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Johannes Keller b 1650/59 in Siblingen,Kanton, Schffhusen, Switerland; d ? m'd c in Switerland to Ann Senn b 1654 in Schafferusen, Switzerland. ( Ann Parent is unknown Senn).


1. George Seen2 Keller, born Abt. 1680

2. Maria Catherine Seen Keller, born Abt. 1680. She married John Simon Dreisbach

3.Bastain Keller b 1680 in Scheffhausein, Switzerland; d ? m'd c 1705 to Elisabeth Hildebrands.


1. George Seen Keller (Johannes Keller ) was born Abt. 1680. He married (1) Widow Goth Keller.

Notes for George Seen Keller:

Spelling variations include: Keller, Keler, Kelle, Kellaere, Kellere, Kellner and many more.

First found in Swabia and Wuerttemberg, which became the fertile sources of the many succeeding branches of the family.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Jacob Kelner, who came to Germantown, Pennsylvania, in 1683. Johannes and Eva Maria Keler arrived together in Philadelphia in 1737. Bernard Keller settled in Carolina or Pennsylvania in 1743, while Anton Keller settled in Texas in 1846. Hans George and Hans Jacob Kellner together arrived in Philadelphia in 1752, while Justus Kellner settled in Texas in 1845.

Notes for Widow Goth Keller:

Spelling variations includes: Goethe, Goeth, Gothe, Gotthe, Gotha, Goethel, and others.

First found in Thuringia, where they emerged as a notable family name within this territory in the Middle Ages.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Johann Bernhart Goth, who arrived in Philadelphia in 1751 and others.

3 Bastain Keller(Johannes ) b 1680 in Scheffhausein, Switzerland; d ? m'd c 1705 to Elisabeth Hildebrands.

1.3. Joseph(JosehGoth Guth?) Keller( Bastain, Johannes), born May 15, 1719 in schwartzenacker near zweiburken Bavarian rheine-pfaiz; died in in 10-31-1757 to philly, pa.

2.3. Hans George Keller(Bastain, Johannes), b 17 may 1711 in Weiler,German or Schwarznacker, Swelbrucken, Bavaria; d bef Oct 1782 in Shenandoah Co., Va. m'd June 1751 in Lancaster Co., PA to Anna Barbara Hottel b 1713 Germany; d ?


There were three different Keller families living this part of Virginia. The third Keller, George Keller, settled on Tom's Brook, 1750, and married Barbara Anna ( Hottell). The had George Keller of Augusta County, VA; Anna, married Henry Fravel of near Woodstock; John; Elizabeth; Margaret, married Mathias Wilkin; Mary; Jacob; Henry; and Barbara.

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FROM THE RHINE TO THE SHENANDOAH by Daniel Bly Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, Inc. 1993

Page 104

George Keller of near Mt. Olive was the earliest of these, having settled along Little North Mountain as early as 1737. Mrs. Cleta W. Smith of Silver Spring, Md. has recently proven that this George Keller was born at Weiler in the Kraichgau region of Baden in May, 1711, son of Bastian Keller and his wife, Elisabetha Hildebrandt and that he came to America in 1732 with his mother and other relatives (also see Annette K. Bergert, EIGHTEENTH CENTURY EMIGRANTS, vol.II The Northern Kraichgau, 1983, pp. 193-3).



George Keller according to Prof. I.D. Rupp's "30,000 Immigrants" came from the Palatines on the ship "Pleasant," J. Morris, Captain. Points of departure were Rotterdam, Holland and Deal. They arrived at Philadelphia, PA., in Oct. 11, 1732 other 150 passengers. He landed just one month later than John Hottel, his father-in-law. It seems almost certain that these immigrants had much in common in Europe and came to America because of association in the old country, as well as for opportunities which the New World afforded. It is probable that on his arrival George Keller was associated with his brother, Joseph in Northampton Co., Pa.( more on Joseph look below), and perhaps with the Hottel family during their eighteen-year sojourn in Bucks County of the same state, and emigrated with them to Shenandoah Co., VA, in 1750. He settled permanently on the headwaters of Toms Brook in Stonewall District near the original Hottel homestead not far from Mt.Olive. The same year the Hottel family emigrated to the Shenandoah Valley, George Keller purchased from Lord Thomas Fairfax 400 acres of land lying on the South Shenandoah River. By inheritance through his wife, Barbara Anna, he came into possession of a part of the original Hottel homestead where they lived for the remainder of their lives...He died late in 1782 or in the early part of 1783, leaving a will in which he provided for the comfort of his widow and left much land to his children. He was an outstanding citizen in the early history of Shenandoah County, having been one of the justices of the first court. He was also a prominent churchman. In one instance where reference is made to a land deal, George Keller mentions John Hottel as his father-in-law. In another when referring to his wife he calls her Barbara, while the immigrants register has the name Anna. Her full name therefore must have been Barbara Anna Hottel. The children of George and Anna (Hottel) Keller were born in the seventeen-forties and fifties. The Keller family record could not be found. The names given below were copied from George Keller's will and may not be in rotation of births.

ANNA BARBARA2 HOTTEL, b. 05 December 1713, Alsheim, Rhine-Pfalz,Germany1; m. HANS GEORGE KELLER, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; b. 17 May 1711, Schwarzenacker, Zweibrucken, Bavaria; d. 1782.

1) George Keller

2) Anna Keller

3) John Keller, who probably lived near stony Creek, Shenandoah Co., Va., sold the farm he inherited to Russell Borden. No further record. John Keller b 12 June 1736 in Lancaster Co., Pa. d 8 Nov 1800 in Greene Co., TN m'd 1761 in Va. to Mary Bowman.

