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Adelle Bartlett Harper wrote What's Your Family Line? Heard family history

Adelle states that Stephen came the next year bringing his wife, Lady Mary Faulkner of Wales, who eloped with him in order to marry.  Tradition says that Lord Faulkner of Wales repulsed Stephen with scorn when he asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage, because although of noble birth, he was an Irishman."


Mary parents were Thomas Faulkner and Mary Ferree not Lord Faulkner

Please stop calling Mary Lady Mary Faulkner. Do your research with care not just a story that a Person thought sound good

I believe that Thomas Faulkner who married Mary Katherine Ferree that this is his family. Remember Class in families mean a lot. Son may sometimes marry below in Class but if daughter does she is sometimes disinherited.


The 64 billion dollar question: Who was/is Thomas Faulkner/Falkner parents??? Below are some of thoughts of others who they think was Thomas parents. I when out to see if they were right or not. The following is what I found.

Before I start; William Penn took families with money for he needed their help in keeping the colony of Pennsylvania going.

Could Thomas have met Mary in London while her family was waiting for the ships to depart to NY? This has NOT been proven

Some say that Thomas Faulkner was friend of Richard Davis, husband of Jane Ferree in England. I or any one else have NOT been able to prove this. But there has been a Davis family in America since early 1600s. Could they be Richard Davis family? I am add this Could Richard Davis and Thomas Faulkner met in Philly? Sure. Could this where both them met the Ferree? Yes there is where the Ferree family first came to PA. I understand they stay in Philly few months before move to Pequa Valley. By 1710 the family was paying taxes. Thomas Faulkner and Richard Davis could gone to England and came back to America on the same Ship as the Ferree family. Question if the meet on ship 1710 why did they wait until 1715 to marry? One more thing there is no Faulkner or Davis on the ship that Ferree came on.

A cousin upon going to England found a Thomas Faulkner who was baptized in St. Martins-in-the- Fields Church in London, England. Now St. Martins-in-the-Fields is not an area in London that the Ferree family would be found living or even gone to Church there. It was for working class people not same Class the Ferree are. This Church is also belongs with Church of England not the Reformed Walloon Church. So Mary Ferree could not have met Thomas Faulkner there. Thomas Faulkner at St. Martin's-in-the-Field. It turns out that the cousin made a mistake. Which now agrees with me.

Now some say that Thomas is son of Jesse Faulkner a carriage/coachman from England. There was a Jesse Faulkner who died at the age of 73, 6 Aug 1732. Register of Burial 1732 Aug 18. Jessee Faulkner of St. George on the east of County Middlesex was a coachman. wandsworth register transcript 1603-1787 ml 1732 Aug 18 Jesse Faulkner, of St George in the East in the Co of Middx, coachman. He fell from the coach box & died of apoplexy, as was supposed.

1st a coachman class would not be in the same class as the Ferree family.

2nd Did this Jesse have a son name Thomas?

3rd If Jesse did have son name Thomas how working class person get 3lbs to pay for his passenger to America?

4th Can anyone prove that Jesse's son (if he had son) did come to America? This post on many site but they do not have prove.

In case you all do not what mean by Class. There were working class, merchant class, manufacture owners, upper class and royalty etc. Women never, also must never marry, down in class but male could and sometimes did marry down in class. If a woman marries down in class they must likely to be disowned by their families.

Next some people think Daniel Falkner of Falkner Swamp, is father of Thomas.

The Daniel Falkner family

Falckner, Daniel, Jr.(1666-ca. 1741). B. Saxony; grandson of pastor Christian Falckner; son of pastor Daniel Falckner, Sr.; brother of Justus Falckner*; studied theol. At Erfurt; follower of A. H. Francke*; to Am. 1694; assoc. with Ger. Pietists in Pennsylvania; to Ger. 1698; returned to Germantown (Philadelphia), Pennsylvania, with his brother Justus and others 1700; agent of the Frankfort Land Co.; organized and served 1700-08 a cong. in Falckner's Swamp (New Hanover), Pennsylvania; lost all through intrigues of his bus. partners; in later yrs. served congs. in New Jersey and New York

Falckner, Justus (November 22, 1672-1723). Luth. Clergyman; hymnist; b. Saxony; brother of D. Falckner,* Jr.; educ. Halle; to Germantown (Philadelphia), Pennsylvania,

Justus in 1700, with his brother Daniel, and attorney with him of the Frankfort Land Co.: ordained in Gloria Dei Ch., Wicaco(a), Philadelphia, November 24, 1703; pastor New York and New Jersey 1703-23. Works include Grondlycke Onderricht: hymns include "Auf! ihr Christen, Christi Glieder."

