 1838; d. 25 Jan. 1912; m. 2 Apr. 1864 (REGISTER, vol. 73, p. 195) Louis Leonard3 de Rochemont of Newington, farmer, b. at Newington 16 Nov. 1838, d. 5 Feb. 1912, son of George Washington2 (Maximilian John1(*)) and his cousin, Henrietta Jacoba (de Wit) de Rochemont.

(*)Maximilian John1 de Rochemont, a political refugee from France, teacher and printer at Portsmouth, married there, in 1804, Sarah Ham6 Moses (William,5 Daniel4) (Moses Family, p. 203, Rockingham Deeds, vol. 169, p. 401), and was murdered at New Orleans in 1823 because of his open advocacy of the abolition of slavery.

11. Alfred Hoyt, b. 1 Aug. 1839; d. 24 Oct. 1839. Marie Louisa Susetta de Rochemont, sister of Maximilian John,1 married Carsten Cornelius de Wit of Georgetown, British Guiana, where both of them died prior to 1835. They had six

v. JAMES, of Canterbury, yeoman, b. 13 Nov. 1774 and bapt. 8 Jan. 1775 (ib., vol. 6, p. 46); d. unm. 25 Jan. 1852.(*)

(*)In his will, dated 10 July 1827 and proved in January 1852 (Merrimack Probate Files), he left his entire estate to his "only son" James Peverly. This James Peverly, Jr., of Concord, merchant, a delegate to the Free-Soil Conventions of 1848 and 1852, was born in 1809 and died at Edinburgh, Scotland, 15 Aug. 1872 (tombstone in Minot Cemetery, Concord). He married, 4 Oct. 1836, Sarah Ann7 Burnham, born at Antrim 29 Feb. 1812, died 18 Jan. 1892, daughter of Epps6 and Sarah (Cavender) Burnham (Burnham Family, p. 25). They had an only child, Helen M., who was born in 1852 and died in 1925, having married, 11 June 1873, Peter Ditchburne Carr of Liverpool, Eng., banker, born at Whitehaven, co. Cumberland, Eng., in 1845. They had children (surname Carr), viz., James Peverly, Ethel M. Peverly, Douglas A., and Bertram A.

vi. BENJAMIN COTTON, b. 30 July 1776 and bapt. 6 Sept. 1778 (ib., vol. 6, p. 79); d. 26 Sept. 1825.

vii. THOMAS, b. 9 June 1780 and bapt. 25 June 1780 (ib., vol. 7, p. 12); d. 11 Oct. 1797.

8. THOMAS4 PEVERLY (Nathaniel,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Portsmouth and Northumberland, 1776, block maker, born at Portsmouth 5 Sept. 1722, died before 21 Aug. 1804 (Rockingham Deeds, vol. 168, p. 355). He married ABIGAIL HAM, daughter of Thomas and Abigail (Hill) Ham. In his will, dated 10 June 1783 and proved 15 June 1785, Thomas Ham of Portsmouth, shipwright, mentions his daughter Abigail, wife of Thomas Peverly (Rockingham Probate Files). Thomas Peverly was an original grantee of Dorchester, Lyme, and Northumberland, 1761, and of Groton, 1766 (N. H. State Papers, passim).

Children, born at Portsmouth (baptisms in North Church):

13. i. JOSEPH,5 bapt. 17 Jan. 1747/8 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 5, p. 86).

14. ii. THOMAS, bapt. 11 Feb. 1749/50 (ib., vol. 5, p. 88).

15. iii. BENJAMIN, bapt. 30 Sept. 1752 (ib., vol. 5, p. 91).

iv. CATHERINE, bapt. 5 Dec. 1756 (ib., vol. 5, p. 132); d. 25 Aug. 1830; m. 23 Dec. 1778 ABEL6 GREENLEAF of Newburyport, Mass., b. at Newburyport 6 May 1756, d. 19 Feb. 1811, son of Capt. Mayo5 and Sarah (Merrill) Greenleaf (Greenleaf Family, p. 336).

Children (surname Greenleaf), b. at Newburyport:

1. Sarah, b. 28 Jan. 1780.

2. Anna Merrill (twin), b. 18 Feb. 1782.

3. Abigail Peverly (twin), b. 18 Feb. 1782; d. s.p. 18 Feb. 1804; m. 12 Dec. 1802 Benjamin Hale, b. at Newburyport 7 Sept. 1778, son of Jacob and Mercy (Brown) Hale.

4. Mayo (twin), b. 6 Nov. 1786.

5. Mary (twin), b. 6 Nov. 1786; m. 16 Sept. 1804 William Stickney6 Dodge, b. at Newburyport 24 Nov. 1781, son of Thomas5 and Abigail (Stickney) Dodge (Dodge Family, p. 90).

6. Catherine, b. 11 June 1795; m. 22 Oct. 1815 Joseph Stanwood of Newburyport, mariner, b. at Newburyport 29 Apr. 1788, d. at St. Pierre, Martinique, 10 Aug. 1825, son of Joseph and Sarah (Dodge) Stanwood.

7. Thomas, b. 20 June 1797.

9. WILLIAM5 PEVERLY (William,4 John,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Newington, husbandman, born at Portsmouth in 1762 (death record), died 7 Jan. 1852, 't. 89 years, 3 months (REGISTER, vol. 73, p. 202). He married JOHANNA (or HANNAH) (???), born

12. Martha Jane, b. 26 Nov. 1840; d. 14 Feb. 1872; m., as his second wife, Nathan B. Orr, surviving husband of her deceased sister, Harriet Emily, q.v.

13. Rufus O., of Newington, mariner, sailor in the Civil War (U. S. ships Ohio and Fort Gaines), b. 8 May 1842; d. (lost at sea) unm. after the close of the War.

iii. KINSMAN, of Newington, farmer, b. about 1799; d. 21 Jan. 1846, 't. 46 years (REGISTER, vol. 73, p. 200); m. (Rockingham Deeds, vol. 265, p. 168) HARRIET6 NUTTER, b. at Newington about 1802, d. 26 Aug. 1829, 't. 27 years (REGISTER, vol. 73, p. 187), daughter of Matthias5 and Anna5 (Trickey) (Vincent) Nutter.

Children, b. at Newington:

1. Albert,7 of Newington, soldier in the Mexican War, serving in the Ninth United States Infantry, b. about 1826; d. unm. at Perote, Mexico, in Sept. 1847.

2. John W., of Newington, farmer, b. in July 1827; d. unm. 26 Mar. 1897, 't. 68 years, 10 months (tombstone).

3. Elizabeth Jane, b. 29 Nov. 1828; d. unm. 13 Jan. 1909, 't. 81 years, 1 month, 14 days (town records). She was non compos mentis in 1907.

17. iv. ROBERT, b. 24 Dec. 1804.

18. v. FREEMAN, b. about 1808.

vi. WILLIAM (probably), of Portsmouth and Newington, farmer, a drummer on U. S. revenue cutter Madison (Portsmouth directory of 1839), b. about 1815; m. ABIGAIL (???), b. about 1816.

Children (United States Census of 1850):(*)

(*)The Census of 1850 has at Newington, living as one family, William Peverly, farmer, 't. 87 [sic], Abigail, 't. 34, Ann A., 't. 10, Eliza J., 't. 8, and Rufus, 't. 4.

1. Ann A.,7 b. about 1840.

2. Eliza J., b. about 1842.

3. Rufus, b. about 1846.

10. NATHANIEL5 PEVERLY (Nathaniel,4 Nathaniel,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Canterbury, farmer, was born at Portsmouth 18 Mar. 1769 (town records), and was baptized 16 Sept. 1770 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 6, p. 41). He married, 3 Jan. 1802, ELIZABETH6 SHERBURNE, born at Loudon 30 Mar. 1778, daughter of George5 and Elizabeth Sherburne.(+) In 1800 Nathaniel Peverly had two males between 16 and 26, children (surname de Wit), viz., 1. Carsten Bartholomew, of Springfield, Me., farmer, b. about 1800; d. 15 May 1865; m. 8 June 1843 Anna Eliza (Anderson) Brown, b. at Georgetown, British Guiana, 23 Sept. 1817, d. 6 June 1873, daughter of George and Sarah Anderson and widow of George W. Brown. 2. Marie Louisa, b. about 1811; d. 3 Sept. 1900; m. her cousin, Frederic William de Rochemont of Newington, farmer, postmaster, b. at Portsmouth about 1804, d. 14 Apr. 1885, son of Maximilian John1 and Sarah Ham6 (Moses) de Rochemont. 3. Henrietta Jacoba, b. 28 July 1814; d. 15 Apr. 1871; m. at Georgetown, British Guiana, 16 Feb. 1834, her cousin, George Washington2 de Rochemont of Newington, farmer, son of Maximilian John1 and Sarah Ham6 (Moses) de Rochemont, b. at Portsmouth 13 Feb. 1813, d. 3 Aug. 1874, who m. (2) Olive N. (???). 4. Elizabeth A., b. about 1816; m. her cousin, Daniel2 de Rochemont of Portsmouth, watchman, son of Maximilian John1 and Sarah Ham6 (Moses) de Rochemont. 5. Sophia Eleanora Gertrude, b. 12 June 1819; d. 29 Jan. 1892; m. 18 May 1847 Frank Tuscan Pickering of Newington, farmer, b. at Newington 3 Jan. 1816, d. 10 Dec. 1885, son of Thomas and Martha (Brackett) Pickering. 6. Antoinette Susetta Fredericka Alberta, b. 3 June 1821; d. 17 Mar. 1887; m. 7 Apr. 1841 Charles Wesley Nutter of Newington, carpenter, b. at Portsmouth 10 Sept. 1818, d. 27 Dec. 1884, son of James and Elizabeth (Seavey) Nutter. About 1835 these five daughters came to Newington with Frederic William de Rochemont, who had married the eldest of them.

(+)George4 Sherburne (Dea. James,3 John,2 John1) was the first man of the Sherburne name to settle in Loudon. He married Susan Remick, and had a son George,5 born about 1751 (REGISTER, vol. 59, p. 59), who was killed there at a barn-raising in 1778. Administration on his estate was granted, 23 Sept. 1778, to his widow Elizabeth (Rockingham Probate Files). They had children, born at Loudon, as follows: 1. Sarah,6 b. 25 Oct. 1774; m. (1) George5 Peverly (No. 12); m. (2) Malachi Haines of Chichester. 2. Mary (Polly), b. 9 Oct. 1776 (town records). 3 Elizabeth, b. 30 Mar. 1778; m. Nathaniel Peverly (No. 10). Elizabeth, widow of George5 Sherburne, apparently two males between 26 and 45, and one female above 45 in his family (United States Census).

Children, born at Canterbury (Lyford's History of Canterbury, vol. 2, p. 281):

i. HANNAH,6 b. 4 Oct. 1802; d. s.p. 28 Mar. 1868; m. 25 Jan. 1844, as his second wife, SOLOMON YOUNG of Canterbury, farmer, b. at Canterbury about 1795, d. 14 July 1873, son of Winthrop and Mary (Otis) Young (ib., vol. 2, p. 341).

19. ii. THOMAS, b. 10 July 1804.

iii. MARY S., b. 26 June 1806; d. s.p. 4 Feb. 1834 (tombstone); m. 16 Dec. 1829 NATHAN8 EMERY of Canterbury, farmer, b. at Canterbury 18 Feb. 1806, d. 4 Jan. 1884, son of Nathan7 and Elizabeth (Webster) (Moore) (McCrillis) Emery (Lyford's History of Canterbury, vol. 2, p. 240).

iv. LUCY JANE, b. 4 Sept. 1812; d. s.p. (?) 5 July 1840; m. 29 Dec. 1836 EBENEZER PARKER of Canterbury, b. at Canterbury 4 June 1811, son of Ebenezer Parker and his second wife, Abigail (Fernald) Parker (ib., vol. 2, p. 276).

