Early El Paso Area

Sketch by E L Boone 1922 El Paso Texas


Hendrik "Henry" Van Bruggen came to America from Groningen in The Netherlands, once in the late 1800s and again in early 1900s. He was first in Chicago, then he migrated to El Paso, Texas. He became a baker's apprentice for The El Paso Bakery and later opened his own restaurant at 3409 Alameda. He and his family resided at 3411 Alameda. They also resided at 3605 Monroe & 3624 Jefferson. Henry and his wife, Cornelia Boersema, had one child, Anna Cozette, born 1912. Anna attended Aoy Grade School and was as fluent in Spanish as she was in English. Anna married Robert Armstrong. These photos are from Henry's collection, some taken 100 years ago. Please contact Jan Parsons Armstrong if you have comments or additional information. Click on the small image to view the larger. Each photo is identified when you place your curser on the small photo.

Early El Paso View 1905 Henry Van Bruggen & Crew of El Paso Bakery, 1907 Interior of El Paso Bakery El Paso 1907 Henry Van Bruggen at El Paso Bakery 1907 Old Ft. Bliss 1907 and Henry Van Bruggen Henry Van Bruggen & Unknown, El Paso 1907 Henry Van Bruggen Plaza Park Alligators, Downtown El Paso 1907 Bullfight, Plaza de Toros Ciudad Juarez Mexico, 1907 A Friendly Game of Roulette at a side walk casino, El Paso 1905 Henry Van Bruggen, Memorial Park El Paso 1907 Unknown lady probably @ 409 N. Oregon El Paso 1905 and unknown boy Henry Van Bruggen @ 409 N. Oregon El Paso 1905 Henry, Nellie (Boersema)& Anna Van Bruggen, El Paso 1917 Henry Van Bruggen & Martin Boersema & Henry in the back yard 3624 Jefferson St. El Paso about 1940 Henry Van Bruggen & Unknown Lady Friend, El Paso 1905 Henry Van Bruggen & Unknown in Salvation Army Uniforms El Paso 1905

Henry's Valentine Card from Martin 1940

Bosco was a popular cartoon character in the 30s. This is a drawing done by Martin Boersema, brother-in-law of Henry Van Bruggen. Martin lived in Chicago and made many trips to El Paso to visit Henry and his family. Henry died in 1945, Martin in 1952. My husband remembers them smoking their pipes, laughing, talking and drinking Mitchell's Beer, an El Paso beer.

Mitchell's Beer Ad, 1944 scan0025

The Mitchell's Beer ad, and all the items to follow, were found in an old magazine "Around Here, The Southwest in Picture and Story" Volume 2, Number 1, 1944. Price 25 Cents. Published by the Around Here Publishing Company, 408 Martin Building, El Paso, Texas. This magazine was in the Van Bruggen belongings. Some of the scans may be a bit tilted...I just don't want to manipulate this old paper any more than necessary.

Around Here Cover 1944 scan0035 El Paso National Bank & Gunning Casteel Drugs 1944 scan 0036 Sheldon's, Self's, Albert Mathias & Westward Ho 1944 scan0037 Momsen-Dunnegan-Ryan & an article about area parks 1944 scan0038 Baker-Ray Studios & Around Here Information 1944 scan0039 Roy Bean article, Magnolia Bottling & Mission Cafe 1944 scan0040 Car Parts Depot, Watkins Motor, Texas-Arizona Motor Freight, & Aztec Curio 1944 scan0041 Camp Grande 1944 later named Rio Grande Motel where my family stayed when we first arrived in El Paso in 1950 scan0042 Zork Hardware 1944 scan0042b Misc Ads 1944 scan0043 Cruz Blanca Cerveza, Straight American Whiskey & The Lobby 1944 & Still Fun Times in the '50s!! scan0044 Tom Burchell's Bar & Misc Ads 1944 scan0045 Out on The Range & Misc Ads 1944 scan0046 The Kiva Aztec NM & Misc Ads 1944 scan0047 The Kiva, Aztec NM & Misc. Ads 1944 scan0048 Bonita Lake, Ruidoso NM & Misc Ads 1944 scan0049 Billy The Kid & Misc Ads 1944 scan0050 The White House Dept. Store & Wel-Com-In 1944 scan0051 KROD Radio 1944 scan0052 White Hat Ranch 1944 scan0053


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