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I joined the DAC with WILLIAM TUNNELL colony of Virginia. Services # 7 Virginia Association of Burgesses 1765-1770 and # 20 Huguenot Refugee. My DAC # is 36105.

The following is my References for my lineage: My name: Janet Green Ariciu My husband: James Ariciu Documents to prove where we were born and were married.


Documents to prove that John Green and LaVena Watts were my parents. Their marriage records with birth records, as will as death records


Mother side of the family is the side I am going on. So must prove that her father Emmett Watts: with birth and death records and marriage to Margaret Ural Scivally with her birth and death records too.


Emmett Watts is the person that using to go in on. Now must prove his parentage. His father birth records( can’t find), death records, 1910 Census of Greer Co., OK, photo of both parents graves, his mothers death records and their marriage records.


Virginia was Emmett mother and that is side that I am using. Virginia parentage prove is as follows: Texas 1870 Census, Book” NOTABLE SOUTHERN FAMILIES by Zella Armstrong 1920 pg 192, Tipton Cemetery photo of her parents graves in Tillman Co., Ok and her parents marriage records with Census


Virginia father was James Munkres to prove his parentage: Texas 1850 Census, Book “NOTABLE SOUTHERN FAMILIES” by Zella Armstrong 1920 pg 192, (This book “NOTABLE SOUTHERN FAMILIES” has James’s wife & with children, James parents were; James father was William Munkers and mother was Margaret Coulter with their children. Maragaret parents were James Coulter and Catherine “Caty” Tunnell with their children. Catherine’s parents were William Tunnell’s JR and Mary Maysey with their children. William’s parents were William Tunnell SR and mother was Ann Howard with their children. This book tells the history of the Tunnell family in America, England and France.)

On James Coulter and Catherine marriage from “RUTHERFORD COUNTY NC MARRIAGE RECORDS 1779-1876” by Frances T Ingmire

DAC Lineage books.

William and Ann Howard Tunnell chidren William b 1751 m’d Mary Maysey Stephen b 1763 m’d Kezis Money Robert b 1747 John Tunnel b never married

Number of service category listed in HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER (leaflet 1-26)

# 7 MEMBER OF THE HOUSE OF BURGESSES Found in “FAIRFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA ELECTION POLL 16 July 1765 for Colonel George Washington; Virginia Association of Burgesses, Merchants and Citizens, June 22, 1770

Date of Service: 6 July 1765-June 22,1770

Book “COLONIA SOLDIERS OF THE SOUTH” by Murtie Clark, 1732-1774, pub 1986, Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, MD pp 560,582; NSDAC Lineage book Vol XXV 1985 pg 267 @ 24895 Margaret Wright Tatum, reference for # 20 Huguenot Refugee.

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An applicant must furnish proof of her lineal, not adoptive, descent through legal and lawful marrieages, not polygmous, from an ancestor who served, prior to July 4,1776, in any one of the following 26 categories.

1. In battle under colonial authority

2. Under the banner of Breat Britain in North America in any of the wars in which the colonies particitated.

3. All military and naval service of the colonies(Proof must establish that such service was rendered prior to July 4,1766)

4. Furnished troops or funds(Proof of payments of tax assessments is not acceptable sevice)

5. Filled office of Governor, Lieutenant Governor or Deputy Governor.

6. Member or Delegate to Council or Assembly

7. Member of House of Burgesses

8. Deputy or Representative to the General Court

9. Commissioner of the United Colonies of Boundaries or Treaties, of Import or Excise, to the French or Indians

10 Secretary, Magistrate, Selectman, Justice, Judge of any Court of Law or Equity, Attorney, Solicitor, Juryman, Sheriff, Constable.

11. Founder or Trustee of College in North America founded prior to 1775

12. Minister of the Gospel or Commissary of the Bishops of London(Proof must be submitted that the ministry was entered prior to July 4,1776

13. Member of the Committee of Safety of the Continental Congress, 1774 and 1775

14. Member of the Council of Safety of 1689

15. Signer of the Mayflower Compact

16. Speaker of the House of Deputies

17. Physician or Surgeon(Proof must establish ancestor as practicing prior July 7,1776)

18. Member of Provincial Congress

19. Signer of the Declaration of Independence(Proof must establish hat the signer was elected to represent the colonist prior to July 4,1776)

20 Huguenot Refugee

21. Signer of the Oath of Alegiance to Great Britain( The Oath of Allegiance was take by the Freeman in New England, The Dutch in New Amsterdam, the Swedes in Delaware, and other early settlers. Proof must be summitted that the Oath was taken prior to July 4,1766)

22. Orginial Land Owner, not inheritor( Proof must establish that the ancestor received the Indians, that he was actually the first colonial owner of the specitied tract alnd: and that he did not buy it or inherit it.)

23. Member of the London, Plymouth or Virginia Companies who actually came to the colonies, or the first immigrant descendant of any member of these companies who resided in the colonies

24. Palatine Settler

25. Descendant of Covenanter from Scotland

26. Salzburger of Georgia

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