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John George Birth: 1 Aug 1604 in Writtle, Essex, England Death: 2 Aug 1678 in Isle Of Wright , Virginia Married: 4 Nov 1623 in Essex , England to Jane" b: 1605 in Tillingham, Essex, England Notes on John George

A History of Caroline County, Virginia - Marshall Wingfield - 1997 - Reference - 528 pages Lieutenant- Colonel John George, a son of Henry George the immigrant, was granted a large tract of land on Bagley's Creek in Isle of Wight county prior to

The patent was for 900 acres in Charles City County, VA, that is 50 acres for the personal transport of John George his wife Jane George, and 50 acres each for 17 other persons. This land was on Bayles Creek. * Bailey Creek (a.k.a "Bayles Creek") is currently part of the border between Prince George Co, VA and Hopewell (Independent City) and flows North East into the James River. Since Bailey Creek was the northern border of John George's property, this indicates his land is in modern Prince George County (formed in 1702 from Charles City County). [Virginia Land Patents Book 1 p. 297 from Marion Nell Nugent, Cavaliers and Pioneers ... 1623-1666, Vol. I.]

In 1647 and again in 1652, John George was listed as a member of the Virginia House of Burgess representing Isle of Wight County. [John Bennett Boddie, Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County, Virginia. pp. 703-704.]

During Bacon's Rebellion (1677) John George supported Governor Berkeley and didn't side with the rebels. [John Bennett Boddie, Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County, Virginia. p. 161.]

Lt. Col. John George, in his own words If he could speak to us today, Lt. Col. John George might describe his life as follows.

I was born in 1603 in Writtle, Essex County, England. Before leaving for Virginia, I married by 1623 Jane Cole who was born about 1605, the daughter of Humphrey Cole and Hester Cole of Tillingham, Essex County. Jane and I sailed to the colony before 1635 and settled first on 1,200 acres along Bailey Creek south of present-day Hopewell, Prince George County. By 1643 we were living on Cypress Creek in Isle of Wight County near present-day Smithfield, the town known for its hams. Jane and I were the parents of 3 known children before I married second Ann. I represented Isle of Wight in the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1647-48 and 1652, and during Bacon's Rebellion, remained loyal to Governor Berkeley. The Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography includes a profile of me. I made my will in Isle of Wight County 2 August 1678 and was dead by 9 January 1678/9.


Jane (---) George died at some point after her after the 1634 importation. Unfortunately that is the only record found with her name on it. She may have lived many years afterwards though. Sometime after her death, John George married Ann, presumably in Isle of Wight County By June 1681, widow Ann (---) George had married Col. John Lear of Nansemond County, Virginia

Will of John George, 1678 - Isle of Wight County, VA Record of Wills, Deeds, Etc.; Vol. 2, Pt. 1, Page 170.

