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Pendleton Brothers Family

John and Philip Pendleton family is listed below.

John Pendleton (Philip), second son of the elder Philip (who came from England), was born about the year 1691, died in 1776. He was buried in the Old Pendleton Graveyard near Tobacco Row but the graves are not marked, unfortunately. He md about 1719 Mary Tinsely, daughter of Samuel Tinsely .

He emigrated in company with his younger brother Philip to the County of Amherst, and settled on the eastern slope of the Tobacco Row Mountain. Some years thereafter, he married a Miss Tinsley, of Madison Co., Va., by whom he had thirteen children-eight boys and five girls. He continued to reside in Amherst until his death, which occurred about the time of the Revolution. He was buried in the old Pendleton burying ground near the Tobacco Row, on the farm now owned by - Ambler.

There is no more on this family except they had one know son name William who married Elizabeth Tinsley.

1 William b abt 1720 died in 1779 in Amherst Co. VA. Md abt 1748 his cousin Elizabeth Tinsely daughter of Edward Tinsley who died in 1783 and his will mentioned his daughter Elizabeth Pendleton.

Hardestys Historical Encyclopedia, Virginia Biograhical Sketches by R. A. Brock, late Secretary of the Virginia Historical list six (6) sons for William and Elizabeth Tinsley Pendleton among the Minute Men of Amherst County who, on June 21,1781 were ordered into service by Daniel Ganies, Viz: Benjamin, John, Richard, Edmund, Reuben and William Pendleton.

Benjamin was Pensioned for his services and after the war moved to Kentucky John also moved to that state as did Edmund who later came to TN.


1 James b 1750 d 1832 md 1769 to Sarah Elizabeth Rucker

2 Benjamin b Aug 3,1751 d abt 1833. He was Rev War Soldier who received a pension for his services and later move KY

3 Edmund b 1754 d 1830 Md ?

4 Reuben b 1755 d Nov 14,1825 md 1785 Frances Maria Anna Garland

5 John b 1760 d 1830 md Jan 24,1786 Sally Banks daughter of Lynn Banks of Amherst Co. They move to KY . Where he and his wife with children were captured by Indians and never heard of again

6 Richard b 1760 d 1829 md Jan 4,1784 his cousin Mary Tinsley

7 Issac md Feb 16.1795 Nancy Hardwick

8 William d sp in 1828 md June 8,1794 Patty Cox daughter of Arthur Cox

9 Mary md Jeremiah Whitten

10 Sarah md Oct 13,1794 John Mahone

11 Betsy md Sept 9,1801 Jabez Camden

12 Margaret b 1779 md Nov 11,1796 James Milles

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John and Henry had another brother and his name was Philip JR.

Philip (Philip) b 1695 d 1753 md 1719 Elizabeth Pollard as sister to Joseph Pollard and daughter of Richard Pollard of King and Queen Co. He is said to have removed from St. Stephens Parish, King and Queen Co. with his brother John Pendleton to Amherst Co. VA.


1 ? Could be Sarah b 1720 md Joseph Thomas

2 Mary b 1722 md 1740 Edmund Waller

3 Henry b 1724 d 1818 who seems to be the Henry who married Martha Curtis,

4 Benjamin md Mary Macon

5 Philip who settled in Buckingham Co. Va.

6 Edmund b abt 1730 d 1779

7 John b abt 1734

8 Priscilla b 1736 md William Harwood. This person could be the Henry Harwood family. Children were Christopher Harwood, Elizabeth Harwood and William Harwood

Henry Pendleton, (Philip, Philip), whom we place is a son of born 1724 and died in 1818. He was living in Spotsylvania Co as early as 1741. On Dec 6,1743 as Henry Pendleton Gent. He was commissioned as Lieutenant of Foot under Captain Edmund Waller his brother-in-law. His history of the Rise and Progress of the Baptists in Virginia says that Henry Pendleton SR father of the preacher, was himself a preacher in the another sense. He preaches by a godly and pious conversation. He is now (1810) a venerable old man of about four score years of age per Henry Pendleton JR. About 1791 he was ordained to the care of the Mine Run Church, nine miles west of Spotsylvania Court House. Henry Pendleton JR. was the first preach of this church. In the 1810, his brother Philip Pendleton was the pastor, Henry SR married about 1743 Martha Curtis, daughter of Rice Curtis.

Then this record that I found must be his. Janet

Virginia County Records SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY 1721-1800 DEEDS

DEED BOOK D 1742-1751

page 182

May 1, 1750. Henry Pendleton of King William Co. and Martha, his wife, to James Dyer of Caroline Co. 27 curr. 70 a. in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co. (joining lands of Zachary Lewis, Daniel Prewitt, John Shirley and Nicholas Horn), and part of tract purchased by sd. Pendleton of George Woodroof, and known as Woodroofs Ordinary, etc. No witnesses. May 1, 1750.