Joshus Kocherthal dead in 1719 . Justus served German and Dutch Luthern congregations between Albany and Staten Island.Dominie . Justus Falckner, d 1723, the first Lutheran pastor to be ordained in America, ministered to the Palatines while Kocherthal was abroad. At the communion service conducted by Daniel Falckner, in my absence, about the middle of June 1710: Johannes ENGEL, formerly a member of the Episcopal Church. At the second communion service conducted by Daniel Falckner in the month of June 1710

JOSHUA VON KOCHERTHAL had with him from England the Ferree family, date 1708/9.

Page 38:

Before the departure for New York, Kocherthal acquainted the Board of Trade with the fact that fourteen more Germans (two from Holstein) had unexpectedly arrived and likewise desired to go to New York. (16) On the next day, May 28th, he presented a list of the new group. The petition was considered favorably. In the meantime preparations went ahead for the settlement. Lists of tools and other necessaries were drawn up and submitted. The cost of the voyage was estimated at 333 pounds. On the 28th of June Kocherthal submitted a complete roster of his company. The latecomers were Peter Rose and his wife, Maria Wemarin, a widow, and her daughter, Isaac Feber with his wife and son, Daniel Fiere with his wife and two children, Herman Schuneman. The other two Germans not listed had entered the services of Lord Lovelace, the newly appointed governor of New York. Their names are supplied from the list of May 28th, mentioned above, as Peter Hubertsen and his son Jacob, a lad of fifteen. On questioning, the Board learned that Kocherthal had made an agreement with the others to clear six acres of land for him the first year, to enable him to settle.

Question could Justus Falkner be Thomas father? No, He had two children a daughter and son. This son is to young to be our Thomas father. Daniel Falkner Sr had a son's Daniel. Daniel JR's only son was Daniel. So this rules out our Thomas

Question; Could there be another Faulkner family in New York? Sure but I can not find them. Question: Could Thomas Falkner meet Mary Ferree in New York? Later he came down with them or joined the Ferree family in Pennsylvania later? Sure but can prove this? NO!

Then I found these Thomas Falconer on ship record. Could one of these Thomas be ours? This cannot be ours because our Thomas was in America before 1714. I have proven this by Tax list.

Ship records: Name: Thos Falconer, Year: 1714, Place: Maryland Annotation: Names and occupations of seventeen men and boys who shipped on the American Merchant, 1714, to Maryland. Also in no. 720, Boyer, Ship; Passenger Lists, the South, pp. 11-12. Source Bibliography: NEILL, EDWARD DUFFIELD. ["Passengers on the American Merchant, 1714."] In Terra Mariae; or Threads of Maryland Colonial History. Philadelphia, PA: J.B. Lippincott, 1867, p. 202. and Name: Thomas Falconer; Year: 1714; Place: Potomac Source Publication Code: 1640.9; Primary Immigrant: Falconer, Thomas Annotation: Date and port of arrival or date and place of mention in the New World. Birth date, occupation, names of family members, and a reference to sources listed on pages ix-xiv may also be provided. Source Bibliography: DOBSON, DAVID. Scots on the Chesapeake, 1607-1830. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1992. 169p. Page: 47

I still believe that Thomas Faulkner and Mary Ferree met in America. Thomas father is Francis Faulkner the son of John and Elizabeth Faulkner of Maryland. Francis does have son name Thomas born 1685.

Again Some folks say that Thomas Faulkner and Mary K Ferree meet on the ship coming from England. The date for this is about 1710. If they meet them why did they wait until 1715 to marry?

Why do I think this is Thomas Faulkner family? John, father William is from the same Social Class.

John Faulkner spelled the surname several different ways, including Falkner, Falconer, Fortner and Forkner. The Faulkner clan arrived in America (Maryland) 22 January 1665 on the ship Agreement, setting out from Bristol. Their passage was paid for with 300 pounds of tobacco. This family consisted of John Faulkner (son of William Faulkner "citizen & draper of London" and Elizabeth Filmer, daughter of Sir Edward Filmer & Dame Elizabeth Argall) and John Faulkner wife was Elizabeth Flimer (daughter of Reginald Filmer & Jane Travis), and their children


Thomas Faulkner married Margary; Children Benjamin, Thomas and John

Francis Faulkner wife is unknown. His sons were John and Thomas Faulkner

It is my belief that Thomas above is Thomas Faulkner who married Mary Katherina Ferree.

John Faulkner parents were William Faulkner born 1590 London, England died Bef 1638 England married Elizabeth Filmer born 1592 East Sutton, Kent, England. They were married 6 Feb 1620 Saint Benet Pauls Wharf, London, London, England.

The Filmer ladies were cousins.