20. v. NATHANIEL, b. in 1815.

11. JOHN5 PEVERLY (Nathaniel,4 Nathaniel,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Canterbury, husbandman, born at Portsmouth 17 July 1770, died 19 Dec. 1845. He married, 3 July 1804, ELIZABETH6 SANBORN, born at Loudon 24 Mar. 1774, died 20 June 1849, daughter of Capt. John5 and Ruth (Rand) Sanborn (Sanborn Family, p. 164). His farm was owned, in 1925, by his grandson, John S.7 Peverly.

Children, born at Canterbury (family Bible in possession, 1925, of John S.7 Peverly of Canterbury):

i. SARAH SANBORN,6 b. 18 Nov. 1804; d. 16 May 1890; m. (1) 24 Oct. 1826 JOHN7 KIMBALL of Canterbury and Boscawen, farmer, wheelwright, b. at Canterbury 31 May 1798, d. 30 Sept. 1829, son of John6 and Sarah (Moulton) Kimball (Kimball Family, p. 235); m. (2) 2 Mar. 1843, as his second wife, CAPT. DAVID7 MORRILL of Canterbury, farmer, State senator, 1860-1862, b. at Canterbury 12 Aug. 1798, d. 6 Oct. 1893, son of Reuben6 and Miriam (Smith) Morrill (Lyford's History of Canterbury, vol. 2, p. 256). married (2) (???) Wells, for on 18 Jan. 1814 Elizabeth Wells of Loudon, Sarah Haines of Chichester, and Polly Sherburne and Betsey Peverly, both of Canterbury, quitclaimed to George Sherburne of Barrington their interest in lands at Loudon formerly of George5 Sherburne (Rockingham Deeds, vol. 213, p. 314), which had been conveyed to him by deed of 12 Jan. 1774 (ib., vol. 107, p. 479). The quitclaim of 1814 is not signed by Elizabeth Wells, but is signed by Malachi Haines.

Only child by first husband (surname Kimball), b. at Boscawen:

1. John Peverly, of Canterbury, farmer, b. 23 Dec. 1827; d. 22 Aug. 1911; m. (1) 3 June 1852 Mary Eliza Hill, b. at Canterbury 2 Feb. 1834, d. 6 Nov. 1874, daughter of Samuel and Judith (Clough) Hill (ib., vol. 2, p. 193); m. (2) 29 Nov. 1879 Mary Amanda7 (Sanborn) Kilton, b. at New Hampton 23 June 1842, daughter of Asahel6 and Sarah (Favor) Sanborn (Sanborn Family, p. 362) and widow of Volney Kilton;(*) m. (3) 3 Oct. 1888 Elizabeth C. (Weeks) Jones, b. at Concord about 1840, d. before 1925, daughter of James and Mary (Locke) Weeks and widow of Jonathan Greene Jones. In his will, dated 17 July 1903 and proved 12 Sept. 1911, John Peverly Kimball gave all his real estate to his daughter Georgianna Eliza Pattee (Merrimack Probate Files).

(*)She married (3) Alden Moulton of Tilton and was living in 1925.

Children by second husband (surname Morrill), b. at Canterbury:

2. George Peverly, of West Concord, farmer, member of the Legislature, 1909-10, soldier in the Civil War, serving in the First Ohio Light Artillery, b. 21 Apr. 1844; living in1925; m. 9 Jan. 1869 Abigail B. Emery, b. at Canterbury 4 Mar. 1846, d. 19 Sept. 1910, daughter of Moses M. and Judith G. (Moore) Emery (Sanborn Family, p. 118).

3. Milo Sanborn, of Canterbury, farmer, lumberman, member of the Legislature, 1900-1, b. 20 Jan. 1846; d. unm. 6 Sept. 1921.

21. ii. GEORGE WASHINGTON, b. 18 Apr. 1806.

iii. ELIZA, b. 18 Apr. 1808; d. unm. 30 June 1839.

iv. HARRIET, b. 7 Aug. 1813; d. unm. 29 Apr. 1839.

12. GEORGE5 PEVERLY (Nathaniel,4 Nathaniel,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Loudon, 1801, blacksmith, born at Portsmouth 12 May 1773, and baptized in the North Church, Portsmouth, 23 May 1773, died 20 Mar. 1805. He married, 19 Mar. 1799, SARAH6 SHERBURNE, born at Loudon 25 Oct. 1774, died 27 Apr. 1836 (tombstone), daughter of George5 and Elizabeth Sherburne.(*) She married secondly, 20 Apr. 1810 (N. H. Town Papers, vol. 2, p. 149), Malachi Haines of Chichester. In 1800 George Peverly had in his family one male under 10, one male between 10 and 16, and one female under 10, besides himself and his wife (United States Census). The male between 10 and 16 could not have been his child by his wife Sarah.

(*)Vide supra, p. 19, second footnote, and Morrill Name in America, p. 25.

Children, born at Loudon:

i. NANCY,6 b. 7 Mar. 1800; d. 8 Sept. 1845; m. (1) 19 Jan. 1818 (N. H. Town Papers, vol. 4, p. 146) DEA. JOHN6 MORRILL of Chichester, farmer, b. at Chichester 18 Dec. 1790, d. 11 Oct. 1838 (family Bible), son of Micajah5 (Paul,4 Isaac,3 Isaac,2 Abraham1) and Sarah (Haines) Morrill; m. (2) JAMES MCCUTCHEON of Epsom and Chichester, Baptist elder, who d. in 1855 (Epsom Baptist Church records).

Children by first husband (surname Morrill), b. at Chichester (family Bible in possession, 1925, of Fred L.8 Morrill of Fairfield, Calif.):

1. Cyrus Peverly, of Chichester, farmer, b. 22 Oct. 1818; d. unm. (?) 2 Nov. 1853.

2. John Calvin, of Epsom, shoemaker, and of San Jose, Calif., farmer, b. 4 Sept. 1820; d. 6 Mar. 1895; m. 4 May 1843 Emeline H. Swain, b. in New Hampshire 22 Oct. 1821, d. 30 Sept. 1873.

3. Charles, of San Jose, Calif., physician, M.D. (Harvard, 1846), b. 7 Sept. 1823; d. 30 Mar. 1871; m. at Sacramento, Calif., Mary Ann Morrill, b. at Deering (or Bradford) 20 May 1825, d. in Boston, Mass., 6 Sept. 1857, daughter of Lewis W. and Mary Ann (Hoyt) Morrill.

4. A daughter, d. in infancy.

5. A daughter, d. in infancy.

6. George Peverly, of Verdi, Calif., druggist, b. 6 July 1828; d. 18 July 1891; m. at Placerville, Calif., in 1855, Margaret Elizabeth9 Wadsworth, b. at Durham, Conn., 9 Feb. 1837, d. at Reno, Nev., in 1913, daughter of Wedworth8 and Margaret D. (Swathell) Wadsworth (Wadsworth Family, p. 242).

7. Lewis, of Suisun, Calif., live-stock grower, b. 4 July 1830; d. 11 Feb. 1912; m. 9 May 1865 Louise Stevens, b. at Chillicothe, Ohio, 26 Sept. 1842, living at Fairfield, Calif., in 1925, daughter of David and Sarah (Baker) Stevens.

8. Augustus, of Epsom, shoemaker, and of Manzanillo, Mexico, druggist, United States consul, b. 7 July 1832; killed by Mexican bandits 23 Feb. 1920; m. 13 Apr. 1859 Camilla Lanham, b. in Washington Co., Ky., 7 Sept. 1838, living at Colima, Mexico, in 1925, daughter of Thomas and Martha (Peters) Lanham.

9. William S., of Epsom, farmer, soldier in the Civil War, serving in the Eleventh New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, b. 2 Sept. 1834; d. s.p. 6 May 1867; m. 30 Jan. 1857 Mary Ann Brown, b. at Epsom about 1835, d. 5 Mar. 1917, daughter of Andrew O. and Charlotte (Gleason) Brown. She m. (2) Andrew S. Evans.

10. Sarah Catherine, b. 27 Mar. 1837; d. 13 June 1914; m. 28 June 1858 John Patterson Raymond of Pacific Grove, Calif., farmer, b. in New Hampshire, s. of John Patterson and Hannah (Fletcher) Raymond.

ii. CATHERINE, b. 22 July 1802; d. 30 Apr. 1817 (tombstone).

iii. JEREMIAH, b. 3 June 1805.

Joseph5 Peverly m. (1) Hannah Henderson (family Bible of his granddaughter Melinda (Cole) Pike, 13, iv, 3, in possession, 1925, of Eldora Arvilla, of Groveton, widow of William Thomas Pike). His daughter Hannah6 Peverly, 13, iv, was born 1 Oct. 1782 (ibid.).

13. JOSEPH5 PEVERLY (Thomas,4 Nathaniel,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Portsmouth, merchant, and of Northumberland, 1772, farmer, justice of the peace (N. H. State Papers, vol. 7, p. 15, vol. 8, pp. 19, 64, 826), first town clerk, 1780-1800 (Merrill's History of Coos County, p. 549), county treasurer, 1804 (Somers's History of Lancaster, p. 215), born at Portsmouth, and baptized 17 Jan. 1747/8, died 13 Jan. 1820 (tombstone). He married first (???); and secondly, at Lancaster, 11 Mar. 1805
(town records), HANNAH FARNHAM, widow. In 1800 he had in his family one male under 10 years of age, one male between 10 and 16, one male between 16 and 26, one male (himself) over 45, one female under 10, one female between 10 and 16, three females between 16 and 26, and one female (probably his wife) over 45 (United States Census). His original grant of lands, Lot 44 in the Second Division and Lot 115 in the Third, was taxed as the property of a nonresident of Northumberland as early as 1828 (town records). His home farm, an irregular triangle of about 100 acres, the longest side being bounded by the river, lay about half a mile below the present bridge to Guildhall, Vt., and was probably the best farm in Northumberland. It was owned, in 1925, by Lester Fogg. John Eames, living at Northumberland in 1925 in his 100th year, stated to the compiler that in his boyhood there was on this farm a family burying ground with tombstones. They have all now disappeared.

Children by first wife, the first one born at Portsmouth, the others at Northumberland:(*)

(*)All the Coos County probate records and about two-thirds of the books of deeds were destroyed by fire in 1886, and thus the usual sources of family information for families of that county do not exist.

i. HANNAH,6 bapt. 30 Sept. 1770 (North Church records); doubtless d. in infancy.

22. ii. JOSEPH, b. about 1779.

iii. KATHARINE B., b. 20 Dec. 1780 (tombstone); d. 13 Nov. 1860; m. about 1801 JOSEPH LEAVITT of Percy (now Stark), farmer, b. in Massachusetts (United States Census of 1850) 4 July 1780 (tombstone), d. 13 Mar. 1851, son of Peter (?) Leavitt.(*) Joseph Leavitt was a famous hunter and trapper (Merrill's History of Coos County, p. 579). His farm on Lunn Hill was owned, in 1925, by Henry M. Lee of New Durham.

