Stewart Family

Stewart family

Patsy Stevens send me a copy of articles she did on my Stewart family of Tom, Mc Curtain County, OK. The articles were published in “TOM NEWS” date Feb, 1982, Jan, 1992 and Feb 1992 “Stewart family” and “TOM HISTORY” BY Patsy Stevens. Thank you Patsy Stevens for share these wonderful articles with about my Great-grandparents Thomas Alexander Stewart and Amanda “Maggie” Americus Suggs. As I tell this story I put what I know too: Note from Janet , the great-granddaughter of Thomas and Americus Stewart. The Granddaughter of Lillie Amanda Stewart, the wife of James Isaac Green

Starting the first article I have dated Feb, 1982 Patsy states “The Stewart name has been one of prominence around Tom since most residents can remember.

Mr. Edward “Eddie” Stewart the last resident having the Stewart name died September 3,1979 at the age of 91. At the time of death is closest surviving relatives was his niece Virgie Pierce and Lucille Garrett and Virginia Hoover, his step-daughters. Mr. Eddie was the youngest son of Thomas Alexander “Tom” Stewart and Americus Armanda “Maggie Suggs. Thomas born Feb 20, 1858 Tennessee and America Armanda “Maggie” Suggs b Apr 5,1856 Mississippi. It is not know how Tom and Maggie met, but they married Aug 16,1876. The family evidently move to Little Rock, Arkansas because Eddie was born there in Aug 26 1888. He was next to the youngest of six children and all preceded him in death.”

Note from Janet; “Thomas was born as the family move west from Lauderdale County, Alabama. He could have been born in Tennessee near Alcorn County, Mississippi. For next sibling was his sister MALISSA ELIZABETH born Alcorn County, Mississippi. The line between Mississippi and Tennessee was unsettled during this time frame. America Armanda b 8/4/1856, she could have been born in Lawrence Co. Al. or Mc Nairy Co., TN, or Alcorn County, Mississippi. It is not know where all her siblings where born.

Thomas Alexander Stewart father was WILLIAM SHEPARD STEWART was born 19 Oct 1832 in Missouri; died 13 Sep 1896 in Kyle, Hays County, Texas; buried Sep 1986 in Kyle, Hays County, Texas. He married on 28 Sep 1853 in Mc Nairy County, Tennessee to SUSAN SPRINGER, born 15 Sep 1834 in Lauderdale County, Alabama; died 15 Jun 1924 in Dilley, Frio County, Texas; buried Jun 1924 in Kyle, Hays County, Texas. She was the daughter of John Springer and Elizabeth Gaines.

Americus/America Armanda Suggs was the 7 child of Allen b 8/3/1819 in Lincoln Co., TN d 3/8/1885 in Mc Nairy Co., TN. and m'd 1st Delia Rebecca Mathews in Lawrence Co., Al on 1/12/1840 After Rebecca died Allen m’d Penelope Pipkins Williams. The nearest town was in Mc Nairy Co. TN there for Thomas and America were married in TN.”

“The Stewart family migrated to Indian Territory in 1900, seven years before it became a state. They settled first in the community now known as America. That community was named for Mrs. Stewart who is believed to have been the first white woman to settle in this area. From America the family move to Moon and then south to the area now known as Tom. Shortly after their move, a Post Office was chartered for this area and it was quartered in a side room of as store owned by Tom Stewart.

Mr and Mrs Stewart each had extended illnesses and both died Sep 30,1927. Note from 6 hrs apart. Him in early morning and her at noon. Evidently Mr Eddie was a thrifty person and managed to save money because from what I was told, he always had money to lend to others. He loaned money to young people to get a start, and to young people to buy homes, replace burned ones, start businesses, buy cattle, buy more land, to go college, to build churches or any need or desire.”

Note from Janet: The money “saved” came from his father. When Thomas was ill the only that kept him going was riding his horse around his land and looking at the cattle. A few months if not weeks before Thomas died Uncle Eddie came to his dad and had him sign over power of Attorney. Uncle sold and stole from his father. A few days before his death, Thomas came out to get on his horse and Uncle Eddie would not let him go. It was said that Thomas got off his saying to Eddie and said “ you did not do what I think you did“. He went into his home, there he went to bed never to raise again. When my Great-grandparents died Eddie, who as in charge, never told his two sister, who living in Davis, OK, that their parents had died. It was 2-3 week before they found out by then they were buried and all the estate was gone. Eddie took everything for himself , none of his siblings got any thing. There is know to be a photo of the Stewart family taken in front of their home. My Grandmother Lillie Stewart Green had her parents from the photo done in oil. It now hangs in my home. “Mr. Eddie was preceded in death by three wives. Lucille, his first wife bore him his only child. Evelyn Stewart O’Berry who lives in Chino, Ca. as of the date of this article. His second wife Pearl Park dau of George and Rhoda Park She died 1964 His third wife was Mrs Rosa Groves d Aug 29,1978. Mr Eddie lived one year and five days after she died and celebrated his 91st birthday 8 days before his own death.”

