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Generation No. 10

James Pendleton (Thomas, James, James, Henry, Philip). Married Miss Conner. Issue: I. French Pendleton(, now (1868) living with one son in Culpeper.; II. Edmund Pendleton, d. in Confederate Army, 1863.; III. Henry Clay Pendleton, living, 1868.; IV. Daniel Pendleton, went to Missouri.; V. John Pendleton, went to Missouri. They both went west about 1833, and have left large families.; VI. Alexander Pendleton(. No issue.; VII. George W. Pendleton, d. leaving two or three sons, who went west. VIII. Catlett Pendleton, d. 1824, unmarried.;

John Strother Pendleton (William, James, James, Henry, Philip), b. 1802; d. November 19, 1868. Married (1824) Lucy Ann Williams, daughter of Major Gen'l James Williams, of Orange Co., Va. James Strother was a lawyer by profession, a member of the General Assembly from Culpeper, from 1830 to '33; a member from Rappahannock from 1836 to '39; representative of the Mt. Vernon District in Congress from 1845 to '48.

James French Pendleton (William, James, James, Henry, Philip), was a lawyer by profession; clerk of the County of Smyth, Va., from 1831 to '57-'58, then appointed by Gov. Henry A. Wise to succeed Col. Charles Morgan as Superintendent of the State Prison at Richmond, Va., with an interruption of two years; returning to the same employment and was there in 1868. Married Narcissa Cecil, daughter of Samuel Cecil, of Tazewell Co., Va. He had twelve sons and three daughters, of whom five are living. Issue: I. Albert Gallatin Pendleton. Married Miss Tinsley, of Amherst Co., Va.; II. John S. Pendleton. Married Miss Venable, of Smyth Co., Va.; III. James French Pendleton.; IV. William C. Pendleton.; V. Edmund Pendleton.

Albert Gallatin Pendleton (William, James, James, Henry, Philip), was a lawyer by profession, which he pursued actively for thirty-five years and was still pursuing in 1868. He has been on different occasions a member of the General Assembly of Virginia, and was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1851. Married (1831) Elvina, daughter of Henley Chapman, of Giles Co., Va. He has no living son, but three daughters.; I. Nannie Pendleton, the oldest daughter, married Philip William Strother, son of the late James French Strother of Culpeper Co., Va. He was representative of the Culpeper district at the age of twenty-five in the last Legislature permitted to be held in the State of Virginia. "All the data that ends with 1868 was taken from MS. of John Strother Pendleton."

Edward Henry Pendleton (Edmund, Henry, James, Henry, Philip). Married Jaquelin Smith Mills, of Washington, D. C.

Thornton Presley Cocke Pendleton (Edmund, Henry, James, Henry, Philip). Married Emily Richardson, of Clarke Co., Va. Issue:; I. John Pendleton.; II. Edmund Pendleton.; III. Philip Pendleton. IV. Robert Pendleton.; V. Elizabeth Pendleton.; VI. Helen Pendleton.; VII. Emma Pendleton.;VIII. Sophia Pendleton. IX. Virginia Pendleton.;X. Charlotte Pendleton.;

Robert Ward Pendleton,(Edmund, Henry, James, Henry, Philip). b. 1814; d. 1861. Married Sophia Chaffee, of Baltimore, Md. Issue: I. Matilda Chaffee Pendleton, d. single.; II. Grace Pendleton, d. unmarried.; III. Sophie Pendleton.; IV. Edmund Pendleton.; V. Albert Randolph Pendleton. Married Florence Harden; lives in Baltimore, Md., The Arundel, Charles St., N. Edmund Pendleton married Mrs. Virginia Kennedy and now lives in Chicago.

Mary Ann Pendleton (Edmund, Henry, James, Henry, Philip), eldest child of Edmund Pendleton, b. November 15, 1800;d. March, 1878. Married (1831) William Foushee, of Culpeper Co., Va. Issue: III. Helen M. Pendleton Foushee, b. 1832. Married (1854) John H. Gaines, of Arkansas.V. Jaquelin Pendleton Foushee, b. 1836. Married (1853) James Kemp Wysham, of Baltimore, Md. (Mrs. Wysham sent me her MS., which has been of great assistance in preparing this sketch.)

Philip Peter Pendleton (Edmund, Henry, James, Henry, Philip), b. 1816. Married Mary Jane Leeke, of Baltimore, Md. Issue:

I. David Ellis Pendleton, served three years in the Confederate Army. Married Laura Clay Slater, of Harrisonburg, Va. Issue: I. Phillip P. Pendleton, d. 1875.

II. Nathan Smith Pendleton, b. 1856. Married Janie Patterson, of Baltimore, Md. Issue: Three children.

Susan Verdier Sheperd Pendleton (William, William, Nathaniel, Henry, Philip), b. 1813; d. 1888. Married James Campbell Orrick. Issue: I. Rev. William Pendleton Orrick, Dean of the Cathedral, at Reading, Pa.; II. Virginia Pendleton Orrick((8)),;

VI. Robert S. Pendleton (William, William, Nathaniel, Henry, Philip), b. 1824; d. 1880. Married Mary A. Pfeiffer. Issue: I. Mary M. Pendleton.; II. William H. Pendleton. Married Ellen Wright.; III. J. Philip B. Pendleton. Married Edith Hower.; IV. Robert Edmund Pendleton.;

William Henry Pendleton (William, William, Nathaniel, Henry, Philip), b. 1817; d. 1873. Married Henrietta, daughter of Dr. Philip Grymes Randolph; was ordained at the Theological Seminary, 1843. Had parishes in Fauquier, Roanoke, and Bedford counties; was an eloquent preacher and an indefatigable worker.


