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My Mother side killed My father side

In 1936, at the age of 86 John Green sat down and told his family story to his grand-daughter Margaret Leolia Green. Leolia type her grandfather story and made copies. The copies have been passed among Green members. John born in 1851 is my 4th greatgrandfather.

John Green said that his dad was Isaac Tipton Green (his nickname was Tip green) was killed by Bushwhackers in 1863 in Platte County. Missouri. In hunting for history of my Green side of the family I found the most interesting story.

" Annals of Platte County, Missouri"


"On the night of that memorable 26 Sept. a company of cut-throats met at the house of Jacob Fulcher, and hung him until he was unconscious. After robbing his house, they went to the house of John Rapp, robbed him, and hung him on leaning tree. They them went to TIP GREEN'S and after robbing his house, brought him to Rapp's house and hung him beside the dead body of Rapp. Two days later I was ordered, as public administrator, to take charge of Rapp's estate. The only valuable I found in his house was $20.00 bill of Confederate money, lying on the floor. It was said that the possession of this money was the excuse for hanging him. I did not inventory the $20.00. Note: I do not think this was reason for the hangings if they bushwacker they would have the money and drop by mistake.

Page 352: TIP GREEN

He was hung, as stated, September 26, 1863. ch: 1 John; 2 William; 3 Mary m'd Jas Cannon; 4 Nicholas R; 5 Martin B; 6 Stonewall T. Tip was the nephew of ELISHA GREEN.

Note John Green mention here is my dad's grandfather and the teller of this story.


KANASA RED-LEGS---- HANGING AND ROBBIES-- From the issue of the SENTIEL of Oct 1, 1863, We take the following:

"On Friday night last a gang of five men visited the house of as old man by the name of Raff (Rapp) living near Farley. They took him from his house and hanged him until he was dead. Raff was a German, a widower, who had two of his children living with him.

The assassins then went to the house of Tipp Green, living near by, took him from beside his wife, marched him to the place where they had hung Raff (Rapp) and hanged him. Both men were left hanging until Saturday.

On Saturday, the same gang went to the house of Mr. Titter and swung him up, to make him reveal whether he had any property concealed. They took him down, however, before life was extract, robbed him if some of his goods and a horse.

They then went to the house of Mr. Shepherd, who was not at home. Fortunately they told his wife they would have hung him if he had been at home.

In the meantime, a squad of Col. Moss' men had started after them. They came upon them just as they were in the act of hanging and old man, eighty years of age. His wife of about the same age had secreted herself, but the old man was too feeble to make his escape. They were fired upon them and one of their own men was wound. They succeeded, however, in getting off, but fled so precipitately that they left two head of stolen horses and a lot of store goods, among the latter of which was a burial suit, which Mr. Timberlake had kept in his house for a number of years. There were no marble yards on their route, or doubtless each of them would have stolen himself a tombstone.

They escaped into Kansas, where they reported that they had been driven out of Platte County because they were good Union men.

I must state some thing here.

The bushwhackers were Quantirill Raiders. Riding with them was Bloody Bill Anderson; it said that when he killed any one he would scalp them. The Raiders were in Platte Co. MO during the time that my Ggreatgrandfather was killed. The Raiders were known as Bushwhackers. I must state also that his is my dad side of the family but riding with the Raiders was Red Munkirs. Red was my mother 6th cousin. There is more to story read on.

It is known that Red Munkirs ancestor was John Moncus/Munkirs. His brother was William Monkers was my ancestor. William Monkers and Rebecca Pendleton had daughter Martha who married Andrew Baker Baldwin. Their son Benjamin married Anna Ford. Benjamin and Anna Ford Baldwin where the Aunt and Uncle of Ford brothers who rode with the Raiders. Anna’s brother James Thomas Ford was the father of Charles Ford and Robert Ford. Robert “Bob” Ford is the one killed Jesse James. The world is ever small for James boys are related to this family also.