Next Story dated Jan, 1992

“THE STEWART FAMILY” by Patsy Stevens.

Note: The following information about the Stewart family was compiled from notes left by Bessie “Stewart” Jones and memories of Volley Jones and Vergie “Jones” Pierce and of the other residents of Tom.

Thomas Alexander “Tom” Stewart and America Arminda “Maggie” Suggs were married Aug 16 1876. Tom was born 2/20/1858 in Tennessee and Maggie was born 4/5/1856 Mississippi. They died 6 hours apart on 9/30/1927 in Tom. OK. In her notes Bessie, the youngest daughter of Tom and Maggie and the mother of Vergie Pierce, stated that she thought her maternal grandparents, the Suggs were Irish. Their occupation was farming and their religious background was Baptist. Their interests were centered around religious. Her paternal grandparents were the Stewart, Irish and Dutch. Their occupation was also farming but their religious preference was Methodist. Church work was also their main interest.

Note from Janet. The Suggs were English and not sure what Delia Rebecca Mathews was. Stewart family were English/Scottish . Susan Springer mother was Gaines this is English but her parents are unknown. Susan grandparents were Dennis Springer and Peggy, her parents are unknown but Dennis is thought to be Swedish. Thomas grandparents were Elizabeth for his grandmother maiden unknown and her husband is unknown.

Note from Janet the name of their children in() comes from my webpage on the my families.

Tom, also referred to as T A and Maggie Stewart had 7 children

1 Leller Violet b 6/30/1878 (1 LELA VIOLET born on Jun 30 1878. She died on Aug 24 1947 in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas and was buried on Aug 25 1947 in Beeville, Bee County, Texas. Lela married Woodson Alex MOORE on Sep 15 1895 in Quitman, Cleburne County, Arkansas. Woodson was born on Jan 1 1864 in Quitman, Cleburne County, Arkansas. He died on Feb 10 1943 in Beeville, Bee County, Texas and was buried on Feb 11 1943 in Beeville, Bee County, Texas.)

2 Nora Bell b 2/10/1881 (2 NORA BELLE b 10 Feb 1881 in Cato, Faulkner, Ark. She married (1)ROBERT L HOGGARD;2nd to FOUNTAIN E. SANDER and 3rd to WESLY NEWTON MOORE)

3 Willie Thomas b 12/7/1883 (3 WILLIAM THOMAS (SR) b 7 Dec 1883 in Cato near Little Rock, Ark( Lillie and Willie were twins) He married ETHEL E. COUNTS. on Mar 29 1908 in America, Mc Curtain County, Oklahoma. Ethel was born on Jun 22 1891 in Bright Star, Howard County, Arkansas

4 Lillie Arminda 12/7/1883 (4 LILLIE ARMINDA b 7 Dec 1883 in Cato near Little Rock, Ark She married JAMES ISAAC GREEN Mar 8 1903 in Forman, Little River County, Arkansas. James was born on Nov 6 1880 in Glen Rose, Somervell County, Texas. He died on Apr 4 1958 in Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma and was buried on Apr 7 1958 in Davis, Murray County, OK in the Green Hill Cememtery. Lillie died in 1964 and buried next to James I Green)

5 Nellie May b 12/11/1886 (5 NELLIE MAY b 11 Dec 1886 in Foreman, Little River County, Ark.; died 15 Mar 1966 in Davis, Ok. She married 1st JAMES B KILMER on Oct 20 1904 in Forman, Little River County, Arkansas. James was born on Aug 29 1855 in Douglas County, Missouri. He died on Oct 23 1934 in Pauls Valley, Garvin County, Oklahoma and was buried on Oct 24 1934 in Pauls Valley, Garvin County, Oklahoma. and 2nd MR. LARRY)

6 James Edward b 8/26/1888 (6 JAMES EDWARD b 26 Aug 1888 in Ak.; died 3 Sep 1979 in Idabel, McCurtain County, Oklahoma and was buried in Tom, McCurtain County, Oklahoma. He married 1st Pearl PARK. Pearl was born on Sep 28 1901 in Middleton, Hardeman County, Tennessee. She died on Dec 31 1964., 2nd ROSA GROVES Rosa died on Aug 29 1978. and 3rd LUCILLE Uncle Eddie had one child: Evelyn STEWART. Evelyn married William R O'BERRY. this information was give to me but family members) (

7 Bessie Lee b 10/28/1893 (7 BESSIE LEE was born on Oct 28 1892 in Morganton, Van Buren County, Arkansas. She died on Jan 9 1971 in Houston, Harris County, Texas. She married ROBERT SAMUEL JONES. son of John JONES and Mary WEBB, on Sep 26 1909 in Bokhoma, Mc Curtain County, Oklahoma. Robert was born on Feb 26 1882 in San Augustine, San Augustine County, Texas. He died on Jan 4 1966 in Broken Bow, Mc Curtain County, Oklahoma)

They each had the distinction of having settlements name for them. After coming to Indian Territory they first lived in America, a few miles north of Tom. That settlement was name for America Stewart and she was believed to be the first white lady to live in that area.