I. Lucy Welford Randolph Pendleton b June 26 1851 d unmarried July 10,1926

II. Susie Randolph Pendleton b April 9,1853

III. Mary Randolph Pendleton b Oct 5,1854 d Nov 29,1856

IV. Philip Randolph Pendleton b Jan 4,1858 d Apr 15,1875

V. Henrietta Grymes Pendleton b Mar 10,1800 d unmarried Sept 17,1925

VI. Ellen Shepherd Pendleton b Mar 21,1862 d May 19,1894 md Sept 13,1892 Lionel Perry-Ayscough

VII. Garnett Peyton Pendleton b Oct 8,1864 md Oct 2,1894 William Dabney Wirt

VIII. Rev. William Henry Kinkle Pendleton, of Marietta, Ohio b Jan 17,1867 md July 28,1897 Elizabeth Forrer Chapman.

IX Robert Carter b Feb 2,1870 died Sept 1,1824

ANTHONY KENNEDY (NANCY CLAYTON PENDLETON, PHILIP, NATHANIEL, HENRY , PHILIP) was born December 21, 1810 in Baltimore, Maryland, and died July 31, 1892 in Annapolis, Maryland. He married SARAH STEPHENA DANDRIDGE.

ANTHONY KENNEDY was a Senator from Maryland; was sent by his parents to Charles Town, Va. (now West Virginia), in 1821, where he attended Jefferson Academy; studied law and also engaged in agricultural pursuits; member Virginia house of delegates 1839-1843; magistrate on the bench of the Jefferson County Court in Virginia for 10 years; unsuccessful Whig candidate for election in 1844 to the 29th Congress; declined the offer of President Fillmore as consul to Havana, Cuba, in 1850; returned to Baltimore, Md., in 1851; member Maryland house of delegates 1856; elected by the American Party to the United States Senate and served from March 4, 1857, to March 3, 1863; delegate to the State constitutional convention in 1867; retired from political life and resided on his farm near Ellicott City, Howard County, Md., died in Annapolis, Md., July 31, 1892; interment in Greenmount Cemetary, Baltimore, Md.


1.STEPHEN DANDRIDGE KENNEDY, b. May 25, 1834, Jefferson County, Virginia.

STEPHEN DANDRIDGE KENNEDY was educated at Virginia Military Institute, University of Virginia & University of Maryland. Served in the United States Navy as assistant surgeon and also served on U.S. Frigate "Colorado" during the Civil War.

PHILIP PENDLETON COOKE (MARIA PENDLETON, PHILIP, NATHANIEL, HENRY, PHILIP) was born October 26, 1816 in Martinsburg, Virginia, and died January 20, 1850.He was admitted to the bar in 1836 and was married the next year to Anne Corbin Taylor, daughter of Judge Nelson Burwell. In 1845 he removed to "The Vineyard," an estate of one thousand acres near Ashby's Gap, Va., where he was known as the "Nimrod of the Shenandoah."

He was graduated at Princeton in the class of 1834, then took up the study of law with his father, and was engaged in the practice of his profession before he had attained his majority. He had, however, little love for legal work, preferring literature and field sports, to both of which he was devoted. Prior to his death he had become famous as the greatest huntsman in the Shenandoah Valley. His reputation as a poet is a most creditable one; at an early period he published a number of poems in the "Knickerbocker Magazine," and was also a frequent contributor to the "Southern Literary Messenger." He was stately and impressive in manner and a brilliant conversationalist. His only publication in book form was "Froissart Ballads, and other poems," Philadelphia, 1847. At the time of his death he was publishing serially a romance entitled "Chevalier Merlin." His short lyrics, "Florence Vane," "To My Daughter Lily," and "Rosa Lee," were very popular. The first named has been translated into many languages, and has been set to music by celebrated composers. Among his tales are "John Carpe," "The Crime of Andrew Blair," and "The Gregories of Hackwood."


1.Lieutenant Nathaniel Cooke, joined Confederate States Army at 15; served as Cpl., 2nd Infantry Company C, Virginia; Lieutenant Artillery, Cooper's Company, Virginia.



1.BENJAMIN STROTHER NICKLIN, b. 1831; d. 1873.Captain Benjamin Strother Nicklin, United States Army (Union), 1861-1865. m'd Oct 25 1853 Sarah White Hersey

2.SAMUEL CHURCH NICKLIN, b. 1840; d. 1911.Served in the Union Army, 1861-1865.m'd Sept 7,1865 Harriet Utley

3. JOHN BAILEY NICKLIN, b. 1843; d. 1919.Served in the Union Army, 1861-1865.m'd Elizabeth Kaylor

4 Elizabeth Catherine b Nov 29, 1833 d Sept 10,1910 m'd Jan 16,1857 Espy Connely

5 Mary Marshall b Mar 19,1838 d Sept 29,1911 m'd Mar 15,1865 John Nelson Emery

6 Lucy Crane b Apr 28,1846 d Oct 2,1846

7 Martha Virginia b Mar 9,1836 d May 22,1838

8 Laura Pendleton b Sept 5,1848 d Apr 10,1872 m'd 1871 Dr Charles B. Ansart

9 William Fuller b Mar 11,1853 d Feb 18,1858

John Lewis Pendleton (John, Edmund, John, Henry, Philip), b. 1790. Married Miss Magruder, sister of Gen'l John B. Magruder and niece of Gen'l Bankhead. He was for many years clerk of the courts of Caroline. He had a good many children of whom the writer only knew: I. John Lewis Pendleton((7)), Jr. No issue.; II. William Armistead Pendleton((7)). Married Miss Cox; he lives in St. Louis and has a number of children.;

Dr. David (Dr. William ,Henry, John, Henry, Philip), b. 1832; d. 1859. Married Juliana Hunter.