Elizabeth Filmer mother of John; parents were Elizabeth Filmer, daughter of Sir Edward Filmer & Dame Elizabeth Argall

John Faulkner wife was Elizabeth Flimer (daughter of Reginald Filmer & Jane Travis

Reginald Filmer parents were Sir Edward Filmer & Dame Elizabeth Argall

About Sir Edward Filmer & Dame Elizabeth Argall

Dame Elizabeth Argall daughter of Richard Argall and Mary (Maria) Scott

Richard Argall parents were Thomas Argall and Margaret Tallakarne

Mary (Maria) Scott parent were Reginald Scott and Mary Tuke, This family goes back to Royal families of England

Sir Edward Filmer, I have this link back to 1500s in England

For documents on this go to my family bush site link below

Here is my Janet Ariciu Family Bush site

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Know Facts: about Thomas Faulkner/Falkner etc

Thomas Faulkner borb abt 1685 (Maryland/Pennsylvania)died 28 Mar 1752 Bucks, Pennsylvania said to be buried Carpenter Cemetery, Paradise, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Thomas married Mary Katherina Ferree 30 Jun 1715 inImmanuel Episcopal Church In Old New Castle., Delaware. Mary Katherina Ferree born 1683 Steinweiler Near The Rhine River, Germany dead Bef 7 May 1745 Pennsylvania, said to be buried Carpenter Cemetery, Paradise, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

History of Lancaster County by Dr. Frederick Klein, 1924


It seems to have been officially understood that Mary Ferree (Maria Warenbauer), the mother, was one of the parties of this transaction, and that the two parties named in the instrument should merely, for the present, hold the tract "in behalf of themselves and others, their kindred and relations, who had advanced part of the purchase money for the same." Madame Ferree (Warenbauer) was given receipt in November of the same year for the quit-rent on the tract, which receipt has already been quoted herein, because the name "Strasburg" appears therein. And, with the passing of some years, parts of the Ferree-Lefever tract were deeded to others of their family, and to Thomas Faulkner. The original patent was surrendered in 1735, and another then issued for 2,3oo acres, with allowances, it having been ascertained by a resurvey "that there was a considerable error in respect to the length and the quantity of land therein contained."

1710.. Philadelphia, PA. Oc,t. 1710 10,000 acres is surveyed. The Ferree family is to receive 2,000 acres to be divided among the family. Thomas Faulkner is given 333 acres. (but not at this time, this land was given after Thomas Faulkner who married Mary Ferree in 1715)

About Maria Warenbuer, Philadelphia 11-8-1712 received of Maria Warenbuer twenty shillings sterling for one year quit rent of two thousand acres of land laid out to her at Strasburg in this Province James Logan, Receiver. (Twenty Shillings is a lot of money in this time frame). To the Palatine were granted acres of land in 1710. Madam Fiece, through Martin Kendig obtained 2,300 acres of it by agreement the Patent was granted: Daniel Fiera and Isaac Lefever. Cost of tract 150 lb. Patented Sep 12,1712.

1714 Chester Co. PA Taxes list.

Thomas Ffalkner taxed on 250 acres of land on the Pequea River. Wonder where did Thomas get this land. He has not married Mary Ferree. Some think he got this land from the Ferree family in 1710. This is five years be his marriage.

1715 on the last day of June, final banns are said for the marriage of Thomas Falconer and Mary Catherina Fara at the Immanuel Episcopal Church, Newcastle. Down the same page is the marriage of Jane Fara to Richard Davis 22 August 1715

1715/16 Chester, PA 22 Feb 1715/16 Daniel Ferree and Isaac Lefevre of Pequea-grantors to Thomas Faulkner & wife Mary Katrin of Pequea-grantee 2 tracts of land from 2,000 aces patent as promised.

“Abstracts of Chester County, Pennsylvania Land Records” Volume 1, 1681-1730 by Carol Bryant

Page 223-224

“ Deed on 22 Feb 1715

Daniel Ferree of Pequea, yeoman & Ann Maria his wife & Isaac Lereure of Pequea & Katherina his wife to Thomas Faulkner of Pequea, yeoman & Mary Katherina his wife, Whereas original patented granted to Daniel Ferree and Isaac Lefeure 2000 acres near the head of Pequea Creek, dated 10 Sep 1712, recorded Philadelphia, Book A Vol 4 page 303 on 12 Sep 1712, Whereas by joint agreement between Fere & Lefeure, it was divided into distinct tracts. Now Daniel Ferree and Ann Maria his wife and & Isaac Lefefeure and Katherina his wife, for L25 grant to Thomas Faulkner 2 Traces: one bounded by land of Isaac Lefeure and John Ferree, also by land of Thomas Story, containing 167 acres; other tract bounded by land of Philip, John, Jane Ferree & Isaac Lefleure, containing 167 acres, pared of 2000 acres.

Signed Daniel Ferree, Anna Maria, Isaac Lelefleure & Kathrina Lefeure

Delivered in the presences of Richard Hays and Zackariah Butcher,

Record 17 Jan 1717 (D4:359)

Of some concern is that a deed of property was made from the family in February of 1715 to Thomas and Mary Ferree Faulkner, when actually they were not married until 30 June of that year. Finally got that straightened out. The mistake occurred because of the two calendars in use at the time. The property was actually deeded to them in 1716--the February after the June they were married.