(*)The first Leavitt at Percy, now called Stark, was Peter, who, as it appears from the proprietors' records, agreed in 1790 to settle there with his three sons, then under age. He was the only Leavitt there when the Census of 1790 was taken, and had then in his family one son over 16, three sons under 16, and one female. Peter Leavitt, Peter Leavitt, Jr., and James Leavitt were taxed therein 1791. They and Joseph Leavitt and Thomas Leavitt were taxed there in 1803. It is probable that Peter, Jr., James, Joseph, and Thomas were sons of Peter, Sr., for it is not likely that in a small community of about 30 taxpayers there were two distinct Leavitt families. The town records of Stark contain no death of any of these Leavitts except Joseph, and his death record does not give the name of his father or the place of his birth. The family Bible of Clifford Cole, Jr., a son of Almira (Leavitt) Cole, records the death, on 9 Nov. 1851, of Peter Leavitt, 't. 84, and of his wife Mehitable, 26 Aug. 1845, 't. 79. They were, therefore, born about 1767, and are probably Peter Leavitt, Jr., and his wife. A man born in 1767 was not under age in 1790. It seems probable that Peter Leavitt, Jr., and James Leavitt, both taxed in 1791, were sons of Peter Leavitt, Sr., and of age in 1790, for whom their father could not contract, but who accompanied him to Percy at the time of his settlement there or followed shortly afterwards. Thus Joseph Leavitt, born about 1780, and Thomas Leavitt were two of the three sons under age referred to in Peter Leavitt's agreement to settle at Percy (Stark). The proprietors of Percy conveyed, on 1 Apr. 1800, to Peter Leavitt Lot No. 10 (Coos Deeds, vol. G, 4, p. 101). Peter Leavitt, Sr., conveyed this lot to Peter Leavitt, Jr., on 3 July 1800 (ib.). In 1850 Peter Leavitt, Jr., 't. 82, and therefore born about 1768, was living at Milan in the family of Jonathan Nichols, whose wife Fanny, then 't. 40 and therefore born about 1810, was a daughter of Peter Leavitt, Jr. (United States Census).

Children (surname Leavitt), b. at Percy (Stark):

1. William, of Percy, farmer, b. 12 Aug. 1802 (tombstone); d. s.p. 27 Nov. 1873; m. Sarah Jones, b. about 1801, living in 1860 (United States Census).

2. Hannah, b. about 1805; d. 25 Aug. 1886 (tombstone); m. at Stark, 4 July 1825 (town records), Edmund5 Cole of  Percy, farmer, b. at Stark 8 Apr. 1798 (town records), d. 2 Jan. 1848 (tombstone), son of Edmund4 and Judith Rowell) Cole.

3. Adeline, b. 11 Jan. 1808; d. 10 Sept. 1892 (tombstone); m. 5 Dec. 1839, as his second wife, John Massure, of Portland, Me., farmer, b. at Stark 28 June 1795 (town records), d. 10 Sept. 1868, son of James and Hannah6 (Blake) Massure.

4. Mary, b. about 1812; d. s.p. (?); m. Zelotes Fish of Portland, Me.

5. Sarah, b. 17 Jan. 1814 (tombstone); d. s.p. 21 Nov. 1900; m. between 1860 and 1870, as his second wife, Joseph7 Hinds of Lancaster, farmer, b. at Percy 15 June 1811, d. at Guildhall, Vt., 16 Sept. 1890, son of David6 and Hannah (Tucker) Hinds (Hinds Family, p. 134).

6. Joseph, of Percy, farmer, b. 26 Dec. 1823; d. 14 May 1897; m. (1) at Stark, 23 Apr. 1848 (town records), Emeline Waid, b. at Percy in June 1819, d. 7 May 1857, daughter of John and Laurana (Potter) Waid; m. (2) Frances6 Cole, b. at Percy 10 Oct. 1839, d. 13 Nov. 1889, daughter of Silas5 and Lucy (Waid) Cole; m. (3) 19 Jan. 1892 (town records) Nellie L. (Westcott) (Kimball) Robins, b. at Albany, Me., 12 May 1841, living at Stark in 1925, daughter of Frederick and Margaret (Parsons) Westcott and widow of Charles Clark Kimball (her first husband) and Hiram Robins (her second husband). In his will, dated 30 Apr. 1897 and proved 22 June 1897, Joseph Leavitt names his children Helen L. Hinds, Bert E., and Everett J., and his wife Nellie L. (Coos Probate Files).

7. Katharine Peverly, b. 31 Mar. 1827 (death record); d. s.p.25 Mar. 1908; m. at Great Falls, 12 Nov. 1870, as his second wife, Samuel Webb of Lawrence, Mass., mechanic, b. at Stockport, co. Chester, Eng., 28 July 1823, d. 8 May 1909, son of John and Ann (Kay) Webb.

iv. HANNAH, b. 30 Sept. 1782 (tombstone); d. 5 Sept. 1864; m. at Percy (Stark), 15 Nov. 1804 (town records), DEA. ANDREW4 COLE of Percy, farmer, b. at Sutton, Mass., in May 1781 (tombstone), d. 16 Jan. 1852, son of Jonathan3 and Elizabeth (Crowninshield) Cole.

Children (surname Cole), b. at Percy (family Bible in possession, 1925, of Effie J. (Cole) (Spreadbury) Emery of Stark):

1. Benjamin, of Percy, farmer, b. 22 Mar. 1805; d. 1 Apr. 1873, 't. 69 (town records); m. at Percy, 30 Oct. 1828 (ib.), Katharine Sophia Massure, b. at Percy 14 Mar. 1811 (ib.), d. 10 Aug. 1899, daughter of James and Hannah (Blake) Massure.

2. Stephen, of Percy, farmer, b. 23 Apr. 1808 (tombstone); d. 10 May 1889; m. (1) 11 Mar. 1830 Polly Pike, b. at Percy 1 May 1804, d. 22 June 1861, daughter of Robert and Deborah (Smith) Pike;(*) m. (2) 11 Jan. 1864 Almira (Smith) Cole, widow of his deceased brother Oliver, q.v.

3. Melinda, b. 25 Apr. 1809 (death record); d. 8 Apr. 1891; m. 17 June 1830 Harwood Pike of Percy, teacher, surveyor, member of the Legislature, delegate to two constitutional conventions, b. at Percy 11 Jan. 1808, d. 14 May 1871, son of Robert and Deborah (Smith) Pike.(*)

(*)Robert Pike, son of Nathaniel (an officer of a privateer in the Revolution) and Elizabeth (Bush) Pike, born at Portsmouth 28 Dec. 1766 (family Bible) and baptized there 4 Jan. 1767 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 2, p. 185), was town clerk at Percy in 1809 (Merrill's History of Coos County, p. 572). He married there, 5 Mar. 1793, Deborah Smith.

4. Lucinda, b. 17 July 1810; d. 2 Dec. 1843; m. 26 Nov. 1832 Aaron Jackson Smith of Percy, teacher, railroad station master, town clerk, 1838, 1843, 1858-1872, 1876-77, 1880-1883, county treasurer, 1873-1875, member of the Legislature, 1838, 1846, b. at Percy 3 Dec. 1810, d. 7 June 1884, son of Caleb and Sarah (Jackson) Smith. He m. (2) Louisa Cole.

5. Andrew, of Percy, farmer, b. 17 July 1812; d. 1 Feb. 1893, 't. 80 (town records); m. 10 Mar. 1839 Ann Dodge, b. at Percy 17 Dec. 1815, d. 25 Oct. 1898, daughter of David and Rachel (Lunn) Dodge.

6. Oliver, of Percy, farmer, b. 12 Feb. 1814; d. 27 Apr. 1863; m. 21 Mar. 1837 Almira Smith, b. at Percy 5 Nov. 1816, d. 16 Aug. 1890, daughter of Caleb and Sarah (Jackson) Smith. She m. (2) 11 Jan. 1864 Stephen Cole, q.v., brother of her deceased husband.

7. Henderson, b. 10 Mar. 1816. He is not in the census of Stark, in 1850, and is said to have moved away.

8. Susan, b. 2 Feb. 1818; d. 29 Dec. 1870; m. 22 Nov. 1841 Leonard Potter of Percy, farmer, b. at Percy 14 Dec. 1819 (ib.), d. 10 Feb. 1906, son of Abijah and Lydia (Rowell) Potter.

14. THOMAS5 PEVERLY (Thomas,4 Nathaniel,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Portsmouth, boat builder, and of Northumberland, carpenter, town officer, soldier in the Revolution (N. H. State Papers, vol. 14, pp. 463, 473, vol. 17, p. 66), born at Portsmouth, and baptized in the North Church, Portsmouth, 11 Feb. 1749/50, died at Saratoga Springs, N. Y., 20 Dec. 1842, 't. 92 years, 10 months (Portsmouth Journal of 7 Jan. 1843). He married JOANNA (???), who was living in 1803. He was a grantee of Percy (Stark) in 1768 (N. H. State Papers, vol. 25, p. 561) and of Sunapee (ib., vol. 25, p. 560). He had lands at Northumberland between the river road and the Connecticut River, opposite the little falls, at what is now Northumberland Village, which he sold in 1837 while sojourning in New York City (Coos Deeds, B. R. vol. 9, p. 369). He was last taxed as a resident of Northumberland in 1829 (town records). In 1800 he had in his family two males under 10 years of age, two males between 16 and 26, two males (including himself) above 45, one female between 10 and 16, one female between 16 and 26, and one female between 25 and 45 (United States Census).

Only child:(*)

(*)An obituary notice of Thomas6 Peverly by a "class-mate and college friend" states that he was"only son and only child" and left "an affectionate wife and two children" (New Hampshire Patriot of 4 May 1829).

i. THOMAS,6 of Northumberland, A.B. (Dartmouth, 1818), lawyer, member of the Legislature in 1825 and 1828, register of probate, 1822-1829 (Merrill's History of Coos County, p. 210), b. at Northumberland 11 Dec. 1796; d. 19 Apr. 1829, 't. 32 years, 4 months, 8 days (tombstone); m. 29 July 1823 ALMIRA JAY7 EVERETT, b. at Lancaster 10 July 1799 (town records), d. 26 Aug. 1885, daughter of Col. and Judge Richard Clair6 and Persis (Wilder) Everett (Richard Everett Family, p. 157). She m. (2) 8 Sept. 1833 Rev. William Hobart Hadley of Lancaster, A.M. (Union College, 1832), preceptor of Lancaster Academy, of Portland, Me., 1849-1856, city missionary, Milwaukee, Wis., and New York City, Unitarian clergyman, son of Stephen and Mary (Cushman) Hadley (General Catalogue of Phillips Andover Academy).

Children, b. at Northumberland (Merrill's History of Coos County, p. 210):

1. Thomas Everett7 (alias Everett), of Boston, civil engineer,(+) b. about 1824 (ib.); said to have married, and to have died s.p.

(+)Julia8 (Peverly) Small (No. 23, ii, 1) stated to the compiler that he was the engineer in charge of the construction of the Mount Washington Railroad. ??Her only child, William H. Marshall, died at Portland, Me., 23 May 1856, 't. 5 weeks (city records). Thompson's History of Stratford mentions only the second marriage of Antipas P. Marshall. Julia8 (Peverly) Small (No. 23, ii, 1), of Cambridge, Mass., stated to the compiler that she had never heard of any brother or sister of Benjamin6 Peverly, her grandfather. about 1792 (Census), died 24 Dec. 1856 (town records). He married at Newington, 26 July 1816, LOIS7 ADAMS (ib.), born at Newington, daughter of Joseph6 and Elizabeth6 (Adams) Adams (Henry Adams Family, p. 416).

2. Helen, b. 15 May 1826; d. s.v.p.?? at Portland, Me., 20 June 1856, 't. 30 years, 1 month, 5 days (family Bible of Richard
Clair Everett); m. Antipas Percival Marshall of New York City, civil engineer, b. at Northumberland 24 June 1826, d. 17 Mar. 1901, son of Joshua and Betsey W. (Day) Marshall (Thompson's History of Stratford, p. 418). He m. (2) Maria Adelard.

3. Eliza E., b. in 1828; d. 't. 6 weeks (tombstone).

15. BENJAMIN5 PEVERLY (Thomas,4 Nathaniel,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Northumberland, 1777, town officer, soldier in the Revolution (N. H. State Papers, vol. 14, p. 245, vol. 17, pp. 22, 33, 343), was born at Portsmouth, and was baptized in the North Church, Portsmouth, 30 Sept. 1752. He married (???).