1 Charles Pottie d in infancy

2 John Hunter b Jan 22,1858 md June 23.1891 Louisa White: children Nancy, Hilah, Hunter and John

Maj. Joseph H (Dr. Joseph, Henry, John, Henry, Philip). b in 1827 d in 1818, Md in 1848 Margaret Campbell Ewing, daughter of Albert Gallatin and Jane Campbell Ewing.


1 Joseph b 1850

2 John Overton b July 4,1851 d Dec 24,1916

3 Henry H b 1853

4 Elizabeth Winston b 1855

5 Ida Ewing b 1858 md 1876 Frank Jepson

6 Virginia C b 1816 ,d 1888 Andrew Wilison

7 Margaret J b in 1866 md 1892 George Hughes

DR Madison (Edmund, Henry, John, Henry, Philip). b Jan 9,1809, d May 18,1871,md Dec 17,1829 his cousin Elizabeth Kimbrough Barrett, daughter of Peter Strachan and Matilda Winston Pendleton Barrett


1 John Barrett C.S.A. b Oct 21,1830 d July 10,1861 md Dce 16,1858 Sallie Anne Meredith. One know daughter Bettie Strachan. He was member Twenty-third Virginia Regiment, Garnett's command at Rich Mountain, 1861; d. at Laurel Hill in the deplorable war, in which he was engaged as volunteer.

2 Edmund Strachan . b May,9,1833 d Dec 27,1909 md 1st Dec 7,1856 Susan Mansfield Trice and 2nd Dec 19,1883 Sallie Woolfolk Flippo

3 Charles b Nov 30,1835 d Feb 10,1918 md May 2,1870 Lucy Turner Chandler

4. William Barret b Feb 12,1838 d Jan 17,1914 md May 3,1870 his cousin Mrs. Juliana Pendleton Meredith

5 Joseph Madison b Feb 3,1840 d Apr 30,1843

6 Philip Henry b Apr 4,1842 killed at Bloody Angle 1864 unmarried.

Joseph Kimbrough Pendleton (Col. Edmund, Henry, John, Henry,Philip)

I. Dr. Lewis Pendleton m'd in Anne Terrel Kean

2 Jan Clay Brooke b 1841 d 1870,md 1866 John Hunter

3 Henry b 1849 d 1896

William Kimbrough Pendleton (Col. Edmund, Henry, John, Henry, Philip), President Bethany College; member Constitutional Convention, W. Va., 1872; d. 1899. Married 1st Oct,1840 Lavinia Campbell, daughter of Alexander Campbell; 2nd July,1848 to his first wife sister Clarinda Campbell; 3rd Sept 18,1855, Catherine Huntington King daughter of Judge Leicester King of Hartford, Conn.and Warren,Ohio and his wife Julia Ann Huntington.

1st marriage

1. Alexander Campbellina Pendleton, b. 1841, d 1919

2nd marriage

II. William Campbell Pendleton, b. 1849, d 1992, married Helen K. Austin. Issue: I. Austin Campbell Pendleton, b. 1881.II Virginia and III Thorn

III. Clarinda Huntington Pendleton, b. Aug. 25, 1856. M'd Jan 30,1879 Joseph Rucker Lamar, of Augusta, Ga. Issue: I Philip; II. William Pendleton Lamar,III Mary

IV. Huntington King Pendleton, b. Sept 7,1861, m'd June 5,1884 Martha Wellman Paxton. Katherine; Mary: George, Jean.

V. Philip Yancey Pendleton, b. Sept 25,1863 d Feb 1,1930. M'd 1st Ada Harvout Loyd daughter of Isaac and Eleanor Ford Huaruot and 2nd Apr 29,1928 Pearl Marie Butler, daughter of Irving Daniel and Delia Cress Burler Issue:I. William Lamar Pendleton, b. 1895.; II. Eleanor Pendleton, b. 1898.

VI. Winston Kent Pendleton, b. Oct 24,1869. M'd Dec 27,1897 Daisy Bell Watt. daughter Stewart and Anne Bunday Watt Children: I. Stewart Watt, Catherine, Alexander, Winston and Joe

VII. Dwight Lyman Pendleton, b. Oct 14,1871. M'dNov 29, 1899 Sarah Tebbs Prewitt.

Dr. Philip Barbour Pendleton (Col. Edmund, Henry, John, Henry, Philip)b Dec 13,1819 d Mar 16,1907 m'd Dec 16,1847 his cousin Jane Kimbrough Holladay daughter Waller Holladay and his wife Sarah Smith Kimbrough.

I. Madison Henry b May 22,1849 d in 1927 M'd Feb 5,1878 E. Mildred Davis.;

II. Eugene Pendleton, M. D. B June 22,1851 d Sept 9,1926 M'd Sept 9,1880 Elizabeth B. Pendleton. Child: I. John Barrett; II. Eugene Barbour; III. Lewis Smith

III. Sally Louise Pendleton, married Rev. Isaac. J. Spencer. Issue:

IV. Joseph Kimbrough b Feb 11,1855. M'd Jan 2,1896 Ida Kaufman.

V. William Waller b Sept 26,1856 M'd Nov 6,1884 Blanche Craighill. Issue: I. Philip C. Pendleton.

VI. Ella Kimbrough b Mar 3,1860 m'd Feb 23,1881 Daniel Setphens McCarthy. Issue:

VII. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Yancy b Jan 12,1862 M'd May 4,1886 William Percy Thornton. Issue:

VIII. Philip Barbour Pendleton, Jr. b June 23,1868 d June 5,1908 m'd July 3,1906 Alma Florence Stafford daughter of Charles Ralph and Julia Anne Kuhan Stafford.