Will of John George 2 August 1678 In the name of God, Amen, I JOHN GEORGE of the Isle of Wight County in Virginia being sick and weak in body but of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following vis.I bequeath my soul into the hands of almighty God my maker, hoping through his mercy and the Merits of Jesus Christ to obtain forgiveness for all my sins and my body to the earth to be decently buried without guns or much drink and for my worldly estate I dispose of as followeth: Item I give and bequeath to my son ISAAC GEORGE all that part or parcel of land I now hold and enjoy from the mouth of Castle Creek, running up the creek to the spring commonly called the Quarter Spring being near this dwelling house and from thence running westerly to the extent of my land including all my land on the North side of the said Castle Creek and Run to my said son ISAAC GEORGE and his heirs of his body lawfully begotten forever, with all housing, orchards and appurtenances thereunto appertaining or belonging provided that my loving wife have full liberty and privilege to make use of my land at or upon the quarter now intended to be planted by me either with corn or tobacco for two crops after the finishing of this crop. Item I give and bequeath to my son ISAAC GEORGE my horse Jading, with my plush saddle and bridle, with all my wearing apparel both linen, wool or Etc., with my Rapier and new Spanish leather belt and a long gun and also one new feather bed. Item I give to my grandchild JOHN GEORGE, one Negro woman called DIDO to be delivered to my son ISAAC for the child's account two years after the finishing of the present crop, and also one young mare with the whole increase both male and female of the Negro and mare to the property account and benefit of my said grandchild and his heirs forever and my will is that said grandchild after he is six years old be brought up to reading and writing with my wife at her charge and to her best convenience so far as writing and accounts may here be taught. Item I give to my two daughters, REBECCA and SARAH to each of them forty shillings a piece to be paid them in money or goods within six months after my decease. Item I give to my grandchildren JOHN and JOYCE LEWIS to each of them a heifer of two years old and to the and the children of PHILIP PARDOE one heifer of two years old to run in a joint stock betwixt them and the survivors of them to be paid to my said grandchildren's account in 1680. Item I give to my daughter SARAH PEDDINGTON's two children she had by my son MORGAN LEWIS a cow and a cow calf to run in a joint stock betwixt them or the survivors of them and to be paid them in Anno 1681. Item I give my kinswoman MARY BAUGH twenty shillings to buy her a ring. Item I give and bequeath to my loving wife ANN GEORGE all the remainder of my whole estate viz my land I now live upon lying upon the south side of the Castle Creek and Quarter Spring with all houses fences orchards and appurtenances thereunto belongings, or in any wise appertaining, with all the rest of my lands goods and money or tobacco or whatsoever else it be herein not bequeathed, being properly mine in Virginia or England to my said loving wife ANN GEORGE and her heirs forever and I do hereby nominate and appoint my loving wife to by my whole and sole executrix of this my last will and testament revoking all former wills by me made. Desiring all my just debts may be fully paid and I do hereby request my friends Major JAMES POWELL and THOMAS TABERER to see this my Last Will and Testament fully performed and I do hereby give my said friends as a legacy twenty shillings a piece as a token of my love, confirming this my Last Will and Testament with my hand and seal this 2nd day of August Anno Domini 1678.

John's widow, Ann, became the 2nd wife of Col. John Lear about 1678-80. By his 1st wife Lear, an attorney and trustee of the College of William and Mary, was the father of Martha Lear who married 1st William Cole and 2nd, Lewis Burwell.

Ann was dead by 1691 when John Lear and Rebecca, his wife, secured a patent to land in Elizabeth City County

John Lear of Nansemond County made his will in Henrico County that was probated in Nansemond (will dated 5 Nov. 1695 and proved 12 Dec. 1695). He left "to John George, Negroes to use on the land he has until land give by Col. George comes in his possession

Selected sources Boddie, John Bennett. "George and Blakey of Isle of Wight and Middlesex County, Virginia." Historical Southern Families, 2:243-248. Descendants of John George . Boddie, John Bennett. "George." Historical Southern Families, 11:263-264. A garbled and doubtful rendition of the George genealogy of Descendants of John George

"John George's will is dated Aug 2, 1678 and mentions son, Isaac and daughters Rebecca and Sarah, in part the will states: to son Isaac George all the land I hold from Castle Creek to Quarter Spring, to grand child John George, one negro, after 6 years grandchild to be brought up to reading and writing with wife in charge, to two daughters, Rebecca and Sarah, 40 shililngs; to grandchildren John an Joyce Lewis each a heifer, to children of Philip Pardoe, 1 heifer to be paid 1680.....to wife Anne George, remainder of estate and property in England and Virginia.

According to family records, John George was bound to John Upton, Isle of Wright, which could mean he was in Debtor's Prison in Newgate, England and was sent to Virginia in Disgrace. He came to America on the ship Dorsetshire in 1632. He moved to Isle of Wright in 1643 when deeded two parcels of land called the "Robert Bennett Quarter Tract". He also had land in Surrey Co., Virginia. He commanded the Isle of Wright Militia in 1677. He settled along the lower James River in Charles City County, Virginia. He was a slave trader.

Col, George was commander of forces of Elizabeth City County, Virginia. He was Commander of Forces defending Isle of Wright Co, VA against Indian attacks. In 1646 he appears in a list of Colonial Officers of Isle of Wright Co., VA. In 1667 he is again listed as an officer of Isle of Wright, VA and is referred to as Lt. Col John George.

