This Stripling Family Bible, and the 1869 letter tucked inside, were entrusted to me by a Stripling family so that we might share this important material with others. Following each page, you will find the typed version which is much easier to read. These folks were in Union Parish, La. very early. I'm sorry I know nothing else about these lines...I was very fortunate to have access to these records in order for everyone to share this information. I do not have a Stripling line, nor am I working on these lines. Good luck---I hope this is something you can use!! jpa

Stripling Bible Page 1
(On the inside cover is written "James Stripling...his BOOK..the word book is written in huge caps)
(in top margin) James Stripling wife was Mary Ann Childs daughter of Gabriel Childs.
(note in the left margin the name of the State where the event took place)
Ala. James Stripling and his wife Mary Ann Stripling was married January the 27 1846
Ala. William Daniel Cabaniss and his wife Matilda Stripling was married October the 12 1865
La. Jno T Stripling and Laura Montree Cobb was married 18th Feb 1873 Oakland, La (written in later)
Mary E. Cabaniss to J. M. Carter Feb 22, 92 Loper, Ark (written later)
Glenora M. Stripling to James Luther Taylor March 29, 1893 Loper, Ark (written later)
Carl Ray Stripling was married Aug 24, 1902 to Goldman Payne, Cecil, La. (written later)
J. A. Lewis to Edna G. Stripling Jan. 1, 1905, Loper, Ark.
Walter F. Stripling to Mamie Coleman Feb 14, 1912, Conway, La.
(note: when Walter F. Stripling died in 1918, Mamie then married Levi Stripling, Walter's brother, in 1919)
John Cobb & Alice Stripling was married at Bastrop, La. Dec 30th 1912
James Levi Stripling to Mamie Stripling Dec 28, 1919, Huttig, Ark.
Laura Virginia Stripling to Joseph Remore May 27, 1928
Thomas Coleman Stripling to Sammie Marie Cook May 16, 1947
Ralph Stripling to Etta Gulley Sheppard Dec 26, 1947
Thomas Coleman Stripling to Carol Ann Harris (no date)

Stripling Bible Page 2
Ala. James Stripling was bornd May the 7, 1825
Ga. Mary Ann Stripling was bornd August the 3, 1828
Ala. John Thomas Stripling was bornd December the twentieth 1866
Ala. Elizabeth Matilda Stripling was bornd June the first 1868
Ark. Mary Elizabeth Cabaniss was borned October the 26, 1866
(Heading of 2nd Birth column, upper margin) Wife, Daughters and Sons of J. T. Stripling, Union Parish, La.
Laura M. Stripling was bornd Jan 11, 1857 Ala.
Glenora Melvina Stripling was bornd the 14 of Dec 1873 La.
Walter Franklin Stripling was borned Dec 1st 1875 La.
James Levi Stripling was borned January 26, 1878 La.
Alice Montree Stripling was borned October 13, 1880 La.
Carl Ray Stripling borned February 12, 1883 (was 1882, then crossed out)
(a dotted line is drawn followed by the words "Union County, Ark.)
Edna Gertrude Stripling borned April 27, 1885 Ark.
Mary Annie Stripling Nov 5, 1888 Ark.
Ursula Lillian Stripling Dec 15, 1892 Ark.

Stripling Bible Page 3

Ark. James Stripling died February 17, 1866
La. Matilda E. Cabaniss died July the 18, 1867
Ark. Mary Ann Stripling died March 7, 1892
Ark. Lillian Ursula Stripling died Aug 20, 1898
Ark. John Thomas Stripling died Oct 2nd 1900
Ark. Laura Montree Stripling died Aug 15, 1901
(no State) Mary Annie Stripling died Nov 14, 1901
La. Walter F. Stripling died Nov 11, 1918
(no State) Mona Stripling born Jan. 9, 1913, died Feb 4, 1913.
Ark. Lotie E. Duncan died April 6, 1866
James Walter Stripling born Sept 16, 1921, died Feb 20, 1922
Dorothy Gene Stripling born Aug 15, 1928, died May 27, 1930
Mamie Coleman Stripling died Jan 11, 1949
Stripling Bible Page 4

Laura Virginia Stripling born Jan 31, 1914
Thomas Coleman Stripling born July 20, 1915
Ralph Stripling born Aug 30, 1917
Walter Almer Remore born April 12, 1930
James Hugh Remone born Sept 16, 1937
Sheri Lynn Stripling born March 6, 1948
Thomas Coleman Stripling born Feb 1, 1953.

In reading the 1850 census Ouachita Parish, La., I found the following family...have no idea who they are or how they relate to these others, but am thinking someone might need this:
441/451, Stripling, Ezekiel age 38 SC Blacksmith
Stripling, Ann Jane age 35 Ireland
Stripling, James P. age 14 SC
Stripling, Rebecca age 9 MS
Stripling, Joseph age 5 MS

The following letter, written on 3 pages, is dated February 10/11, 1869. This was inside the old Stripling Bible. I handled it just long enough to scan is so very fragile!! Evidently, this letter was written by Arthur Stripling who was living in Collin County, Texas, and was written to the Striplings who remained in Union Parish, La. Stripling Letter Page 1 Stripling Letter Page 2

Stripling Letter Page 3

Stripling Notes Page 1

Stripling Notes Page 2

Stripling Notes Page 3
I apologize for the poor quality of this last is written in faded pencil...maybe someone can decipher it.


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