Major Joseph H. Pendleton (Dr. Joseph, Henry, John, Henry, Philip), b. 1827; d. 1881. Married, 1848, Margaret Ewing. Attorney-at-law; member House of Delegates, Va., 1863; brevetted Lieut. Colonel C. S. A. Issue: I. Joseph Pendleton, b. 1850; II. Henry H. Pendleton, b. 1853; Consul to Southampton, England, 1887-1889; Assist. Attorney Gen. W. Va.; III. Elizabeth W. Pendleton, b. 1855.; IV. John O. Pendleton, b. 1857; Member of Congress from W. Va., 1889-'-.; V. Ida C. Pendleton, b. 1858, married, 1876, Frank P. Jepson. Issue:; VI. Virginia C. Pendleton, b. 1861. Married, 1885, Andrew W. Wilson. Issue: (I. John Pendleton Wilson.); VII. Margaret J. Pendleton((7)), b. 1866. Married, 1892, Geo. S. Hughes. Issue: (I. John Pendleton Hughes).;

VI. John O. Pendleton (Dr. Joseph, Henry, John, Henry, Philip), b. 1829, married, 1851, Annie L. Harris. Issue:

I. Sarah Pendleton, b. 1852.

II. John Pendleton, b. 1861. Married, 1883, Corinne M. Davis. Issue:; I. Edmund C. Pendleton.; II. Annie L. Pendleton.; III. Ida D. Pendleton.; IV. Henry H. Pendleton.; V. David M. Pendleton.; VI. John S. Pendleton.; VII. Philip D. Pendleton.

The following familie can found on the PendletonII page

(BRIG. GENERAL and Rev) WILLIAM NELSON PENDLETON and Dr. Francis Walker (Edmund JR, Edmund Pendleton "JR", John, Henry, Philip) and Mildred (Edmund JR, Edmund Pendleton "JR", John, Henry, Philip) and James Lawrence (Edmund JR, Edmund Pendleton "JR", John, Henry, Philip) and Guerdon Huntingdon (Edmund JR, Edmund Pendleton "JR", John, Henry, Philip)

Hugh Nelson Pendleton(Edmund JR, Edmund "JR", John, Henry, Philip), of Clarke Co., Va., b. April 13, 1800; d. May 27,1875 exact age unknown; married, 20 February, 1829, Lucy Nelson, only child of Chancellor Robert Nelson (ninth child and youngest son of Gov. Thomas Nelson, Yorktown, York Co., Va.), and Judith Carter Page, his wife, who was the ninth surviving child and youngest daughter of Governor John Page, of Rosewell, Gloucester Co., Va., and Frances (called Fannie) Burwell, his first wife. Hugh Nelson Pendleton and Lucy Nelson, his first wife, For more on this family go to PendletonII page Children

I. Julia Pendleton, b. Jan 21,1830 ; d.July 23,1865. Married in 1856, James Allen, of Bedford Co., Va., who d. Aug., 1862. He was killed at Cold Harbor in 1862.

Hugh Nelson Pendleton married, second, about 1840, Elizabeth, daughter of Dudley Digges, of Louisa Co., Va., and Alice Page, widow of Dr. John A. Smith, of Yorktown, York Co., Va., his wife. Alice Page, the widow Smith, was the second surviving daughter, and about the sixth child of Gov. John Page and Frances (called Fannie) Burwell, his first wife. Hugh Nelson Pendleton and Elizabeth Digges, his wife, had issue:

1. Dudley Digges Pendleton, b. Mar 2,1840; removed to Shepherdstown, Jefferson Co., W. Va d Aug 24,1886. Being the eldest son of the eldest son, etc., he is the representative descendant of the Pendleton family in Va., and of John Pendleton, who belonged to the third generation of that family in Va. Dudley D. Pendleton married,Apr 25,1866, Helen Boteler, of Shepherdstown. They have several children. for more PendletonII

2. Robert Nelson Pendleton, b. about 1843. Married, about 1868, Fannces Hite Gibson, and removed to Wythe Co., Va. for more PendletonII

3. Kennith Pendleton, b.Oct 16,1852 d Unmarried Feb 16,1874

WILLIAM RITTENHOUSE PENDLETON, REV. (COLEMAN, PHILIP, JAMES, HENRY, PHILIP) was born March 09, 1811 in Putnam County, Georgia, and died July 07, 1841 in Baker County, Georgia. He married MARION K. JORDON April 02, 1835, daughter of THOMAS JORDON and PRISCILLA APPLEWHITE. She was born 1818 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, and died 1892 in Hart County, Georgia


1.EMILY JANE8 PENDLETON, b. April 27, 1836, Hancock, Georgia; d. July 05, 1887.

2.ANNA PENDLETON, b. August 13, 1837, Georgia; d. 1880; m. ROWLAND BROWN.

3.PHILLIP COLEMAN PENDLETON, b. December 17, 1838, Georgia; d. 1840.

4.MARY LOUISA PENDLETON, b. October 09, 1840, Georgia; d. July 09, 1841.