Pat. 10 Sep 1712 to Daniel Ferree 7 Isaac Lefever, 2,000a who 22 Feb 17152 tracts of 167a to Thomas Falkner.

1716 Chester, PA 1716 Taxes assessed on 50 acres of land on the Pequea River which was surveyed Oct 1716 for Thomas Ffalkner.

1718 Chester. PA 1718 Tax for Thomas Ffalkner at Conestogoe Rate, Dutch Inhabitants list. Tax: Tax List of Conestoga Township (1718): Chester County, PA : Dutch Inhabitants of Conestoga

Henry Carapenture

Daniel fferre

John fferre

Philip ffere

Isaac Lefevre

Richard Davis

Thomas ffalkner

Conestoga twp...established ca 1718 - part of Lancaster Co since 1729

1719 Chester, PA 1719 Tax for Thomas Ffaulkner at Connestogoe Rate

1720 is the first mention of Pequea as a separate district, and the following persons were assessed, and the annexed valuation in pounds is given to their estates; Philip Ferree 32lbs, Isaac Leffeavor 80lbs, Richard Davis 32lbs, Daniel Ferree 50lbs, John Ferree 40lbs, Thomas Falkneer 40lbs

1720 Chester., PA 1720 Tax for Thomas Ffalkneer at Pequa Rate . Lands on the Pequea River. 333a assessed

1721 Chester Pa 1721 tax for Thomas Faulkner at Conestoga with Palatines on and on Pequea

1722 Chester, PA 1722 Tax for Thomas Ffalkone at East Conestoge Rate. Land Pequea

1724 Chester,PA 1724 Tax for Thomas Falkenerr at Connestogoe Rate Pequea Twp

1725 Pequea Tax List: Abraham Hair (Herr), Isaac LeFevre, Christian Hair (Herr), Michael Shenk ,Daniel Harmon, Michale Bair (Bare), Jacob Hair (Hare), Thomas Faulkner

1726 Chester Co PA 1726 Tax for Thomas Falkoner at Paque Rate. Chester Co. PA 2 Dec 1726 Thomas Faulkoner-grantor and Thomas Johnson-grantee 250 a on Peoque River.

Similar deeds must have, passed to the other children, except Mary Fiere the daughter, who did not receive any of this land. No such deeds, however, appear upon our records. There is also a deed recorded in the Recorder's Office of Chester county from Daniel Fiers and wife and Isaac Lefever and wife to Thomas Faulkner, dated February 22, 1715, acknowledged March 28, 1726, and recorded January 17, 1727. The deed conveyed two tracts of 167 acres, one of which lay apparently at the southeast corner of the large tract and the other north of Isaac Lefever and east of Philip Fiere's land. Both are described as part of the 2,000-acre tract. The first of these tracts was deeded by Thomas Faulkner to John Jones, on May 7, 1745, and by him was conveyed to John Fiere. The second was conveyed by Faulkner and wife to Philip Fiere, on June 20, 1746. Upon an examination of the lines of the original Patent, it was ascertained that there was a considerable error in respect of the length and the quantity of land therein contained.

14 Oct 1728 Lancaster Co PA was formed Chester Co. There area where Thomas Faulkner lived became Lancaster.

Futhey and Cope's THE HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA; (Connestoga became part of Lancaster Co in 1729)

Martin Kundig

Daniel ffierre

John ffierre

Philip fferre

Isaac Lefever

Richard Davis

Thomas ffalkner

1741 Lancaster, 1 June 1741 Thomas Faulkner living in Salisbury Twp gets a patent for 200 ¾ a. 8 June 1741 Thomas Falkner of Salisbury Twp gets patent for 100a and 51 perches

B191 William Jones &w Elizabeth of Salis. Tp enf.-ref to Christopher Griffith os Salis.tp 30lb 50a Salisbury tp: John Grifftih, William Jones, Thomas Falkner 13 Mar 1741/2

1744 Lancaster, 6 Dec 1744 a mistake was made on the original Ferree deed of 167a and a new deed is made by Daniel Fieree and Isaac LeFevre for 185a

B193 John Griffith:X of Salis. Tp rel.to his son Christpoher of Sallis. Tp –love and ff. 50a Salisbury tp: Thomas Falkner; surv for Morgan Jones Part of pat. As in B191. Ezekiel Harlan & w Ruth 12 Feb 1718 gr. To Morgan Jones, who with w Anna Rel 50a to their son John Jones, 7-8-1736, who gr to John Griffith 16 Dec 1737 Thos Henderson, John Griffith, JR no J Tho Griffith 7 May 1745

“ Lancaster County, Pennsylvania land records 1729-1750 and land warrents, 1710-1742” by Marsha Martin