Only child:

23. i. BENJAMIN,6 b. at Northumberland about 1787.

16. GEORGE6 PEVERLY (William,5 William,4 John,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Newington, joiner, probably son of William,5 born at Newington

Children, born at Newington (statement, 1925, of his granddaughter, Mary L. McCool of Boston):

i. ELIZABETH,7 b. about 1819; d. at Portsmouth 19 Feb. 1890, 't. 71(city records); m. 15 Apr. 1841 MAJ. ALFRED J. HILL of Portsmouth, wheelwright, adjutant in the Civil War (Third New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry), b. at Durham 6 June 1804 (death record), d. 1 Apr. 1889, son of (???) and Susan (Edgerly)Hill.

Children (surname Hill), b. at Portsmouth:

1. Andrew J., b. 25 May 1844; d. 3 June 1844 (tombstone in North Cemetery).

2. Andrew Jackson, of Chelsea, Mass., bookkeeper, b. 31 Aug. 1846; d. 15 Nov. 1888; m. (1) at Portsmouth, 29 Sept.
1869 (city records), Arianna Fogg, b. at Effingham about 1850, d. s.p. at Chelsea, Mass., 5 Sept. 1883, daughter of William (death record) and Susan Cassandra Fogg; m. (2) 10 Oct. 1885 Lucy Arvilla Hussey, b. at Biddeford Pool, Me., 31 Aug. 1866, living in 1925, daughter of Charles and Eliza Jane (Wildes) Hussey. She m. (2) Frank Warden of Lynn, Mass., and Tacoma, Wash.

3. Frank Pierce, of Quincy, Mass., printer, b. about 1854; d. s.p.; m. at Portsmouth, 17 May 1877 (city records), Elizabeth Hunt, b. in Boston about 1855, living (?) in 1925, daughter of John H. Hunt.

ii. WILLIAM A., of Boston and Chelsea, Mass., barber, b. 9 Sept. 1821; d. 3 Dec. 1909; m. 16 Oct. 1849 ISABELLA S. MILLIN, b. in Boston 9 Apr. 1829, d. 16 July 1907, daughter of John and Sarah (Boyle) Millin.(*)

(*)The dates of birth, marriage, and death of William A. Peverly and his wife and children are taken from a record of the family of John and Sarah (Boyle) Millin, in possession, 1925, of Edwin Tracy Derby of Melrose Highlands, Mass., son of Mary Louisa8 (Peverly) Derby (No. 16, ii, 1).

Children, the first one b. in Boston, the others at Chelsea, Mass.:

1. Mary Louisa,8 b. 9 Feb. 1851; d. 24 May 1883; m. 19 Nov. 1874 William Blanchard Derby of Albany, N. Y., bookkeeper, b. at Westerly, R. I., 11 May 1844 (town records), d. 25 Apr. 1911, son of Levi Lathrop and Esther A. (Saunders) Derby.(+)

(+)Levi Lathrop Derby and Esther A. Saunders were married at Westerly, R. I., 24 June 1839 (town records).

2. William James, b. 20 Jan. 1853; d. 9 May 1853.

3. Eben Turk, b. 14 Feb. 1862; d. 10 Oct. 1862.

iii. LOUISE, b. about 1822; m. about 1842 CHARLES PERKINS of Portsmouth, rigger, b. at Newington about 1813, d. before 17 Mar. 1857. Administration on his estate was granted, 17 Mar. 1857, to Louise, his widow, Alfred J. Hill being surety (Rockingham Probate Files).

Children (surname Perkins), b. at Portsmouth (United States Census of 1850):

1. Elizabeth Jane, b. 29 Aug. 1843; d. 28 Apr. 1917; m. (1) Samuel P. Abbott of Portsmouth, rigger, soldier in the Civil War (Thirteenth New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry), b. at York, Me., 19 Oct. 1836, d. 9 Nov. 1880, son of Henry and Rhoda Maria (Fernald) Abbott; m. (2) 28 May 1883 George Perry Knight, foreman freighthandler, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., 8 Mar. 1850, living in 1925, son of Samuel B. and Caroline O. Knight.

 2.  Charles W., b. about 1844.

3.  Joseph F., b. about 1847; d. in infancy.

4.  Alphonso W., b. 10 July 1850 (Portsmouth records).

5.  Joseph Woodbridge, of Winthrop, Mass., fish merchant, b. 16 Nov. 1852; d. s.p. 24 Apr. 1922; m. 30 Nov. 1876 Ada Cropley, b. in Annapolis Co., N. S., about 1853, d. 4 Dec. 1903, daughter of James and Rebecca (Elliot) Cropley.

6.  Isabella, d. s.p.; m. Edwin Bartholomew of Boston.

iv.   FRANCES ANN, b. 4 Sept. 1830 (death record); d. 17 Dec. 1887; m. (1) WILLIAM CONQUEST of Boston, rigger, mariner, b. at New Castle, Del. (or perhaps in England), d. (lost at sea) in 1865; m. (2) 4 Jan. 1868, as his second wife, ROBERT MCCOOL of Boston, carpenter, soldier in the Civil War (Thirty-fifth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry), b. in Boston about 1829, d. 3 Oct. 1888, t. 59, son of Robert and Ann (Smith) McCool.

Children by first husband (surname Conquest), b. in Boston:

1.  Jane, b. 29 Mar. 1847; d. s.p. 21 Dec. 1875; m. 1 May 1867, as his second wife, Mortimer D. Gill of Malden, Mass., machinist, b. in Boston 7 July 1839, d. 21 Nov. 1913, son of Samuel W. and Cassandra S. (Sampson) Gill. He m. (3) 12 July 1876 Margaret E. Devlin.

2.  John Alfred Stokes,(*) of Boston, fish merchant, b. 16 July 1849; d. in New York City 9 Oct. 1918; m. 9 Nov. 1871 Eliza Harriet Mortimer, b. in Boston 7 July 1849, living in New York City in 1925, daughter of Francis and Susan Harriet (Surplus) Mortimer.(+)

(*)The maiden name of his father's mother was Stokes.

(+)Ida Conquest, the only child of John Alfred Stokes and Eliza Harriet (Mortimer) Conquest, was a popular actress on the New York stage until her marriage in 1911 to Cavaliere Riccardo Bertelli.

3.  Maria Cecilia, b. 18 Sept. 1851; d. 19 Aug. 1889; m. 20 Oct. 1869, as his second wife, Francis G. Oakes of Boston, salesman, b. in Boston 29 Dec. 1843, d. 22 Oct. 1912, son of Francis G. and Comfort (Page) Oakes.

4.  Frances J., b. 23 Jan. 1854; d. 10 Dec. 1854.

5.  William George, of Revere, Mass., fish merchant, b. 30 Jan. 1857; d. 2 Feb. 1903; m. 19 Feb. 1878 Susan Mortimer, b. in Boston 30 June 1856, living at Newton, Mass., in 1925, daughter of Francis and Susan Harriet (Surplus) Mortimer.

6.  A son, b. 29 May 1860; d. in infancy.

7.  Charles N., b. 22 Aug. 1865; d. 1 Feb. 1866.

Children by second husband (surname McCool), b. in Boston:

8.  Frances Ellen, b. 8 Dec. 1868; d. 7 Oct. 1918; m. 1 Jan. 1889 Frederick Edward Bostwick of Boston, policeman, b. at Richmond, Vt., 19 Jan. 1865, living in 1925, son of Charles and Mary (Rivard) Bostwick.

9.  Mary Louise, of Boston, clerk in Public Works Department, b. 6 July 1872; living unm. in 1925.

17. ROBERT6 PEVERLY (William,5 William,4 John,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Portsmouth, joiner, born at Newington 24 Dec. 1804, died 18 Jan. 1870. He married, 14 Dec. 1834, JANE COLBATH7 SHERBURNE, who was born at Portsmouth 22 Aug. 1814, became deranged from shock at the death of her elder son, and died 20 Sept. 1903, daughter of Daniel6 (John,5 Noah4) and Elizabeth (Brewster) Sherburne (REGISTER, vol. 58, p. 235, Rockingham Deeds, vol. 312, p. 56).

In his will, dated 7 June 1866 and proved 15 Mar. 1870 (Rockingham Probate Files), he names his wife Jane C. and the three children given below.

Children, born at Portsmouth:

i.    RUFUS ALONZO,7 of New York City, bookkeeper, b. 25 Sept. 1835; d. unm. at Hamilton, Province of Ontario, 28 Apr. 1889.

ii.   CHARLES LEWIS, of Milton, farmer, shoemaker, b. 16 Feb. 1843; d. 4 Aug. 1915; m. (1) 22 Mar. 1868 SARAH ADDA BROWN, who m. (2) at Middleton, 13 June 1871, Albert A. Pettengell; m. (2) 26 Sept. 1869 MARY SOPHRONIA (HORNE) MCKENNEY, b. at Middleton 18 Apr. 1840, d. 1 Oct. 1909, daughter of John D. and Mary (Chase) Horne and widow of Charles McKenney.

Child by second wife, b. at Farmington:

1.  Adeline Louise,8 b. 12 May 1872; living in 1925; m. (1) 2 Dec. 1886 Charles Frank Swinnerton of Milton, farmer, b. at Somersworth about 1865, living (?) in 1925, son of Richard G. and Augusta M. (Whitehouse) Swinnerton; m. (2) at Newburyport, Mass., 21 May 1903, Robert Edwin9 Richardson of Newburyport, locomotive fireman, b. at Holyoke, Mass., 30 Apr. 1873, living in 1925 (?), son of Edwin Cyrus8 and Mary L. (Whitman) Richardson (Richardson Memorial, p. 664); m. (3) 15 Nov. 1919 Clyde L. Foote of Amesbury, Mass., painter, b. at Ithaca, N. Y., about 1881, living in 1925, son of William J. and Charlotte (Swain) Foote.

iii.  ALICE JUSTINE, b. 27 Dec. 1855; living at Portsmouth in 1925; m. 29 June 1874 JOSEPH HETT of Portsmouth, drayman, b. at Hamburg, Germany, 16 Oct. 1848, d. 8 Jan. 1918, son of Johann and Susanna (Boss) Hett.

Children (surname Hett), b. at Portsmouth:

1.  Harold, of Portsmouth, clerk at the United States Navy Yard, b. 26 Apr. 1881; living in 1925; m. 17 Apr. 1904 Ethel May Smith, b. at Dover 26 Jan. 1883, living in 1925, daughter of Plummer and Isette (Wiggin) Smith.

2.  Ralph Leslie, of Portsmouth, builder, b. 16 July 1891; living s.p. in 1925; m. 9 Nov. 1921 Margaret Irene Ray, b. at Portsmouth 5 Nov. 1893, living in 1925, daughter of John and Rose (Hurley) Ray.

3.  Florence Mary (twin), b. 13 Jan. 1894; living in 1925; m. 23 Jan. 1912 Clyde Norton of Portsmouth, pharmacist (United States Navy), b. at Chicopee, Mass., 20 July 1887, living in 1925, son of Charles and Elizabeth (Jasper) Norton.

4.  Gertrude Merle (twin), b. 13 Jan. 1894; living in 1925; m. 21 Oct. 1917 Sumner Frank Dennett of Columbus, Ohio, A.B. (Dartmouth, 1915), teacher at Columbus Academy, b. at Westbrook, Me., 1 Dec. 1892, living in 1925, son of Frank G. and Jennie (Berry) Dennett.