James Colemen Motley (ELIZABETH, PHILIP, JAMES, HENRY, PHILIP)b. 1787 Pittsylvania Co., VA- d. 1887 Aniston, AL)marr. Nancy Haynes (b. 1798 Morgan Co., GA- d. 1844 Morgan Co., GA) in 1817.

They became the parents of Mary Ann, Martha Ann, Sarah Jane, Coleman Pendleton, Elizabeth, Betsy & Jane Ann Missouri Motley.

PHILLIP COLEMAN PENDLETON, MAJOR (COLEMAN, PHILIP, JAMES, HENRY, PHILIP) was born November 17, 1812, and died June 19, 1869 in Putnam County, Georgia. He married CATHERINE SARAH MELISSA TEBEAU November 23, 1841, daughter of FREDERICK TEBEAU and HULDA LEWIS. PHILLIP COLEMAN PENDLETON, MAJOR: Military: in the Army during the Indian Wars in Florida. Major, 50th Georgia. Reg. C.S.A.Occupation: Established the "Southern Georgia Times" newspaper.


1. EDMUND TEBEAU PENDLETON, b. April 06, 1843; d. October 01, 1846.

2. WILLIAM FREDERICK PENDLETON, b. March 25, 1845, Georgia; d. November 05, 1927.m'd Mary Lawson Young

3. JAMES AUBREY PENDLETON, b. December 02, 1846; d. October 18, 1881.Misc.: Never married.

4.PHILLIP COLEMAN PENDLETON, JR., b. July 25, 1848; d. September 10, 1870.Never married.

5.CHARLES RITTENHOUSE PENDLETON, b. June 26, 1850, Georgia; d. January 16, 1914, Macon, Georgia. md Sarah Peeples

6.EMILY TEBEAU PENDLETON, b. December 30, 1852; d. 1914.Never married.

7.ALEXANDER SHAW PENDLETON, b. March 17, 1855, Sandersville, Virginia; d. April 13, 1925, Valdosta, Georgia.md Susan Parramore

8.MARY ZELLA PENDLETON, b. June 29, 1857.

9.LOUIS BEAUREGARD PENDLETON, b. April 21, 1861. Occupation: Author serials, short stories, novels and juveniles.including the Life of Alexander H Stephens for the American Crises Biography Series

10 NATHANIEL DANDRIDGE PENDLETON, BISHOP, b. February 19, 1865, Valdosta, Georgia. married twice

EDMUND MONROE PENDLETON, DR. (COLEMAN, PHILIP, JAMES, HENRY, PHILIP) was born March 19, 1815, and died January 26, 1884. He married SARAH JANE THOMAS November 27, 1838, daughter of MICAJAI THOMAS and ELIZABETH TURNER. She was born March 22, 1818, and died July 10, 1892.

Notes for EDMUND MONROE PENDLETON, DR.: For years was prominently identified with the developement of agriculture and agricultural science in the South. He orginated the Pendleton Formula for the manufacture of fertilizers, was the first to use animal matter as plant food, and he, with his son, William Micajah Pendleton, was the first to grind cotton seed cake into meal and use it as an ingedient in the manufacture of fertilizers. He was the first to develope the fact that phosphoric acid and nitrogen were the plant constituents that are first exhausted from the soil by cereal and cotton culture. He held the chair of Agriculture and Horticulture at the University of Georgia from 1872-1877. Dr. Pendleton was also a poet and an author as well as a scientist, being the author of the celebrated "Melancthon" papers in the days of the Know Nothings.

More About EDMUND MONROE PENDLETON, DR.: Education: 1837, Graduated from South Carolina Medical College and practiced in Sparta, Georgia. Misc.: Originated the "Pendleton Formula" for the manufacture of fertilizers. Occupation: Doctor-Scientist-Poet-Author of "Melancthon Papers"


1. MARY LOUIS PENDLETON, b. September 03, 1839, Georgia; d. December 15, 1839, Georgia.

2. ADELINE MARIAN PENDLETON, b. September 28, 1840, Georgia; d. October 17, 1840, Georgia.

3. ELIZA ANNE PENDLETON, b. November 09, 1841, Georgia; d. October 01, 1842, Georgia.

4. EMILY AUGUSTA PENDLETON, b. December 26, 1842, Georgia; d. October 26, 1843, Georgia.

5. EDMUND MONROE PENDLETON, JR., b. June 22, 1845, Georgia; d. March 13, 1861.

6. THOMAS PENDLETON, b. December 13, 1847, Georgia; d. February 20, 1892.

7. WILLIAM MICAJAH PENDLETON, b. August 29, 1849, Georgia.

8. SUSAN FRANCINA PENDLETON, b. July 24, 1851, Georgia; m. LLEWILLYN HUDSON MUSE, July 22, 1885, Georgia.

9. JAMES COLEMAN PENDLETON, b. May 28, 1853, Georgia; d. August 25, 1929.

10 FRANCIS RITTENHOUSE PENDLETON, b. August 25, 1854, Atlanta, Georgia; d. September 28, 1855, Atlanta, Georgia.

11.NATHANIEL AUBREY PENDLETON, b. February 12, 1856, Atlanta, Georgia; d. May 12, 1856, Atlanta, Georgia.

DR.Edmund Monroe(COLEMAN, PHILIP, JAMES, HENRY, PHILIP) b Mar 19,1815 d Jan 26 1884 md Sarah Jane Thomas daughter Rev Micajah and Elizabeth Anne Turner Thomas.