Page 24

A-145- This indenture- 7 May 1745- Thomas Faulkner of Salisbury, Lancaster County, yeoman and Jane his wife to John Jones of Stasburg Lancaster Co., yeoman L200 for 195A, enfecoff release. Land is located Strasburg neighbors, Thomas Story, Isaac Levever and John Ferre, This land is part of a tract of 380A granted to falkner by Daniel Ferree and Isaac Levera dated 6 &20 Dec 1744. The 380A is part of a larger tract of 2,000A that was granted Daniel and Isaac by John, Thomas and Richard Penn by patent dated 29 Oct 1734--- Thomas Farkner, Jane Farkner… Sealed and delivered in the presence of George Duffell, Robert Stockton and James Whithill… Ack’d May 1745 by James Whitehill Recd 29 May 1850 Edwin L Eeinhold

7 May 1745.

A143 John Jones &w Elizabeth: X of Stras.tp rel. to John Feiree of Stas. Tp 825 lb 195a-Strasburg tp: late of Thomas Story, Isaac Lefever, John Ferree Pat. 29 Oct 1734 to Daniel Feiree & Isaac LeFevre 2,000a who gr. 20 Dec 1744 to Thomas Falkner, who gr 7 May 1745 to Jones

A145 Thomas Falkner (Forkner) &w Jane: X of Sallsbury tp enf,-rel, to John Jones of Stras. Tp 200 lb 195a-Strasburg tp; late of Thomas Story, Isaac Lefever, John Ferree Pat. 10 Sep 1712 to Daniel Ferree & Isaac Lefevre 2,000a who 22 Feb 1715 2 tracts of 167a to Thomas Falkner 7 May 1745. 22 May 1750

1745 Lancaster 7 May 1745 Thomas Falkner and wife, Jane of Salisbury Two - grantors John Jones of Strausburg Twp -grantee 167a.

7 May 1745 John Griggith X of Salis twp to son Christopher 50a Salisbury-Thomas Falkner.

1746 Lancaster 20 June 1746 Thomas Faulkner & wife Jean-grantors to Phillip Ferree-grantee.

D217 Joel Fierre (gunsmith) &w Mary: X of Leac. Tp to Samuel Leffever of Leac. Tp 300 lb 92a Leacock tp: Samuel Leffever, Thomas Story, Jacob Fierre Isaac Leffever & Daniel Fierre given pat. 6 Nov 1735 of 2,300a Isaac Keffever &w Catherine, Daniel Fierre &w Anna Maria 6 Dec 1744 gr. 185a to Thomas Faulkner who with w Jean 20 Jun 1746 gr to Philip Fierre who with w Leah L.rel. to their son Joel 14-15 Apr 1748 17 Apr 1752 Nath Ring, Philip Ferree, Thos. Harlan J12 7 Apr 1755. Thomas Harlan, witness, aff 17 Mar 1753; note this is a release.

“ Lancaster County, Pennsylvania land records 1729-1750 and land warrents, 1710-1742” by Marsha Martin

Page 8

A-41- This Indenture of mortgage- 16 May 1749- James Johnson of Durmore Township in Lancaster Co., yeoman to Thomas Falkner of Salisbury Township in Lancaster Co., yeoman L800 for 2803/3A. James is bound unto Thomas Falkner in the sum of L800. To better secure payment and in consideration of the further sume of 5/grants 3 tracts. First tracts is located in Salisbury Township and contains 100A, neighbors- Thomas Falkner was Ezakiel Harlan and William Jones. Second tract is also located in Salisbury Township and contains 100 3/4 a, neighbors Francis Jones, Samuel Garrettm, Arron Jackson and Christain Giffitts. Third tract contains 80A no location no neighbors, Condtions for repayment 16 May 1750 are as follows L100 on 16 May 1751, L100 on 16 May 1752 and L100 on 16 May 1753…. James Johnson.. Signed in the presence of Thomas Edwards and James Whitehill… Seal and delivered by Calvin Cooper and Andrew Moore.. ack’s no date James Whitehill Esq. Rec’d 25 May 1849 Edwin L Reinhold

1749, Lancaster: 16 May 1749

A41 James Johnson of Drumore tp mor.to Thomas Falkner of Salis. Tp 400 lbs. 100a-Salisbury tow; adj Thomas Falkner, om Conestoga Rd.; since of Thos. Falkner, seated by William Jones; Also, 200a Salisbury tp: Late Ezekiel Harlan, since of Falkner, Morgan Jones, John Hastings, Thomas Jacksin; Also 80a Sadsbury tp: late of Thos Falkner, Francis Jones, Samuel Garrett, Aaron Jenkins, Chistian Giffitt 16 May 1749 Thos. Edwards, Jam’s Whitechill J10 Calvin Cooper, Andrew Moore, 25 May 1749.

Lancaster 17 April 1749, Thomas Faulconer gets patent for 80a Salisbury Twp 16 May 1749 James Johnson of Durmore Twp to Falkner of Salisbury Twp 100a Salisbury Twp adj Thomas Falkne, on Conestoga Rd. Since of Thomas Falkner, seated by William Jones; Also, 200 a Salisbury: Late Ezekiel Harlan, since of Falkner, Morgan Jones, John Hastings, Thomas Jackson; Also 80 a Salisbury late of Thomas Falkner. Frances Jones Samuel Garrett, Aaron Jekins,Christain Fiffitt.

