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MartinII Family

By the preponderant of the law I think that Seth Martin and his wife Francis Halbert (The surname Halbert is also spelled Holbert, Herbert and Hulbert) were the parents of my Great-Great-Grandmother, Margaret Ariel Martin.. Francis parents were William Halbert and Susannah Taylor found here.

Hannah Vernon b 1743 in Charlotte County, Virginia, m 4 January, 1773 to Richard Taylor b: ABT 1750 in VA d 1804 in Knox Co., TN


1 Frances TAYLOR b: AFT 1774 in Surry Co., NC md between 1795-1800 to Jonathan Martin b ABT. 1771 in Bedford, Virginia d AFT. 1840 in Hardin County, Tennessee between 1795-1800

2 Richard TAYLOR b: ABT 1776

3 Ezekiel TAYLOR b: ABT 1778 in Stokes Co., NC

4 Susannah TAYLOR b: ABT 1780 in Surry Co., NC md William Halbert

5 Rebecca Worth TAYLOR b: ABT 1782 in Stokes Co., NC

6 Hannah TAYLOR b: ABT 1784 in NC

7 Mary Polly TAYLOR b: ABT 1786 in NC

There are links to the Halbert family below. The Vernon family links off of the Halbert family for now.

The Facts that I have found are the following:

Hardin, TN 1820 Federal Census

58 MARTIN Seth* . . . 1 . . . . 1 . . . * . 1 . column overlapped-given name too lt

58 HALBERT William 2 1 . . . 1 3 1 1 . 1 . * . . . . column overlapped

58 MARTIN Jonathan W. 1 1 . . 1 . 3 2 1 1 . . . . . .

59 MARTIN John 3 . . . 1 . . . . 1 . . * .

The 1840 Census of Tishomingo County, Mississippi

Page: 221

Martin William


3 under 5 Robert, Alf?? and John

2 (10-15) William, Moses

1(15-20) James

1 (20-30) Josiah C or Joseph Martin 26 M Farmer Ala ?

1(40-50) William


1 under 5 Martha

2 10-20 Elizabeth and name unknown

1 40-50 Jane or Jenny or Virignie

Page: 221

Seth Martin


1 under 5 John R

2 5-10 Moses and William H. MARTIN

1 20-30 unknown

1 40-50 Seth Martin


1 under 5 Francis

1 1-5-10 Elizabeth

1 10-20 Margaret A.

1 20-30 Mary W

1 40-50 Francis

1 70 or over Could this be Seth or Francis mother

The 1850 Census of Tishomingo Co ,MS

Page: 123

Seth Martin age 55 born in TN in 1850 Census of Tishomingo Co. MS

Francis age 55 born in TN

Moses M age 15 " " "

John R age 12 " " "

Francis age 11 born in MS

Next door

Page: 123

Moses Martin age 24 AL

Margaret age 22 TN

Robert F age 3 MI

Francis age 2 MI

Mary M E age 3/12 MI

Page: 135 WM Martin 63 M Farmer 200 SC

Jane 53 F SC

Elizabeth R 19 F Ala

William S 23 M Ala

Robt C 14 M Ala

Alf??? J 12 M Ala

Martha A 12 F Ala

John (?) 10 M

Few doors away is

Page: 135

James P Martin 31 M Farmer 250 Ala

Mary M/W 28 F Tenn

Francis M 5 F Ala This male not female

William H 2 M Mi

Seth T 5/12 M Mi

1860 Census Tishomingo Co. MS

William Halbert age 81 b NC

Frances Martin age 60 b NC

John R age 20 b TN

Frances age 19 Miss

1870 Census Hardin Co. TN

James P Martin age 51 b ALA

Seth T Martin age 24 b Miss

Frances Martin age 70 b NC

John R Martin age 30 b TN

Dr Barry Howell age 7

next door

Francis Martin age 25 b Miss

Frances Martin age 16 b TN

Rev. Francis Marion Martin is the person who wrote the family history found on Martin I

Important fact

Seth Martin, found in the 1840 Census and the 1850 census above, parents: Jonathan MARTIN b: BET. 1770 and Frances (Frankie) TAYLOR b: ABT. 1774 in Surry County, North Carolina . Seth Martin wife Francis Halbert, parents were William Halbert and Susannah TAYLOR. Susannah Taylor and Francis Taylor are sister.

Jonathan MARTIN Birth: ABT. 1771 in Bedford, Virginia: Death: AFT. 1840 in Hardin County, Tennessee m'd BET. 1790 - 1800 in Surry/Stokes.Frances (Frankie) TAYLOR b: ABT. 1774 in Surry County, North Carolina

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A Fact that most times married daughters stay close to parents or family.

Margaret A Martin and Moses L Martin living next door to Seth and Francis Martin in 1850 Census Tishomingo Co., MS. In the same Census William Martin, the one who is Moses father, James P Martin is living near him. So we have James P Martin and Mary W Martin living near his parents. We have Moses and Margaret Martin lived near her parents.

Another Fact

Moses and Margaret Martin did have son named Seth T and daughter named Francis

From Moses L Martin's Bible

5 Seth T Martin born November 11th,1853

2 Francis L J Martin born March 28th,1848.

The T in Seth middle name was TAYLOR

James P Martin also had son Seth T Martin and the T in his middle is TAYLOR James did have son name Francis. There is are two unknown daughters and one of them could have been name Frances.