1 Mary Louise b Sept 3,1839 d Dec 15,1839

2 Adeline Marian b Oct 17,1840 d Sept 28,1840 This not right she could not have died before she was born.

3 Eliza Anne b Nov 9,1841 d Oct 1,1842

4 Emily Augusta b Dec 26,1842 d Oct 26,1843

5 Edmund Monroe b June 22,1845 d Mar 13,1861

6 Philip Thomas b Dec 13,1847 d Feb 20,1892 md Apr 6,1870 Martha Anne Nelson daughter Samuel Austin and Anna Maria Mallory Nelson

7 William Micajah b Aug 29,1849 md Nov 9,1870 Elizabeth Talmadge daughter of Thomas R and Amanda Goodwin Talmadge

8 Susan Francis b July 24,1851 md July 22,1885 Llewelyn Hudson Muse

9 James Coleman b May 28,1853 d Aug 25,1929 md Dec 20,1877 Bertha Eugenia Swift daughter of Richard L and Anna Tiskett Swift

10 Frances Rittenhouse b Aug 25,1854 d Sept 28,1855

11 Nathaniel Aubrey b Feb 12,1856 d May 12,1857



1.(MAJOR) ALBERT GALLATIN11 PENDLETON, b. 1836; d. 1901.

Major Albert Gallatin Pendleton, Confederate States Army, Date of enlistment April 18,1861. Captain of Company A, 4th Virginia Infantry, Stonewall Brigade. Promoted to Major and commanded the regiment during the battle of Kernstown. Served on the staff of General James A. Walker, who commanded the Stonewall Brigade.

2.JOHN STROTHER PENDLETON, b. 1838; d. 1917.He served as surgeon and physician in the Civil War, Confederate States Army.

3.WILLIAM CECIL PENDLETON, b. 1847. William Cecil Pendleton served as private in Virginia, Confederate States Army.

PHILIP PENDLETON GAINES (JAMES STROTHER, THOMAS, ISABELLA(WILLIAM GAINES), HENRY, PHILIP) was born December 04, 1811 in Grainger County, Tennessee, and died October 17, 1853 in Mobile, Alabama. He married (1) LUCY ANN GREGG June 02, 1832 in Wilcox County, Alabama. He married (2) REBECCA PIPPIN May 17, 1845 in Washington County, Alabama.


1.SGT. ROBERT HENRY GREGG GAINES, b. November 11, 1841, Wilcox County, Alabama; d. January 12, 1922, Rayville, Louisiana; m. OPHELIA HESTLE, July 13, 1865, Wilcox County, Alabama.

SGT. ROBERT HENRY GREGG GAINES was a "Confederate Medal of Honor" recipient. The highest honor the South could bestow on one of her own soldiers. Confederate Medal of Honor Citation: Sergeant Robert Henry Gregg Gaines, 23rd Alabama, Confederate States of America, Battle of Bakers Creek, Mississippi, 16 May 1863: "With his brigade repulsed and in disarray, having fought most of the morning against overwhelming numbers of the enemy intent on flanking the left of the army, Sergeant Gaines nevertheless went forward again, joining Cockrell's and Green's brigades in the last desperate attack of the day. Driving the enemy more than a mile, the advance recaptured the guns of Waddell's Alabama Battery. Seeing that the gun crews had been decimated by casualties and capture, Sergeant Gaines single-handedly turned a 12-pounder howitzer on the retreating enemy. Working the gun unassisted, he swabbed, loaded, primed, aimed, and fired the piece more than a dozen times, all with telling effect. The superior strength of the foe, however, eventually stopped the Confederate advance and in a desperate counterattack, shattered the left of the Army, Yet despite this disaster, Sergeant Gaines with the aid of several volunteers, withdrew his piece from the battlefield in good order."

Today, Sgt. Robert Henry Gregg Gaines' Confederate Medal of Honor is on permanent public display at Confederate Memorial Park, near Mountain Creek in the heart of Alabama.At the end of the war Sgt. Gaines rose to the rank of Captain.

Sgt. Robert Henry Gregg Gaines wife OPHELIA HESTLE. As the sun set in the winter sky, William Norris folded his grandfather's war jacket and presented it to his grieving grandmother. Ophelia Gaines returned to Alabama after her husband's death, passing away at Fairfield on 18 Dec. 1923. Family tradition holds that a short time before her death, she visited many of the places she and her husband held dear... and that at one of them, perhaps beside a wooded path under the pines and oaks where the whip-poor-will still clearly calls she buried the jacket of gray in the red clay of Alabama that her husband had so loved.

BENJAMIN GAINES BOTTS (FRANCES GAINES, BENJAMIN, ISABELLA(WILLIAM GAINES), HENRY, PHILIP) was born April 29, 1776 in Dumfries, Prince William County, Virginia, and died December 26, 1811 in Richmond, Virginia. He married JANE TYLER 1797 in Prince William County, Virginia.

BENJAMIN GAINES BOTTS was a distinguished lawyer who represented Aaron Burr former Vice-President and who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel and was charged with treason against the United States, was acquitted of the charge of treason. Perished along with his wife in the Richmond Theatre fire of 1811.


1. JOHN MINOR BOTTS, b. September 16, 1802, Dumfries, Prince William County, Virginia; d. January 08, 1869, Richmond, Virginia; m. MARY WHITING BLAIR, Abt. 1822.