“ Lancaster County, Pennsylvania land records 1729-1750 and land warrents, 1710-1742” by Marsha Martin

Page 24

A-143- This Indenture- 17 Apr 1750- John Jones of Strasburg Township, Lancaster co., Yeoman and Elizabeth his wife to John Feiree of Strasburg Township, Lancaster co yeoman L825 for 195A. Land is lying in Strasburg Township, neighbors- late Thomas Story, Isaac Lefever and John Ferree. This is the same land that Thomas Falkner and Jane his wife granted to John Jomes on May 7 1745. It is part of 2 tracts received by Falkner containing 380A on 6 & 20 Dec 1744. Falkner received land from Daniel Ferree and Isaac LeFeve. It is part of a tract of 2,000A which they received from John, Thomas and Richard Penn on 29 Cot 1734… John Jones, Elizabeth (B) Jones… Sealed and delivered in the presence of William McCauslan and Samuel Jones… Received of John Ferree L825, John Jones… Ack’d and release of dower by James Whitehill on 20 Apr 1750 Rec’d 29 May 1750 Edwin L Reinhold

M453 Thomas Falkner: X (Farkner) &w Jane of Salisbury tp rel to James Johnson of Dunmore tp 900lb4 tracts totaling 3503/4a: no new description (Morgan Jones &w Anna of Salisbury tp & John Jones, their eldest son 4 Mar 1735 gr to Thomas Falkner other Id, Morgan Jones other Id; also 100a patented 8 Jun 1741 to Thomas Falkner in Salisbury tp – adj owners Id sometime of Ezekiel Harlan then to Thomas Falkner by Id seated by William Jones; also 200a Salisbury tp adj owners id late of Ezekiel Harlan then of Falkner, Morgan Jones, John Hastings, Thomas Jackson as in patent recorded in phila A-9 page 383 also patent 17 April last past to Thomas Falkner, 80a in Sadsbury tp adj Thomas Falkner other ld. Francis Jones, Samuel Garret, Aaron Jenknis, Christian Griffits, as in patent recorded in Phila A-15 page 115

15 May 1749 W3, W62, Calvin Sooper, Andrew Moore J10 30 Aug 1768 Grants ack 16 May 1749.

“ Lancaster County, Pennsylvania land records 1729-1750 and land warrents, 1710-1742” by Marsha Martin

Page 24

A-143- This Indenture- 17 Apr 1750- John Jones of Strasburg Township, Lancaster co., Yeoman and Elizabeth his wife to John Feiree of Strasburg Township, Lancaster co yeoman L825 for 195A. Land is lying in Strasburg Township, neighbors- late Thomas Story, Isaac Lefever and John Ferree. This is the same land that Thomas Falkner and Jane his wife granted to John Jomes on May 7 1745. It is part of 2 tracts received by Falkner containing 380A on 6 & 20 Dec 1744. Falkner received land from Daniel Ferree and Isaac LeFeve. It is part of a tract of 2,000A which they received from John, Thomas and Richard Penn on 29 Cot 1734… John Jones, Elizabeth (B) Jones… Sealed and delivered in the presence of William McCauslan and Samuel Jones… Received of John Ferree L825, John Jones… Ack’d and release of dower by James Whitehill on 20 Apr 1750 Rec’d 29 May 1750 Edwin L Reinhold

Lancaster County, PA. Unknown date; Thomas Faulkner grantor to Capt John Stoner—grantee an uknown amount of acres of a farm.

29 May 1750 John Jones and wife Elizabeth of Stras. To John Feiree of stras 195a Strasburg twp. Isaac Lefver, John Ferree. Pat 29 Oct 1734 to Daniel Ferree and Isaac Lefevre 2,00a who gr 20 Dec 1744 to Thomas Falkner, who gr. 7 May 1745 to Jones. Thomas Falkner(Forkner) & w Jane:X of Salisbury rel to John Jones of Stras tw 200. 195a Strasburg Isaac Lefever , John Lefever Pat 10 Sep 1712 to Daniel Ferree and Isaac Lafevre 2,00a who 22 Feb 1715 2 tracts of 167a to Thomas Falkner 7 May 1745. dated 29 may 1750

1750 Burks Co Pa 15 Nov 1750 Thomas Faulkner of Bethehem Twp place a notice in the newspaper of a runaway servant.

31 Aug 1768 100a Salsbury tp; adj Late of Thomas Falkner, id late of Morgan Jones;. This repeat of 30 Aug 1768 land records stating that Thomas Falkner at one time owned this land.

Unknown date Burks; Thomas Faulkner becomes the owner of 200a either by deed or patent. Jesse Faulkner later sells this land to Casper Ritter

I have question;

Why did Thomas Faulkner and Mary Ferree go to Delaware and get married?