This would mean that Mary Wilson Martin, wife of James P Martin and Margaret A Martin, wife of Moses Lydall Martin are sister.

I am copy the Bible just as it is written

Moses L Martin's Bible

Date 1868

On the front cover it written:

S T Martin 3 Son 5 of M L & M A Martin died Febiuray 1th, 1891

Family Record:

M L & M A Martin ws married Dec 31 AD 1845

M L Martin was born AD September 20th AD 1825

Margaret A Martin born January 22th 1828; married December 31th AD 1845

The handwriting looks feminine

1 Robert F Martin born October 24th,1846

2 Francis L J Martin born March 28th,1848

3 Mary U E Martin born Febuary 22th,1850

4 William S Martin born November 19th,1851

5 Seth T Martin born November 11th,1853

6 Martha Ann Martin born Augest 5,1855

7 James W Martin born June 17th,1857

8 Sarah T Martin born January 21th,1860

9 Euterpa Martin born March 26th,1862

10 Emeline A Martin born Febuary 15,1865

11 Moses L Martin born November 29th 1866

Grand 6; 1 Sarah L Martin born October 11th,1865

2 Moses L Martin born Febuary 8th,1867

3 William L Martin born Septemeber 19,1862

Not the same handwriting.

Mattie B Martin born June 27,1859

Robert A Hatsfield born Nov 5,1871

Wm I Hatsfield Born Sept 7th 1869

This handwriting. looks masculine

Sallie S Martin born Dec 27th 1877

M A Martin born May 14th 1876

Vird S Martin born April 7th 1881

Willie Edith Wood born Sep 3.1853

W M and Euterpa Poe married Aug 28,1896

Edgar Allen Poe born Nov 22,1899

another person writing

Edgar Allen Poe married Ruth D Loma Jursatte Aug 2nd,1924

Edgar Allen Poe JR born Aug 31,1925 married Donie Marie Byant Sept

Back to the feminine handwriting


R F & F L J Martin baptized ad 1848 by Rev David Melsburg

M U E & W S Martin baptized 1852 by Rev David Melton

S T Martin baptized AD 1854 by Rev W Buchison or by W Riewson

M A Martin bapt 1856 by Rev J W Pinor

James W Martin bapt Sept 4th 1857 by Rev E Flechebur?

S S Martin bapt July 15th 1860 by W D Meleulab?

Euterpra Martin bapt, EN Martin bapt by Rev Jonathan White and ? Sept 1864

Moses L Martin bapt Aug 6th 1871 by Rev John Boreroft?

chance of handwriting

Mr Luke Burne and Miss S E Martin was married Nov 2th 1886 by Rev M A Smith

Mr A J Sivelly (not my but his brother: by Janet) and Miss S A E Sivieny was married Jan 14th 1884 by Rev Geornsted

another handwriting

Could be Wilber Hatsfied died March 23th AD 1884

Maga. A Hatsfied died July 2th 1874 age 3 months 19 days burred March 13th 1874

another handwriting

???????? Dec 718??/

E L J Cox died 20th January 1892

S T Martin died Feb 1st 1871

Another unknown handwriting

Margaret A Martin died July 13,1898

Another unknown handwriting

M L Martin died April 7,1902 ( question Where did he die?)

Marriage Bonds 1843 Old Tishomingo County

Martin, James P. Martin, Mary W. July 11, 1843

At this time I can not find Moses L Martin and Margaret A Martin marriage records

1860 Tishomingo Co., Miss census (now Prentiss Co., Miss)

Morris L. Martin 44 M farmer 400/400 AL

Margaret 34 F TN

Robt. F. 13 MS

Francis J. 12 F MS

Mary W.E. 10 F MS

Wm. S. 9 M MS-

Seth T. 7 M MS

Martha A. 5 F MS

Jas. W. 3 M MS

Sarah L. 6/12 F MS

This Census is hard to read and looks like Morris but it is Moses. Martha A age 5 is my Great-Grandmother.

The Martin family move here in 1870.

1880 Census Wise Co.. TX.

Moses L Martin age 52 b Al My Great-Great-grandparents

Margaret A Martin age 51 TN father TN

Emiline H age 16 MS

Moses L age 13 MS GS

S E Martin age 10 MS GS

Urbane Bell male 24 OH

Urbane Bell-- male 24 from Ohio who is listed as living with Moses Martin in the Wise county 1880 census. He married Sarah Martin age 21 (daughter of DR. William Stenson Martin, the brother of Moses L Martin). Urbane Bell is actually Ben U. Bell was the former sheriff in Fort Worth, Texas (he died in 1927).


Son of Moses Lydell and Margaret Ariel Martin

Seth T (Taylor ?) Martin age 26 MS father AL Mother TN Moses

Mary B Martin age 23 MS father AL mother AL

Margaret A Martin age 4 TX

Sarah L Martin age 2 TX

George W Hall age 19 TN


James P Martin and Mary W Martin son

Seth Taylor Martin age 30 MS father AL mother TN

Mary E Martin 23 TN father TN and mother TN

James P Martin age 61 AL father SC and mother SC

Ervin F Martin age 20 MS father AL mother TN

James P Martin is William S and Moses L Martin brother.

Ervin F Martin was Seth Taylor Martin brother.


