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LEIBRECK, JACOB, Reading. November 20, 1773 - February 22, 1774. Provides for wife Catharina. To granddau. Magdalena DIHL 5 at 18. Remainder to daus Magdalena BLOCK and Esther GRAFF, wife of Wm. GRAFF of Reading, dau. Magdalena was wife of Michael BLOCK in Reading. Exr: friend Johannes BARTTOLET. Letters to Catharina, the widow. Exr named renouncing. Wit: Johannes PRINTZ, William REESER. Translation.

LIEBENGUTH, JACOB, Douglass. December 6, 1783 - February 17, 1784. B - 110. Provides for wife Christina. To son Philip, my plantation where I now dwell in Douglass, cont. 225 acres. Paying to son John, when he is 21, 330. To son Jacob my plantation in Amity and Douglass, containing 105 acres and 1/2 of meadow. To son Peter, 100 acres, of a plantation containing 117 acres, 120 perches in Douglass. He paying 250 to sons Jacob and John. To son Henry 450, when 21. To son John, 450 as mentioned above. To dau. Catharine 400, in Trust, for her children. if she should have any. Exrs to sell land in New Hanover Twp, Phila Co. Exrs: sons Philip and Jacob. Wit: John BECKER, John RICHARDS and Adam LIEBENGUTH.

LEINBACH, BENJAMIN, Reading. January 7, 1823 - March 7, 1823. To wife Margaret all estate during life. Afterwards to 5 children: Catharine wife of John BUSH, Elizabeth wife of Daniel SHULTZE, children of dau. Molly deceased who was wife of John KERSHNER, Peggy widow of Henry SPENGLER, and Daniel. Exrs: Son Daniel. Wit: Mathias S. RICHARDS and George ZIEBER.

LIEBENUGH, ADAM. New Hanover. April 27, 1804. 2.385. LIEBENUGH, ADAM. New Hanover. February 16, 1804. April 27, 1804. 2.385 To wife Christina, personalty. To son Jacob, woodland, 6 acres 52 1/2 perch at valuation of 50 pds. to sons Matthias, John, Peter, 50 pds. each. Rem. of estate at wife's death equally divided among children. To son Jacob one part. To son John one part. To son Peter one part. To daughter Elizabeth wife of Charles Neiman one part. To grandchildren of daughter Catharine wife of William Kepner, one part equally. Execs: Sons Matthias, and Peter. Wit: Charles Guiger, Peter Richards.

Daniel Linebach signed this will. The reason why I posted this. The Bartolet family are link to Fry,Levering,Neun and now the Linebach/Leinbach/Linebaugh.

BARTOLET, DANIEL, Oley. December 26, 1796 - December 18, 1797. Wife Mary to keep dwelling plantation containing 138 acres in her possession until son Daniel is 21. Also plantation in Ruscombmanor containing 116 acres until son Samuel is 21. To son Daniel my dwelling plantation in Oley containing 138 acres and tract of land in Earl Township containing 66 acres, paying to son Samuel 723. To son Samuel my land in Ruscombmanor 116 acres, and tract in Alsace containing 18 acres. Bonds, notes and money (after wife's bequest) to be divided among 3 daus.: Esther wife of Jacob GERST, Catharine wife of Jonathan GRIM and Charlotte BARTOLET. Exrs: Wife Mary, son-in-law Jacob GERST and Jonathan GRIM. Wits: Daniel LINEBACH, John SPYKER and Daniel GULDIN

JOHN B. LEINBACH, father of Mrs. George W. Haag, was born Sept. 9, 1815, in Northumberland county, and his family was also settled in Berks county from an early day. His grandfather, Henry Leinbach, a native of Berks county, came to Lewis township, Northumberland county, in 1800, and purchased a farm. Henry Leinbach, son of Henry, was born Oct. 5, 1784, and died Feb. 7, 1829. He married Mary Barnhart, born March 15, 1789, who died Sept. 30, 1846. They reared a family of eight children: Daniel, Henry, John B., Benneville, Sarah (married George Hittle), Mary (married F. H. Carver), Elizabeth (married Simon Cameron) and Rebecca (married C. Sworney). John B. Leinbach was a prominent man of his day in Lewis township, where he engaged in farming until 1861, when he was appointed agent for the American Life Insurance Company of Philadelphia, holding that position five years. In 1867 he became manager of the Union Mutual Fire Insurance Company for the central part of Pennsylvania, continuing in that capacity also for five years, until in 1872 he became agent for the Northwestern Life Insurance Company. He was a stanch Democrat in politics and a member of the Reformed Church, belonging to the church at McEwensville. On Oct. 2, 1858, Mr. Leinbach married Mary Dunkel, and to them were born the following named children: Fannie; Elizabeth, who married S. S. Alexander; Susan, wife of George W. Haag; Sarah, wife of J. P. Dentler; John F.; Calvin R., of Kansas; Mary, wife of P. E. Maus; Gertrude, Mrs. Frauntz; and Oliver, who married Jennie Smith.