Records of Virginia Gov in November of 1647 and April of 1652, he is listed as representing Isle of Wright Co. in the House of Burgesses. On several occasions he is referred to as Justice of the Court. He is mentioned in War notes referring to Bacon's Rebellion.

Addtional Information on John George descendants was provided by Carolyn Coffey, Wentzville, MO.


On 2 Aug 1678 Isaac's father John George made his Will naming various heirs including son "Isaack." He also named a grandson John George who is generally thought to be Isaac's son, though the Will does not say that.

On April 17, 1667, Lt. Col. John George patented 3 60 acres on Castle Creek adjoining Francis Place and Rober t Lawrence .[CI:199:?3:CI]


Isaac George b: 20 Feb 1636 in , Charles City., Virginia

Next Gen: Isaac George b: 20 Feb 1636 in , Charles City., Virginia Death: Aft 8 Feb 1685 in , Middlesex, Virginia Married: 1664 in Isle Of Wright , Virginia to Hester Fawdon b: 1635 in Isle Of Wright , Virginia

Notes on Hester Fawdon:

Hester father is George Fawdon and Ann Smith

George Fawdon was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1646, representing Isle of Wight County. He was also a Justice for Isle of Wight County that same year (per Boddie and other sources). He was also apparently an officer in the Isle of Wight Militia, or Virginia Militia, for he was listed as "Major" in several records


Maj. George Fawdon was in the Colony by 26 June 1635 when Richard Bennett received 2,000 acres next to me on the Nansemond River in Warrosquyoake (now Isle of Wight) County. The governor granted me 200 acres on the southern branch of the Elizabeth River 6 June 1638. The City of Chesapeake has since overrun that plantation. Other patent records describe me as Major Fawdon. I represented Isle of Wight County in the House of Burgesses in 1646 and again in 1653. Our first order of business in 1646 was ratifying the peace treaty with Necotowance, the Powhatan chieftain. Because the Indian war had been expensive, we also hiked taxes. Before I reclaimed my seat in 1653, we were a colony of the Commonwealth of England. Among the Virginians who represented Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, to whom we surrendered, was my neighbor Richard Bennett.

I gave my son-in-law, Isaac George , son of John George, 100 acres in Isle of Wight County 27 October 1654, wanting to be sure he and my daughter got some more land before I remarried. Three days later I gave "to Mrs. Ann Smith, whom I intend to make my wife," 1,500 acres on the James. We agreed that neither could sell the tract without the consent "of our Father-in-law, Nathaniel Bacon, our Mother Ann, his wife, and our brother, William Smith." I was truly smitten to hand over that much land, but Ann was fine company for 8 months. I was dead by 9 July 1655 when Nathaniel Bacon, administrator of my estate, confirmed the gift to Isaac George, on behalf of Ann Fawdon

On 10 Apr 1654 Major George Fawdon gave 1000 acres of land to Isaac George , son of "Major John George ." The land adjoined John George's land "on the upper side," and was a deed of gift, and if Isaac failed to reach the age of 21, it would revert to Fawdon. This deed suggests that Isaac had probably married a daughter of George Fawdon. Why else give him land as a gift, if not a Wedding gift? This deed was endorsed on 9 Jul 1655 by Nathaniel Bacon, Administrator of the Estate of Major George Fawdon, showing he was dead by then. [John Bennett Boddie, Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight, p. 528.]

On 30 Oct 1654, George Fawdon "assigns to Mrs. [or Mistress] Ann Smith whom I intend to make my wife" 1500 acres of land in the Upper Parish upon the main river at Job Beasley's "with consent of our father-in-law Nathaniel Bacon and our mother Ann, his wife" and "with our brother William Smith." Witnessed by Richard Clark and Thomas Woodward. [John Bennett Boddie, Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight, p. 528.]

