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Sarah Crawford B 12 MAY 1666 in ,Amherst,VA and d 1753 in Fredericksville Parish,Louisa,VA m'd 1st Thomas Poindexter , had 5 children; John, Susanah, Elizabeth,Sarah and Thomas. After the death of Thomas Poindexter in about 1705 She remarried after 1705 Rev. James Brechin. There was no children born to this marriage. Rev. Beechin was Priest of an established church at Caple Parish, Westmoreland Co., VA. Because she married James Brechin after first husband death I am not a Crawford descent

I have question was there two Rev. James Brechin? Father and son?

CHERRYDALE HISTORIC DISTRICT, ARLINGTON COUNTY, VA The remaining land that would become Cherrydale south of Lee Highway was included in a land grant for 795 acres awarded to Reverend James Brechin, pastor of St. Peter's in New Kent County, Virginia, in 1716. Brechin's holdings were eventually acquired by Fairfax County surveyor Daniel Jennings

Scottish Notes and Queries edited by John Bulloch, John Alexander Henderson "Rev. James Brechin or Breghin, a Scotchman; support Comissary Blair and was in Virginia, 1705-1719, being noted as asbent from Convention in the latter year."

Scottish Emigration to Colonial America, 1607-1785 By Dobson, David "James Brechin in St Paul's Parish, Virginia. Scots Episcopal clergyman."

Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore of Maryland: A Study in Foundations and ... - Page 527 by Clayton Torrence Reverend James Brechin, rector of Coventry Parish, 1696-1698, ... identical with one Reverend James Brechin, of Cople Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Rev. James Breechin, Priest of Caple Parish in Westmoreland Co., VA Some of the Ancestors of the Reverend John Selby Frame and His Wife Clara ... - Page 38 by Julia Locke Frame Bunce - 1948 - 394 pages

The Reverend James Brechin was incumbent 1696.

The majority of Waverly Hills was included in a land grant to James Brechin, rector of St. Peter's Parish in New Kent County in 1716. Brechin never lived on his Arlington holding and upon his death in 1721,

The records of the Council of the Virginia Colony in Chapter 15 on 1st Nov.1733 & signed by WilliamGooch, Gov. & John Holloway, Speaker with John Randolph there is confirmed the entailed lands of Wm. Meriwether in St. Peter's Parish and Sarah together with the Poindexter names here to fore mentioned. Thomas Poindexter was dead by about 1706 or 1707 when Sarah Crafford Poindexter was remarried to the Rev. James Brechin (or Brekin) and after which she had other children by him. Rev. James Brechin or Brekin was a prominent Angelican minister.

"The Deposition of Thos. Poindexter taken 3/6/1765 age 60 yrs. sd he had nothing to gain or lose etc. Thomas Poindexter married Sarah Crafford, dau. of David Crafford of New Kent Co. Va. (Member of House of Burgesses). This suit states that David Crafford deeded 500 acres to his dau. Sarah on 5/21/1691 & that she intermarried with James Brechin. Then in the New Kent Co., V. Quit Rent Roll of Wertenbaker's "Virginia Planters," in the Appendix we find that the following had owned the land severn (sic)yrs. by Paying the quit rent: George Poindexter 1400 acres; Thomas Poindexter 1,000 acres.

Title Brechin, James. Publication 6 January 1716/1717. Other Format Available on microfilm. Northern Neck Grants, reels 288-311. Available on microfilm. Northern Neck Surveys, 1-6, A-E, reels 312-320. Note Location: Stafford County. Description: 352 acres on the north run of Pohick, beginning on the south side of said run. Source: Northern Neck Grants No. 5, 1713-1719, p. 29 (Reel 289). Recorded survey available. Northern Neck Grants No.5 1713-1719. (reverse). Part of the index to recorded copies of land grants issued by the agents of the Fairfax Proprietary between 1690 and 1781 and by the Commonwealth between 1786 and 1874. Original and recorded surveys are also indexed when available. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia. Subject - Personal Brechin, James. grantee.

Breechin, James Decedent 19 October 1721, 6 April 1722. My late wife Ann sons William and James land at falls of Potomac; to Mr. John Rele 50 acres; to Dennis Lynsey 100 acres of land; to Thomas Poindexter 300 acres of land; daughters Anna and Jane land; to James and Anna Sorrell 1 hogshead tobacco each; kinsman Thomas Sorrell a mourning ring; wife and Capt. George Turberville exrs., the latter to have a mourning ring; wife Sarah personal estate.