This the man who wrote the Martin History in Wise Co. TX and the son of James P Martin and May Wilson Martin

Frances M Martin age 35 MS father AL mother TN

Mary A. E. Martin age 22 TN father NC and mother NC

Nancy W Martin age 9 TN

William C Martin age 7 TN

John E Martin age 6 TN

Cora Martin age 1 TX


Seth Martin and Francis Halbert grandson

James W Martin age 29 MS father TN mother TN

Emily J Martin age 18 Ms father MS and Mother MS

Laura F Martin sister age 10 IL father MS and Mother MS

This is James Wilson MARTIN b 15 JUL 1850 in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, d 17 MAY 1906 in Montague County, Texas Fact 1: Farmer, Strong church supporter, "Jimmie" His parents were William H. MARTIN b: ABT. 1825 in Tennessee, probably Hardin County and : Frances Euphricia PRATT b: ABT. 1823 in Hardin County, Tennessee His wife Emily Jane MCCULLOUGH b: 29 JUN 1862 in Mississippi, probably Itawamba County; Married: 9 NOV 1879 in Wise County, Texas Fact 1: They were married 65 years. Listed in the census with James W Martin is his sister is Laura Francis MARTIN b 20 DEC 1869 in Du Quion, Illinois; d 23 MAR 1955 in Bridgeport, Texas

Now that I have show you the reason why I think Margaret Ariel Martin parents were Seth Martin and Frances Halbert. I will do the Martin family starting with Martin of Chester County, Pennsylvania. This family is living near the Vernon family.

1790 Census Stokes, NC

Martin Moses - 2/3/3/0/0

Martin Moses - 1/2/4/0/0

Taylor Richard - 1/3/6/0/0

Vernon James - 3/2/6/0/0

Vernon Jonathan - 2/0/1/0/0

Vernon Jonathan - 1/2/4/0/0

1800 Census Stokes NC

Jonathan Martin

Richard Taylor

Name: Thomas MARTIN Birth: 1650 in Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire, England Death: 1714 in Middletown, Chester, Pennsylvania m'd Margery MENDENHALL on Margery MENDENHALL

Notes: Early Chester County Arrivals (1685): Chester County, PA

The "Vnicorne" from Bristoll arrived 16th of 16tgh MO, 1685; Thomas Cooper commander; Daniell Flower, Mzry Bradwell, Mary Bradwell Jr, Sarah Bradwell, Thomas Mixon, Tho; Mixon,jr, Philip Doling, Mary Townsend, Hannah Smith, Tho; Martin, Margery Martin, Mary Martin, Sarah Martin, Hanns Martin, Rachel Martin, Tho; Hopes, John HOpes, Moses Mendinhall, Goddwn Walter, Joshua Chart, SAm; Chart, Jane chart, Jane Chart Fr, John Roberts, Joseph Morgan, benjamin Morgn, Tho; Tushin, Anne MOrgan, Faith Wotten, Eliz. Philpot, HEnry Lakin, Sarah Laken, Susanna Lakin, MOses Laking, John Ironmonger

10th month, 16, 1685, Thomas Cooper, master Thomas Martin, Margery Martin, Mary Martin, Sarah Martin, Hannah Martin, Rachel Martin

Moses Mendenhall, said be Margery Mendenhall Martin's brother

Transcribed From Futhey & Cope's "History of Chester County", pages 652-653:

MARTIN, THOMAS, with Margery (Mendenhall), his wife, came from Bedwin Magna, in Wiltshire, in 1685, bringing children, - Mary, Sarah, Hannah, and Rachel. They settled in Middletown, where their son Moses, and probably other children, were born. We find George and Elinor Martin, for whom we can assign no other parentage. These children married as follows: Mary to James Whitaker, 1690; Sarah to William Shewin; Rachel to Thomas Woodward, 1704; Moses, b. 1/9/1685-6, m. Margaret Battin, in 1714; George, m. Lydia Buffington; Elinor, m. John Scarlet, 1715

George Martin settled in West Bradford, a little northwest of Marshallton, where he died 6/22/1780. His children were Joseph, John, James, George, Rachel (m. to John Hennings), Lydia (m. to James Dilworth,), Mary (m. ---Wood), and Elizabeth (m. to Joseph Passmore and James Chalfant).

Joseph married Hannah Harlan, and had children, - Joseph, Caleb, Rebecca (m. to Joseph Woodward), Hannah (m. to Benjamin Miller), Lydia (m. to John Woodward), Mary (m. to Daniel Leonard). Joseph died about 1802. George Martin, Jr. married Martha, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Widdows, who died 9,13, 1808, aged seventy-nine years, six months, and twenty-eight days. George died 4, 11, 1771, aged forty-five years. He lived with his uncle, Joseph Baffington, in the Forks of the Brandywine, or at least his widow remained on the farm for several years after his death. His children were Sarah, b. 1,11,1755; Ruth, b. 1,28, 1757; Lydia, b. 4,3, 1759; Thomas, b. 4,12,1761, d. 8, 24, 1808; George, b. 5,12,1763; Abraham, b. 8.26/2765, d. 4,2,1826. Of these, Thomas married Margaret, daughter of Samuel Pennock, and was the father of Samuel, late of Kennett Square, George, Thomas, Simon, and Abraham. George (3) married Amy Buffington, and lived in Newlin Township. Children, - Martha, Phebe, Curtis, George Thomas, Abraham, Isaac, and Amy. Abraham married Lydia, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (Martin) Woodward, and lived in Marshallton. Their children were George, Joseph, Abner, and Martha. Of these George was born 1, 9, 1798, but is still an active business man and much interested in local history, with which his memory is well stored. He has long been a store-keeper in the village of Marshallton. Respecting Samuel Martin, of Kennet Square, whose death, on the 17th of 6th month, 1880, resulted from a series of paralytic attacks, we quote from the Kennet Advance: (following paragraphs italicized)