John Moncus/Munkirs son Redmond was married twice 1st Mary Lynch and 2nd Martha Carey. From the first marriage their son Solomon David Monkirs married Sarah Ferrill. Their son was Red Munkirs. From the second marriage of Redmond their daughter Marinda married Abraham (Abram) Cox. Their son James Redman Cox married Louisa Eleanor "Ella" Cole. Louisa Eleanor "Ella" Cole father was Jesse Richard Cole. Jesse Richard Cole’s sister was Zerelda Cole who married Robert Sallee James. They became the parents Alexander Franklin "Frank" James and Jesse Woodson James.

So I guess you could say that my mother side killed my dad side of the family.

For a brief comment on the Munkirs men or men closely kin to them who were killed in the border warfare at the time of the Civil War. As far as it is known there was only one who actually fought in the war. It is not know why Redmond Munkirs sons Washington and McDonald were killed but **Redmond David, the son of Solomon Munkirs fought with Quantrill and Anderson. After the murder of his uncles, also married former guerrilla several Carey girls married former bushwhackers, and one Carey girl was married to a Union man who was murdered. Whereupon after the war she married his brother the only survivor of a family of seven or eight boys, most of whom are buried at Shady Grove Cemetery in Clay County, Missouri. No records have been found that the Redmond Munkirs branch ever owned slaves.

Redmond David Munkirs m Mattie Marton. He was killed by Federals May 18,1867. This was the second murder in this family; the grandfather, Esq David L Ferril, was hanged by the Federals in 1864 for no other reason then that he was the grandfather of a young man who had so far successfully eluded the gallant boys in blue. Cousin Shirley said that as a boy over the hills, trying to catch "Red" When they did catch him, he was at his parent’s home and his mother rushed out, throwing herself into her boy's arms to shield him.

Judge Ferril had been killed by Lieut. James Stoffer of Gatherwood's regiment, and his party of men, including one Richard Sloan, a native Clay County man. In September, 1866, Mr Sloan made the Clay County Annals when he was waylaid on his way to Bethel Church one Sunday and shot his body was left lying in the road and was not removed for some time. According to county legend, every member of the party involved in hanging Judge Ferril me violent death at the hands of person unknown. Judge Ferril's tombstone states that he was 65 years, 5 months, 18 days old, and he was killed 21 Aug 1864. Not quite three years later his grandson Redmond David Munkirs was brought to rest near him.

Red had been a member of Quantrill's gang, Bill Anderson's and now the James Gang.

(Note from Janet. This why I say my mother side (Munkres) killed my father side (Green).

He could have participated in only the first three, if any. After the Liberty raid, Jesse held up the Lexington Bank in Oct, 1866 and the third was in March, 1867, when they attempted to rob the bank at Savannah. This time Judge McLain fired on them and drove them off, thus becoming the only man ever to shoot it out with Jesse and live to brag about it.

"Liberty Tribune May 24,1867 p. 2 Col 3"

We learn that Redmund B. Munkirs was killed at his residence in this county, on Saturday last, by a band of unknown men.

"Jefferson City, Peoples Tribune May 29,1867, p 3 Col 2"

The Liberty Tribune learns that Redmund B Munkirs, of Clay county, was killed at his residence, on the 18th instant by a band of unknown men. No cause is assigned for the homicide,

Munkers suspect in Liberty Bank robbery. Cole Younger stated that Munkers served with Quantrill. Buried in New Hope Cemetery near Excelsior Springs, Mo.

Redmon "Red" Monkers (also spelled Monkirs, Monkus or Munkers). In the 1860 Mo. census, Clay County, Fishing River twp., Solomon Munkers, 41; Sarah, 40 both born in TN. Children were Mary, 17; Redman, 15; Richard, 13; William, 10; Robert, 8; Calvin, 6; Eliza, 4; and Amanda, 1. They were all born in MO.

Also listed same twp. Readmon Munkers, 21, born in MO; Nancy, 20 born in Ohio.