Now Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (was Chester County) there was Zion Reformed Church (formerly Pequa Reformed), This Church is where Daniel Ferree and his family joined. In the summer of 1712, they (Ferree) arrived in the Pequea Valley in Lancaster County (was Chester County). The first of the four houses of worship built by the congregation was a log structure, about 20 feet square, located on the Southeast corner of the crossroad, two miles Southeast of Strasburg, between Pequea and Mine Hill

Immanuel Episcopal Church, the church that Thomas and Mary Ferree Faulkner married in. The church was built in 1703; this was the parish of the Church of England in Delaware. Burned in 1980 and rebuilt using the original walls and foundation and the Tombstones in adjoining graveyard date from 1707.

Immanuel Protestant Episcopal Church, New Castle, Founded 1689. Plate, Pulpit, and Vestments presented by Queen Anne. (Question; Is Queen Anne the same Queen Anne that Maria Warembuer Ferree audiences with?)

I know this was Protestant Church but it is 1½ days ride from where the Ferree family livid. Mary by age was in her 30s but still a lady would not go by herself. Now Mary and Jane could travel with their brothers to New Castle, Delaware area. They could both met their future husband them. We do not know what Richard Davis or Thomas Faulkner occupation was. Could they have been in gunsmith business? Or Richard Davis and Thomas Faulkner could have been near the docks when the Ferree family first came to Pennsylvania. See these pretty ladies following them to where the Ferree family settled.

One more thing about the Immanuel Protestant Episcopal Church two of Thomas and Mary Ferree Faulkner children also married here. I wonder who the minister was that married Thomas and Mary Ferree Faulkner and Richard Davis and Jane Fara/Ferree? Who was the minister that married Catherine Faulkner and William Green in 1736 or who was the minister that married Susannah Faulkner and Thomas Wilson? Question was there a Faulkner family a member of this church?

Read below for who I think Thomas Faulkner were parents and who I think they are not.

I found the will of Thomas Falkner on the net. Transcribed Thomas Falkner’s will is just below

Name: Thomas Falkner, Residence: Bethlehem, Bucks Co., PA; Description: Decedent, Date: 20 2 1752 Prove Date: 8 5 1752, Title: Farmer; Book Page: J:542

Remarks: Falkner, Thomas. Bethlehem, Co. of Bucks, Penna. Farmer. Feb. 20,1752. May 8, 1752. Wife: Joan. Children: Jesse, Mary, Susannah and Eve. Nieces: Eve Green, Mary Green. Nephew: James McCayston Pond. Exec: Thomas Downing, Jesse Falkner.

The Transcribe will of Thomas Falkner

Last Will and Testament of Thomas Faulkner probated 28 Mar 1752; Burks, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia-Pa wire no 324 -1752 Book 1 pp 542-543

In the name of the God Amen, The Tweneth day of February 1752, Thos Falkner of Bethleham Township Burks County.

Being very sick and weak of body but of perfect mind & momery. Thanks, Thanks be given therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body & knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, That is to say principally and first of all I give and commend my Soul into the hands of almighty God that gave it and my body I Recommend to the Earth to be buried in the Decent Christian Service at the Disaretion of my Exce never doubling but at the General the resurrection I shall received the same again by the mighty power of God and as such Worldly estate wherewith it hath please God to bless me in this life. I give demised and dispose of the same in the following manner and form and as touching such worldly estates.

I will appoint my dear well beloved wife Joan the sorral miar (name of miar) for her use as also my children and heirs to allow her suffiecent Maintance during her life time out of their several portions of my estate and besides she is to have the price or value of the little gray horse.

Secondly I will and bequeath my son Jess the two hundred acres he now lives on to be made to him a free. Titles from and by the rest of by estate

3rly after all my lawfull debt are paid by diserection of Elect Exce here after mentioned

4th all my ready Money, estate personal or real goods and chattesl are to be valued and sold and divided among my children and Heirs as follows

viz. and first I will and allow my niece Eve Green Twenty punds and to my Nice Mary Green Twenty punds and my Necoy James McCoy pund and after the forementioned Legacie all the other estate that may be remaining to be Divided among my children viz. Jesse, Mary, Susannah and Eve Falkner and to son Jesse to have as much as any two of my other children. The other three viz. Mary, Susanah and Eve Falkner.

Each to have alike share or patromay of my estate viz. the remaining part as to for mentioned I do consitution and appoint Thomas Downing and my son Jesse Falkner to be Executor this my Last Will and Testament and do likewise disanull and disallow all and every other froms testaments, wills, legacies and requests and Ratifying this no other to be my Last William and Testament. In Witness where of I have thereunto Set my Hand and Seal the day and year other written side

Thomas (D or ?) Falkner Signed, Sealed, Published, Pronounced & Delcared by Those Witness present James Ralston, James Perry.