From America the family move to Moon and later to Pine Creek (now Tom) After moving to Pine Creek Mr. Stewart built a two-story lodge building where the service station now stands. It housed a store and all denominations of church services were held on the 2nd floor. Also the family lived in part of the building for awhile. In 1916 a post office was opened on the first floor and the town was then name Tom after Thomas Alexander Stewart.

The Stewart’s granddaughter, Vergie (Jones) Pierce, remembers a big porch across front of the lodge building and big post for horses.

Volley , brother to Vergie, “He said the Stewart had a store at America and when they moved from there they sold the store to Mr Spencer ( This would be William Spencer) When they came to Tom it was just thickets. They bought land that had been allotted to the Indians and the Choctaw Freedmen. Some of it had virgin timber which he cut and sold. Thomas had little one-horse sawmills all over the country” Volley said “In addition Tom built gin near where the Community Center now stands and he had cattle, horses and mules. Mr Gibson ran it and burned wooded to make steam for the power.

Volley said “ His grandfather built a Two story log house just east of Tom near where Mamye& Gordan Grand lived. He also built a big home where the Baptist Church now stands. They were living there at time of their death. Their son. Eddie Stewart, later owned it and Mrs. Hailey bought from him. (Question. In 1950s I met Mrs Hailey and she told my grandmother Lillie and her sister Nellie, that the house was owned by Mr Ward. She want to give to my grandmother but she did not own it. How did Mr Ward get it?)

Volley thought Tom donated land and some lumber for a church building or at least built a building that was used for a church. Note from Janet. Great-granddad Tom did built a church and Maggie preached in it.

Volley thought that Tom also donated the land for the Tom School. (This is what my grandmother told me too) Volley said his grandfather was influential in getting all the little schools consolidated into Tom School.

Volley said that church he remember was cut in half. One half possibly used for the old Baptist Church.

Note from Janet I remember my Grandmother telling me that Mr Ward took the land from Uncle Eddie was he was old or from Mrs. Hailey.

Volley told of some of Mr Stewart’s business deals. Some proved to be successful but he said “He just about went broke over one following WWI. He had bought cotton on the streets and paid a big price per pound. When he sold it only go about five cents a pound.” Volley recalled” Thomas would furnish everybody in the country. He would take a mortgage but he would rarely foreclose on them. Volley was also told that once hijacked T.A. but they were rather disappointed. Tom carried two wallets with him , the one they took was empty.

The Stewarts were married 51 years when they died. Vergie said she have cancer and suffered long time. Thomas suffered a nervous breakdown. Note from Janet Thomas had malaria. Neither one knew when the only had died.

Most of Stewart Children eventually left Tom.

Eddie did move to Ca but return and lived in Tom until his death in 1979 Lela’s married and move to Texas. Died Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas and was buried on Aug 25 1947 in Beeville, Bee County, Texas Nora died in CA.

William “Willie” and his wife Ethel Counts had a store in Tom but move to Broken Arrow. They had three sons and two dau.

Lillie m’d Jim Green. Lillie and Jim lived twice in CA Lived in Western part and Eastern part of OK finally settled down in Davis, Ok. Where James died 1957 and Lillie dead in 1964.

Nellie first married James Kilmer, and to John Scott, Mr Harliss and at last to Mr LARRY. James Kilmer family: James is a brother to Margaret Jane Kilmer Green. Margaret is the mother of James Isaac Green, the husband of Lillie. So Nellie married her sister’s Uncle-in-law.

James Edward “Eddie” was married three times. First to Lucille and had one dau name Evelyn now O’Berry. He met Lucille in CA, married there brought home to Ok. Lucille did not like it here divorced him and returned to CA. 2nd wife Pearl Park They raise cattle and he was said by some to be “The Bank of Tom” for many years. He loaned money at 10% simple interest. That was rather high but it was easy to figure and everyone was grateful to get it. Pearl died on Dec 31,1964 and in 1965 Eddie married a widowed neighbor Rosa Groves. Rosa health begin to fail and her children came to help. Rosa died Aug 29,1978. Eddie lived in Oak Grove Manor in Idabel after Rosa died. Lucille went almost daily to check on him. He died on Sep 3,1979. Note from Janet Yes Lucille came to see him daily, the family knows why. When Uncle Eddie died Rosa children want what Eddie had. His only child came from CA. Rosa’s children when to court to get their share. Evelyn won and they got nothing. For which I am glad. Patsy only wrote what she was told she did not know the truth.

Bessie Lee married Sam Jones, originally from St. Augustine, TX. They had 5 children Arlie, Volley, Vergie, Lee Roy and David. Bessie and Sam raised their children in Tom. After they children were all grown the moved away for a few years but settled in back in Broken Bow. They were living there when Sam died on Jan 4,1966. Bessie was living with Vergie and her husband Obie Pierce, in Huston, TX when she died Sep 26,1971