Early Chicago Unknown Photos


This first photograph is Hendrik Van Bruggen, born 1879 Groningen Netherlands. He came to America once in 1893 with his father Jan. They returned to Groningen before 1900. Then Hendrik returned about 1901-1905. He was in Chicago, where he met and married Cornelia Boersema. Hendrik was in El Paso, Texas at least by 1907. He and Cornelia journied between Chicago and El Paso many times. The other photos on this page are of unknown family members. You will see a resemblance between some of these folks...sisters? Brothers? Are they Van Bruggen, Boersema, Van Wartum...who are they?? If you can identify any of these people please email me.

Jan Parsons Armstrong

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Young Hendrik Van Bruggen Henry Van Bruggen & Unknown, Chicago about 1904 Unknown Couple Unknown Couple Unknown Chicago Family Unknown Chicago Ladies Unknown Chicago Lady Unknown Chicago Lady Unknown Chicago Lady Unknown Chicago Lady Unknown Chicago Gentleman Unknown Chicago Gentleman Unknown Family in Holland or Chicago

Some of the photos above, and ALL of the photos to follow were taken from an old heavy photo album owned by Cornelia Boersema

Cornelia Boersema Chicago about 1892 scan 0055 Cornelia Boersema Chicago about 1898 scan 0056 Augusta Boersema Funeral Card Chicago 1898--who is Augusta? scan 0057 Chicago Gentleman tiny tintype scan 0058 Unknown-Original photo is 1.5 X 1.5 inches scan 0059 Unknown-Original photo is 2 X 2 inches scan 0060 Unknown Chicago Ladies scan 0061 Unknown Chicago Family scan 0062 Unknown Chicago Lady scan 0063 Unknown Chicago Gentleman scan 0064 Believed to be Geert A. George Boersema 1839-1911 scan 0065 Unknown Chicago Couple scan 0066 Unknown Chicago Gentleman scan 0067 Chicago Home scan 0068 Believed to be Martin & Samuel Boersema about 1898 Chicago scan 0069 Cornelia Boersema & possibly Simon Boersema about 1889 Chicago scan 0070 Unknown Baby  scan 0071 Unknown Baby (very pale photo) scan 0072

The following clipping was tucked inside this old album. Cornelia had lived in El Paso for years by 1953 so someone in Chicago had to have sent her this article. Was she related to the folks in the article or was it sent because of human interest??

Cornelia Boersema Chicago about 1892 scan 0055

This photo of William McKinley was also inside the album. It is printed on heavy cardboard. Were these elaborate photos distributed to the American public due to the fact that McKinley was murdered?

Cornelia Boersema Chicago about 1892 scan 0055

Jan Parsons Armstrong