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* Johannes Jacob (Bauman) Bowman SR.; b 1722 there is possible he was born in a Germanic state or Switzerland or Pennsylvania. d 29 Oct 1778 in Shennandoah Co. Va.; m 11 Aug 1740 at New Holland, Lancaster Co.,Pa. to Elizabeth Reuger b bet 1710 &1720 in Germany or Switzerland; d bet 1799 & 1783 in Shennandoah Co., Va. Around 1768 when Jacob Sr purchased 200 acres located on the North Shenandoah River from Jonathan and Mary Langdon. Jacob I and Elizabeth sold this land in 1769 to Frederick Stoner. Jacob Bowman also bought Lot #84 in the town of Woodstock. When the settlement of the estate of Jacob was made on 30 October 1779 his land consisted of 60 acres on the North River of the Shenandoah and the Lot #84 in Woodstock.

Note from Helen: "The place Jacob Sr lived in Virginia was always in Shenandoah County near Woodstock. Shenandoah was formed from Frederick and made into a county called Dunmore which lasted from 1772 until 1778, and then renamed Shenandoah County. Note that the spelling Shennandoah is wrong, it is Shenandoah. Sometimes it was corrupted into Shanndo and Shennandoah but present day spelling is Shenandoah.

So the early records of Shenandoah County are found in records of Frederick County and earlier in Orange and Augusta Counties out of which were formed Frederick and Shenandoah. See the HANDY BOOK FOR GENEALOGISTS for divisions of early counties and where to find the records for the counties out of which they were formed."

Could this be our Jacob Bowman of Shenandoah Co,Va. Marriage Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever (all 1,429 marriages)1740 08 11 Bauman, Jacob to Rueger, Elzabetha (Earltown). I have order Jacob Bowman's will from Shenandoah Co. Va. This could be our Jacob and Elizabeth Rueger Bowman.

Baptismal Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever

Unknown at this time if this name is Elizabeth Rueger family

RUEGER, JACOB (Lebanon) Rueger, John Jacob, b 08 18 1743; bap 10 23 1743, Spon. Heinrich Klein & his wife.

Marriage Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever

1740 08 11 Bauman, Jacob Rueger, Elzabetha (Earltown)

1740 08 11 Rueger, Elzabetha (Earltown) Bauman, Jacob

These Bauman here may or may not be our Bauman family

1770 01 15 Bauman, Catarina (Bethel) Wepner, Johannes (Lebanon)

1760 05 06 Baumann Juliana (Derry) Hemperle, Antonius

1737 02 22 Baumann, George Stephan Ergebrecht, Maria Catar (Warwick

Jacob and Elizabeth children were: (The children are not done in birth order).

1)) Barbara b 1741 in Conewego, York Pa ?; d ?; m abt 1760/61 in Shenandoah Co,VA to 1st John Six and 2nd Christian Funkhouse

The children of Barbara and John Six were:

1. John Jr b abt 1761

2. Isaac b ? d 1829 in Shenandoah Co.,VA. m'd Elizabeth Dellinger on 22 Dec 1795 in Shenandoah Co. Va.

3. Elizabeth b ? d / m'd Adam Poke

4. Catharine b ? d? m'd William Stoner on 6 une 1791 is Shenandoah Co., Va.

The children of Barbara and Christian Funkhouse:

1. Daniel b abt 1776 in Shenandoah Co., VA. m'd 1799 to Mary Whilser

2. Barbara b ? d abt 1801/2 in Shenandoah Co. Va.

*2) Jacob II b 15 May 1744 "born John Jacob Bowman to Jacob and Elizabeth Bowman, on 8 March 1774, baptized 15 May 1774. From COURT RECORDS, BIRTHS AND BAPTISMS OF SHENANDOAH COUNTY, VIRGINIA, from A HISTORY OF SHENANDOAH COUNTY, VIRGINIA, page 740, by Wayland"; d May 1831 in Greenville, Greene Co. Tn.; m Elizabeth Keller on 25 Nov 1767 in Frederick Co.Va. I have order their marriage records. In 1779 young Jacob II received 203 acres from his father-in-law, George Keller. He later sells this land while living in Greene County, Virginia

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3) Samuel b abt 1740 (or 1750/1760)in Pa ; UNKNOWN WHAT HAPPEN TO HIM!!!!