DEED BOOK E 1751-1761 page 200 Augt. 5, 1755. Henry Pendleton of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., and Martha, his wife, to John Davenport of St. Martin's Par., Hanover Co. 18 curr. 230 a., part of a pat. granted Wm. Smith, Gent., Decd., in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., and just below the ordinary belonging to the sd. John Davenport, on Pamunkey Roling Road., sd. land purchased by sd. Pendleton of George Woodroof and Jane, his wife, as by deeds, Feby. 5, 1744. No witnesses. Augt. 5, 1755.

and DEED BOOK E 1751-1761

page 204

May 3, 1757. Henry Pendleton of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., and Martha, his wife, to Elizabeth Curtis, Frances Curtis and Jean Curtis of Par. and co. afsd. 30 curr. 150 a. in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., part of a tract belonging to Rice Curtis, and formerly acknowledged in Spts. Co. by sd. Curtis to sd. Pendleton, etc. No witnesses. May 3, 1757.


DEED BOOK J 1774-1782

page 323

[p.323]Octr. 14, 1774. Henry Pendleton and Martha, his wife, of Spts. Co.; Rice Curtis and Frances, his wife of same Co. to Oliver Towles of same Co., Attorney-at-Law. Whereas, by a decree of the County Court of Spts. June 22, 1771, it was ordered that Nathaniel Price and Jane, his wife, convey all their right, title, etc., in 150 a in Spts. Co. to the sd. Henry Pendleton, and whereas, the sd. Pendleton, before such conveyance was obtained, did by his deed, July 3, 1771, convey his right, title, etc., in the sd. land to the sd. Rice Curtis, and whereas, on Augt. 20, 1772, the sd. Henry Pendleton did obtain conveyance of the sd. land from the sd. Jane Price, the sd. Nathaniel being then dead; and the sd. Rice Curtis being seized, etc., of 58 a. in the sd. Co., adjoining the sd. 150 a. and both tracts contiguous to the lands of Larkin Smith, an infant, the sd. Curtis having agreed with the sd. Oliver Towles, guardian to the sd. Larkin Smith, for the sale of the sd. two tracts of land for the sum of 94 curr. The land is conveyed the sd. Towles, as guardian of the sd. Smith, etc. Witnesses, Thos. Towles, Stockley Towles, Jos. Hewell. Novr. 17, 1775.


DEED BOOK J 1774-1782 page 383 Oct. 28, 1784. Henry Pendleton, Senr., and Matthey [Martha], his wife, and Rice Vass and Peggy, his wife, of Spots. Co. to Leonard Young of same co. 60 curr. to Pendleton and wf., and 5s. to Vass and wf. 110 a. in Spots Co. [100 a. thereof purchased of Jno. Ballard and Ann, his wife, and 10 a. purchased of Rice Vass and Peggy, his wife, but had no conveyance therefor], etc., etc. Geo. Stubblefield, Harry Stubblefield, Jno. Chew, jr.; Jno. Wiglesworth, jr. Novr. 2, 1784.


1 Henry b Jan 7,1744 d Jan 6,1800 md Anne Knight

2 Frances md John Arnold

3 John md Sarah Alsop. Known one son name Rice md Agnes Robins

4 Philip md Mildred Thomas

5 Curtis md Nancy unknown surname

6 Rice md Elizabeth Quisenberry

7 Martha b 1766 and died 1824 md 1787 Massy Thomas JR.

8 Robert md Elizabeth Burrus

Benjamin (Philip, Philip), b 1726 d Jan 7,1798 md Sept 30,1750 Mary Macon b 1726d 1801.


1 Elizabeth b June 18,1751 d July 30,1751

2 Philip married twice

3 James md Elizabeth Peachey

4 Sarah b Aug 12,1756 d Mr 17,1774

5 Mary b Mr 21,1758 d 1930 md Col Benjamin Hoomes

7 Priscilla b Mar 14,1759

8 Anne Macon b Jan 24,1766 m,d 1st William Harwood an 2nd Mordicai Cooke

Philip, (Philip, Philip), b 1728 d after 1760 md 1st Martha__ and 2nd Spice Freeland daughter of James and Priscilla Freeland. He move to Buckingham CO.,VA. He was reuted to have had 15 children. If any Philip Pendleton really did have had 15 children it was probably this man who settled in Buckingham. (This Philip at one time was thought to the son of Henry and Mary Taylor Pendleton) He was of age and in this section of VA. And married before 1753. His youngest son was Micajah Pendleton b 1758. Philip died after 1760 and before 1798. Spice Freeland Pendleton was living 1801

Philip Pendleton the son of Philip and Elizabeth Pollard Pendleton was born probably in King and Queen County, Virignia. He was married twice, the first wife is not known, the name of his second was Spicey Freeland. When we find his name on the Court records of Albemarle county in a suit his name is Philip May.


