From the papers of

Major Luther M. Blackman


Transcribed by

Janelle Swearingen



Luther M. Blackman served as Quartermaster in the 4th Tennessee Rgt. USA during the Civil War. Following the war, he returned to Monroe County, Tennessee where he was twice elected to the Tennessee Assembly. After retiring from politics he farmed and assisted those applying for military pensions and for compensation from the Southern Claims Commission. At his death, many papers relating to this activity were found in his field desk. Most of these papers are now on permanent loan to the Tennessee State Archives and are available on Microfilm #620-1, 2, and 3, Luther Blackman Papers. Here are transcribed those papers relating to the pensions. Most of them relate to the Civil War, but there is one for a widow's pension from the Mexican War. See also Obituary of Luther M. Blackman., Quartermaster Papers

MEXICAN WAR- Reece [ or Rice] C. Spears, Lewis R. Young

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 Amp (Amrazeah, Amisiah) Dotson

 State of Tennessee, County of Monroe. . . personally appeared before me a acting Justice of the pac in and for said county this 25 day of March 1884 George W. Graves . . . was [acq]uanted with Amisiah Dotson or Alias [torn] or Amp Dotson as he often went by eathar those names and that he sean the above named Dotson severel times while he belong [to] captin Aldman Brysons command and that he eat dinner at Paynes campes in [illegible] Louden Tennessee in or about the last days of June 1864 and Dotson was acting as a pilet and the orders that Captin Bryson had him here [torn] October 1863 Captin Goaldman Bryson told the said Dotson [torn] Tellicoplains in Monroe County to go to Cobo Creek and to discharge the dutey of A pilet to every loyel men through Cobo Creek and Tellico mountaine which he did untell he [torn] aught up and killed by the confedret Raders Coot Rha, James Mcaffe and oathors and he further stats that he has no intrust in the percicuitaion of this claim direct nor indirec that his post office is Riull mail Monroe County Tennessee. Sworn to before me this day 25      

George W. Graves day and date above Written and I so sertify I hav no intrust in this claim ___ nor in direct.                                                  J. C. Masten J. P.                               [R1-V-B-1]

State of Tennessee Monroe County. Personally appeared before me Larkin Brannon an acting Justice of the Peace in and for said county C. M. Lemons after being duly sworn deposes and says that he saw Amrazeah Dotson Alias Amp Dotson enlist in Capt Goldman Bryson Co A 1st Tenn Sat. Guards was well acquainted with Capt Bryson and Amazeah Dotson all my life This Augt 3rd 1882. Witness C. M. Lemons                                                       [R1-V-B-2]

Pruvalvale March 28, 1884

Mr. Blackman. I have bin a long time trying to git up the proof that you ask for and has bin unable to get about and has got it as near as I could not knowing other it is rite or not and if it aint rite I wish for you to informe me amediatly and if their is eney mistakes in the proof I wis for you to corect it if you can and if not I wish for you to come and see that it is taken rite as I dont wish for eney mistakes to be mad in the case it sems that their was sam mistake about the date of his death it was about the thrid day of July 1864 this corect I wish for you to notice every clase and see that is rite and then try to pared the case on as fast as possible and please wright to me and tell _how maters is giting along. Sely Datson

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Adeline Dunkin (widow of Columbus M. Dunkin/Duncan) 

Louden Co. Ten. February

Mr. Blackman Sir I have not heard eny thing from No. Carolina yet why it is I do not know I went before the Clerk as you see and I saw Blair and left the Blank with him which he said he would fill out the first oportunity you named on your Card about Brother James son his name is James also but I canot give his age but think he is fifty three or four and think he is in the neighborhood of Vaey town (?). I see in an old book a record of our marage that Mr. Dunkin put ther I suppose just after our marage it is in better form than the one you saw dont know that it would be eny advantage. Nothing more at this time. Adeline Dunkin

 Viney Loudon Co. May. Mr. Blackman Sir I received this record some time ago but neglecten to sent it as I should of done it may be of some advantage to you. Adaline Dunkin.

 [letterhead] Samuel V. Niles, Attorney, No. 1733 I Street, Washington D. C., March 1st 1884. L. M. Blackman, Esq. Eve Mills, Tenn, Dear Sir: I am in receipt of your envelope enclosing testimony in support of the claim of Adeline Dunkin, which I have filed and will advise you of the action taken by the Dept in the premises. Very Respectfully Samuel V. Niles.

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 Robert Hall (A black man)

Statement of [blank]

Have been acquainted with Jeremiah Hall for [blank]

He is in his seventy Sixth year. He is the father of the soldier Robert Hall.

He had no property of his own in 1864 and was working for his former owner John Hall. He worked for the support of his family & received no stipulated wages. His family consisted of his wife & four children. After leaving his former owner he has had one horse, some years a hog or two to fatten & Some years none. He has had one cow for two years. The land he now lives on was given to him by another son & is not Sufficient for the support of his family it having but little cleared land on it.           

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 Mary McGee, widow. (husband's name unknown) 

Eve Mills Tenn, Feby 1889

Mrs. Mary McGee, Lenoirs Tenn, Madam: I enclose herewith add. Evidence and Treasury receipt for you to execute and return to me at once. I have assumed the payment of the clerks fees and the fees of Mr. Kimbough in the two cases. I went to Mrs. Niles yesterday expecting to find you there. You should have notified me of your change of residence. I got the evidence of Dr. Beals and Mr. James Black. I have also the testimony of Mr. Niles in your pension. Now in the prosecution of the two Bounty claims I have made five (5) trips across the river for the purpose of procuring and writing testimony and I shall expect payment for such labor and expense when you get your money as was agreed upon by your late husband. Resepectfully L. M. Blackman. P. S. Make your mark where I have written your name, and have your mark attested by two witnesses. That is all there is to do to the papers. Be certain to sign all four sheets. [signed] B

If you want the check sent to any other than your old postoffice please so inform me [signed] B

[written on back] Unita March 5, 1889 Mr. Blackman please have my check forded to Unita Loudon County Tennessee Yours Respectfully Mary McGhee

South Division.

  Notice of Issue. Department of the Interior . . . Nov 2, 1887. Sir: You are hereby notified that a certificate no. 376972, for Original pension has this day been issued in favor of William Vaughn (Insane) Payable to Guardian - A. F. Sulcer Decatur Meigs Co. Tenn and that the pension is payable by the Pension Agent at Knoxville who will also pay to you a fee of $10. Rate of pension $4 per month from July 28 1865, disability - Rheumatism. Very respectfully, John C. Black, Commissioner. Atty L. M. Blackman, Madisonville Tenn.

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