4) Catherine b 1750-1760 in Lancaster. Pa.. m abt 1777, Shenandoah Co., Va m'd Martin Shiner/Shaner.

The Children of Catherine and Martin Shaner

1. Lidia

2. daugther m'd John Davis

3. daugher m'd James Harmak/Marmack

4. Jacob

5. Henry

6. John

5) Ann b bet 1745-1750 in Pa or Va d bef 1808 m On 29 September 1772 Anna Bowman and Abraham Savage were married. Abraham Savage owned Lot #83 in the town of Woodstock, next door to Jacob Bowman.

The children Ann and Abraham Savage were:

1. Elizabethb b abt 1776

2. John b abt 1778

3. Jacob b abt 1780

4. Catherine b abt 1782

5. Mary Ann b abt 1784

6. George b abt 1786

7. Abraham b abt 1788

6) Mary b bet 1745-1750 in Pa Christened 19 Mar 1745 in Latimore Twp, York, Pa..; d bet 1801-1809 in Greene Co. Tn; m John Keller

The children of Mary and John Keller were:

1. Elizabeth b abt 1762 in Va d 19 Jul 1821 in OH. m'd Frederick Parett on 17 May 1785 in Shenandoah Co. Va.

2. George b ? d bef 1842 m'd Christian Wilkins in 15 Aug 1790 in Shenandoah Co. Va.

3. Jacob b abt 1769/1770 Shenandoah Co., Va d? m'd Mary Magadlene Rinker on 20 May 1793 in Shenandoah Co., Va.

4. Maria" Mary" b abt 1771/1775 Shenandoah Co. Va d 1843 in Greene Co. TN. m'd 12 Srp 1799 to David Key/Kree in Greene Co. TN

5. Daniel b 26 Jun 1773 in Shenandoah Co. Va d 30 Aug 1840 in Greene Co.,TN m'd Christina Layman

6. David b abt 1776 in Shenandoah Co.,VA d 1 Drp 1854 Shelby,TN m'd 8 Oct 1799 to Mary Linebaugh in Shenandoah Co.Va.

7. Henry b ? d ? m'd 8 Jul 1800 to Mary "Polly" Carter in Greene Co. Tn.

8. Benjamin b abt 1780 d 8 may 1858 in Parke, IN m'd 8 Jul 1805 to Rosanah Linebaugh in Greene Co.,TN

9. Joseph b 13 Feb 1789

The T Elmer Cox Historical and Genealogical Collection of Greenville,TN send me this and they didn't know what they had. I would like to think for all they have send me in my search for documents to prove my liniage lines.

From what I can see this is the INVENTORY OF THE ESTATE OF JACOB BOWMAN the son of Jacob Bowman Sr of Shenandoah Co. Virginia. Taken from inventery book of Jan 1828-June 1843; no index Greene Co. Tn pp 266-269. This is the copy of what they send me. I have order the orginial copy of the said will.