Notes on Isaac George:

Isaac George was born 20 Feb 1635/36 [per Thomas Blakey Family Bible.] He was probably born in Charles City County, Virginia. He is a proven child of Col. John George of Charles City Co, VA and Isle of Wight Co, VA, and was named in his father's Will of 1678. Unlike his father John, Isaac George left us precious few records. We know from deeds that his wife was named Hester, and she is generally thought to be the daughter of Major George Fawdon of Isle of Wight Co, VA, but that isn't completely proven. On 10 Apr 1654 Major George Fawdon gave 1000 acres of land to Isaac George, son of "Major John George." The land adjoined John George's land "on the upper side," and was a deed of gift, and if Isaac failed to reach the age of 21, it would revert to Fawdon. Based on Isaac's birth date, he was only 18 years old at this point. [Isle of Wight Co, VA Book A, John Bennett Boddie, Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight, p. 528.] The most logical reason that George Fawdon gave this deed of gift to Isaac is that he was his son-in-law, but there could be other reasons.

On 8 Feb 1685 Isaac George of Upper Parish of Isle of Wight and Hester, his wife sold land to Lt. Colonel James Powell, a plantation where Isaac & Hester formerly lived, given him in Will of his father John George on Carrol Creek [this should probably say Castle Creek] in Upper Parish. Witness: Samuel Luck, Milehesador Duck, Mary Brasher. Robert Randall and Ann his wife assigns any claims to William Smith, administrator.* 9 Apr 1696. Witnesses: Richard Stone Joseph Caron. [Isle of Wight Deed Book 1 from Boddie, Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight. p. 626.]

Robert Randall was married to Ann, the widow of Col. James Powell to whom the original deed was made. William Smith was probably the Administrator of Isaac George's estate. He was a brother-in-law of George Fawdon. This deed is the last record found for Isaac and Hester George. They may have died shortly after it was made or moved away somewhere. Some earlier researchers state (without documentation) that Isaac died in Middlesex County ca 1689. His son Robert George was in Middlesex by 1687, so Isaac and Hester may have moved there, but no proof so far

There is no known Will or Estate records for Isaac and Hester, hence no list of their children has been found.

One child (Robert) is proven by a Bible record, and another child (John) is strongly suggested in the Will of Col. John George. There could be other children unidentified. There are other Georges in the area who could be Isaac's sons, David George being the most likely. He was associated with Isaac's son Robert in Middlesex County. He might be a little too old to be Isaac's son.

Children of Isaac George and Hester Fawdon were as follows: Robert2 George , born 20 Feb 1665/66 in Isle of Wight Co, VA; died 21 Jan 1733/34 in Middlesex Co, VA; buried 23 Jan 1733/34 in Middlesex Co, VA. He married Sarah (---) . John2 George , born 1674/78 in Isle of Wight Co, VA; died 1711 in Isle of Wight Co, VA. He married (1) ? (---) ; (2) Frances Servant .


Robert George b: 20 Feb 1666 in Isle Of Wright , Virginia

Next Gen:

Robert George b: 20 Feb 1666 in Isle Of Wright , Virginia Death: 21 Jan 1734 in , Middlesex, Virginia Married: 6 Jul 1687 in , Middlesex, Virginia Sarah Elmore b: 7 Jan 1668 in , , Virginia

Notes on Sarah Elmore:

Sarah's maiden name isn't known. She was the widow of Thomas Elliott who died ca March 1686/87, and was buried 4 Mar 1686/87. This record for Thomas lists him as "of Chipping Orgur in Essex". That is a town in Essex County, England, near London.

Sarah's maiden name is unknown. One published source from the 1960's lists it as Elmore, but no documentation was included, and almost everything in the article was wrong anyway, so there is no point trusting this. I doubt Elmore is Sarah's correct name as no one of that surname lived in Middlesex Co, VA as far as I've been able to determine. Thomas Elliott and Sarah had at least one child, Mary Elliott, baptized 27 Feb 1686/1687. It can probably be safely assumed that she was raised by Robert George.

A marriage was found for a Mary Elliott and John Goodwin 22 Apr 1705 in Christ Church (Middlesex Co, VA). Other researchers claim that Mary married a Herndon, but none have been able to provide any documentation for that.