Samuel Martin was born on the 24th of August, 1802, near the Forks of the Brandywine, in what was then Pennsbury township, but which now forms a part of Pocopson. He was the son of Thomas and Margaret Martin, and his mother was the daughter of Samuel Pennock. He early evinced an aptitude for study, and the few leisure periods in his farm-life were given to books. He worked on his father's farm until he had reached the age of twenty-one or thereabouts, when he set out to make his own way in life. By teaching in the winter season he was able to earn money to prosecute his studies the remainder of the year. One of the boarding-schools of that day was conducted by Alexander McKeever, who was at one time located at Gause's Corner, and at this school the subject of this memoir spent a year. In a 824, Mr. Martin, whose first teaching was done in the old stone school building which until recently stood at the cross roads near Joseph Walter's, removed to Kennet Square, which at that time possessed no school of any kind. He taught for a time at the school-house on the Toughkenamon road, nearly opposite John Lamborn's, and it was at this school that he was the teacher of Bayard Taylor. In a short time he established a school in this borough, on East State Street, nearly opposite the Friend's meeting-house. Here he was so successful that he was induced to build Eaton Institute. While he was conducting this flourishing school the United States Bank collapsed and the Pennsylvania Bank suspended. He had considerable of his own, and all the money f some minor children for whom he was guardian, invested in the State bank, and the suspension placed him in a trying position. but he kept his courage, and was far-sighted enough to see that the bank would recover. All the spare cash he was able to get he invested in the stock at a greatly depreciated value, and he soon had the satisfaction of reaping a handsome reward. He early began to aid in the material development of the borough by building and otherwise improving. He was one of the chief promoters of the Baltimore Central Railroad, and subscribed liberally. He purchased considerable land along the projected route, which he built upon from time to time and sold. These building operations he continued to within a year of his death, and almost fifty dwellings, or one-fifth of all the houses here, were erected by him, and many a poor man to-day owes his comfortable home to the liberal spirit of Samuel Martin.

Moses Martin and Margaret (Battin), his wife, had children, - Adam, George, Hannah, Mary, John, Moses, Margaret, Rachel, and Susanna. They removed to Uwchlan prior to 1737, where Moses died before 1740.

John Martin, the son, born 1,3,1718, married Hannah Dilworth, and died in Birmingham, 11,26, 1761, leaving children, - Moses, John, George, Jospeh, and Hannah. The widow married John Woodward, of Thornbury, 3,16, 1763, and was the mother of Thomas Woodward. George Martin, born 6,9,1754, died 7/19/1825, married, 11,28,1776, Elizabeth Reynolds, daughter of Henry and Sarah, and settle in Chichester. Their children were Sarah, b. 9,7,1777, d. 4, 18, 1819, m. John Broomall, and was the mother of Hon. John M. Broomall; Anna, b. 12,28,1778, m. John Powell; Ruth, b. 10,17,1780, d. 1,17, 1878, m. John Sharpless; Beulah, b. 9,27,1782, d. 1,7,1818,m. Enos Sharpless, and was the mother of the late John M. Sharpless of Chester; Lydia, b. 8,20 1784; George, b. 2, 28, 1787, d. 7,26, 1847, father of Dr. George Martin, now of West Chester; Henry, b. 2, 20, 1789, d. 12,9,1791; John

Uwchlan Township

Originally, Penn purchased all this land from the natives in 1683. [See Myers, Albert Cook, William Penn: His Own Account of the Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians, (Moylan: 1937), p. 93.] It was settled as there was interest, and not deeded to private owners until even later. The procedure followed was for Penn to sell land in bulk without a precise location specified (by patent) and then to issue warrants for survey of particular sections of the land which surveys had to be recorded be

After 1718 the land office virtually closed for fourteen years, and the lack of administrative machinery led to increased squatting by members of all national groups. Even after 1732, when Thomas Penn arrived, it was clear that people would not conform to such an inadequate system. Thomas Penn said that 130,000 of 400,000 acres taken up between 1732 and 1740 had not been warranted by the latter date. [Lemon, James T., The Best Poor Man's Country, (New York:1972), pp. 56-57.]

The Martin family came to Uwchlan Township in the mid-1700's when Thomas Martin, a weaver, acquired a farm, married a widow who was connected to several prominent local families, raised his own children, and supported his Quaker faith by participating in the erection of a meeting house in modern day Lionville. His youngest son John acquired the family farm and owned it until the mid-1800's, when he died childless and it was sold to the Peck family, after whom modern Peck Road was named.

Chapter XXIX

Aston Township

The upper end of the present township of Aston, a tract of one thousand acres, was surveyed to Thomas Brassey in 1684, which subsequently was divided previous to 1710 into smaller farms. A tract of one hundred and nineteen acres bordering on Concord township was surveyed to Thomas Martin, and at this day part of that land is still in the ownership of his descendant, - Thomas Martin. John Pennell also acquired over two hundred acres of the Brassey land, but the farm above the State road, where Mark Pennell now lives, was not a part of the original farm purchased by John Pennell in 1700.