Monday 29 Oct 1831 Min's 16 p. 419 An inventory of the personal estate of Jacob Bowman dec'd. was returned by the administrator of said and ordered to be recorded and is as follows: A memorandem or Inventory of the personal goods and effects of Jacob Bowman late of the County of Greene and State of Tennessee deceased, taken the 21st May 183. Towit, Seven man slaves towit, Daniel, Thomas, William, Adam, Elijan, Alexander, John. Six women slaves towit, Hannah, Phebe, Mime, Grace Lucia,Ilerena. Six head of the horse kind, ten wagons, five pair of horse gears. thirty three head of cattle, small and grown ones, fifty three head of hogs, pigs and sows, forty geese, thirty ducks, three bar share plows, five shovel and bull tohgue plows, two sickles, two mattocks, one sprouting hoe , one foot adze, one pick axe, one cross cut saw, one broad axe, one handsaw, two drawing knives, three screw augers, and one barrel auger, three chisels, nine corn hoes, eleven choping axes, five guns, two set of dog irons, one fire shovel, one dirt shovel, two dung forks, four hoops of old wagon tires, one grind stone, three big kettles, one small brass kettle, one brass skillet, one copper tea kettle, five dutch ovens, eight pots, two skillets, one baking iron, three scythes, two thetstones, one still and six tubs, one barrel and three kegs, two weaving looms, one pair warping cards,a set of spools, five big wheels, one bearough, one cupboard, five tables and one candlestand, five spinning wheels and one reel, one chest, two mans saddles, one wornan saddle, two sets of measures, thirteen pot hooks, one windmill, one cutting box, one carrying knife and steel, eight sides of leather, ten tubs, three pieces of apper (upper ?) leather, one box with a slider, three silver watches, four Bee stands, five pair of steelyards, one pair of gold ? * weighing scales and some weights, two hammers, one scythe anvill, one horse brush, four pewter basons, six pewter dishes, fifteen pewter plates, eight tin pans, five tin cups, one quart and pint, three tin buckets , two tin coffee pots, four glass bottles, one looking glass, five steel traps, two razors and case, five pair bedsteads, four beds and furniture, sixteen yards and three quarters of fulled woolen cloth, two old frying pans, one halter chain, two old plowshares, two smoothing irons, three flax hackles, and one craping hackle, an old English *Law Book and two Dictionaries, one pot, two iron wedges, one iron tooth harrow, one log chain, one dirk (?) and staff, one pellon (2) of dried buckskin.

The were about 21/2 pages listing various notes and bonds found among his things. Some of the familiar names were: Joseph bowman, Henry Bowman, Samuel Bowman, Walter Clark, Daniel Lionback, Leonard Starnes, Daniel Keller, men named Rush and others not familiar. There was a David Keller. Samuel Bowman was the administrator.

Compare with some of the things he bought from Thomas Cliffton in 1774

The lady who research this information out. Was Beulah and Havey Mobley . She made wrote at the bottom the page. "The Under line or * were the same thing that were in Uncle Samuel Bowman who died in Platte Co., Mo"

Just as soon I get the orginal will I will post that I have it. I have copy of Land Deed between Jacob Bowman and Rebecca Linebaugh his daugther and wife of Daniel Linebaugh. This another link for Rebecca Bowman Linebaugh to her parents.

Jacob and Elizabeth Keller Bowman children were:

*I) Rebecca b 1770 in Va.; d Oct 1842 in Platte Co. Mo.; m Daniel Linebaugh on 24 Nov 1790 in Shennandoah Co., Va. d Sept 1842 in Platted Co., Mo. For information on the Linebaugh to the Linebaugh page. In the Book called "VIRGINA MARRIAGES early to 1800 by Jordon R Dodd. Daniel Linebaugh death records

Bowman,Rebecca m'd Loimbough,Daniel on 24 Niv 1790 in Shenandoah,Co. Va.

The children of Rebecca Bowman and Daniel Linebaugh were:

1 son Linebaugh b 1791/1797 in Greene Co.,Tn

2 Elizabeth b 1798/1799 in Greene Co, Tn d in Parke Fountain County, Indiana. She is buried in Fountain County; m 9 Mar 1820 to Thomas Bowman in Green Co., Tn son of Jacob Bowman and Catherine Starnes. He was born ca. 1806 in Greene Co., Tenn., and died 13 Jan 1863 in Fountain., In

3 Susanna b 1800 in Green Co., Tn d 1853 in Platte Co. Mo. Susanna married John Green in Greene Co, Tn in 1822, Susanna DID NOT MARRY JOHN GREEN IN GREEN CO. TN BUT DID MARRY HIM IN PLATTE CO, MO in 1841.

4 Catherine b 1802 in Greene Co. Tn., d ? Greene Co., Tn m on 18 Jul 1822 to John Shanks b 1801 in Tn., d ? Parke, In.

5 Rebecca Jane b 1805 in Green Co. Tn

* 6 Barsheba b 1808 in Greene Co., Tn d aft 1853 in ? could have been Platte Co., Mo. m 1st Caswell Carter b abt 1804 in Greene Co., Tn. They were married in Green Co., TN on 4 Feb 1838. and (2nd William Sparks m 28 Feb 1851 b ? d? married in Platte Co., Tn aft. 1850 and before 1853.I have the marriage records for Caswell Carter and Barsheba Linebaugh on 4 Feb 1838 in Greene Co. TN. The 1840 Census had their oldest child a boy this is wrong because it was girl.

