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“HISTORY of CHESTER COUNTY,PENNSYLVANIA” by J. Smith Futhey and Gilbert Cope date 1881

Page 774


Among the earliest settlers under William Penn came Thomas Worth, bringing with his trusty Bible, printed in 1636, and still preserved by one his descendants in the seventh generation. From the record therein appears that he was born in 1649, left England the 21st of the 2d month (April, O.S.), 1682, and landed in Pennsylvania about the beginning of the 6th month following---before William Penn had sailed for his young colony. He is thus mentioned in “Smith's History of Delaware County":

“Thomas Worth was from Oxton, in county of Nottingham, England. He settled in Darby town immediately upon arrival in 1682, and subsequently higher up in the township. He was a consistent and exemplary member of the Society of Friends; and having acquired a better education than was usual in that day, his services were constantly in demand in the performance of such duties as required an expert and ready penman. He was married in 1685 to Isabell Daunison (Davison), who emigrated from the county of Darby, and probably came in the same ship with her husband, bringing with her a certificate of good Character, which she fully sustained in after-life. She died in 1709, at the age of fifty-four years. Thomas lived till 1731. In 1697 he represented Chester County in the Provincial Assemble. The descendants of this couple are numerous and respectable; those bearing the name being mostly settled in Chester County, where he had purchased a large Tract of land. He was one of the original purchasers of land in England (from William Penn). His son Thomas removed to Bradford, 1739

Note: Worth family

Bios: WORTH, Thomas, 1680's: Chester (now Deleware)/Allegheny Cos, PA He was born 1649 at oxten county of Nottingham, England. On February 21, 1682, in company with William Penn he left England in a ship sailing to a land of promise- Pennsylvania. A settlement of Friends or Quakers was established at Darby upon the arrivalof the ship in 1682. On october 8, 1685 he married an Isabelle Davidson, who probably also came from England in the same boat. Thomas served as an assemblyman in 1697. He owned 222 acres of land at Darby which he bequeathed to his son, Thomas. He also owned 500 acres of land at East Bradford.

Thomas Worth and Isabella Davidson had three children

1 John b 6/9/1686, d 9/23/1716

2 Thomas, b ¼/1688 d 12/19/1778

3 Sarah. B 7/28/1691 d 10/8/1696

The following documents, copied from the records of Darby Monthly Meeting, are given in the quaint style of the original, and will doubtless be of interest to many of the descendants of this worthy couple. It will appear that Thomas Worth’s wife did not come over in the same ship with her future husband:

“‘to ye monthly or Quarterly meetinges In pensivania or new Jersey or to Any of our friends In ye Service of Truth where our friends Thomas Worth and Samuell Bradshaw many Come.

Deare Friends these few lines may Signfie unto you somethinge of our sence and Julgment Conserninge ye aforesaid Thomas Worth & Samuell Bradshaw whose outward beeinge was att Oxton In ye County of Nottingham Amongst us theire Conversation & Manner of Life: ye walked Soberly Hamlesly And uprightly as becomes ye truth: Wee had untiy with them And ye weare Concerneed with us In Truth’s Service And we know nothinge but yt ye are free & Cleare from any Ingagmen both Concerninge ye woman or Any other outward thinges: Soe In ye fellinge of ye pure and pretious truth & pure Life which floweth And stremeth from one Nation to Another; In the feelinge of which our hearts are Greatly refreshed & our Souls Mutually Compforted though wee bee outwardly farr Seperated one from an other: In Fresh Inoyment of this pure Love of our God his mercys & his Goodness which hee from one day to Another makees us pertakers of; And In ye psent feelings of his Continued presence which at this time is reveled And made known In this our Assembly we remaine your deare friends In ye service of truth.

“From our Monthly meeting att ffarusfeild this 20th of ye first month 1682 In ye County of Nottingham

“Will Malson, Georg Cockrom, Will Watson, Robert Grace, Nathaniel Clay, John Lankford, Richard Bateman, Edward Asling, Mathias Brackney, George Hopkinson, John Oldham. Will Blane-”

“This is to Certife to them whom it may Concerne that Isabell Davison of Annenlayes Mill; hath it In hir ming to Transport hir selfe Into Pensilvania in America: that ye said Isabell Dauinson hath walked orderly & soe far forth as wee know is Cleare from all men: Subscribed Att our monthly meetings att Branch House ye 13th day of ye 5th mon: 1682, by us whose names are heare under written.