Thomas Elliott, who came to Virginia from Chipping Orgur, Essex County, England, and his wife, Sarah, were parishioners of Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County. Mr. Elliott died leaving an infant daughter, Mary, and was buried 4 March 1686/7

Sarah Elliott had a daughter named Mary Elliott who was baptized 27 Feb. 1686/7 and married John Goodwin in Christ Church Parish 22 April 1705. Their son, John Goodwin, was baptized 7 April 1706. Mary, who died 24 Nov. 1734, lived to see the birth of a grandson, Robert Goodwin, son of John Goodwin and his wife, Jane, who was born 30 Dec. 1733


Richard George b: 1709 in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex ., Virginia, Death: May 1773 in Margarets Parish, Caroline., Virginia Married: 20 Apr 1734 in Christ Church Register, Middlesex, Middlesex , Virginia to Elizabeth Ann Mayo b: 1713 in , Middlesex, Virginia


Richard George & Elizabeth Mayo Married April y' 20th 1734

Note on Elizabeth Ann Mayo: Elizabeth parents were Valentine Mayo and Ann Mickleburrough (dau of Edmund Mickleburrough and Elizabeth. Valentine Mayo parents at this time are unknown

Library of Virginia, 800 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219-8000

Title Mayo, Valentine.Publication 25 April 1702. Other Format Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41. Note Location: Middlesex County. Description: 39 acres begg. &c. corner tree of the land of Thomas Obrissell, decd. adjoining the land of John Stamper, decd, Henry Tugwell, &c. Source: Land Office Patents No. 9, 1697-1706 (v.1 & 2 p.1-742), p. 447 (Reel 9). Part of the index to the recorded copies of patents for land issued by the Secretary of the Colony serving as the colonial Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia. Subject - Personal Mayo, Valentine. grantee.


* VALENTINE MAYO appeared in Virginia records in the late 1600's. According to Middlesex County, Virginia records, Valentine was witness to a will on May 7, 1686. Valentine is also mentioned in the following "Essex County Orders 1692-1693": (On margin: Certificate according to an Act of Assembly is granted to WM CLAPHAM for Nineteen hundred acres of land due for ye Importation of Thirty eight persons into this Colony whose names are: VALLINTINE MAYO; .... (then lists others)".

The parentage of Valentine Mayo has not been established. Valentine married Anne Jordan, a widow, in 1710. Their children include: (1) James Mayo, born 1711 in Middlesex County, Va., who married (first) Ruth and (second) Martha Williamson; Elizabeth A. Mayo, born 1713, who married Richard George; (3) Sarah Mayo, born 1714/15; and possibly (4) John Mayo, born 1715.

Valentine Mayo died October 5, 1716 in Middlesex County, Virginia

Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Virginia from 1653 to 1812." Richmond, VA: Christ Church,1897, transcribed by the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Valentine Mayo married Anne Jordan on 14 Nov 1710,

James Jordan married Ann Burk on 23 Feb 1704

Ann first husband was John Burk married after 1690

Notes on Richard George:

He was Christened in Christ Church Parish Register, Middlesex Co., Virginia on 29 May 1709

Richard and family moved to Caroline County, Virginia by 1737

On April 14, 1737, in Caroline Co Court, Ann George, wife of Richard, relinquised her dower rights to land her husband conveyed to Ambrose Madison, now deceased, who conveyed to George Penn. (Caroline County, VA order book, 1732-1740, page 475). this order would seem to show her name to be Elizabeth Ann Mayo, through most records list her only as Elizabeth.

On December 9, 1737, in Caroline County Court, Spencer Bobo, Jane Bobo and Thomas Whire, acknowledged a deed from them to Richard George. (Caroline County Order Book, 1732-1740, page 462)

On 11 May 1739, in Caroline Court, Richard George was listed as a member of the jury. (Caroline Co, VA Order Book 1732-1740 page 536) On 14 Nov 1740, in Caroline Court, Elizabeth Goodwin, on petition, was granted letters of administration for her deceased husband George Goodwin, and she, along with Robert George and Richard George, as her securities, acknowledged their bond. (Caroline Co, VA Order Book 1740-1746 page 17)

