Frey Legend Frey Legend begins

Sarah Elizabeth Frey’s legend (This copy from her writings and the spelling is just how she wrote it).

Sarah Frey was born in 1853 d in 1930s. She wrote down the Legend of the FREY of how they got their name.

Heinrich Frey 1st was born in Zurich Switzerland and Tradition says. “Heinrich was a decendant of William Tell who when came in Coliton with gessler governor of Schrveitz an under Albert 1st of Austra.

The hat of Austra was placed on a pole in the market place and the Swiss were ordered to salute it. William Tell refused. The he was ordered by gessler to put in jeopardy the life of his son Heirich by shooting an apple placed as a target on the son head.

Of couse gesssler thought that William Tell would injure or kill his child. He knew that Tell was a patriot and opposed him in thir pensecution of all patriots. He took this means of avenging himself. And not knowing Tells skill with a bow and arrow Tell felt safe in promising him that in and not injure the boy Both should go free of imprisonment Tell was Look to make the attemp But when he thought of his wife and children at home.

He selected him arrows placed one in the bow and the other under his arrow.Tell was so overjoyed when he succeeded in sitting the apple thas he Exclaimed “Icle Bim Fry” ( I am free) and from That time on bore the name Fry.

When gessler saw the arrow under his arm he asked what that was for William Tell replied. Had I killed or injured may child. The second arrow was in tended for gessler. Gessler immediately ordered him imprisonment. But he escaped. Where he had the opportunity he shot gessler through the heart.

William Tell rescued his county from the tyranny of Austria. The Coat of Arms adopted by the family was an apple pierced by an arrow crossed by a second arrow.

The Coat of Arm belonging to Heinrich Fry and covering down in the Fry family was lost by fine during the revolution war.”

This record of Heinrich Fry is take from Vol 5-9 American anastry Page 161-183 in the Historcal and genalogical Libaray at 131 Louist st. Phila, PA.

This story was found in Morristown, Penna and duplicated by Lafayette Fry in 1947. For the Lancaster County, Historical Society Lancaster, Penna

There are 14 pages more about the family but must of it is true and the for are not legend and an one more story written by Sarah Fry of Doylestown in 1926 to Mr. Hocker in Philadelphia 6 pages of the family History and with some error. There for the rest of the stories must go another page.