J. B. LEINBACH. retired farmer, was born in Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, September 9, 1815, son of Henry and Mary (Barnhart) Leinbach. His grandfather, Henry Leinbach, was a native of Berks county, Pennsylvania, came to this county about the year 1800, and located upon a farm in Lewis township. Henry Leinbach, his son, and the father of our subject, was a farmer by occupation, and politically he was a Democrat. He died in 1829; his widow survived him until 1846. They reared a family of eight children: Daniel and Henry, deceased; John B.; Benival, deceased; Sarah, Mrs. George Hittle; Mary, Mrs. F. H. Carver; Elizabeth, Mrs. Simon Cameron, and Rebecca, deceased, who was married to C. Sweeney. The subject of this sketch was educated in the common schools, and at the age of sixteen years learned the carpenter trade, at which he was employed about ten years; he then engaged in farming until 1861, when he was appointed agent for the American Life Insurance Company of Philadelphia, which position he held for five years. In 1867 he became manager for the Union Mutual Insurance Company for the central part of Pennsylvania, and also filled this position for five years. Since 1872 he has been agent for the North Western Life Insurance Company. He was married, October 2, 1858, to Mary Dunkle, a native of this county, and to this union nine children have been born: Fannie Bird; Elizabeth, Mrs. S. S. Alexander; Susan, Mrs. George W. Haag; Sarah, Mrs. J. P. Dentler; John F., a paint manufacturer of Muncy, Pennsylvania; C. B., a traveling salesman; Mary, Mrs. P. E. Moss; Gertrude, and Oliver. Mr. and Mrs. Leinbach are members of the German Reformed church of McEwensville, and in politics he is a Democrat.

JEREMIAH LEINBACH, son of Samuel and Maria (Barto) Leinbach, was born in Berks county, Pennsylvania, July 12, 1842. He came to this county in 1859, and located in this township. He was well educated and in early life taught school. He reared a family of eight children, four of whom are living: Samuel, of Berks county; Nathan B., of Lycoming county; Jeremiah, and Maria, Mrs. Ezra Deisher, of Union county. In 1865 he married Lucinda, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Heffner) Fick, of Berks county, who came to this county in 1859 and located in Delaware township. By this marriage were born five children: Charles; Annie Elizabeth, Mrs. Henry Bitner; Lloyd; Allen, and Ellen Gertrude. In 1862 Mr. Leinbach enlisted in Company B, One Hundred and Thirty-first Pennsylvania Volunteers, and after a service of nine months was honorably discharged. Mr. Leinbach is a member of the G.A.R. of Watsontown and of the Reformed church.

Floyd's Northumberland County Genealogy Pages 123 thru 148

LEINBACH. The brothers D. O. and Charles F. Leinbach, of Milton, Northumberland county, are natives of Turbut township, this county, where their father and grandfather lived, but the family is an old one of Berks county, and has been settled in Pennsylvania since 1723. The first known ancestor of the Leinbachs was Henry Leinbach, of Langen-Weibolt, Wetterau, Germany, who married Barbara Lerch. Johannes Leinbach, Sr., son of Henry and Barbara, was born in Langen-Selbold, Wetterau, March 9, 1674; he was baptized by the Reformed pastor. In his native land he was an organist. On Oct. 2, 1700, he married Anna Elizabeth Kleiss, who was born in Eidengup, Wetterau, Feb. 2, 1680, daughter of Adam and Elizabeth (Schillinger) Kleiss, and was baptized in the Lutheran faith, to which her parents adhered. Johannes Leinbach, Sr., came to Pennsylvania Sept. 11, 1723, with his three sons and two daughters Frederic, John Henry, John (Johannes, Jr.), Joanna Maria and Maria Barbara, the family settling in Oley township, Berks county. He was "vorsteher" of the Oley congregation, into which office he was inducted April 9, 1742. Frederic Leinbach, son of Johannes, Sr., was born in Hochstadt, near Frankfort on the Main, July 15, 1703, and was baptized by the Reformed pastor, Rev. Mr. Bender. He was a tailor by trade. On June 2, 1737, he married Elizabeth Frey, of Skippack, who was born there July 1, 1719, and was baptized by Count Zinzendorf May 6, 1742. John Henry Leinbach, son of Johannes, Sr., was born Nov. 26, 1705, in Hochstadt, and was baptized in his infancy by the Reformed pastor, Rev. Mr. Bender. On Nov. 2, 1739, he married Joanna Herman, born in Conestoga March 16, 1718, and baptized by Count Zinzendorf May 6, 1742, the same day as Elizabeth Frey, above mentioned. Johannes Leinbach, Jr., son of Johannes, Sr., was born in Hochstadt Feb. 13, 1712. He accompanied his parents to Pennsylvania in 1723, and settled as a farmer. On Aug. 12, 1735, he married Catharine Riehm, of Muddy Creek, and they had eleven children, one of whom died in infancy, the others being: Frederick, John Daniel, Lewis, Abraham, Benjamin, Joseph, Elizabeth, Maria Barbara, Johanna and Catharine. John C. Leinbach, great-grandfather of D. O. and Charles F. Leinbach, lived and died in Oley township, Berks Co., Pa. His son, John C. Leinbach, born in 1796, died in 1853. Coming to Northumberland county, he settled in Turbut township about 1820, and there he is buried, at Paradise. He was a tinsmith by trade and a skilled mechanic in various lines, being quite famous for the grandfather clocks which he made; the last one he made is owned by his grandson, D. O. Leinbach. His wife, Mary (Stitzel), was born in 1799 and died in 1887; she was a member of the Judge Stitzel family of Berks county. John C. and Mary (Stitzel) Leinbach had two children, Daniel S. and Hannah. The daughter married John Kutz, of Northampton county, who died in Limestone township, Montour county, the mother of Daniel (deceased), Emma (married John Wolfinger), Annie (married Judson Derr), Wallace (of Milton, Pa.) and Nelson (of Sunbury, Pa.). Mrs. Archer Van Dyke, sister of John C. Leinbach, lived in the Juniata valley.