18. FREEMAN6 PEVERLY (William,5 William,4 John,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Portsmouth, drayman, born at Newington about 1808, died in May 1883. He married first MARY SEAVEY, widow, who died in October 1840 (Exeter News-Letter of 3 Nov. 1840); secondly, 14 Mar. 1844, MARY ANN (MILES) TRICKEY, born at Newmarket 15 Dec. 1813, daughter of Timothy Miles and widow of George Trickey; and thirdly, 16 Sept. 1855, HANNAH L. (HODGDON) MERRILL, born at Portsmouth 28 Feb. 1810, died at Concord 13 Apr. 1898, daughter of Aaron and Margaret (Sherman) Hodgdon and widow of Horace Merrill.

Children by first wife, born at Portsmouth:

i.    ELIZA JANE,7 b. 12 Aug. 1834; d. 23 Jan. 1902; m. at Lawrence, Mass., 21 Nov. 1854, JOHN LINCOLN ADAMS of Canterbury,   farmer, b. at Deerfield 21 June 1830, d. 11 Jan. 1900, son of (???) and Elizabeth (Campbell) Adams.

Children (surname Adams), the first one b. at Lawrence, Mass., the others at Canterbury:

1.  Charles Freeman, of Canterbury, farmer, b. 3 Nov. 1855; d. unm. 28 Sept. 1920.

2.  William Edwin, of Concord, coachman, b. 25 July 1858; living in 1925; m. 11 May 1880 Lucretia Patience Stetson, b. at Effingham 9 Jan. 1857, d. 5 June 1913, daughter of John and Hannah (Hobbs) Stetson.

3.  Frederic McLellan, b. 21 Mar. 1864; d. 2 May 1864.

4.  Sarah Elizabeth, b. 11 July 1865; living s.p. in 1925; m. 8 Sept. 1886 Eleazer Franklin Baker of Pembroke, merchant, postmaster, b. at Brewster, Mass., 9 Sept. 1863, living in 1925, son of Eleazer and Hannah Jane (Nickerson) Baker.

5.  Cora Jane, b. 23 June 1869, living in 1925; m. 6 June 1900 William Hadley Muzzey of Canterbury, farmer, b. at Sunapee 7 Oct. 1870, living in 1925, son of John C. and Josephine Emma (Gardner) Muzzey.

ii.   CHARLOTTE ANN, b. 14 Feb. 1836; d. s.p. at Lamoine, Me., 10 Dec.  1925; m. (1) at Eden, Me., 19 Oct. 1852, DANIEL HAMOR of Eden, mariner, b. at Eden 1 June 1831 (town records), d. 5 Nov. 1894,  son of Samuel and Prudence (Sargent) Hamor; m. (2) at Lamoine, 17 Jan. 1897, as his second wife, RODNEY COPP of Trenton, Me., painter, b. at Trenton 5 Mar. 1833 (town records), d. 18  July 1905, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Kimball) Copp.

Children by first husband (surname Hamor), b. at Eden (town records):

1.  Francis Wellington, b. 14 June 1858; d. in July 1875.

2.  Ada Estelle, b. 2 July 1862; d. unm. at Trenton 23 Apr. 1904.

3.  Mary E., b. 18 Mar. 1864; d. unm. at Trenton 20 July 1901.

4.  Herbert F., b. 12 Nov. 1868; d. unm. at Eden before 1901.

iii.  COSTELLA L., b. 6 Aug. 1837; d. unm. 20 Feb. 1908.

Children by second wife, b. at Portsmouth:

iv.   SARAH MILES, b. 4 Feb. 1845; d. 17 Dec. 1864.

v.    MARY ELLEN, b. 9 Jan. 1847; d. in New York City 24 Jan. 1871; m. at Portsmouth, 9 Jan. 1864 (city records), LIEUT. FREDERICK WILLIAM REEDER of Portsmouth and New York City, clergyman, chaplain in the Civil War, b. at Emmerich, Rhenish Prussia, 25 Mar. 1836, d. at Greenville, Pa., 27 Nov. 1910.

Children (surname Reeder), the first one b. at South Eliot, Me., the others in New York City:

1.  Annie Louise, b. 8 Feb. 1866; living s.p. at Glenwood, Ill., in 1925; m. 31 Jan. 1888 James Adrian of New York City, real-estate agent, b. at Charlestown, Mass., 12 Mar. 1863, d. 1 May 1912, son of William and Catherine (MacLean) Adrian.

2.  Mary Augusta, b. 25 Nov. 1869; living s.p. in 1925; m. 24 Aug. 1910, as his second wife, Selden Rich Hopkins of Orlando, Fla., auditor, journalist, soldier in the Civil War (Twenty-fourth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry), b. at Farmer, Ohio, 6 July 1843, living in 1925, son of Oney Rice and Artemissa (Sawyer) Hopkins.

3.  Gertrude, b. 4 Jan. 1871; living in 1925; m. 22 Aug. 1894 James Gilmore of Waterbury, Vt., merchant, b. at Glover, Vt., 2 Feb. 1859, living in 1925, son of Arthur and Isabel  (Anderson) Gilmore.

vi.   FREEMAN HERBERT, of Portsmouth, assistant city marshal, and Lynn, Mass., shoemaker, b. 24 Feb. 1849; d. 19 June 1925; m. 4 July 1871 EFFIE MCDONALD, b. at Victoria Cross, P. E. I., in 1849, d. 29 Mar. 1896, daughter of John and Margaret McDonald.

Children, b. at Portsmouth:

1.  Charles Arthur,8 of Lynn, shoemaker, b. 21 Jan. 1872; d. s.p. 20 Oct. 1921; m. 11 Nov. 1911 Jane Prentiss, b. at East Boston, Mass., 29 May 1874, living at Lynn in 1925, daughter of George W. and Louise M. (Manson) Prentiss.

2.  James Horace, of Lynn, superintendent (Master Builders Association), soldier in the Spanish War (First New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry), lieutenant of Infantry in the World War, and captain in the U. S. Reserve, b. 17 July 1876; living in 1927; m. 29 June 1907 Florence Belle Coleman, b. at Portsmouth 25 Mar. 1880, living in 1925, daughter of Fred B. and Mary W. (Griffin) Coleman.

3.  William Edward, of Lynn, shoemaker, soldier in the Spanish War (First New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry), b. 5 Sept. 1880; living s.p. in 1925; m. 27 Nov. 1909 Florence Drew, b. at Newington 9 Jan. 1878, living in 1925, daughter of James and Laura (Pickering) Drew.

19. THOMAS6 PEVERLY (Nathaniel,5 Nathaniel,4 Nathaniel,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Canterbury, Clinton, Ill., 1855, and Decatur, Ill., 1857, farmer, born at Canterbury 10 July 1804, died at Toronto, Kans., 11 May 1875. He married, 1 Jan. 1840, MARY ELIZABETH8 EMERY, born at Canterbury 2 Sept. 1810, died at Fairbury, Ill., in Mar. 1869, daughter of Nathaniel7 and Betsey (McCrillis) Emery.

Children, born at Canterbury (family Bible in possession, 1925, of Maude E. Ticknor of Warrensburg, Ill.):

i.    FREEMAN WEBSTER,7 of Deepwater, Mo., drayman, b. 12 May 1841; d. at Leavenworth, Kans., 27 Dec. 1909; m. 21 Oct. 1875 ABIGAIL MINERVA CUNNINGHAM, b. at Alton, Ill., 21 July 1875, d. at Collins, Mo., 28 July 1903, daughter of John and Susan (Hicks) Cunningham.

Children, b. at Toronto, Kans.:

1.  Arthur Freeman,8 of Chanute, Kans., mason, b. 1 Sept. 1876; d. unm. at Cherryvale, Kans., 1 Feb. 1905.

2.  Charles Thomas, of Locke, Wash., farmer, b. 11 Oct. 1878; d. unm. at Spokane, Wash., 26 Feb. 1918.

3.  Emma Alice, b. 11 Oct. 1880; living in 1925; m. at Collins, Mo., 15 Mar. 1905, Edgar Francis Higgins of Collins, Mo., and Tombstone, Ariz., farmer, b. at Collins 21 Jan. 1882, living in 1925, son of John R. and Elveretta (Burrow) Higgins.

4.  Susan Francis, b. 15 Oct. 1882; living in 1925; m. 3 June 1919 Rev. Ellis Elbert Cruger of Spokane, Wash., clergyman, b. at Maine, Minn., 26 Jan. 1877, living in 1925, son of George W. and Salina A. (Perry) Cruger.

5.  John Wilton, of Los Angeles, Calif., carpenter, b. 23 Apr. 1884; living in 1925; m. at Buena, Ariz., 6 May 1916, Dorothy Louise Simmons, b. at Gardena, Calif., 22 Apr. 1899, living in 1925, daughter of Edward and Louisa (Hershey) Simmons.

6.  Julia Agnes, b. 15 Jan. 1887; living s.p. in 1925; m. 21 Aug. 1917 Rev. Arthur Frederick Patterson of Addy, Wash., clergyman, chaplain with the American Expeditionary Forces in the World War, b. at Mosca, Colo., 27 Nov. 1891, living in 1925, son of John R. and Alice E. (Cooley) Patterson.

ii.   HORACE EMERY, of Warrensburg, Ill., farmer, b. 13 May 1843; d. 24 Dec. 1923; m. (1) at Warrensburg, 16 Sept. 1866, EMILY BELLE8 DUDLEY, b. at Waverly, Ill., 11 Apr. 1842, d. at Toronto, Kans., 28 Sept. 1875, daughter of Timothy7 and Miarimia(*) (Benton) Dudley (Dudley Family, vol. 1, p. 385); m. (2) 1 Jan. 1877 ELIZA M. BROWN, b. at Auburn, N. Y., 29 Aug. 1848, d. 24 Mar. 1903, daughter of John A. and Mary (Simmons) Brown.

(*)In the Dudley Family, loc. cit., the year of the birth of Emily Belle Dudley and the Christian name of her mother are given incorrectly.

Children by first wife, the first one b. at Warrensburg, Ill., the others at Toronto, Kans.:

1.  Lura Edith,8 b. 29 Oct. 1867; living in 1925; m. 3 Feb. 1892 Charles Francis Conely of Warrensburg, farmer, b. at Springfield, Ill., 13 Dec. 1874, living in 1925, son of John A. and Matilda (Forman) Conely.

2.  Florence May, b. 12 Feb. 1869; d. 4 Oct. 1875.

3.  Minnie Belle, b. 4 Apr. 1872; living in 1925; m. 14 June 1899 Reuben Herrod of Warrensburg, merchant, b. at Niantic, Ill., 14 Oct. 1866, living in 1925, son of Thomas and Sarah (Williams) Herrod.

4.  Raymond, of Warrensburg, farmer, b. 14 Oct. 1874; living unm. in 1925.

Child by second wife:

5.  Howard A., of Warrensburg, farmer, b. at Warrensburg 21 Mar. 1882; living in 1925; m. 3 Dec. 1903 Martha Batchelder, b. at Decatur, Ill., 22 Sept. 1882, living in 1925, daughter of Nathan and Margaretta (Corman) Batchelder.

iii.  DEXTER T., b. 15 Aug. 1846; d. 17 Aug. 1848.

iv.   MARY ELIZABETH, b. 20 June 1849; d. at Maroa, Ill., 15 Sept. 1860.

v.    FRANCES LELAND, b. 22 May 1854; d. 29 Oct. 1896; m. 29 Aug. 1869 JOHN C. M. TICKNOR of Warrensburg, Ill., locomotive engineer, soldier in the Civil War (Ninth Illinois Volunteer Infantry and Second Alabama Colored Troops), b. at New Orleans, La., 15 Nov. 1836, d. in Nov. 1880.