JOHN MINOR BOTTS was a Representative from Virginia; attended the common schools in Richmond, Virginia; studied law ; was admitted to the bar in 1830 and commenced practice in Richmond, Virginia; moved to Henrico County and engaged in agricultural pursuits; member of the State house of delegates 1833-1839; elected as a Whig to the 26th and 27th Congresses (March 4, 1839-March 3, 1843); unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1842 to the 28th Congress; elected to the 30th Congress (March 4, 1847-March 3, 1849) chairman, Committee on Military Affairs (30th Congress); unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1848 and 1850 to the 31st and 32nd Congresses, respectively; member, State constitutional convention, 1850-1851; resumed the practice of law in Richmond, Virginia, in 1852; delegate to the Southern Loyalist' Convention in 1866; died in Richmond, Virginia, January 8, 1869; interment in Shockoe Hill Cemetary.

EDMUND BROADUS (THOMAS, CATHERINE GAINES, MARY(JAMES GAINES), Henry, PHILIP) was born May 05, 1793 in Culpeper County, Virginia, and died June 27, 1850 in Charlottesville, Virginia. He married S. NANCY SIMMS February 18, 1812 in Madison County, Virginia.

Children of EDMUND BROADUS and S. SIMMS are:

1. JOHN ALBERT BROADUS, b. January 24, 1827, Culpeper County, Virginia; d. March 16, 1895; m. (1) CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH SINCLAIR; m. (2) MARIA CARTER HARRISON, November 13, 1850. He Preacher Extraordinary; Baptist clergyman; graduated from University of Virginia in 1850. Ordained as Minister August 12,1850. For some months in 1863, he preached as a missionary in General Lee's army during the Civil War, but exposure to camp life was too great for his health and he gave up the work.

2. JAMES MADISON BROADUS, b. November 30, 1812; d. July 21, 1880.



1.JOHN BARRETT PENDLETON, b. 1830; d. July 10, 1861.Confederate States Army, died July 10,1861, service connected?

2. EDMUND STRACHAN PENDLETON, b. 1833; d. 1909.Confederate States Army, Virginia, 4th Cavalry, Company F, 1st Sergeant.

3.CHARLES KIMBROUGH PENDLETON, b. 1835; d. 1918.Confederate States Army, Virginia, 4th Cavalry, Company F, Sergeant,

4.WILLIAM BARRETT PENDLETON, b. 1838; d. 1914.Captain William Barrett Pendleton, Confederate States Army, Virginia, 23rd Infantry, Company G, Ist Lieutenant. Promoted Captain General & Staff, Assistant Adjutant General Taliaferro's Brigade.

5.PHILIP HENRY PENDLETON, b. 1842; d. 1864.Confederate States Army, he was killed at Bloody Angle.

WILLIAM KIMBROUGH PENDLETON (EDMUND, HENRY HARWOOD, JOHN, HENRY, PHILIP) was born September 08, 1817 in Louisa County, Virginia, and died December 03, 1899. He married (1) LAVINA CAMPBELL October 1840. He married (2) CLARINDA CAMPBELL August 1848. He married (3) CATHERINE HUNTINGTON KING September 19, 1855.

He Minister of the Deciples of Christ; Professor of Natural History at Bethany College in May, 1841, (the year the college was founded), and has been connected with it ever since as Professor, and, much of the time as Vice-President, and President at the death of Alexander Campbell.



JOSEPH RUCKER LAMAR was a member Georgia State House of Representatives, 1886; Justice of Georgia State Supreme Court 1903-1905. Justice of United States Supreme Court 1910-1916. Died Washington D.C., January 2,1916. Interment in Summerville Cemetery, Augusta, Georgia.


Edmund Strachan (Madison, Edmund, Henry, John, Henry, Philip). b May,9,1833 d Dec 27,1909 md 1st Dec 7,1856 Susan Mansfield Trice and 2nd Dec 19,1883 Sallie Woolfolk Flippo


1 Mary Unity b Jan 28,1858

2 James Madison b Feb 13,1861 d Jan 14,1898

3 John Henry b June 26,1867 d Mar 5,1899 md Mannie G Porter.

4 Catherine Kimbrough b Dept 5,1872 md Sept 11,1895 Joseph Morrison Smith of Elkton NC 5 Susan Strachan b Feb 18,1877 md Oct 6,1897 Edward Dillon in Indian Rock, Botetourt Co.VA

2nd marriage 1 Edmund Littleton b Sept 29,1884 d Aug 6,1888

3 Edmund Strachan b Dec 19,1886 d June 6,1917

4 Littleton Flippo b Sept 16,1888 md Jan 17,1925 Rith Edgar.

Charles, (Madison, Edmund, Henry, John, Henry, Philip). Charles b Nov 30,1835 d Feb 10,1918 md May 2,1870 Lucy Turner Chandler

He was .Second Sergeant 4th Va. Cavalry; he served faithfully during the Civil War. He was captured near Spottsylvania Courthouse and carried a prisoner of war to Fort Delaware, where he was detained fourteen months, until the cessation of hostilities, being subject to great hardships and privations


1 Madison Strachan b Mar 27,1876 d Oct 14,1927

2 Thomas C b Apr 5,1878 d Oct 19,1903

3 Elizabeth Kimbrough b Dec 28,1879 md Jan 16,1906 James Marcilus Cox. Two children Elizabeth and James Kimbrough.

4 Mary Washington b Dec 20,1881 md Oct 18,1905 Dr Henry Rose Carter. Child: Henry

5 Charles Kimbrough b Sept 18,1885 d June 3,1911

6 Harry Leigh b June 30,1888 d Dec 6,1915

7 Brodie Herndon b Oct 8,1891 d June 8,1892

William (Madison, Edmund, Henry, John, Henry, Philip). b Feb 12,1838 d Jan 17,1914 md May 3,1870 his cousin Mrs. Juliana Pendleton Meredith