James Breechin was an Anglican minister of Snow Hill Parish and Coventry Parish in Somerset County, Maryland between 1695 and 1697. He was pastor of St. Paul's Parish in what is now Hanover County, Virginia, and finally of Copel Parish in Westmoreland County, Virginia. "While pastor at Coventry Parish, James became a close friend of Colonel Thomas Lee, who was the Crown's Agent in Virginia for the Northern Neck Proprietary and was responsible for awarding many of the Royal Land Grants in early Colonial Virginia. In December of 1716 James Brechin was awarded 795 acres about two miles below the falls of the Potomac River adjoining the property of Thomas Goings [the land mentioned above in his Will]. It appears that none of the Brechin's ever lived on the land and that after James' death in 1722, it was sold to Daniel Jennings, the first official surveyor for Fairfax County, Virginia. The land at the Falls of the Potomac, awarded to James Brechin and willed to his two sons, is located in what is not Arlington County, Virginia. Today the area is referred to as Cherrydale and Waverly Hills, but in 1791 it was part of the ten square miles of land surveyed as the Nation's Capital. All of present day Arlington County, Virginia was known as Alexandria County of the District of Columbia until 1848 when it was returned to the Commonwealth of Virginia. The former Brechin land grant is less than three miles from present day Washington D.C." (Information provided by Jack Callahan)

Lord Fairfax originally deeded 653 acres of land in the area of what is now Cherrydale to Thomas Going in 1708. The Goings family, who bred horses, was one of the largest early landowners in the region. A second land grant was awarded in the Cherrydale area to Reverend James Brechin in 1716, consisting of 795 acres of rural land. Brechin's holdings were eventually sold to Daniel Jennings, the first official surveyor for Fairfax County. By the middle part of the 18th century, Jennings' heirs had begun to divide the property, selling 516 acres to the Vestry of Fairfax Parish in 1770

Westmoreland Wills-abstracts: ERWIN, John, 10 April 1716; 30 May 1716. My godchildren John son of George and Anne South; Frances dau. Of John Sorrell and Anne his late wife ; Jemimah dau. Of John & Hannah Awbrey; John son of Charles and Temperance Lucas and Elizabeth dau. Of Thomas & Elizabeth Sorrell, all to have 2 year's schooling each; to Wm. Clark my overseer; friend John Awbrey land purchased of John Hobson late dec'd; friend Thomas Sorrell plantation & to be exrs.)

Breechin, James, 19 Oct. 1721; 6 April 1722.

My late wife Ann; sons William and James land at falls of Potomac; to Mr. John Rele 50 acres; to Dennis Lynsey 100 acres of land; to Thomas Poindexter 300 acres of land; dau. Anna and Jane land; to James and Anna Sorrell 1 hogshead tobacco each; kinsman Thomas Sorrell a mourning ring; wife and Capt. George Turberville exrs., the latter to have a mourning ring; wife Sarah personal estate

Sarah Crawford born: 12 May 1666 in New Kent County, Virginia died: abt 1752 in Fredericksville Parish, Louisa, Virginia

Sarah Crawford, also shown as Crafford or Crofford, was born about 1675. She was a daughter of David Crawford as proven by a lawsuit filed in Hanover Co., VA, in 1731 by John Poindexter to establish his right to land willed him in 1721 by his stepfather, Rev. James Breechin, Priest of Caple Parish in Westmoreland Co., VA

John Poindexter brought suit in Hanover County to establish his right to land left him in the 1721 will of his stepfather, Rev. James Breechin, Priest of Cople Parish in Westmoreland County.

Evidence stated that "David Crawford, late of the Parish of St. Peter's in the County of New Kent, was in his lifetime seized in fee simple, for and in one neck of land, lying and being in the Parish of St. Paul's in the County of Hanover, containing about five hundred acres, and so being seized, by his certain poll, bearing the date of May 21, 1691, for the natural love and affection which he bore his daughter, Sarah, did give the said land unto his daughter and the heirs of her body, as by said deed more fully may appear, and the said Sarah entered and by vitue of said deed was seized, and intermarried with one Thomas Poindexter, deceased, and by him had issue, John Poindexter, and has since intermarried with one James Breechin, likewise deceased ..."