“Edmund Cartlidge; Michall Blunston; John Roades; Thomas Whittbe; John Blunstion; Joseph Potter; Joshua Feare; William Day; Richard Sarson; Adam Roades; Samuell ffox; Richard Lees; Elizabeth Roades; Mary Whittbe; Mary Holland; Sarah Day.”

“Att a monthly meetings at Darby ye 7th day of ye 8th mo;1685, Thomas Worth & Isabel Dauinson declared theire Intentions of Marriage

George Wood, John Smith, Elizabeth Bartrum & Ann Wood to make enqurie Concerniage ye Clearnes of Tho: Worth & Isabel Dauinson”

Att A monthly meetings Arr darby ye 4th day of ye 9th mo; 1685, Thomas Worth and Isabel Dauinson decared theire Intentions of Marriage ye second time; thins beinge found Cleare.”

“This is to Certife all whom it may Concerne that Thomas Worth of ye towne of Darby in ye County of Chester, And Isable Dauinson of ye same Towne having Laid there Intentions of marriage before two monthly meetings According to ye order of truth; And things being found Cleare on both ptys; now for ye full detemination of ye Marriage Above said , ye s’d Tho: Worth and Isabel Davinson upon ye 18th day of ye 9th mon;1685 In a Publique meetings of ye people of God declared as followeth: Thomas Worth standing up & takeinge Isabel Dauinson by ye hand said as followed: I doe in ye presence of The Lord & before you his people heare take Isabel Dauinson to be my wife, promising unto hir to be A loveinge husband soe Long as it shall please ye Lord to Lengthen out our dayes to gather, And the said Isabel Daunison standing up & Takeinge Thomas Worth by ye hand said as followed: I doe in ye Presence of ye Lord & before you his people take Thomas Worth to be my husband promising unto him to be a Loveinge and diligent wife. Wee whose names are under written beinge then & there present are witnesses to this marriage above written.

Thomas Worth

Isabel Worth

“Edmund Cartlidge; Michall Blunston; Georg Maries; John Smith; Georg Wood; John Blunston; John Bartram; Sam;Levis; John Wood; Tho: Hood; John Marshall; Sam: Sellers; John Roads; Ellin Garratt; Anna Sellers; Sarah Blunston; Ann Wood; Hannah Wood; Eliner Smith; Elin Gibins; Eliz. Ffearen; Sarah Sharp; John Wood”

The Children of Thomas and Isabel Worth were John b 6/9/1686, d 9,23,1716; Thomas 1/4/1688. D 12/19/ 1778 ; Sarah b 7/28/1691 d 10/8/1696.

Isabel Worth, wife of Thomas died 3/3/1709 aged about fifty-four years and her husband on the 10th of 2d mo (April),1731. At the time of his death he owned 222 acres in Darby, which he bequeathed to his son Thomas, and 500 acres in East Bradford, which he devised to the daughters of his son John. They sold 150 acres of the south ed thereof to James Jefferis, and 1738 conveyed the remainder to their uncle Thomas.

9 mo.6th,1695- “Ordered at this meetinge According t ye advice of the yearly meeting that George Wood and Thomas Worth, be appoynted to take Care that things there in expressed be put in practise.”

6 mo 2nd, 1699- “Agreed at this meeting that A meeting house sixty foot one way and twenty foot aded to the sid 21 foot wid in the cleare be built. John Bethel, John Hood, Michall Blunston, John Wood and Thomas Worth ordered to maniage the Concerne about the said house till furder order”

2 mo. 2nd, 1701- “John Bethel, John Wood and Thomas Worth appoynted by this meeting to Continue ye carrying on of the worke which is to be done at the new meeting house in order to finish the same And to take money upon. Intrist for which money John Blunston and Richard Parker (in the place of the fore mentioned Edmund Cartidge) is to stand bound In behalde of the meeting.”