Children (surname Ticknor), b. at Decatur, Ill.:

1.  Maude Estella, b. 22 Sept. 1871; living unm. at Warrensburg in 1925.

2.  Beatrice May, b. 13 Mar. 1873; d. 1 May 1879.

3.  A child, b. 7 June 1874; d. 6 July 1874.

4.  Alexis Henry, b. 2 Mar. 1876; d. in June 1876.

20. NATHANIEL6 PEVERLY (Nathaniel,5 Nathaniel,4 Nathaniel,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Danbury, farmer, born at Canterbury in 1815, died 17 May 1866. He married, 27 Nov. 1834, JUDITH WIGGIN, born at Loudon in 1816, died 28 May 1902, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Whitney) Wiggin.

Children, born at Danbury:

i.    SARAH ELIZABETH,7 b. 23 Jan. 1836; d. 26 Aug. 1900; m. 25 Nov. 1855 JOHN FRANK LAKE of Canterbury, farmer, b. at Canterbury 16 Feb. 1833, d. at Concord 27 July 1919, son of John and Elizabeth (Kenniston) Lake.

Children (surname Lake), b. at Canterbury:

1.  Alfred Peverly (twin), of Canterbury, locomotive engineer, b. 7 June 1859; d. s.p. 5 Jan. 1918; m. 26 Mar. 1879 Mary Jane Hannaford, b. at Northfield 29 May 1850, d. 14 July 1918, daughter of William G. and Mary Jane (Kenniston) Hannaford.

2.  Everett Frank (twin), of Concord, locomotive engineer, b. 7 June 1859; living s.p. in 1925; m. (1) 26 Dec. 1883 Myra Towne, b. at Stoddard 12 Mar. 1860, d. 12 Mar. 1899, daughter of Hollis and Elsina M. (Corey) Towne; m. (2) 30 Jan. 1901 Lilla May Towne, b. at Stoddard 1 May 1874, living in 1925, daughter of Frank A. and Martha A. (Whittemore) Towne.

ii.   CHARLES, b. 24 Jan. 1839; d. unm. 4 Nov. 1908.

 iii.  LUCY JANE, b. 17 Sept. 1842; d. 24 Mar. 1878; m. 13 Nov. 1860 CHARLES HORACE FLETCHER of Canterbury, farmer, b. at Canterbury 3 Aug. 1837, d. 7 Aug. 1910, son of John and Nancy (St. Clair) Fletcher.

Children (surname Fletcher), b. at Canterbury:

1.  Annette, b. 28 Jan. 1862; living in 1925; m. 22 Mar. 1881 Alphonzo Blackmar Chute of Canterbury, farmer, b. at Effingham 16 Feb. 1855, living in 1925, son of Albion and Dorinda (Philbrick) Chute.

2.  Arianna, b. 20 Nov. 1865; living in 1925; m. 11 Oct. 1893, as his second wife, John Albert Dow of Canterbury, sawyer, b. at Fremont 6 Jan. 1852, living in 1925, son of John E. and Mary S. (Bean) Dow.

iv.   FRANK, of Canterbury and Northfield, 1884, farmer, b. 1 Apr. 1847; d. 14 Mar. 1922; m. 18 Nov. 1865 Ruby Woodworth Squiers, b. at Swanton, Vt., 31 Dec. 1846, living at Canterbury in 1925, daughter of Hiram Clark and Alma (Pevere) Squiers.

Children, b. at Canterbury:

1.  A son,8 b. 2 May 1868; d. 4 June 1868.

2.  Ida May, b. 16 Nov. 1869; living in 1925; m. 24 Dec. 1887 her third cousin, Frank Edwin Kimball of Canterbury, farmer, b. at Canterbury 13 May 1859, living in 1925, son of John Peverly and Mary Eliza (Hill) Kimball (vide supra, No. 11, i, 1).

21. GEORGE WASHINGTON6 PEVERLY (John,5 Nathaniel,4 Nathaniel,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Canterbury, farmer, born at Canterbury 18 Apr. 1806, died 1 Feb. 1894. He married, 12 Jan. 1841, ALMIRA7 SANBORN, born at Loudon 15 Apr. 1819, died 25 Mar. 1898, daughter of John6 and Judith (Blake) Sanborn (Sanborn Family, p. 265).

Children, born at Canterbury (family Bible in possession, 1925, of John Sanborn7 Peverly (21, viii) of Canterbury):

i.    HARRIET ELIZA,7 b. 5 Mar. 1842; d. 29 Dec. 1913; m. 25 Mar. 1875, as his second wife, JOSIAH STEPHENS JAMES of Franklin, farmer, b. at Canterbury 1 Sept. 1828, d. 8 Feb. 1906, son of John and Jane (Stephens) James.

Children (surname James), b. at Franklin:

1.  Blanche, b. 2 June 1876; living s.p. in 1925; m. 2 June 1902 Mayland Plummer Foss of Pittsfield, jeweller, b. at Pittsfield 24 Apr. 1878, living in 1925, son of George N. and Sarah E. (Leavitt) Foss.

2.  Florence Crowell, b. 18 Dec. 1880; living unm. at Concord in 1925.

ii.   CHARLES TAYLOR, b. 26 Aug. 1843; d. 28 Nov. 1843.

iii.  SARAH ANNA, b. 18 Nov. 1844; d. 15 Aug. 1848.

iv.   ABBIE JANE, b. 12 Dec. 1846; d. 9 Aug. 1849.

v.    FRANCES JANE, b. 11 Feb. 1849; d. s.p. 25 May 1894; m. 24 May 1873 JOSEPH TENNEY8 SANBORN of Loudon, farmer, b. at Loudon 20 Sept. 1844, d. 23 Oct. 1903, son of Daniel Ladd7 and Ada (Moore) Sanborn (Sanborn Family, p. 440).

vi.   GEORGIANNA, b. and d. in 1851.

vii.  MARY ELLEN, b. 27 May 1854; living s.p. at Concord in 1925; m. at Lawrence, Mass., 20 June 1877, JEREMIAH ABNER8 CLOUGH (Granite Monthly, vol. 52, p. 172) of Loudon and Concord, farmer, b. at Loudon 22 Nov. 1846, d. 3 Jan. 1920, son of Abner7 and Sarah (Hazelton) Clough.

viii. JOHN SANBORN, of Canterbury, drover, b. 12 Apr. 1856; living in 1925; m. (1) 1 Jan. 1890 LEONORA MAY Dow, b. at Canterbury 15 June 1866, d. 1 Mar. 1908, daughter of Olwyn Warland and Sophia Ingalls (Clifford) Dow; m. (2) 31 Oct. 1906 CLARA (LOVERING) MUDGETT, b. at Loudon 19 July 1861, living in 1925, daughter of Samuel and Lucy (Grace) Lovering and widow of Herman W. Mudgett.

Child by first wife, b. at Canterbury:

1.  George Dow,8 of Canterbury, farmer, b. 19 Jan. 1895; living in 1925; m. 11 Oct. 1924 Leola Foster Houser, b. at Canterbury 5 Mar. 1900, living in 1925, daughter of Joseph M. and Stella (Sargent) Houser.

ix.   CHARLES GEORGE, of Canterbury, farmer, b. 11 Oct. 1858; living unm. in 1925.

x.    EDWARD BLAKE, of Canterbury, farmer, b. 27 July 1860; living s.p. in 1925; m. 15 June 1887 NELLIE MARY MERRILL, b. at Pembroke 3 Dec. 1864, living in 1925, daughter of Daniel and Mary (Holt) Merrill.

22. JOSEPH6 PEVERLY (Joseph,5 Thomas,4 Nathaniel,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Northumberland, N. H., and Bethel, Me., farmer, was born at Northumberland about 1779. He married PERSIS3 BURNSIDE, born at Northumberland about 1786, daughter of James2 (Thomas1) and Susan (Nutter) Burnside (Thompson's History of Stratford, p. 348). He had a 200-acre farm on the westerly slope of what was still (1925) known as Peverly Hill (called Pebley Mountain in the United States Geological Survey), on the easterly side of Bethel, near the Rumford line. The farm is abandoned and the house gone, but the cellar is still visible. The farm was owned in 1925 by Abraham Merrill.

Children, born at Northumberland (town records):

i.    JOSEPH,7 of Bethel, Me., farmer, b. 30 Dec. 1808; d. 19 Aug. 1854, t. 44 (tombstone at East Bethel, Me.); m. at Bethel, 5 Sept. 1830 (town records), CLARISSA BARTLETT POWERS, b. at Bethel 16 Oct. 1810 (ib.), d. at Belgrade Lakes, Me., 21 June 1887, daughter of Ephraim and Olive8 (Kimball) Powers (Kimball Family, p. 378).

Children, b. at Bethel (family Bible in possession, 1925, of Clarissa Ursula (Peverly) (Washburn) Golder (22, i, 8) of Belgrade Lakes):

1.  Ephraim Powers,8 of Portland, Me., 1860, and Bath, Me., carriage maker, b. 29 July 1830; d. s.p. 4 May 1902; m. Hannah Dolley, b. at Rumford, Me., 3 Oct. 1829, d. 24 Jan. 1893, daughter of Increase and Mary(*) (Elliott) Dolley.

2.  Joseph, b. 18 Oct. 1832; d. 8 July 1833.

3.  James Henry, of Paris, Me., and Lewiston, Me., carriage painter, b. 25 Oct. 1833; d. in Apr. 1882; m. about 1857 Louisa F. Dolley, b. at Milton Plantation, Me., 24 Feb. 1838, d. 17 Dec. 1884, daughter of Increase and Mary(*) (Elliott) Dolley.

(*)Lapham's History of Rumford, p. 316, gives her name as Mary. The death record of Hannah (Dolley) Peverly states incorrectly that her name was Phoebe.

4.  Charles Kimball, of Amesbury, Mass., carriage maker, b. 3 Jan. 1836; d. 18 Nov. 1865; m. Joanna Hendry, b. at Fall River, Mass.

5.  Joseph Orin, of Braintree, Mass., and Quincy, Mass., bootmaker, b. 4 May 1837; disappeared about 1883; m. at Quincy, Mass., 4 Oct. 1862, Elizabeth Mary Dwelle, b. at Springfield, N. H., 22 June 1842, d. 11 Oct. 1912, daughter of John P. and Mary (Clifford) Dwelle.

6.  Otis Bolster, of Minneapolis, Minn., and West Glendale, Calif., mason, soldier in the Civil War (Twelfth Maine Volunteer Infantry), b. 9 Jan. 1839; d. 22 July 1905; m. at Minneapolis, 24 Nov. 1870 (city records), Lenore Adams, b. at Townsend, Mass., 7 Feb. 1850, d. at Los Angeles, Calif., 25 July 1917, daughter of James and Lovisa (Dunsmore) Adams.

7.  Eben B., of Locke's Mills, Me., carriage painter, soldier in the Civil War (Thirty-second Maine Volunteer Infantry), b. 16 Nov. 1841; d. 12 Mar. 1883; m. at Hamlin Grant (Woodstock), Me., 28 Jan. 1862, Caroline E. Day, b. at Hamlin Grant 10 Oct. 1847, d. in Dec. 1882, daughter of Hiram and Caroline (Cummings) Day.

8.  Clarissa Ursula, b. 30 May 1842; living at Belgrade Lakes, Me., in 1925, m. (1) at Rumford, Me., 21 Oct. 1861, Martin B. Washburn of Milan Plantation, Me., farmer, soldier in the Civil War (Twentieth Maine Volunteer Infantry), b. at Rumford 19 Feb. 1842, d. at Porterstown, Md., 26 Oct. 1862, son of Tristram and Nancy B. (Brown) Washburn; m. (2) 29 Apr. 1866 Thomas Golder of Belgrade Lakes, Me., merchant, b. at Augusta, Me., 18 June 1837, d. 1 Oct. 1917, son of David and Elizabeth (Stone) Golder.

9.  Olive Augusta, b. 23 Apr. 1848; d. s.p. 26 Sept. 1877; m. (intention recorded 8 Sept. 1869) Charles E. Kennison, b. at Rumford, Me., in 1851, son of James and Fanny (Putnam) Kennison (Lapham's History of Rumford, p. 359).