1 Philip Henry b Mar 5,1871 d Nov 26,1916 md Dec 13,1895 Charlotte Stauffer 4 Children

2 Alice Overton b Mar 6,1873 md Sept 26,1896 Dr. Schuyler Barclay Moon 1 child

3 Julia Madison b Sept 24,1875 d Mar 27,1878

4 Elizabeth Kimbrough b Dec 20,1877 d Jan 2,1897

5 William Barret b Feb 12,1880 md Oct 31,1914 Norvelle Winston

JAMES PENDLETON, COLONEL (PHILIP, JAMES, HENRY, PHILIP, HENRY, Philip) was born Abt. 1767, and died 1841 in Kentucky. He married SARAH BELL February 07, 1788, daughter of JAMES BELL. She was born in Of Staunton, Virginia, and died in Kentucky.


1. JAMES COLEMAN PENDLETON, b. 1793; d. February 22, 1855. m'd Sarah ?

2 Robert

3 Alfred

4 Singleton

5 Joseph

6 David H

7 Dorcas

8 Harriett

9 Patsy Awbrey b Mar 1,1798 d May 15 1830 m'd Jan 24 1822 Stephen Lewis Hite

10 Margaret Malinda

11 Edmund Ganies

12 Minerva Jane

13 William Clayton

John B. Pendleton (Madison, Edmund, Henry, John, Henry, Philip), Mem. 23rd Va. Reg., Garnett's command at Rich Mountain, 1861; d. at Laurel Hill, in the deplorable war in which he was engaged as volunteer; married Sallie A. Meredith, and had issue:

I. Elizabeth B. Pendleton. Married Dr. Eugene Pendleton. Issue: I. John Barret Pendleton.

II. Eugene Barbour Pendleton.

III. Lewis Pendleton.

IV. Anne Pendleton.

ROBERT NELSON PENDLETON, (HUGH NELSON, EDMUND JR., EDMUND JR , JOHN, HENRY, PHILIP) b. February 04, 1843; d. June 22, 1905; md June 16,1869 FANNIE GIBSON, daughter of Dr. J. Gregg Gibson and Susan Watters of Frederick. MD.

ROBERT was an influential citizen of Wytheville who rendered efficient service to the Confederate cause as an officer of the Sixth Virginia cavalry. Major Pendleton went into the Confederate service as a member of the Liberty Hall volunteers, as an infantry company, but did not serve on account of poor health. On March 19,1862, he enlisted as a private in the Sixth cavalry regiment, and during the remainder of the war was identified with the brilliant record of his command, under Stuart, Fitzhugh Lee, Munford, Rosser and Payne, While a private he discharged for some time duties of a captain, and in the fall of 1864 he was commissioned first lieutenant, regular Confederate States Army, from which he was promoted major, just before the surrender at Appomattox. During his service he participated in forty-four cavalry engagements, and five horses were killed under him, but he was never wounded, his only serious injuries being occasioned when he was thrown to the ground by the killing of his horse at Strasburg, during Jackson's Valley campaign, and ridden over by the cavalry and knocked senseless. He did not surrender at Appomattox, but escaped from that field with his brigade. After the war Major Pendleton resided in Jefferson County, W. Va., until 1871, when he removed to Wytheville. There he has served as magistrate and under Gov. O'Ferrall's administration received the appointment of director of the State asylum.

Children 1 Alexander Walker b Mar 31,1870 d Jan 2,1881

2 Lucy Nelson b Feb 3, 1872 md 1st Apr 14,1898 William Thomas Leavell and 2nd Sept 28,1904 James Bell on child William Thomas Leavell a daughter Aug 21,1900

3 Sue Gibson b Oct 30,1873 md Feb 14,1898 Dr Frank Painter Chaffin as son Alexander

4 Kate Berkeley b July 29,1875 d Apr 22,1903 md Dr. George Gilmore Moore of Lexington,VA

5 Ellen b 1878 d Nov 28,1880

6 William Gibson b Feb 11,1880 md 1st Oct 8,1908 Maria Mason Dawson d 1921 and 2nd Dec 12,1922

(CAPTAIN) DUDLEY DIGGES PENDLETON (HUGH NELSON, EDMUND JR., EDMUNDJR , JOHN, HENRY, PHILIP) b. Mar 2,1840 d Aug 24,1886 md Apr 25,1866 Helen Boteler daughter of Alexander Robinson Boteler and his wife Helen McComb Stockton.

Captain Dudley Digges Pendleton, Confederate States Army, served Company D, Virginia 6th Cavalry; served Light Artillery, Archibald Graham's Company; served General & Staff, Army of Northern Virginia, Assistant Adjutant General.


1 Helen b Apr 2,1867 She is a Social Worker and lives in Shepherdstown W. VA. (Note I think she is dead by now but when)

2 Elizabeth Stockton d unmarried Feb 28,1916

3 Dudley Digges b Mar 24,1873 md Oct 11.1913 Marguerite Brunell Lake

4 Hugh Nelson b Jan 11,1875 md Sept 11,1901 md his distant cousin Serena Pendleton Dandridge

5 Alice Page died unmarried June 26,1808

6 Charolette b Oct 27,1876 md Dec 4,1915 Edmund Lee Goldsborough

7 Rosalie b May 14,1880 md Cornelius Decatur Scully, of Pittsburgh PA.

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