(John Blunston and Edumond Cartlidge were appointed 12/5/1700, to stand bound for the money.)

5/4/1722- “Thomas Worth and Samuel Bradshaw are appointed for overseers for the ensuing year.”

John Worth was married in 1711 to Katherine Ormes. Daughter of Richard and Mary Ornes, of Radnor. Three daughters: Sarah b 2/6/1712; Hannah b 7/20/1713 and Mary b 8/18/1715.

Thomas JR born Jan 4th, 1688 and d 12/17/1778. He married Mary Fawertt dau of Walter and Rebecca (Fearne) Fawcett, of Ridley, who was born 9th mo. 25,1697. This marriage was not accomplished according to the discipline of Friends and occasioned the following minutes of Darby Meeting.

4,4,1718- “Josiah Hebard and David Thomas appointed to speak to Thomas Worth Jur.

5,2,1718- “The persons appoynted to speak to Thomas Worth jur., made their return and the said Thomas Worth Jur. Gave no satisfaction to this meeting. Thomas Bradshaw, Samuel Garrat and Richard Parker appoynted to draw up a Testimony against Thomas Worth jur. And his actions and bring it to the next monthly meeting for approbation.”

(He and May disowned 6/6/1718)

The mother of Mary Worth was married about the close of 1706 to John Wood, of Darby. James Steel, writing to John Taylor, surveyor, Dec 2,1727, says “Thomas Worth and John Wood have been with me for a piece of land in a fork of Brandywine which they tell me from thy information is vacant. If thou canst secure about five hundred acres for Thomas I shall take care to do for him the present needful in the office”

A stone in the graveyard at Bradford Meeting bears the initials M. W. and date 1740, and perhaps indicates the spot where Mary Worth was buried. Respecting the removal of the family to Bradford the following minutes of Darby Meeting are given:

10/5/1739- “Thomas Worth appeared at this meeting and requested a Certificate thereof for himself and family in order to recommend them to Bradford Monthly Meeting.

“Therefore Samuel Bunting and John Davis are appointed to Inquire of the Clearness and Conversation of the above said it Clear to draw a Certificate thereof and produce it at our next meeting for approbation.”

11/2/1739-”The Frds appointed to Draw a Certificate for Thoms. Worth Report that they do not find things Clear therefore this meeting appoints Joseph Bonsall and John Davis to acquaint the said Thomas Worth with the reason and Desire him to be at our next Monthly Meeting.”

12/6/1739-- “The Friends appointed a acquaint Thomas Worth with the reason why this meeting cannot comply with his Request have writ to him about it and a Copy of their said Letter was produced to this Meeting”

10/3/1740_ “Thomas Worth sent a paper to this Meeting acknowledge his misconduct which is taken for satisfaction and is as followed:

Dear Ffds; I acknowledge that for want of Due Care my Conduct in time past was in some Respect Inconsistent with the Rules of the society to which I Did belong which hath made a Separation between me & you and in Consideration that I have acted Disagreeable to the good order Established by the said society I am sorry and take the Biame to myself, Desiring you to pass by my former offence and Receive me again under your Christian care and Notice.

‘”Thomas Worth’”

Thomas Worth having requested a Certificate for himself and family in order to Recomend themto Bradford Monthly Meeting Therefore Samuel Bunting & John Davis are appointed to make Inquiry of the Clearness & conversation of the above said and If Clear to Draw a Certificate thereof and produce it at our next mo’ly Meeting for aprobation.”

11/7/1740 -”The Friends appointed to Inquire of the Clearness of Thomas Worth and family produced a Certificate which was read approved and signed

In 1749,Thomas Worth was commissioned a justice of the peace and of the Court of Common Pleas, in which office he was continued by reapppointment until or near the time of his death. He was buried at Bradford Meeting 12/22/1778.