1 Elizabeth md Mace Freeland and resided at The Meadows her husband plantation.. Mace was the brother to Elizabeth step-mother.

2 James b 1754 in Buckingham Co., Va.md Mary Ann Phipps.

3 John

4 Benjamin

5 Mace

6 Mildred md John Harris

7 Judith md John Cabell

8 a daughter md Mr Davidson

9 daughter md Mr. Wilson

10 daughter md Mr. Baskerville

11 Micajah md twice

Next Gen

Henry Pendleton JR, (Henry, Philip, Philip), b Jan 7,1744 d Jan 6,1800 md Anne Knight


1 Polly md John Davis

2 Henry b 1778 d 1873 md in 1806 Catherine Duval daughter of William Duval JR and his wife Agnes S___

3 Benjamin md Mar 6,1815 Rebecca Arnold daughter of George Arnold. Children: Anne; William; John T, John T had 6 Children.

4 John md Frances Jackson Thompson.

Rev. Philip (Henry, Philip, Philip), b April 6,1758 d 1843 md 1788 Mildred Thomas sister to Massy Thomas. He was the pastor of the Mine Run Baptist Church in 1810.


1 Patsy C.T.

2 Polly md William Davis

3 Mildred Thomas md Samuel Lee

4 Robert Yates b Sept 23,1792 d 1867 md Mary Ray Hawkins daughter John Hawkins

6 Lucinda died unmarried

7 Huldah md Benjamin Massey

8 Elizabeth md Bland Gerrell.

Curtis (Henry, Philip, Philip) b May 9,1752 d Jan 19,1836 md Nancy maiden unknown.


1 Edmund b Oct 2,1788 d 1880 md unknown children: Mary Allen, Vergil, and Nannie.

Rice (Henry, Philip, Philip) b abt 1760 d 1824 md 1788 Elizabeth Quisenberry of Orange Co. Va,


1 Thacker b 1791 md Polly Hardman

2 Rice b 1793 d 1867 md Eliza Judy Constant.

3 Presley

4 Preston

5 Champney

6 Thrashley md Mar 8,1852 Artemisa McClain or McClure

7 Sally md Daniel Wade

8 Betsy md Thomas Hicks

9 Patsy md Jonathan Crouch

10 Jane md Roberts Boggs

11 Lucy md ? Evans

Robert (Henry, Philip, Philip), b 1771 d 1845 md Jan 31,1797 Elizabeth Burrus in Orange Co., VA.


1 Martha Curtis, md Oct 28, 1817 Robert Duval brother to Catherine Duval wife of Henry Pendleton

2 Edmund md Lucy Ellen Lewis

3 Jackson md Marie Duerson

4 Robert md Martha Anne Elizabeth Kelso

5 Elizabeth b 1810 died unmarried in 1880

6 Susan died unmarried in Sept 17,1882

7 Louisa Burrus md Joseph Jerrell

8 Frances md Benjamin Sorrell

9 Mary Ann md William Edington.

Philip (Benjamin, Philip, Philip), b Aug 5,1752 d July 31,1804 md 1784 Mary Anne Fleet daughter of William and Susannah Walker Fleet.

1 Benjamin md a Catherine __

2 James b abt 1778 had two children Philip Baylor and George Macon

3 Walker

4 William Fleet b 1785 d 1860

5 Robert S md Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell Wood.

6 Anne md Dr. John Duval

7 Mary md ___ Todd.

Philip, (Philip, Philip), Philip children:

John Pendleton b 1787 d 1859 md Mary Doss. They removed to Kentucky about 1820. The children of John moved to Missouri

James Pendleton b 1754 and aby 1807 md Mary Ann Phipps in 1771

Mace Pendleton b 1754 moved to NC after Rev.War. One his descendant is Dr. Henry Dixon of Gould, ARK.

Micajah Pendleton b 1758 d in Nelson Co. VA in 1844. Md 1st at 1780 could have been Miss Breckenridge and 2nd Dec 16,1799 Mary Cabell Horsely. Children 1 Joseph; Edmund; Edna md Dabney Gooch; Letitia md Hudson Garland; Elizabeth md Thomas T Emett.; Robert and Martha.

Next Gen

Rice (Rice Henry, Philip, Philip) b 1793 md Eliza Judy Constant.


1 Elizabeth md George Hardman

2 Emily md Robert Scoboe

3 Lucy Anne md Robert Scoboe

4 David J b b 1824 md 1846 Elizabeth Anne Lindsay

Henry, (Henry, Philip, Philip) b 1778 d 1873 md in 1806 Catherine Duval daughter of William Duval JR and his wife Agnes S_____ d 1827


1 Hugh Claiborne Henry, (Henry JR, (Henry, Philip, Philip),

2 John b Apr 21,1780 d Jan 26,1838 md Dec 23,1806 Frances Jackson Thompson. Daughter of William and Frances Mills Thompson.