Chapter XLVIII

Newtown Township

The first Seventh-Day Baptist in Pennsylvania is said to have been Abel Noble, who came to the province in 1684, at which time he was a Friend. When George Keith first began to announce his opinions, among the earliest persons to accept his teachings was Noble, and he it was who gave shape to the Keithian Baptist form of religious observances, for which they were distinguished from other societies, - such as distinguishing the days and months by numerical names, adhering to plainness of language and dress, and abstaining from swearing or fighting. On June 28, 1697, Abel Noble baptized Thomas Martin, a public Friend, in Ridley Creek, and afterwards Thomas Martin baptized other Quakers, - Thomas Powell, Evan Harry, Hugh Harry, John Palmer, Judith Calvert, David Thomas, and others, to the number of nineteen in all, - who, on Oct. 12, 1697, were incorporated, and on that day proceeded to choose a minister by lot. Three persons were nominated, - William Buckingham, Thomas Budd, and Thomas qartin, - and the latter was chosen. From 1697 to 1700 other Quakers were baptized, - William Thomas, Richard Buffington, Elizabeth Thomas, Jane Phillips, David Phillips, Elizabeth Hall, Rees Price, and others, - some of whom lived in other parts of the country.

Chapter XLVII Middletown Township.

On Oct. 11-12, 1681, three hundred acres of land were surveyed to John March, part of one thousand acres which he had purchased in England. It is not known whether he ever settled on this tract, but seventy-three acres along Chester Creek, just above Chester township line, on March 1, 1685, was conveyed to Thomas Martin, and doubtless Martin, who emigrated from Bedwin Magna, in Wiltshire, England, accompanied by his wife, Margery, and four daughters, in that year settled on that small plot of ground now belonging to Jonathan Dutton. The seventy-three acres, as also one hundred and four acres adjoining, subsequently became the property of Joseph Cobourn, while that part of the March tract lying east of the Edgmont road, on Jan. 7, 1713, was purchased by Caleb Harrison. Above the March tract, and extending east and west across the township, was a plot of three hundred and fifty acres, surveyed to John Martin Dec. 10, 1682. The northern boundary of John Martin's estate was the road to Knowlton, where that highway enters the great Edgmont road, thence due east and west across the township to the creeks forming the eastern and western boundary. Knowlton is located on this tract. John Martin, who came from Edgcott, in Berkshire, England, settled on the land, and at his death, in 1719, it passed to Thomas Martin, probably his son. Above this tract, going northward along Chester Creek, three hundred and eighty acres of ground were surveyed to Richard Crosby, Nov. 20, 1685. Crosby was from Cheshire (Chestershire), England, and came to the province subsequently to 1683. The following year he was in Chester, and was appointed by the court (1684) one of the collectors to gather the levy for that township. After this tract was taken up by him he settled thereon, and in 1686 was presented by the grand jury "for keeping an unlawful fence to the great damage of John Martin, in his swine," for which ill-doing on his part Crosby was fined thirty shillings at the next court. Crosby figured considerably in the early court records. In his cups he seemed ever to run into quarrels, and if threatened the strong arm of the law he was not chary in his remarks or the expression of his opinion of the sage big-wigs who dispensed justice in the old court-house on Edgmont Street, Chester. On Nov. 29, 1703, Richard Crosby, who had then removed to Ridley, conveyed this property to Nicholas and Katherine Fairlamb. His daughter had married Fairlamb, who was a merchant in Chester.

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Thomas Martin and Margery Mendenhall Children

1 Mary MARTIN b: ABT. 1676 in Bedwin, Wiltshire, England

2 Sarah MARTIN b: ABT. 1678 in Wiltshire, England

3 Hannah MARTIN b: ABT. 1680 in Wiltshire, England

4 Rachel MARTIN b: ABT. 1682

5 Moses MARTIN b: 9 MAR 1685/86 in Middleton, Chester, Pennsylvania

6 Elinor MARTIN b: ABT. 1687 in Concord, Chester, Pennyslvania

7 George MARTIN b: ABT. 1689 in West Bradford, Chester, Pennsylvania

8 Marjoy MARTIN b: ABT. 1689 in Concord, Chester, Pennyslvania

MOSES MARTIN born March 09, 1685/86 in England & died Abt. 1738 in Uwchlan, Chester Co PA. Before moving to Uwchlan, he lived in Middletown Twp. He was the son of THOMAS MARTIN and MARGERY MENDENHALL. He married MARGARET BATTIN 1714 in Chester (now Del) Co PA.


1 JOHN MARTIN, born March 03, 1717/18 in 3rd da 1st mo, Chester (now Del) Co PA; died November 26, 1761 in Birmingham Twp Chester Co PA; married Hannah Dilworth.

2 ADAM MARTIN, born December 05, 1716 in Chester (now Del) Co PA.

3 GEORGE MARTIN, born January 03, 1717/18 in Chester (now Del) Co PA; died 1800 in Chatham NC; married SARAH DIXON.

4. HANNAH MARTIN, born May 15, 1720 in 15th da 3rd mo; married SAMUEL BATTIN January 1748/49. There is question about how Hannah married for more read below

5 MARY MARTIN, born May 29, 1722 in 29th da 3rd mo.

6. MOSES MARTIN JR., born October 02, 1721 in Aston Chester (now Del) Co PA; died June 1793 in Stokes NC; married MARY EVANS September 12, 1749 in Lancaster Co PA.