ROSTER OF KNOWN MEMBERS OF: William C. Quantrill, William T. Anderson, George M. Todd and John Thrailkill


The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Richard A. Ensminger for contributing to this material

James and Younger Red Munkirs is Redmond David b 1845 m'd Mattie Marton, The son of Solomon Munkirs b 15 Feb 1813 d 24 Dec 1899 d 24 Dec 1890 m'd Sarah Ferril on 17 Feb 1842 by Solomon Levi JP

Solomon parents were Redmond Munkir b Jan 1790 d 1844 m Polly Lynch

Redmond parents were John MUNKRES was born in ca 1750 died by 1850 about 1785 he married Jemmina ( Jenny) Cameron

John Munkres father was Redmond Moncus of Va.

John had brother name William Moncus/Monkes/Monkres

William Monkres had son William Monkres JR was born on 10 Mar 1810 in Campbell Co.d He was buried in 1877 in on old family farm near F.M. Rd 758, off Loop 456 S, Cherokee Co, TX (near Rusk). He died on 18 Jul 1877 in Rusk, Cherokee Co. I now have Copy of his last will and testment. It is my belief that this man is the son of William and Rebecca Pendleton Munkress Married Margaret COULTER was born about 1811 in TN. She died on 10 Jun 1863 in Rusk, Cherokee Co., TX.2. Margaret Coulter parents were James Coulter and Catherine Tunnell

Their son James Henry was born about 1842 in AR. He died in 1925 in OK. He was buried in 1925 in Tipton,Tillman Co , OK. He was married to Rachel BURKE. Rachel BURKE1 was born about 1848 in GA. She died in 1908

Their daughter Virginia Monkres was 14 Oct 1866 in Texas. Married 1st James Wigginton and 2nd Luther Texas Watts. They married on abt 1890 in Gainesville,Cooke County,Texas.Luther died on 29 Oct 1920 in Mangum,Greer County,Oklahoma. Virginia died on 26 Mar 1938 in Granite,Greer County,Oklahoma

Their son Emmett Edger Watts b Nov.2,1892 in Marietta, Love Co. Oklahoma. Married Margaret Ural Scivally on Nov. 11,1911 in Indian Territory, Old Greer Co. Ok. He died in Van Nuys, Ca. Nov 30,1968. Ural was the daughter of James Calvin Scivally and Margaret Ann ( Mattie) Martin Scivally. I have a Copy of there marriage records: States that Emmett was 19 and Ural was 16 at the time of their marriage. L T Watts and J C Scivally had to sign for them. Emmett was living in Reed, Greer Co. Ok and Ural was living in Vinson, Harrison County, OK at the time of their marriage. Ural died 1 Feb 1977 in Van Nuys, Ca.

Their daughter

LaVena Watts b May 8,1916 in Duke ,Jackson Co. Ok. Died on May 2.1996 in Van Nuys, Ca. She married John Edward Green in Inoia, Ok. On Aug 15,1936. John died Sept 19,1995

They were my parents

John Edward Green is the great-grandson of Isaac Tipton Green of Platte Co. Missouri

By the way Isaac Tipton Green Uncle was Elisha Green

Elisha Green b East Tennessee on May 15, 1801; died Jan 9,1855. Malinda m'd Elisha before 1821. I was told be John(2) that they were married in GA. Malinda could have be born in Henrico Co. Va.( not proven) In the Spring of 1826, he moved with his family to Lexington, M. and thence to Platte in 1837.He purchased a wigwam of a Pottawatomie Indian and settled in the Missouri bottoms, near Farley.. In 1844 he move to Platte City, and erected the hotel still known as GREEN HOUSE. In 1860 the Green House in Platte Co., MO sold by sheriff as the property of Beauchamp, Moore and Clifford... bought by Jonathan Tipton for $2,0031.

Note this were people of important would meet. Isaac was said to have work here. Isaac would have know when to money for the Liberty Bank was due to be there. Could this be the reason that Rapp and Green were hung???


"Elisha Green came to Platte county about 1838 and settled in the Missouri bottom above Farley, and opened a large farm. About 1845 he came to Platte City and became one of its most enterprising citizens. He erected the Green Hotel and the fine residence opposite; entered into every scheme of public improvement, and labored for the advancement of the town until his death in 1855.

The Green Hotel was still staying until 1950s.

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