The will of Sarah Brechin -- mentions nine children. John & Thomas Poindexter, Sarah Rice, Ann Rutherford, Jean Ireland.


Last Will & Testament of Sarah Brechin Signed ___ June 1751; Proved 23 March 1753 [Note: The clerk did not indicate on what date the will was recorded. The outer edges of the pages have broken off, and along with them went the number of the day in June on which the will was signed. In this transcription, portions of the original record which were on the now missing edges of the pages are indicated with bracketed ellipsis points, I.e., "[...]". When enough of a word or phrase remains to be fairly sure of what letters are missing, the missing letters are placed in brackets.]

Louisa County, Virginia, Will Book 1 (1745-1761), left-hand page of folio 27: In the name of God Amen I Sarah Brechin of [t]he County of Louisa being sick and weak in body but of perfect Sence and [m]Emory blessed Be the Almighty God fore it, and considering the [U]nsartenty of Life and that it is appointed once for all to Die Do consti-[t]Ute and Ordain this my Last Will and Testament revoaking and Disannuling all and every other Will and Wills whatsoever here- [t]ofore made by me, and I Do Declare this only to be my Last will [an]d Testament in manner and form following Imprim's first and [pr]incapally I give my Soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave [it] me hopeing assuredly through the Meritorious Dethe and Passion [of ou]R Blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ to Receive free Pardon and [the] Remission of all my Sins, Secondly I commit my body to the

[right-hand page of folio 27]

Ground to Buried in a Cristian Decent manner according to [...] of my frinds, and as to what estate it hath pleased the Almighty [...] me with be the Same raial or personal, or in what nature or [...what-] Soever I give and bequeath in manner and form following

It[em I give and] Bequeath my fieve negros By name Bender, Dinah, Duk[e, ...and] Nell to be equilly Devided between my Nine Children [...] John Poindexter, Thomas Poindexter, William Brechi[n, ...] Brechin, Susana Snead, Elisabeth Shrosberry, Sarah R[...] Reatherford and [J?]oan [I?]rland to them and their heirs or [assigns for-] ever,

Item further Give and bequeeth to my aforesaid Nin[e Children] all my hole and Sole right and Title to all the negros that [...] property in which was of my fathers Estate Descending to m[e...] to them and their heirs and assigns for ever, that is to say, m[y...] Desire is that my Loving Daughter Susana Snead shall [...] Young Negro to her Self before the Devision made and afte[R...] Rest to be equally devided amongst them all

Item I give [...] William Brechin my bed and furniture

Item my Will [...] that all my Wairing Cloths shall be Equly Devided amongst [...] Daughters

Lastly I Do apoint my Son Thomas Poindexter [...] Son John Snead hole and Sole Executors of this my Last W[ill and Testam-]ent In Witness hereof I have hereunto Set my hand and [seal this ___ ] Day of June in the year of our Lord Christ One thousand Seven [Hundred and] fifty one his her Charles C Parrot Sarah S Brec[hin (Seal)] mark mark [J or I]on. I [L?]ose Samel [L?]ose

At a Court held for Louisa County on Tuesday the XXiii [Day of] March MDCCLiii This Will was this Day Proved in open Court by the Oath of Charle[S Parrot one] of the Witnesses thereto, & by the Court admitted to Record and [recorded.] Teste Jas. Littlepage Cl[...]

Note: The second witness may have signed with a mark, but the clerk did not indicate as such. The "I" between his first and last names looks like a printed capital "I" with a short horizontal line drawn across the vertical stroke at the midpoint--somewhat like some people write the number "7" with a short horizontal stroke intersecting the vertical part of the figure. The first letter of that witness's given name could be a "J" or an "I". The similarity of those two letters also left me guessing whether one child's name was Joan Irland. In this clerk's handwriting, the capital letters "J" and "I" are virtually the same. The first letters of the surnames of the second and third witnesses could be "L" or "B", since one of the three ways this clerk wrote a "B" was virtually the same as one of the ways he wrote an "L". The clerk also wrote a capital "H" so that it looked the same as the "Lo" or "Bo" in those witnesses' surnames, but "Hse" doesn't seem to be a possible spelling of their names. The surname of the daughter named Elisabeth is probably meant to be the same as Shrewsberry or Shrewsbury.] In Hanover County, VA - History of Slash Church by Dianne A. Jones, Historian THE MINISTERS OF SLASH CHURCH Early Anglican Ministers of St. Paul' Parish St. Peter's Parish was a very large area comprising the counties now known as New Kent and Hanover

Rev. James Breechin (or Breckin)

Rev. James Breechin (or Breckin)s wife Sarah Crawfords father: David Crawford born: 1625 in Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, Scotland died: killed by Indians 13 December 1689, Assaquin Plantation, New Kent, Virginia Member of the House of Burgesses. David wife was Jane

Westmoreland County, Virginia Wills, 1654-1800

Rev James Breechin will date 19 October 1721; 6 April 1722.