7 MARGARET MARTIN, born December 21, 1729 in Chester (now Del) Co PA.

8 RACHEL MARTIN, born October 10, 1731; married (1) SAMUEL BATTIN January 1749/50 in Philadelphia; married (2) JOB WARD September 19, 1759 in Wilmington, New Castle Co, DE.

9. SUSANNA MARTIN, born June 18, 1734

This was email to me that webpage had mistake in it.

The children of Moses and Margaret (Battin) Martin seem to include Adam, John, Hannah, Mary, Margaret, George, Rachel, Susannah, and Moses.

There might be a mistake in the fact that Hannah married Samuel Battin. Hannah Martin married John Smith ca. 1737, contrary to Friends discipline. Note from Janet: I think there is mistake Hannah husband being John Smith. List below is the marriage of Hannah Martin being Quaker this would marriage would not please the Quaker Elders for they were marry in the PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH but could made a ments by the time they are found in NC On 5mo. 28, 1758 Hannah Smith was granted a certificate by Chester MM, PA to Cane Creek MM, NC.

Rachel Martin, sister of Hannah, married her first cousin, Samuel Battin, in January 1749/50 in Philadelphia. Samuel died in the first part of 1755. Rachel (Martin) Battin m/2 on 9 mo., 19, 1759 at Old Swedes Church in Wilmington, Del., I did find a Samuel Battin will saying that his wife was Rachel but there was not maiden name.

Church: Part I: FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Marriages 1702-1745: Philadelphia, PA

10, 6, 1736, Martin, Hannah, and Richard Smith.

Hannah Martin married John Smith ca. 1737, contrary to Friends discipline. The should read Richard not John

Moses Martin Birth: 2 OCT 1727 in Aston, CHESTER Co. PA. Death: JUN 1793 in STOKES Co. NC. m'd MARY EVANS b: ABT. 1729 in 12 SEP 1749 in Lancaster, LANCASTER Co. PA.


1 Moses Martin b: 12 Jan 1755 in Bedford Co., VA m'd Ann Heath

2 Aley Martin b: 1759 in Bedford Co., VA

3 John Martin b: 1757 in Bedford Co., VA

4 George Martin b: 1761 in Bedford Co., VA

5 James Martin b: 1763 in Bedford Co., VA

6 Anne Martin b: 1765 in Bedford Co., VA

7 Margaret Martin b: 1767 in Bedford Co., VA

8 Zachariah Martin b: 1769 in Bedford Co., VA

9 William Martin b: 1770 in Bedford Co., VA

10 Jonathan Martin b: 1771 in Bedford Co., VA

11 Jesse Martin b: 1773 in Bedford Co., VA

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Moses Martin b: 12 Jan 1755 in Bedford Co., VA m'd Ann Heath. Ann Heath is the daughter of Thomas Heath b. Surry Co., VA and Sarah (Unknown). Thomas died 1772 in NC. Thomas was Exector of his mother's will and his will was filled in 1772 in NC. If there were more children they were not included in the will. Ann Heath siblings are: Mary; Thomas; Adam; Richard d. Warren Co., GA m. Rebecca ___; Abraham d. Warren Co., GA m. Winnefred ___; John d. Barnwell Dist., SC m. Lucy ___

Jonathan Martin b abt 1770 in VA d before Oct 2 1843, Hardin County, Tennesssee m'd BET. 1790 - 1800 in Surry/Stokes Frances (Frankie) TAYLOR b: ABT. 1774 in Surry County, North Carolina, d after 1860 Lawrence County, ARK. Frances is found living with daughter Sarah B Martin and her husband Henry Wells.


p 46

pg 546 Martin, Jonathan W. Martin- Chisley Garrison appointed administrator of the estate of Jonathan W. Martin

p 101

pg 64 Martin Jonathan W. Inventory, Returned by Chisley Garrison administrator of the estate of Jonathan W Martin Oct 2 1843

p 186

pg 152-153 Martin, Jonathan W- Settlement with Chisley Garrison, the administrato of the estate of Jonathan W martin 28 March 1845


1 Seth MARTIN b: ABT. 1795 in Tennessee

2 Sion Taylor MARTIN b: ABT. 1805 in Tennessee

3 Rebecca MARTIN b: 25 APR 1809 in Tennessee

4 Leroy MARTIN b: ABT. 1810 in Tennessee md MARTHA b: ABT. 1811 in Tennessee

5 Sarah B. MARTIN b: ABT. 1813 in Tennessee

6 John Sedley MARTIN b: UNKNOWN

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SETH MARTIN b ABT. 1795 in Tennessee d BEF. 1860 in Tishomingo County, Mississippi Parents Jonathan MARTIN b: BET. 1770 - 1780 and Frances (Frankie) TAYLOR b: ABT. 1774 in Surry County, North Carolina m'd Frances HOLBERT


1 Richard b 1810-20 Closer to 1820 then 1810

2 Mary Wilson b 1822 TN md James P Martin

3 William Holbert b abt 1825 TN md Frances Euphricia Pratt 1823 - 1865 *2nd Wife of William H. Martin md Samantha Paralee Christian 1839 - 1871