I found this on (http://members.tripod.com/~Bizzyboddy/Kellerpage.html) and I am not sure if this true or not.

4) Elizabeth Keller, was said to have married Joseph Snapp, June 15, 1784, But she did not marry Joseph Sapp she married Jacob Bowman II b 15 May 1744 in Frederick Co. VA ( Later Shennandoah Co., Va.)The marriage was record in Frederick Co. MD; d May 1831 in Greenville, Greene Co. TN. She received from her father 203 acres of land. There was another Elizabeth Keller daughter of George Keller and she is the one who married Joseph Snapp.

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5 ) Margaret Keller

6) Mary Keller

7) Jacob Keller

8) Henry Keller

9) Barbara Keller


The viewers appointed to view a way for a road petitioned for by Frederick Stoner, from the said Stoner's Mill to Strasburg, and from the said Mill upward to Woodstock having returned their report in these words to wit: We the subscribers conformable to an order of the August Court, have viewed the ground leading from Strasburg to Frederick Stoner's Mill, from said mill to the great road, and find that a convenient road can be made without injuring any person, being first sworn for that purpose before Jonathan Langdon, Gent. February 19, 1773. Alexander Macher, George Keller, George Huddle, ordered that the said way be opened according to report, and Jacob Funkhouser is appointed overseer thereof and all the hands 2 miles on each side of the same, serve thereon under the said Funkhouser, to clean and keep the same in lawful repair.


28 March 1783

The last Will & Testament of George Keller, Dec'd. was proven by oaths of George Huddle & Augustine Windle...sworn to by George Keller an Executor therein named...& ordered to be recorded...Henry Fravel & David Keaner his securitys...

Ordered that George Huddle, Jacob Huddle, Jacob Bowman & Augustine Windle... do appraise Personal estate of George Keller, Dec'd. & make return to this Court...( Jacob Bowman was the father of Mary Bowman who married George and Barbara Hottel Keller son John).


George Keller 325# beef L2-10-2


GEORGE KELLER, Shenandoah County in Virginia. Wife Barbary. Sons: George Keller; Isaac Keller; Jacob Keller; Henry Keller. Daus: Elizabeth; Mary; Barbary. Mentions: son-in-law, Henry Fravel and son-in-law, Mathias Wilkin. Mentions: Ann Keller.

Exors: Sons, George and Jacob Keller

Wit: George Huddle and Augustine Wendle

Dated: 13 July 1779 Proved: 28 March 1783


From Bruce's History of Virginia.

Anna, a daughter of John and Margaret Hottel, became the wife of George Keller, representing another first family in this region and the owner of several grants of land made by Lord Fairfax to George Keller, one of which lies about one and one-half miles southeast of Woodstock and is part owned now by M.H. Hottel, a direct descendant. Some of this land lies within a mile and one-half of Woodstock on the Shenandoah River. One daughter of George and Anna Keller married Henry Fravel, and their descendants are very numerous in Shenandoah County and are found through Ohio and many states in the west. A careful record compiled some years ago shows that twenty-four states of the Union contain descendants of Henry Fravel and wife. Another daughter of George Keller became the wife of Capt. Jacob Rinker, a soldier of the Revolutionary War and a prominent citizen of Shenandoah County, and their descendants have also been widely scattered over the United States.

History of the Descendants of John Hottel.

Barbara Anna Hottel, (only daughter of Johannes (John) and Margaret Hottel) was born in Europe about 1730. After her arrival in the United States she married George Keller. According to Dr. Eli Keller, ""Joseph Keller"", a younger brother of George was born in Schwarzenacker, near the city of Zweibrucken, Bavaria, (Rhein-Pfalz) on March 15, 1719. This gives an approximate idea regarding the place and date of birth of George Keller. The above historian gives a word-picture of the country from which the Kellers came, especially around Zweibrucken which is exceedingly beautiful...By tradition we have the following: His mother was first the wife of Mr. Guth, and had a son whom, when grown, emigrated to America. When widowed she married a Mr. Keller and had two more sons. Mr. Guth was a member of the Roman Catholic Church but dying when his children were young; they were instructed and confirmed in the Reformed Church to which their mother belonged. The older of the two brothers also immigrated to America and settled in Virginia. Their names were George and Joseph."

Northern Neck Land Grants

M-294: George Keller of Frederick Co. 126 A. in said Co. Surv. Mr. Robert Rutherford. Adj. George Huddle, John Huddle, Mary Little, said Keller, foot of N. Mt. 4 Sept. 1764


The German language versions below were provided by Herr Roland Paul, associate director of the "Institute fur Pfalziche Geschichte und Volkskunde" in Kaiserslautern, Germany. They came from the original church records of the Reformed Church in Alsheim bei Gronau in the Palatinate of Germany. Herr Paul translated the German to English, and his translation appear below Parenthetical expressions are either Herr Paul's, in the case of question marks (which indicate his uncertainty on the exact spelling of some of the words) Tom Speelman (to indicate locations or clarification of a profession that the translation refers to).

1713 geboren den Sten xbris den 10ten xbris war getaufft Eine Junge Tochter nahmens Anna Barbara, der Vatter war Johannes Hodel, die Mutter Elisabetha, Tauffzeugen waren Andreas Hodel und Anna Barbara Schmuckerin von Fridelsheim.

Translation: 1713 born on 5th December on the 10th of December was baptized a young daughter named Anna Barbara, the father was Johannes Hodel, the mother Elisabetha, Godparents were Andreas Hodel and Anna Barbara Schmuckerin from Fridelsheim.

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