Philda May 1752 The Corenally appeared James Ralston and James Perry two of the witnesses to the forgiving will and on oath did declare they saw & heard Thos Falkner the testar the in name Sign, Seal, Published and declare the same Will for and as his last will and testament as that at the doing thereof he was of sound mind memory and understanding to

the best of their Knowledge Coron Wm. Plumstod Reg. Gens

Nieces/Nephew at this time frame sometimes means grandchildren/grandchild.

Who was James McCoy parents?

There is a lady who found this marriage and now ever one thinks this Catherine below is their daughter Cath/Catherine Faulkner in 8 Nov 1836 married William Green in Wilmington DE

I do not think Catherine Faulkner who married William Green, 1736 in Wilmington DE. One thing if Thomas was living in Lancaster or even Bucks this to far for a couple to go to get married. Eve and Mary Green could niece or grandchildren. This has not been proving one way or the other.. Eve and Mary Green and James McCoy could be nieces and nephews but until this is prove they well stay right here as a unknown related

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Thomas and Mary Ferree Faulkner children

1 unknown daughter b abt 1716 who could be a Catherine Faulkner m’d William Green 8 Nov 1736 at Immanuel Episcopal Church, New Castle, New Castle, Delaware.

2 Mary Catherine b abt 1717 m’d Stephen Heard.

3 Susannah b abt 1718 m’d Thomas Wilson 20 Dec 1737, Delaware.

4 Eve b 1719 m’d Thomas Griffith

5 Jesse b abt 1720 m’d Martha Smith

Nieces/Nephew at this time frame sometimes means grandchildren/grandchild.

James McCoy who is mentioned in Thomas’s will; could be his nephew or husband of Elizabeth Wilson who could be Thomas and Mary’s granddaughter. Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1790: Wilson, Elizabeth, and James McCoy, 1752, May 9.


Now Eve Green and Mary Green list as niece/could granddaughters. I do can find out what happen to them but did find these marriages for a Mary Green. Could one the marriages below be our Mary Green? I cannot find anything on Eve Green

Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1790

G 1776, Feb. 19. Green, Mary, and John Turner.

1765, Sep. 11. Green, Mary, and William Pollard.

1775, Dec. 19. Green, Mary, and William Reed.

Next Gen

Mary Catherine b abt 1717 Now Lancaster County, Pennsylvania died 1780 Virginia Married Stephen Heard in Pennsylvania abt 1736.

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Eve Faulkner b 1719 Now Lancaster County, Pennsylvania died 1769 Dunnings Creek, Bedford County, Pennsylvania married Thomas Griffith b: 8 May 1708 in Nantmel Parish, Radnorshire, Wales on 1742 Sadsbury Meeting Center, Chester, Pennsylvania

Eve Faulkner and Thomas Griffith children

1. William Griffith b: 13 Jan 1743 in Sadsbury Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania;

2. Elizabeth Griffith b: 19 Oct 1744 in York , Pennsylvania

3. John Griffith b: 11 Jul 1747 in Menallen Twp., Lancaster Co., PA.

4. Susanna Griffith b: 6 Apr 1749 in , , Pennsylvania

5. Mary Griffith b: 19 Jun 1751 in Menallen Twp., Lancaster , Pennsylvania

6. Rebecca Griffith b: Abt 1753 in Sadsbury, Chester, Pennsylvania

7. Eve Griffith b: Abt 1755 in Menallen Twp, York Cty, Pennsylvania

8 Thomas Griffith b: 25 May 1758 in Menallen Twp, York Cty, Pennsylvania

9 Ann Griffith b: 17 Mar 1761 in Menallen Twp, York Cty, Pennsylvania

10 Jesse Griffith b: 1763

Jesse Faulkner b Abt 1722 in Now Lancaster County, Pennsylvania died Aft 1786 in Frederick , Virginia married Martha Smith b: Aft 1725 in , , Pennsylvania Married: 1744 in Wilmington, Delaware.

Jesse Faulkner and Martha Smith Children

1. Hannah Faulkner b: 1745 in , , Pennsylvania

2. Jesse Faulkner b: 1746 in , , Pennsylvania

3. Thomas Faulkner b: Abt 1747 in , , Pennsylvania

4. Jane Faulkner b: Abt 1748 in , , Pennsylvania

5. David Faulkner b: 26 Jun 1749 in Warrington, Bucks, Pennsylvania

6. Mary Faulkner b: Abt 1750 in , , Pennsylvania

7. Alice Faulkner b: 1751 in , , Pennsylvania

8. Ruth Faulkner b: 1752 in Berkeley ., Virginia

9. Martha Patsy Faulkner b: 12 Mar 1764 in Frederick (Berkeley) Virginia (WV)

10. Robert Faulkner b: 9 Nov 1764 in Frederick (Berkeley) Virginia (WV) Jesse Faulkner Marriage 2 Mary Rees b: Abt 1726 Married: 8 Nov 1786 in Berkeley, Virginia

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