4 Margaret Ariel b January 22,1828 TN md Moses L Martin

5 Elizabeth b 4 DEC 1829 md Charles Ryan 1820 - 1902

6 Moses W b abt 1835 TN md Lydia Moore

7 John R b abt 1838 TN Unknown what happen to him

8 Francis b 1839 MS md George W. Howell

SION Taylor MARTIN b ABT. 1805 in Tennessee d ABT. 1864 in Fulton County, Arkansas Burial: 1864 Sharp County, Arkansas Note: Sion Taylor Martin's first name, Sion, is shown on the 1840 census for Hardin County, TN, and the 1860 census for Fulton County AR. m'd ABT. 1824 in Probably Tennessee Elizabeth SMITHEE b: ABT. 1808 in Caswell County, North Carolina


1 Dillery MARTIN

2 Zachary MARTIN

3 Milbra Riddle MARTIN b: 21 AUG 1825 in Hardin County, Tennessee

4 Hamilton Bradford (Hamp) MARTIN b: 6 FEB 1829 in Tennessee found in 1860 census Lawrence Co ARK. Wife Sarah age 23 and daugther Catharine age 2

5 Leroy D. MARTIN b: ABT. 1831

6 Samuel Lewis MARTIN b: 22 MAY 1833 in Tennessee

7 Nancy MARTIN b: 1835 in Tennessee

8 Sion Taylor "Sipe" MARTIN b: 6 FEB 1837 in Tennessee

9 Sarah L. MARTIN b: 19 FEB 1841

10 Leah K. MARTIN b: ABT. 1842 in Tennessee

M'd 2 abt 1844 Martha Ann HOAGE b: ABT. 1820 in Georgia


1 John MARTIN b: ABT. 1854 in Arkansas

2 Martha MARTIN b: ABT. 1859

3 Unknown MARTIN

4 Mary Carolyn MARTIN b: ABT. 1846 in Arkansas

5 Solomon MARTIN b: ABT. 1851 in Arkansas

REBECCA MARTIN b 25 APR 1809 in Tennessee m'd Chesley GARRISON b: ABT. 1806 in Tennessee. Chesley was the administrator of the estate of Jonathan W. Martin in Hardin County, TN


1 Ezekial GARRISON b: ABT. 1832

2 Leroy D. GARRISON b: ABT. 1836

3 Mary A. GARRISON b: ABT. 1841

4 Cintha E. GARRISON b: ABT. 1845


Lawrence, AR 1850 Federal Census

42 162 162 Martin Le*oy D 40 M . Farmer 300 Tenn

1 162 162 Martin Martha 41 F . . . Tenn . . . . Handwritten page #392 on left side of page

2 162 162 Martin Emily E 17 F . . . Tenn . X . . .

3 162 162 Martin Mary L 16 F . . . Tenn . X . . .

4 162 162 Martin Susanah 14 F . . . Arks . X . . .

5 162 162 Martin Cyntha 12 F . . . Tenn . X . . .

6 162 162 Martin Sarah R 10 F . . . Tenn . X . . .

7 162 162 Martin Johnathan 8 M . . . Arks . . . . .

8 162 162 Martin Thomas 6 M . . . Arks

SARAH B. MARTIN b ABT. 1813 in Tennessee Census: 1850 Lawrence County, Arkansas, p. 394. m'd Henry P. WELLS b: ABT. 1824 in Tennessee. Found here in 1860 Census Lawrence, AR 1850 Federal Census

33 179 179 Wells Henry P 26 M . Farmer 100 Tenn . . . . .

34 179 179 Wells Sarah B 37 F . . . Tenn . . . . .

35 179 179 Wells Rebecca F 3 F . . . Arks . . . . .

36 179 179 Wells Johnathan D 1 M . . . Arks . . . .

Sarah and Henry Children

1 Rebecca A. WELLS b: ABT. 1847

2 Jonathan D. WELLS b: ABT. 1849



1 Tinsley Dill MARTIN b: 11 APR 1825 d 4 MAY 1900 in Stone County, Arkansas Burial: 4 MAY 1900

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Mary Wilson Martin b 1822 TN md Rev James Parkson (Rev) b 19 Feb 1819 In Lawrence , Al. d 1 Jan 1884 buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery #2, Wise Co, TX . His family consisted of 4 son and two daughters. One son and one daughters died in infancy.


1 Francis Marion Martin b: 22 Jun 1844 in Mississippi

2 William H. Martin b: ABT 1848 in Mississippi

3 Ervin F. Martin b: ABT 1860 in Mississippi died in fancy

4 Seth Taylor Martin b: ABT 1880 in Mississippi

5 daughter unknown die young

6 daughter unknown

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Wondering if one of the daughters were name Frances after the grandmother?

3 William H. MARTIN b ABT. 1825 in Tennessee, probably Hardin County d ABT. 1878 in Wise County, Texas

M'd 1 Frances Euphricia Pratt b: Abt. 1823 in Hardin County, Tennessee m: March 05, 1846 in Monroe County, Mississippi d: Abt. 1865 in Van Buren County Arkansas


1 Mary J. MARTIN b: ABT. 1847 in Mississippi, probably Tishomingo County

2 James Wilson MARTIN b: 15 JUL 1850 in Tishomingo County, Mississippi m'd Emily Jane McCullough

3 Susanna E. MARTIN b: ABT. 1853 in Mississippi, probably Tishomingo County

4 Joseph Holbert MARTIN b: 17 JUL 1857 in Arkansas, probably Van Buren County d: September 20, 1928 in Ada, Oklahoma m'd Emma Ellen Long b: April 28, 1871