On 9 Oct (or November) 1741, in Caroline court, Richard George was listed on the jury. (Caroline Co, VA Order Book 1740-1746 page 76) On 10 Jun 1743, Richard George (and others) were ordered to view the road from the Church is to built into the old road that leads over the Reedy Mill. (Caroline Co, VA Order Book 1740-1746 page 191) On 12 Aug 1743 Richard George was appointed overseer of the road from Reedy Mill to the Church, and from thence to Chesterfield Road and it was ordered that Robert George, William Whitlock, John Dudley and Peter Clabrook with their gang, assist in clearing the road. (Caroline Co, VA Order Book 1740-1746 page 212)

On 9 Jun 1744, in Caroline court, Richard George was listed on the jury. (Caroline Co, VA Order Book 1740-1746 page 285 and 287) On 14 Dec 1744 Richard George and John Dudley were securities for Henry Burke to renew his ordinary license. (Caroline Co, VA Order Book 1740-1746 page 337)

On 8 Mar 1744/45 in Caroline court, Prudence Lynch was ordered to pay Richard George 175 pounds of tobacco for 7 days of attendance for her against Woodford. (Caroline Co, VA Order Book 1740-1746 page 354) On 13 Sep 1745, John Goodwin acknowledged a deed to Richard George. (Caroline Co, VA Order Book 1740-1746 page 524)

On 13 Mar 1745/46, John Dudley, John George and Richard George, were ordered to clear a road between Chesterfield road to the new church. (Caroline Co, VA Order Book 1746-1754 page 23)

On 9 Oct 1747, in Caroline court, Richard George and Ann, his wife, acknowledged their deed to Benjamin Hubbard, gentleman. (Caroline Co, VA Order Book 1746-1754 page 71)

On 12 Oct 1752, in Caroline court, the Last Will of Richard Thilman was presented in court by William Eubank, executor, and was proven by Richard George and John Eubanks, witnesses. (Caroline Co, VA Order Book 1746-1754 page 350)

Richard George died ca May 1773 in Caroline County, Virginia. He left a will naming his 10 children.

Richard GEORGE was born in Middlesex County in 1709. He married Elizabeth Ann Mayo in Middlesex County in 1734. Richard and Elizabeth moved to Caroline County, Virginia, sometime between 1736 and 1746. Richard and Elizabeth had 10 children, two of whom later moved to Southside, Virginia.


Ann George b: 18 Mar 1735 in , Middlesex, Virginia

Suannah George b: in , Caroline , Virginia

Robert George b: 1737 in , Middlesex, Virginia

James Mayo George b: 1728 in , Caroline , Virginia

Jonadab George b: 1730 in , Caroline , Virginia

Henry George b: 1734 in , Caroline , Virginia

Sarah George b: in , Caroline , Virginia

Elizabeth George b: in , Caroline , Virginia

Catherine George b: in , Caroline , Virginia

Jane George b: in , Caroline , Virginia

Next Gen:

Ann George b: 18 Mar 1735 in , Middlesex, Virginia, Death: 1801 in Newberry/Pendleton Dist, South Carolina, Burial: Gaines Chapel Cemetery, , South Carolina married Rev. Henry Gaines Ann George 1774-1890 Abbeville, Caroline Virginia

Notes Ann George Gaines;

Ann George was born 18 Mar 1735 in Middlesex Co, VA, and baptized 20 Apr 1735 at Christ Church. Both records show her as child of Richard and Elizabeth George. (Christ Church Parish Register). Ann George married Reverend Henry Gaines prior to ca 1756, in Caroline Co, VA.

They later moved to Pendleton District, SC where Ann died ca 1801, and Henry in 1830, though by then it was Pickens District, SC.

Note Martha George name is sometimes listed as Ann George. Henry Gaines, son of William and Isabella Pendleton Gaines, as having had two wives. His first wife's name is unknown. His second wife was Sarah George. Sarah and Ann George were sisters.

Ann was christened on 20 apr 1735, in Christ Church Parish Register, Middlesex Co., Virginia

Those records show her as a child of Richard and Elizabeth George.

Ann George is buried in the Gaines Chapel, near Donalds, South Carolina. This is the Abbeville side of Saluda River at "brow of Hill, Saluda River and 1/4 mile from William Baylous Gaines Mill.

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