Hugh (Henry, Henry JR, Henry, Philip, Philip), Henry, (Henry JR, (Henry, Philip, Philip),

Children 1st marriage

1. Mary b 1832

2 Eugenia b 1834 d young

3 Maria b 1836 died young

4 Sally Ann b 1839

5 William H v 1839 d 1862

2nd marriage

1 Orietta b 1848

2 Joseph A b 1851 md July 17,1876 Mattie D Conner

3 Sallie A b Sept 20 , 1853 md William Whitlock

4 Charles Edward b Sept 11,1855 md Kitty Goodwin

5 Lucy J b 1857 died young

6 James b 1860

3rd marriage

1 Oscar b 1865

2 Susan b 1868

John (Henry, Henry JR, Henry, Philip, Philip), b Apr 21,1780 d Jan 26,1838 md Dec 23,1806 Frances Jackson Thompson. Daughter of William and Frances Mills Thompson


1 Mary Ann b June 4,1808 d unmarried Mar 1,1847

2 Frances Anne b jan 30,1810 md Sept 23, 1834 Eldred B Garnett

3 James Madison b Nov 20,1811 d Mar 4,1891 md Mar 13,1838 Catherine Stockton Garnett

4 John Thompson b June 19,1815 d__ md 1st Jennetta Ewin and 2nd Amelia P. Webb children: Henry Ewin; Therese

5 Caroline b Dec 8,1816 d Oct 5,1876 md 1840 William Kay

6 Juliet Thompson b Dec 23,1818 d unmarried Jan 2,1884

7 William Henry b Dec 16,1820 d March 3,1863. Children John Thomas and Katherine

8 Edmund Waller b Dec 1,1822 Dec 4,1870 md Anne Eliza Barclay daughter Philander and Elizabeth Garnett Barclay.

9 Emily Louisa b Oct 13,1825 md Benjamin Downer

10 Cyrus Neville b Feb 19,1831 d Aug 30,1899 md June 26,1860 Ella Pope Gorin

Next Gen

Rev James Madison, (John, Henry, Henry JR, Henry, Philip, Philip), b Nov 20,1811 d Mar 4,1891 md Mar 13,1838 Catherine Stockton Garnett. Daughter of Richard and Theodosia Stockton Garnett. He was ordained in 1839 and in 1857 he became professer of Theology in Union University, Mufreesboro, Tenn. In 1862 moved north. He was the author of numerous religious works and was a Baptist minister for fifty-three years


1.Letita b 1839 d 1917 md 1860 rev James Waters

2 John Malcolm b 1840 d Oct 8,1862

3 Fannie b 1841 d 1925 md 1867 Professor Leslie Waggoner

4 Lila b 1850 md 1876 Benjamin Franklin Poctor

5 Garnett b 1855 d 1921 md 1st Helen Ward and 2nd Anna Black

Edmund Waller (John, Henry, Henry JR, Henry, Philip, Philip), b Dec 1,1822 Dec 4,1870 md Anne Eliza Barclay daughter Philander and Elizabeth Garnett Barclay.


1 Philander Barclay md Elizabeth Leavell

2 Carrie md 1st Judge Frank Richardson and 2nd Hershel Porter

3 Loople md Frank S. Beaumont

Cyrus (John, Henry, Henry JR, Henry, Philip, Philip), b Feb 19,1831 d Aug 30,1899 md June 26,1860 Ella Pope Gorin


1 Juliet b Apr 4,1861 d Feb 9,1865

2 Mary Frances b May 26,1863

3 Florence b Mar 15,1866

4 Neville b Jan 3,1869

5 George Cyrus b Feb 15,1872 died young

6 Edwards D b Arp 5,1875 died young

7 James Montague b Aug 24,1880.

Rev Joseph ( Micajah, Philip, Philip, Philip), Joseph was the son of Micajah and his 1st wife. He md 1st Nov 6,1801 in Washington Co., VA Elizabeth Riley daughter of Daniel Riley and Elizabeth his wife. Rev Joseph died Sept 15.1839 in Schuyler Co.ILL

The Rev Joseph was an Itinerant Methodist Minister and a school teacher. He held a small private school at his home which he called Middle Fork Academy. Two miles from Seven Mile Ford. This place is about where the town of Chilhowie.Va now stands.

Children 2 Lucinda b 1803 md 1st William Morgan and 2nd George Harris 4 Hezekiah moved to Schuyler Co.ILL

5 Axley died young

6 William James md Katie Davis

7 Lucy md Mr.Ferguson

8 JamesVance

9 Joseph

10 John.

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