5 Seth W. MARTIN b: 1860 in Arkansas, probably Van Buren County Believed to have died young

M'd Samantha Paralee Christian b: Abt. 1839 in Tennessee, maybe Sullivan County m: March 25, 1869 in Franklin County, Illinois d: Abt. 1871 in Illinois, probably Franklin County


1 Laura Francis Martin b: December 20, 1869 in Du Quion, Illinois d: March 23, 1955 in Bridgeport, Texas md Thomas Frank Buckingham b: October 02, 1885 in Missouri m: June 14, 1888 in Bethel, Booneville, Wise County, Texas d: September 29, 1953 in Dallas, Texas

4 Margaret Ariel b January 22,1828 TN m'd December 30. 1845 Moses Lydall Martin Moses L Martins Bible state that Margaret A Martin b January 22, 1828 d died July 13,1898

Rev. Moses and Margaret Martin children are

1) Robert Franklin b 24 Oct 1846 in Mississippi

(Notes for Robert Franklin Martin: Robert Martin never came to Texas to live. More About Robert Franklin Martin: Baptism: 1848, By Rev. David McClung)

2) Frances Louise J. b 28 Mar 1848 in Miss; d 01 Feb 1891 m'd William A Sweeny

3) Mary F J. "Flori-tine" ( in the census her name was Mary W. E.) b 22 Feb 1850 in Miss (born 22 February 1850 in Booneville, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; died 23 March 1874 in Mississippi).

4) William S b 12 Nov 1851 in Booneville, Prentiss Co, Miss (was Tishomingo Co); d 09 Feb 1933 in Newcastle, Young Co, TX. m'd in Lone Grove, Carter Co. OK. on 04 April 1889 to Laura Eulalia Appleby b 27 Aug 1872 in Indian Terr, Ok; d 30 Oct 1938 Newcastle, Young Co, TX. (William Stinson Martin, born 12 November 1851 in Booneville, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; died 09 February 1933 in Newcastle, Young County, Texas).

5) Seth T b 11 Nov 1853 in Miss m'd Mary B (Seth T. Martin, born 11 November 1853 in Booneville, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; died 07 February 1891 in Texas).

6) * Martha Ann b 05 Aug 1855 in Miss; d 23 Feb 1922/1920 in Vinson, Greer Co, Okla. m'd James Calvin Scivally in 1877 Wise Co. Tx. He was born in 04 June 1852

7) James Washington b 19 June 1857 in Booneville, Tishomingo Co ( now Prentiss Co). Miss d 21 May 1929 in Duke, Jackson Co, Ok m'd Mary Tabitha Ward in 1876 in Texas

8) Sarah Lucy b 31 Jan 1860 in Miss. d June 1945 in Dallas TX .(born 31 January 1860 in Booneville, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; died 31 December 1949 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas)

(9) Emeline Hershel Martin, born 15 February 1865 in Booneville, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; died 22 July 1942 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.)

(10) Moses Lydell Martin, Jr., born 29 November 1866 in Booneville, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; died 07 December 1889).

(11) Euterpa nb 26 March 1862 in Booneville, Tishomingo Co., Miss d 30 Dec 1940 m'd 1st Woodruff and 2nd William Poe ( Euterpa Martin born 02 March 1862 in Booneville, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; died 30 December 1940 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas)

(12) Sam Ella b 10 Dwc 1870 in Holly Springs, Mashall, Miss. d 06 Nov 1952 in Altus, Jackson Co. Ok. m'd Luke Burns on 02 Nov 1886 in Wise Co, Texas . Luke was b Pochontas, Cape Girardeau, Mo. d 19 Apr 1944 in Mangum, Greer Co, Ok. Here name could have been Samantha

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5 Elizabeth MARTIN b 4 DEC 1829 d 15 JUN 1900 m'd 1847 Charles RYAN b: 22 JAN 1820 in Tuscalooosa County, Alabama

Note: Information on Charles Ryan and descendants furnished by Ruby Magers. See article on Dr. Charles Ryan written in Goodspeed's Bilgraphical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi in 1891


1 Sarah Frances RYAN b: 5 MAR 1848

2 Kiziah A. RYAN b: 1850

3 Elizabeth A. RYAN b: 3 APR 1852 in Tishomingo County Mississippi

4 Arthur M. RYAN b: 1855 in Tishomingo County Mississippi

5 Mary J. "Mollie" RYAN b: 1857 in Tishomingo County Mississippi

6 Margaret Caroline "Maggie" RYAN

7 Charles Alonzo RYAN

8 Malverdie RYAN

9 William P. RYAN b: 12 MAY 1875 in Tishomingo County Mississippi

6 Moses W. MARTIN m'd Lydia MOORE


1 Martha Belle MARTIN


SETH T. MARTIN born Tishomingo Co., Miss., Nov. 11, 1853; married M. B. Ward, Dec. 1874 and moved to Texas with her father (wrong!), the Rev. Moses L. Martin; she died Jan. 12, 1883; he married Mattie B. Martin, Sept. 6, 1883; had 6 surviving children. He died Feb. 1, 1891. (note from Janet: Seth T Martin father was Rev. Moses L. Martin son. His second wife was Martha Belle MARTIN) Martha Belle father was Moses W Martin, son of Seth Martin, Moses W Martin's wife Lydia Moore

7 Frances MARTIN b 1839 M'd 1861 George W. HOWELL



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Jonathan Martin family tree

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