For more information on the Green/Carter to the Green page.

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7 Jacob b 1800/1810 in Greene Co., Tn. d 1839 in Greene Co., Tn; m Lucinda Maglimmery b 1810/1820 in Green co., Tn.

8 Rachel b 1814 in Greene co., Tn d bef 1860 Where?; m on 18 Dec 1845 in Platte Co., Mo to George W Staggs b abt 1821/1822 in Greene Co., Tn?; d ?

9 Lydia b1816 Greene Co., Tn; d?; m 30 Sep 1841 to Joseph Bowman b 5 Mar 1812 in Greene Co., Tn. d 1860 in MO.

10 Mary "Polly" b abt 1818 or 1878 in Greene Co., Tn d in MO. m?

For more information on the Linebaugh to the Linebaugh page.

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II) Nancy b 1772 in Shennandoah Co.Va.; d bet 1830-1840 in Green Co, Tn m 22 Apr 1799 to Henry Kilday b bet 1765-1775 in Va.; d 19 Dec 1813 at War of 1813 in Canada.

Children all Kilday children were born in Green co. TN:

1. Prudence b ?

2. Sally b 1800 m'd Jesse Stout; Mary"Polly" b 1802 d aft 1850 m'd 18 Dec 1818 to Vincent Reynolds;

3. Mary"Polly" b 1802

4. Barsheba b 1804 m'd 20 July 1819 to Silas Hodge;

5.Rebecca b 1806 m'd 17 Oct 1826 to Joseph;

6. John P b 1808 d aft 1860 m'd 19 Jun 1828 to Nancy Lucky then to Jane Johns

III) Jacob III b 8 Mar 1774 in Shennandoah Co, Va.; d 27 Jun 1840 in Montgomery Co or Fountain Co, In. , buried at Jacksonville, Cem., In. He married CATHERINE STARNES January 05, 1797 in Greene County, TN, daughter of LEONARD STARNES. She was born 1778 in NC, and died 1850 in ,,IN


1. ELIZABETH BOWMAN, b. November 18, 1797, ,Greene, TN; d. May 20, 1866, ,Montgomery, IN; m. BENJAMIN SMITH, April 25, 1816, ,Greene, TN; b. February 12, 1793, ,,VA; d. August 18, 1870, ,Montgomery, IN.

2 JACOB b 10 Jan 1799 in Greene Co., Tn d 13 Feb 1858 in Fountain,IN m'd 22 Dev 1820 to Catherina Marltsberger in Monrgomery,IN

3 GEORGE b abt 1802 Greene Co.,TN

4. JOHN BOWMAN, d. October 14, 1844, ,Platte, MO; m. EVE BOWMAN, maiden name unknown.

5. Thomas b abt 1806 d 13 Jan 1863 in Fountain, IN m'd 8 Mar 1820 to Elizabeth Linebaugh in Platte Co. Mo

6 Samuel b 1808 Greene Co.TN d 27 Apr 1873 in Carroll,AR m'd Sarah "Sally" Saylor.

7 Margaret b abt 1810 Greene Co.TN d bef 14 Oct 1844 in Platte Co., Mo.

8. Catherine b abt 1811 m'd 27 Jan 1832 to Waller Brent

9. Mary b 5 Mat 1812/1813 Greene Co.,TN d 13 Apr 1888 m'd 24 Sept 1835 to William J Wumore in Montgomery.,IN

10. Barbara b 5 Aug 1814 Greene Co. Tn d 12 Jul 1853 m'd 21 Nov 1836 to John Holman in Montgomery,IN

11. Jane b 18 Jul 1818 Greene Co., Tn d 29 Sept 1900 Richard,NB m'd John R Anderson

12. Henry b abt 1819 Greene Co., Tn d 1855 m'd 13 Apr 1846 to Mary Ann Young

13. Abraham b 11 may 1821 Greene Co.,Tn d 23 Sept 1894 Andrew.Mo m'd 17 Sept 1839 to Jane Young

14 JONATHAN BOWMAN, b. ,Greene, TN; d. in Civil War; m. (1) REBECCA R. KROUT, August 14, 1845, ,Fountain, IN; b. Abt. 1826; m. (2) MRS. ELIZABETH O'DELL, June 30, 1859, ,Fountain, IN.