Daniel S. Leinbach, father of D. O. and Charles F. Leinbach, was born Aug. 31, 1822, in Turbut township, and died Nov. 13, 1902; he is buried at Paradise. He attained prosperous circumstances through his own efforts; and was highly respected by all who knew him. He owned a fine farm, containing about one hundred acres, located near Follmer's church in Turbut township, repaired the residence on that tract and built a fine new barn. He was independent in politics and an active member of the Reformed Church, which he served as elder and deacon. Mr. Leinbach married Mary Fick, who was born July 8, 1828, daughter of John Fick, and died Dec. 23, 1891; she is buried beside her husband. They became the parents of four children: Annie A. is the wife of John Ditzler, of Turbut township, and has three children, Emma, John M. and Charles; John A., now a retired farmer, who owns the old homestead in Turbut township, married Eliza Bieber; D. O. and Charles F. are mentioned below.

D. O. LEINBACH was born July 29, 1859, near Paradise, in Turbut township, Northumberland county, and received his education in the township schools. He remained with his father until he reached the age of twenty-one, when, he came to Milton, Aug. 6, 1880. Here he has since made his home. He learned the trade of machinist at the well known establishment of S. J. Shimer & Sons, in Milton, and continued to follow that occupation as a journeyman until 1887, when he became traveling salesman for the concern, a capacity in which he was engaged until 1894, traveling through the States, Territories, and Dominion of Canada. Continuing in the service of the above named firm, who established the iron business known as The Milton Manufacturing Company, he 436 Broadway. Here he has a first-class store, dealing in groceries, flour and feed, and he enjoys a steady and lucrative patronage, built up by honorable methods and earnest efforts to please his customers, who appreciate his attention to their wants and his ability to meet all the requirements of his trade. Mr. Leinbach is deservedly a much respected citizen of the borough in which he makes his home. On Dec. 27, 1895, Mr. Leinbach married Sarah C. Lahr, who was born Nov. 11, 1872, daughter of William B. and Sarah (Sterner) Lahr, and died March 24, 1907; she is interred at the Harmony cemetery at Milton. Mr. and Mrs. Leinbach had one daughter, Mary Helen, who was born May 20, 1900. The family home is at No. 432 Broadway, Milton. Socially Mr. Leinbach is a member of Castle No. 265, K.G.E., and Commandery No. 27, K. of M. He is active in the work of St. John's Reformed Church, which be has served as a member of the consistory.

Local History: Chapter XLIX: Biographical Sketches - Lewis And Delaware Townships, and Borough of Turbutville And McEwensville: Bell's History of Northumberland Co PA

Church: MORAVIAN CHURCH, BETHLEHEM, Marriages 1742 - 1800: Northampton County, PA.

1771, May 14, Leimbach, Friedrich, and Maria Marg. Eschenbach.

1742, Dec. 12/23, Leimbach, Maria Barbara, and Friedrich Martin.

1758, July 29, Leinbach, Elisabeth, and Michael Ranke.

1754, May 17, Lembke, Franz Christian, and Marg, Cath. Wyk.

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