My late wife Ann; sons William and James land at falls of Potomac; to Mr. John Rele 50 acres; to Dennis Lynsey 100 acres of land; to Thomas Poindexter 300 acres of land; dau Anna and Jane land; to James and Anna Sorrell 1 hogshead tobacco each; Kinsman Thomas Sorrel a mourning ring; wife and Capt. George Turbrville exrs., the latter to have a mourning ring; wife Sarah personal estate.

Rev.James Brechin, second husband of Sarah Poindexter Brechin is buried next to his (first) wife Anna in Westmoreland County, VA, and gives the date of death 28 Mar 1722.

Westmoreland Co. Wilibook & Deeds 7-1720-1723 Reel 5 ? March 28, 1722 Pages 346-348

Will of James Brechin Westmoreland, Co. Va. 19 Oct. 1721

In the Name of God Ammend I James Brechin of the parish O Cople in the County of Westmoreland----being weak of body do make this my last Will and Testement in manor and form following revoking all former Wills and Testements by me made dated in Virginia the 19th Day of Oct. In the eight year of his Majesty King George's Reign Anona Dom 1721 Impe I give and bequeath my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it me hoping by his infinite mercy and by My dear Savour Jesus Christ his intercession and by the works of his passion I shall at the last day be reunited to my body and glorified and I will that my body have a Christian and descent burial by my late wife Anna on the plantation where I formerly lived

ITEM: I will that all my just debts be fully paid as soon as may be. And as for my goods with which it hath pleased my good God to Bless me beyond any want of mine. I give and bequeath them together with my lands as follows (viz) ITEM: I give and bequeath to my two sons William Brechen and James Brechen and to there heirs James, my lot of land at the Falls of Potomack to be equally divided between them.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to Mr. John Rele and his heirs for ever, 50 acres of land lying on the lefy hand of my old patient ajoining to the land that I took up.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to Dennis Lynsey and to his heirs forever 100 acres of land ajourning the above 50 bequeath to John Rele

ITEM: I give and bequeath to Thomas Poindexter and to his heirs forever 300 acres of land ajourning to that bequeath to Dennis Lynsey

ITEM: I give and bequeath all the rest of my land where the said Anna and Griffin Smith to my said sons William and James and Anna and Jane and their heirs forever equally to be divided amongst them all

ITEM: I give and bequeath to James Snell and Anna Snell each a ------ Tobacco

ITEM: I give and bequeath all my personal estate (except Negro Robin if he should be accounted such) to my loving wife Sarah during her natural life and then my will is the same be equally divided amongst all my children above named, I give and bequeath to my esteamed friend Capt. George Timbervile a Mourning Ring of a given value and to my kinsman Thomas Snell one other of the like value.

Lastly, I nominate and appoint my loving wife Sarah, Capt. George Tembervile and Thomas Snell to be full whole and sole executors of this my last Will and Testement. In Testemony where and that this is my last Will and Testement I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the day and year first within on the other side written.

James Brechin (seal ) sealed and acknowledged in the presence of J. Wright, John Rele, William Mullin witnesses at a Court held for the said county the 28th day of March 1722.

The last Will and Testement of James Brechin deceased was presented at court by Sarah one of his executors who made oath thereto and being proved by the oaths of John Wright and William Mullin two of the Witnesses thereto consent to serve and for that the said Sarah and George Timbervile granted and Thomas Snell the other executor in the said Will, reamined in open Court refused to under take the burden of the estate therof, Upon motion of John Poindexter the Greatest Crediter to the said Testators estate and his performing what is usual in such cases, certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of order on the estate with Will Axnnexed on do form

(Rev. James Breechin/Brechin and his first wife Ann Children: 1.Mary Breechin/Brechin md John Sorrell abt 1670

2 William Brechin

3 James Brechin

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