15. Joseph b abt 1812 Greene Co., TN d Oct 1874 m'd 30 Sept 1841 to Lydia Linebuagh in Platte Co. Mo

IV) Henry b 27 Nav 1774 in Shennandoah Co, Va or Bulles Gap,Hawkins Co, Tn.; d 27 Oct 1834 in Fountain. In or Wallace.; m Barbara Starnes.

The children of Henry and Barbara Starnes Bowman were:

1. Jacob H Bowman m'd Elizabeth Linebaugh. She is daughter of John Linebaugh and Elizabeth Reson.

V Elizabeth b 1783/1785 in Shennandoah Co., Va.; d 1840 in Parke, Fountain, In, Buried Zackmire Cem, Fountain Co , In.; m Walter Clark

The Children of Elizabeth and Walter Clark were:

1. Jacob b abt 1804 Greene Co., Tn

2. Elizabeth b abt 1800/01 Greene Co., Tn d bef 1850 Fountain, IN m'd abt 1824/30 Ephraim Dell in Greene Co.,TN 3. Richard b 28 Sept 1806 Greene Co.TN d 7 Sept 1877 m'd abt 1830 to Mary Eva Myers

4. Nancy b 30 April 1811 Greene Co.,TN d 3 Jul 1837 Fountain,IN m'd Jacob Starns/Starnes

5. Gilbert b 21 Jun 1815 Greene Co.,TN d 20 Oct 1851 Fountain,IN m'd Flora Alice Harrison

6. Rebecca b 15 Feb 1818 Greene co.,Tn d 18 Jul 1844 Fountain,In m'd George Esra

7. Walter b 3 Jun 1820 Greene co.,Tn d 17 Nov 1871 Fountain,In m'd Mary Ann Day

8. Sarah b 27 Dec 1822 Greene Co.Tn d 6 Feb 1800 Parke,IN

9. Barbara b abt 1827 Green Cp,Tn

VI) Barbara b bet 1780-1785 in Shennandoah Co. Va.; d 1860/1870 in Greeneville, Greene Co., Tn, ; m abt 1798 to Lenoard Starnes

7 Samuel b 31 Dec 1787 in Shennandoah Co., Va.; d 1849 in Platte, Mo Buried in Mo Bttm Grnd , Platte , Mo.;He married 1st Sarah Bright and 2nd Jane Maglimmery

The children of Samuel and Sarah Bright Bowman were:

1. George Washington b abt 1817/18 Greene Co.TN d 14 Feb 1870 Platte Co. Mo m'd 18 May 1837 Nancy Morlock in Greene Co.TN

3 Samuel b abt 1820 Greene Co. Tn d ? m'd 15 Arp 1847 to Malinda Holmes

4. Michael b d bef 3 Apr 1850

5. Elizabeth b abt 1827/28 Greene.TN d ? M'd 17 Mar 1848 John Houts in Platte Co. Mo

6. Mary Katharine b abt 1829 d 2 Dec 1847 Platte Co.Mo

7. Henry b abt 1831 Greene Co., TN d Jan 1863 Wagstall, Miami, KS

The children of Samuel and Jane Maglimmery Bowman were:

1. Harrison Champion b abt 1834/35 Greene Co.TN d 18 Nov 1888 m'd Irena Shackeford in Platte Co/.Mo

2 John Maglimmery b Jun 1835/37 Greene Co.,Tn d 24 Oct 1913 Miami,Mo m'd 8 Feb 1857 Caroline Shakleford in Platte Co.Mo.

3 Edward Monroe b abt 1838 Greene Co.,Tn

4 Lavinia b abt 1840/41 Greene Co., Tn

5. Barbary Jane b 6 Apr 1843 d 2 Jul 1847 Platte Co.,Mo

6. Thomas Hayden b 17 Han 1848 Farley, Platte Co. Mo m'd Anna Elizabeth Hamilton

7 Louisa

VIII) Joseph b abt 1791 in Shennandoah Co., Va, d 1872 On White River, Carroll Co., Ark. buried Ruddick Cem., Garfield, Benton Co., Ark .