10.  Dexter Dana, of Bryant's Pond, Me., carriage maker, b. 23 Mar. 1851; living in 1925; m. 17 Dec. 1875 Effie Florence Halkett, b. at Woodstock, Me., 9 Aug. 1858, living in 1925, daughter of David and Fannie H. (Gallison) Halkett.

ii.   PERSIS, b. 25 Sept. 1810.

23. BENJAMIN6 PEVERLY (Benjamin,5 Thomas,4 Nathaniel,3 John,2 Thomas1), of Northumberland and of Charlestown, 1829, armer, born at Northumberland about 1787, died 4 Apr. 1852, t. 65 (tombstone). He married first SUSANNA BURNSIDE,(*) born at Northumberland about 1788, died s.p. (?) 1 Feb. 1816 (tombstone), daughter of James2 (Thomas1) and Susan (Nutter) Burnside; and secondly, about 1817, ROSANNA CARR, born at Hanover 2 Feb. 1793, died at Northborough, Mass., 29 Aug. 1862, daughter of Samuel Carr. He was last taxed as a resident of Northumberland in 1829 (town records).

(*)She is omitted from the account of James Burnside's family in Prescott's History of Stratford, p. 348.

Child by first wife, born at Northumberland:

i.    JAMES BURNSIDE,7 b. 7 Jan. 1815; d. 10 June 1815, "Last child of Benjamin and Susanna Peverly" (tombstone).

Children by second wife, the first six born at Northumberland, the others at Charlestown:

ii.   JAMES CARR, of Charlestown, Mass., druggist, innkeeper (Middlesex House), b. in June 1818; d. at West Cambridge, Mass., 4 Aug. 1853; m. 8 Aug. 1841 ALMIRA WALKER, b. at Atkinson 18 Dec. 1806, d. 24 Sept. 1883, daughter of James and Sarah (Plummer) Walker.

Children, b. at Charlestown, Mass.:

1.  Julia,8 b. 21 June 1842; living at Cambridge, Mass., in 1925; m. 27 Oct. 1870 Frank Miller Small of Charlestown, Mass., and Cambridge, Mass., post-office superintendent, soldier in the Civil War (Thirty-sixth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry), chief clerk, Adjutant General's Department, Headquarters, Ninth Corps, b. at Gray, Me., 8 May 1842, d. 2 Feb. 1909, son of James Gray and Emeline (Dennison) Small.

2.  Emily Gilchrist, b. 25 Dec. 1844; d. 10 Aug. 1848.

3.  James Walker, b. 13 Feb. 1847; d. 5 Mar. 1847.

iii.  SUSANNA, b. in Oct. 1819; d. 1 Dec. 1819 (tombstone).

iv.   A SON, b. in 1821; drowned 7 Apr. 1827 (New Hampshire Patriot of 7 May 1827).

v.    BENJAMIN HENDERSON, of Charlestown, Mass., innkeeper, clerk, and of Millican, Tex., 1859, merchant, b. 25 Dec. 1823; d. 18 July 1908; m. at Charlestown, Mass., 15 Dec. 1847, MARY E. MCPHERSON, b. at St. John's, Newfoundland, 20 Sept. 1825, d. 18 Oct. 1907, daughter of Edmond and Isabella McPherson.

Children, b. at Charlestown, Mass.:

1.  Helen,8 b. 22 Sept. 1848; living in 1925; m. at Millican, Tex., 20 June 1868, William Lambdin of Waco, Tex., secretary (United Charities), soldier in the Civil War (sergeant major, Fifteenth Texas Volunteer Infantry, Polignac's brigade), b. at Wheeling, Pa., 28 Jan. 1843, d. 5 Nov. 1925, son of Rev. William McKendree and Phoebe (Gibson) Lambdin.

2.  Harry Everett, of Millican, Tex., real-estate dealer, b. 2 Feb. 1852; living in 1925; m. Pauline Knox.

3.  Etta Isabel, b. 2 Sept. 1858; living in 1925; m. Gustavus Adolphus Steele of Millican, Tex., who was living in 1925.

4.  Ida, b. 30 June 1861; living in 1925; m. about 1901 George F. Woodall of Millican, Tex., merchant, postmaster, b near Huntsville, Ala., living in 1925.

vi.   PERSIS, b. about 1826; d. 26 Feb. 1853, t. 27 (tombstone).

vii.  SUMNER D., of Milford, Mass., and Rutland, Vt., baker, b. in 1828; d. 23 Apr. 1881; m. at Milford, 24 Nov. 1851, ELIZABETH T. ADAMS, b. at Vassalborough, Me., 2 Aug. 1832, d. 8 June 1898, daughter of Otis Corbett and Eleanor (Staples) Adams (Henry Adams Family, p. 576).

Child, b. at Mendon, Mass.:

1.  Elizabeth,8 b. 22 June 1855; d. s.p. 5 July 1897; m. 20 May 1878 Frederic Augustus9 Beebe of Newport, Vt., and West Rupert, Vt., hotel clerk, b. at West Rupert 12 Feb. 1853, living in 1925, son of Augustus Comfort8 and Julia Laurel (Harmon) Beebe (Beebe Genealogy, p. 80). He m. (2) 10 June 1899 Alfreda Stamford.

viii. SAMUEL CARR, of Charlestown, Mass., blacksmith, Clinton, Iowa, and Chicago, Ill., b. about 1833; d. in Mar. 1898; m. (1) at Charlestown, 14 Sept. 1853 (city records), MARIA T.4 ALBEE, b at Rockingham, Vt., in 1837, daughter of George Washington3 and Theda (Currier) Albee (Hayes's History of Rockingham, p. 573); m. (2) at Quincy, Ill., about 1865, MARY FERRIS, b. at Elmira, N. Y., d. about 1898, daughter of George Washington and Louisa (Oliver) Ferris.

Child by second wife:

1.  Edward Everett,8 of Marseilles, Ill., sign painter, b. in Chicago 5 June 1867; living in 1925; m. 10 May 1898 Louisa Pillath, b. at Manitowoc, Wis., 2 Dec. 1878, living in 1925, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Schall) Pillath.

ix.   EVELYN S., b. about 1838; d. before 1902; m. 13 Jan. 1868, as his second wife, DR. EDSON FOBES8 WHITMAN of Chelsea, Mass., physician, b. at Waterville, Me., 28 Jan. 1827, d. 26 June 1902, son of Capt. Gilbert7 and Cyrene (Fobes) Whitman (Descendants of John Whitman, p. 167).

Child (surname Whitman):

1.  Florence Evelyn, b. at Revere, Mass., 15 Dec. 1872; d. 18 Mar. 1922; m. 10 Feb. 1901 Stephen Decatur Salmon of Boxborough, Mass., apple grower, b. in Boston 27 Apr. 1872, living in 1925, son of Stephen Decatur and Clara Derby (Minard) Salmon.

x.    HORACE LOOMIS, of Northborough, Mass., painter, soldier in the Civil War (Fifteenth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry), b. about 1838; d. 12 Apr. 1911; m. 4 Jan. 1860 ELIZABETH ELLEN POTTER, b. at Northborough, Mass., 12 Aug. 1840, d. 22 July 1925, daughter of James and Elizabeth Maria6 (Felton) Potter (Felton Family, p. 145).

Children, b. at Northborough, Mass.:

1.  Walter,8 of Narberth, Pa., marble cutter, b. 27 Nov. 1860; living in 1925; m. 31 May 1882 Elizabeth Louise Holleran, who d. 30 Oct. 1923, daughter of Patrick and Catherine (McGreevy) Holleran.

2.  Harry Loomis, of Philadelphia, Pa., marble cutter, b. 18 Jan. 1864; living s.p. in 1925; m. 2 Aug. 1900 Ida Reed (Coldwell) Marshall, b. at Worcester, Mass., 26 Dec. 1859, living in 1925, daughter of Andrew and Sarah (Reed) Coldwell and widow of Dr. Edward Parker Marshall.

Unplaced Families and Individuals

The connection of the following families and persons named Peverly with the family
descended from Thomas Peverly of Portsmouth has not yet been established.

RICHARD PEVERLY, of Portsmouth, was born there about 1750 and died in Nov. 1805, t. 55 (New Hampshire Gazette of 19 Nov. 1805). He married ELLEN (???). In 1790 he had in his family two males under 16 years and five females, and in 1800 one male under 10, one female under 10, and one between 10 and 16, besides himself and his wife, both then above 45. (United States Censuses.)

Children, born at Portsmouth:

i.    RICHARD, of Christian Shore, Portsmouth (Rockingham Deeds, vol. 217, p. 378), joiner, b. about 1780; d. in Oct. 1821 (New Hampshire Patriot of 29 Oct. 1821); m. at Portsmouth, 16 July 1803 (town records), JANE LINDSAY, who m. (2) at Portsmouth, 24 Sept. 1832 (ib.), John Clark of Portsmouth. Richard Peverly of Portsmouth and his wife Jane conveyed land there in 1816 (Rockingham Deeds, loc. cit.).

ii.   ROBERT H., of Charlestown, Mass., caulker, b. 12 Mar. 1793; d. at Charlestown 7 Oct. 1861; m. LYDIA U. WOOD, b. at Salem, Mass., 27 June 1800, d. in Boston, Mass., 11 June 1892, daughter of Nathan and Sarah (Russell) Wood.

Children, b. in Boston:

1.  Marianna B., b. 1 Mar. 1838; d. 18 Aug. 1906; m. in Boston, 19 Sept. 1858, as his second wife, Dr. Perry R.7 Macomber of Boston, physician, b. at Dartmouth, Mass., 26 June 1799, d. 4 July 1873, son of Perry6 and Rachel (Gifford) Macomber (Macomber Genealogy, p. 194).

2.  Frances E., b. in July 1841; d. unm. 14 Mar. 1901.

ROBERT HAM PEVERLY,(*) of Portsmouth, N. H., and Everett, Mass., 1850, brass-founder, born about 1815, died at Everett 22 Nov. 1894. He married MARTHA B. DAVIS, born at Dover about 1815, died at Everett 23 Sept. 1887, daughter of Samuel Davis. In 1849 she had lands under the will of her father, Samuel Davis, late of Dover (Strafford Probate Files). The death record of Robert Ham Peverly states that his parents were unknown. His mother is said to have been an English nurse.

(*)Perhaps a son of the Richard Peverly (son of Richard and Ellen Peverly) who married Jane Lindsay. See the family immediately preceding.


i.    WILLIAM DAVIS, of Chelsea, Mass., brass-founder, b. at Portsmouth 25 Apr. 1836; d. 7 Sept. 1898; m. (1) at Chelsea, 31 Dec. 1860 (city records), HENRIETTA ELLIS, b. at Duxbury, Mass., 17 Aug. 1840, daughter of Samuel and Hannah Ellis; m. (2) 27 Mar. 1869 CATHERINE H. (TILDEN) BATCHELDER, b. at Scituate, Mass., 4 Feb. 1838, d. 7 Sept. 1902, daughter of Colman and Hannah (Berry) Tilden and widow of Josiah H. Batchelder.

Child by first wife:

1.  Frances L., b. at Chelsea in August 1863; d. 16 Jan. 1868.

Children by second wife:

2.  Ernest Tilden, of Melrose, Mass., secretary, b. at Chelsea 4 Sept. 1870; living in 1920, m. 6 Sept. 1896 Elizabeth B. Clapp, b. at Scituate about 1869, living in 1920, daughter of Albert and Mary A. (Packard) Clapp. Children: (1) Ann Constance, b. at Scituate 14 July 1897, living in 1920; (2) Arthur Tilden, b. at Scituate 27 July 1898, d. 11 Oct. 1904; (3) Donald L., b. at Chelsea 13 Aug. 1900, living in 1920.

