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In the early '60s, I had the pleasure of subscribing to this bulletin for the astronomical fee of $1.50 per year! The bulletin was written and published by Mr. Milton A. Parsons of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Mr. Parsons repeatedly stated he expected no monetary gain from this work...he only wanted to share the information. Now, with the internet, I would like to honor Mr. Parsons and his endeavors by putting this material where it may be viewed by millions. There are no copyright infringments as all of this information came from public records, and like Milton Parsons, I too expect, nor will accept, any monetry gain from publishing these bulletins on the web.

Mr. Parsons had in his possession the Parsons Family History by Henry Parsons from which he published exerpts regarding the descendants of Cornet Joseph Parsons and Mary Bliss. Further information on Joseph and Mary can be found at Parsons Family Association

From Vol. I, Part 2, May 1961

Will of Adam Parsons

Will Book I (C) Page 203, Jackson County, W. Va. (then in Virginia) ADAM PARSONS leaves all his worldly possessions to his daughter,POLLY STEWART. He names his son-in-law, WILLIAM STEWART, as executor of the estate. Witnesses are:E. S. Evans and William Gilpin.
Dated 29 Nov 1839. Signed by His Mark.
On 28 June 1841,William Stewart proves the Will in court by EPHRIAM S. EVANS and WILLIAM GILPIN.

DEEDS, Vol. 2, page 427 Jackson Co., West Va. (then in Virginia)
This INDENTURE made this 12th day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven betweenADAM PARSONS, and SUSANN his wife andWILLIAM STEWART and MARY his wife all of Jackson County and State of Virginia of the one part andJESSE CAMEY and CHARLES CAMEY of the said Jackson County of the other part. Witnesseth that the saidADAM PARSONS and SUSANNA his wife and WILLIAM STEWART and MARY his wife for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and five dollars current money of the United States, a tract of land lying and being in the county of Jackson aforesaid and State of Virginia near the main Mill Creek, containing about 80 acres.


Milton Parsons: "From the above documents, it can be seen that Susannah wife of Adam Parsons was living in 1837 when the deed was made but evidently deceased by Nov 29, 1839 when the Will was written, as she is not mentioned in the Will. Adam Parsons must have lived for a time in Mason County W. Va. as his daughter Mary married William Stewart there on 26 March 1829. It is not known where he came from or who his parents were, nor is there knowledge about Susannah's background. It appears that Mary "Polly" Parsons Stewart was their only child and she and her husband lived in Mason County where she died June 22, 1880.



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