The children of Joseph and Elizabeth Carter Bowman were:

1. Jacob b 1816 Greene Co.,TN d 1874 AR m'd 23 Feb 1837 toSarah Campbell in TN

2. Cornelius"Neil" b abt 1818/1820 Greene Co.Tn d Sept 1844 Greene Co.TN m'd 21 Apr 1842 to Elizabetha Wattenbarger in Greene Co.,Tn

3 Rebecca b abt 1822 Greene Co.,Tn d bef 1860 Sullivan,Mo m'd 24 Oct 1837 Samuel Wattenbarger in Greene Co.,Tn

4. Mary b abt 1824/1825 Greene Co.,TN d ? m'd 25 May 1843 to John Smith in Greene Co.Tn

5. Joseph b 1828/29 Greene Co.TN d ? m'd 9 Aug 1849 to Eliza Brown in Greene Co.TN

6. Honor b abt 1810 d? m'd William Harvey in Sullivan,Mo

7 Martha b abt 1812 Greene Co.TN d? m'd 1 Apr 1851 to John Runnels in Sullivan,Mo

8. John Monley b 9 Mar 1834 Greene Co.,Tn d 9 Oct 1936 in Caldwell Canyon,IN/ID m'd 19 may 1859 to Sarah Elizabeth Ireland in Sullivan,Mo

9 Samuel

10. Heny b May 1837 Greene Co.,Tn ,m'd Mary Perkins

11. Monuce Bird b 16 Dec 1843 Greene Co.TN d 23 Jan 1916 Caldwell,Canyon,ID/In m'd abt 1871 to Rebecca Ann Perkins

The children of Joseph and Honour Newman Bowman were

1. Barbara Ann b 28 Dec 1846 Greene Co.,Tn d 15 Aug 1932 Jackson Twp,Polk,Mo. m'd 24 Dec 1865 to Alfred Alexander Weston in Sullivan,Mo

2. Lydia b abt 1848/89 Greene Co.Tn m'd 8 Apr 1867 to Alexander Boyd in Sullivan,MO

3. Eliza b abt 1850/51 Sullivan,Mo m'd Jim Coleman

4 Nancy b abt 1852/53 Sullivan, Mo m'd Kale Coleman

5. George b 29 Mar 1854 Sullivan,Mo d 15 Dec 1914 Carroll,Ark m'd Dovey Huffman

6. Hannah b abt 1856 Sullivan,Mo

7. Andrew Jackson b abt 1857/58 Sullivan,Mo

8. Benjamin Flarence"Frank" b 1858 Sullivan,Mo.

9 William Marion b abt 1859 Sullivan,Mo.

(IX unknown if he is a son Abraham b ab 1792 d Wft Est 1809-1882.)

List of the number of persons in DUNMORE CO, distinguishing whether they be male or female, white or black, and of the males whether they be above or under sixteen years of age. Taken by Richard Campbell, Nov. 1775. The first column contains the name of the master or the mistress of each family; The second the number of white males upwards of sixteen years of age The third the number of white males under sixteen years of age The fourth the number of white females The fifth the number of black males upwards of sixteen years of age The sixth the number of black males under sixteen years of age The seventh the number of black females.

Jacob Bowman 2 0 3 Jacob Bowman, Jr. 1 0 5 Henry Bowman 1 0 3 Danl. Bowman, Jr. (?) 1 1 2

My thanks to HELEN MACDONALD OF HAYDEN LAKE,IDAHO. For with out all her hard work on the Bowman family. This poor person would not have know much of anything. GOD BLESS HER ALWAYS.

* They are lineage

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