3.  Harry R., of Melrose, Mass., clerk, b. at Chelsea 20 Mar. 1874; living in 1920; m. 15 June 1902 Edith O. Manning, b. at Charlestown, Mass., 11 Jan. 1882, living in 1920, daughter of Edwin B. and Leila O. (Capen) Manning.

ii.   THOMAS DAVIS, b. at Portsmouth 26 July 1838 (death record); d. 11 Aug. 1839.

iii.  THOMAS HAM, of Everett, Mass., brass-founder, b. at Wolfeborough about 1840; d. unm. 8 Mar. 1912.

ABIGAIL PEVERLY married in Boston, Mass., 30 Aug. 1801, William Glover (Boston records).

BETSEY PEVERLY married, after 21 Apr. 1804, as his second wife, William Walker (Parson's History of Rye, p. 563). Their son, William Peverly Walker, was baptized at Portsmouth 2 Aug. 1807 (North Church records). See also Eliza K. Peverly, infra.

CHARLES PEVERLY was taxed at Portsmouth in 1814.

DOLLY PEVERLY, born at Portsmouth, died at Somerville, Mass., 8 Nov. 1870, single, aged 79 years, 9 months (Somerville records).

ELIZA K. PEVERLY married at Portsmouth, 5 Sept. 1819, William Walker. Both were of Portsmouth. (Portsmouth records.) Eliza K. Walker, born at Newington, died at Portsmouth 11 Jan. 1861, t. 72 (ib.).

There were three William Walkers in Portsmouth about that time. One William Walker, truckman, lived in 1851 at 2 Whidden Place, Portsmouth (directory). William Walker of Portsmouth and Elizabeth K., his wife, conveyed, 29 Nov. 1858, real estate on Whidden Place to Joseph C. Walker of Portsmouth, in consideration of a bond for support. William Walker, born at Newington, died 21 May 1862, t. 84 (Portsmouth records).

Inscriptions on gravestones in a lot in the Proprietors' Cemetery, Portsmouth, furnish the following information:

Elizabeth L. Walker, wife of Joseph C., born Apr. 6, 1827, died June 23, 1911.

"Our brother Augustus" fell in battle near Richmond, Va., June 3, 1864, t. 36.

"Our brother Dwight," born Aug. 21, 1818, died Jan. 1, 1855.

Mary E. Walker died July 22, 1861, t. 43.

There are also stones marked "Joseph," "Father," "Mother." Apparently these stones mark the graves of William Walker, born about 1778, his wife, Eliza K. (Peverly), born about 1789, and their children.

ELIZABETH PEVERLY and (???) PEVERLY were baptized in the North Church, Portsmouth, 11 Nov. 1716 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 4, p. 100). This baptismal record probably refers to Elizabeth (Cotton) Peverly, wife of Nathaniel3 Peverly (supra, No. 4), and her first child.

ELIZABETH PEVERLY married at Greenland, 19 Jan. 1774, Samuel Walker of Newington (town records). They had children, viz., Elizabeth, born about 1774, who married William Lang of Rye, Lucy, born about 1778, who married Richard Lang of Rye, and (probably) William, who married Eliza K. Peverly (vide supra).

In the lot in the Proprietors' Cemetery, Portsmouth, mentioned above (vide Eliza K. Peverly), are the gravestones of Samuel Walker, who died Nov. 15, 1829, t. 87, and Elizabeth, his wife, who died Dec. 7, 1835, t. 83.

MRS. FRANCES PEVERLY married at Portsmouth, 24 Sept. 1832, Robert McDonald (North Church records and Portsmouth records).

FREDERICK PEVERLY, son of Moses(*) Peverly, was baptized at Portsmouth 19 May 1751 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 5, p. 89). He was in Captain Daniels's company at Fort Sullivan in 1776 (N. H. State Papers, vol. 14, p. 259, vol. 17, p. 37). He also appears in the Massachusetts rolls as from Portsmouth (Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors, vol. 12, p. 276). He was taxed in Portsmouth in 1773-1777.

(*)Charles H. Batchelder, Esq., of Portsmouth, suggests that Rev. Samuel Haven wrote here, by mistake, "Moses" for "George," the preceding entry being a record of Moses Caverly. No other reference to a Moses Peverly has been found. The children of George Peverly (supra, No. 6) were coming along at this time, and there is a convenient gap between his first child, Mary, and his second (recorded) child, Susanna.

HANNAH PEVERLY married at Portsmouth, 21 Aug. 1773 (North Hampton church records), Richard Mills of Portsmouth, chair maker, who died between 1790 and 1802. He was perhaps a son of Luke Mills of Portsmouth, master mariner. Hannah Peverly was his second wife, his first wife, whom he married at Portsmouth 3 Mar. 1752 (records of St. John's Church), having been Elizabeth Salter. In 1802 Ann Mills was his widow. Perhaps Ann and Hannah were identical. The real estate of Richard Mills was conveyed, 1802-1805, by six children and a grandchild. No deed has been found for a one-fourteenth part which evidently belonged to another grandchild.

HENRY PEVERLY was taxed at Portsmouth in 1800-1802.

HENRY PEVERLY, "of this town [Portsmouth] oe. 40," was drowned at sea in 1819 (New Hampshire Gazette of 4 May 1819).

HIRAM PEVERLY, t. 36, artisan, born in New Hampshire, was at Lancaster, N. H., in 1850 (United States Census).

JOANNA PEVERLY married, about 1775 (Ham's Marriages, MS.), Samuel Heard Horne, who married secondly, 31 Jan. 1781, Hannah Vicker (ib.). He was born at Somersworth 22 Dec. 1756 (REGISTER, vol. 74, p. 44) and was baptized at Rochester 29 May 1757 (N. H. Genealogical Record, vol. 6, p. 114), son of William and Phebe (Heard) Horne. He was a soldier in the Revolution (N. H. State Papers, vol. 15, p. 294, vol. 16, p. 627).

JOHN PEVERLY, of Portsmouth, was a soldier in the Revolution in 1775 (N. H. State Papers, vol. 14, pp. 258, 259, vol. 15, pp. 595, 728) and a corporal in 1777 (ib., vol. 16, pp. 12, 192, 209).

JOHN PEVERLY, of Old York, Me., was a soldier in the Revolution in 1777 (Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors, vol. 12, p. 276).

JOHN PEVERLY married at Portsmouth, 24 Jan. 1777, Alice Holden. Both were of Portsmouth. (Portsmouth records.)

JOHN PEVERLY married at Portsmouth, 15 Nov. 1787, Sarah Dame (North Church records). She was perhaps the Sally Peverly who died in Dec. 1835, aged 78. (Vide infra.)

JOHN PEVERLY died at Portsmouth in 1817 (New Hampshire Gazette of 4 Mar. 1817).

JOHN PEVERLY, t. 48, and ANN PEVERLY, t. 43, both born in New Hampshire, were at Sanbornton in 1850 (United States Census).

MRS. KATY PEVERLY married at Portsmouth, 26 May 1791, James Hull. Both were of Portsmouth. (Portsmouth records.) James Hull, of the United States Army, died 27 June 1815, leaving a widow, Catherine, a daughter over 21 years of age, and three minor children, t. 12, 9, and 5 years (Rockingham Probate Files). An affidavit of heirship made in Nov. 1817 by Nathaniel Kennard (vide infra) states that these children were Nancy, of age and unmarried, Harriet, born about 1804, Sarah, born about 1807, and Martha, born in Mar. 1811. "Mrs. Hull" was paid by the administrators of Nathaniel Kennard's estate, three days after his death, for some service. All this suggests a relationship between Catherine Hull and the Margaret Peverly who married Nathaniel Kennard (vide infra).

MARGARET PEVERLY (according to the North Church records MARY PEVERLY), of Portsmouth, married there, 10 Oct. 1783, Nathaniel4 Kennard of Kittery, Me. (Portsmouth records), son of Edward3 and Elizabeth (Marsh) Kennard (Stackpole's History of Kittery, p. 566). She died 24 June 1825, t. 68 (tombstone in the North Cemetery at Portsmouth). He was a soldier in the Revolution, and resided in Portsmouth (Farmer and Moore's Historical Collections, vol. 2, appendix, p. 72). Their children were: Nathaniel, of Portsmouth, master mariner, whose widow, Ruth, appears in the Portsmouth directories of 1834 and 1839, Eliza, who was living unmarried 22 Dec. 1823, and Ann, who married at Portsmouth, 19 Aug. 1821 (Portsmouth records), Eleazer Hooper of Marblehead, Mass., druggist.

MARGARET "PEPPERLY" married in Boston, Mass., 15 Sept. 1845, James Frost (Boston records).

MARGARET PEVERLY, t. 15, was living at Portsmouth, in Edward Moulton's family, in 1850 (United States Census).

MARY PEVERLY was born about 1745 and died 9 Oct. 1838, t. 93 (tombstone in North Cemetery, Portsmouth). She married, about 1768, Timothy Ham of Portsmouth, born at Portsmouth about 1745, died 5 June 1824, t. 79 (tombstone in North Cemetery), son of William and Elizabeth (Waterhouse) Ham. The baptisms of their children, recorded in the North Church, were as follows: Elizabeth, 28 May 1769, Mary, 21 July 1771, Anne, 15 Aug. 1773, Sarah, 30 July 1775, Timothy, 7 Sept. 1777, Phoebe, 16 Jan. 1780, William, 25 Aug. 1782, Jane, 1 May 1785, Supply, 16 Mar. 1788, and Henry, 26 June 1791. Several of the grandchildren of Timothy Ham state that his wife was Mary Peverly.

PETER PEVERLY, of Dover, was dead, insolvent, in Sept. 1894, when administration was granted on his estate (Strafford Probate Files).

ROBERT PEVERLY was taxed at Portsmouth in 1777-1779.

SALLY PEVERLY died at Portsmouth in Dec. 1835, t. 78 (Portsmouth Directory, 1839). (Vide supra, John Peverly, fourth of the name on this list.)

SAMUEL PEVERLY was taxed at Portsmouth in 1778-79.

SAUL PEVERLY, t. 18, born in Maine, was at Concord in 1850 (United States Census).

WILLIAM PEVERLY is said (N. H. State Papers, vol. 9, p. 41) to have been an original proprietor of Barrington. The Portsmouth town vote of 26 Mar. 1722 provided for the division of "New Portsmø" according to the town rate of 1721. The list of proprietors includes William Pevey, but no William Peverly. William Pevey, but not William Peverly, was taxed at Portsmouth in 1727 (Brewster's Rambles about Portsmouth, vol. 1, p. 161). Charles H. Batchelder, Esq., states that there is abundant further evidence that the original proprietor of Barrington was William Pevey, not William Peverly.

One PEVERLY, of Loudon, is said (Lyford's History of Canterbury, vol. 2, p. 97) to have married Betty Davis, born at Ellsworth, Me., in 1845, daughter of Daniel L. and Ada (Moore) Davis.

One PEVERLY, of Loudon, is said (Stackpole's History of Durham, vol. 2, p. 101) to have married Elizabeth6 Davis, born at Durham in 1775, daughter of Thomas5 and Elizabeth (Roberts) Davis.

One Betsey Davis, t. 63, was living at Canterbury in 1850, in the family of James Peverly (supra, No. 7, v), t. 76 (United States Census).

John Sanborn7 Peverly (supra, No. 21, viii), born in 1856, a grandnephew of James Peverly (No. 7, v), states that James Peverly never married, that the Betsey Davis named in the Census was his housekeeper, and that she is identical with the Elizabeth Davis mentioned in Stackpole's "History of Durham," loc. cit., and is incorrectly described in Lyford's "History of Canterbury," loc. cit.