Thomas and Mary Worth children

1 Samual, b 1/25/1718 buried 12/31/1781m’d 1st Elizabeth Carter and 2nd Jane Burrington

2 Susanna b 1/12/1720 d 3/13/177 unmarried

3 Lydia b 9/22/1721 d 6/20/1780 m’d 4/19/1744 George Carter, who lived on the farm adjoining her father to the westward

4 Rebecca b 4/23/1723 married Jonathan Vernon about 1742 move to Virginia

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5 Hannah, b 11/12.1724 d 4/13/1776 died unmarried

6 Ebenezer b 6/8/1726 d 1/12/1808 accompanied William Hunt, a minister, on a religious visit to Carolina in 1761 m’d 1770 Margaret dau of John and Frances Paaschall of Darby and continued to reside at the homestead which he inherited from his father. His widow died 8/14/1820 age eighty-eight years eleven months, seventeen days. They had no children

7 Joseph b 7/18/1728 d 7/29/1728

7 Mary b 9/17/1729 d 6/22/1812 m’d 6thmo 3,1756, John Lewis of East Caln.

HISTORY: PA Archives Series 2: Vol. IX: Part II: Section 4: List of Officers of the Colonies on the Delaware and the Province of Pennsylvania, 1614-1776. Section 4: Provincial Officers of the Three Original Counties, Chester, Philadelphia, and Bucks, 1682-1776. List of Officers of the Colonies on the Delaware and the Province of Pennsylvania.

(As you can see the Worth Family service community for many years)

Justices of the Peace

Thomas Worth, May 19, 1749

Thomas Worth, May 25, 1752

Thomas Worth, Feb. 22, 1757

Thomas Worth, Feb. 23, 1761

Thomas Worth, Nov. 19, 1764

Thomas Worth, May 23, 1770


Thomas Worth, 1697

Thomas Worth, 1746

Thomas Worth, 1747

Thomas Worth, 1748

Bios: WORTH, Thomas, 1680's: Chester (now Deleware)/Allegheny Cos, PA

THOMAS WORTH He was born 1649 at oxten county of Nottingham, England. On February 21, 1682, in company with William Penn he left England in a ship sailing to a land of promise- Pennsylvania. A settlement of Friends or Quakers was established at Darby upon the arrivalof the ship in 1682. On october 8, 1685 he married an Isabelle Davidson, who probably also came from England in the same boat. Thomas served as an assemblyman in 1697. He owned 222 acres of land at Darby which he bequeathed to his son, Thomas. He also owned 500 acres of land at East Bradford.

From Smith's "History of Delaware County"

Thomas Worth and Isabella Davidson had three children - John, Thomas, and Sarah. Thomas was born Jan 4th, 1688 and died in 1783. He married Mary Fawertt and had seven children (Samual, Susanna, Lydia, Rebecca, Hannah, Ebenezer, and Mary.)

Land: 1682 LANDS Granted by PENN to Purchasers of Eng.,Ire.,Scotland,etc.:

48- William Sherlow, John Blunston, Michael Blunston, Luke Hank, Thomas Whitley, Joshua Fenn, Edmond Cartlidge, Joseph Potter, George Wood, Thomas Worth, John Oldham, Samuel Bradshaw

Wills: Abstracts, Book A : 1682 - 1699: Philadelphia Co, PA

FEARNE, JOSHUA. Darby, Chester Co., PA Yeoman. April 6, 1693. December 2, 1693. A. 249. Wife's name is not given. Estate to children Joshua and Mary. Executors: His mother Elizabeth Fearne, Michaell Blinstone and Jno. Wood. Thomas Worth, Samuell Bradshaw, Anthonie Morgan and Robert Naylor are mentioned. Overseers: Samuell Levis and John Blinstone. Witnesses: George Wood, John Smith, Edmund Cartlidge, Benjamin Cliffe

Chester County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1713-1825


Book Page: A:332

Surname: Worth, Given Name: Thomas, Title: Yeoman, Description: Decedent, Residence: Darby,

Date: 9 Mar 1729, Prove Date: 15 Apr 1731

Remarks: Worth, Thomas. Darby, yeoman. 3/9/1729. Codicil 2/2/1731. April 15, 1731. A.332. To son Thomas my plantation in Darby being 222 acres. To 3 granddaughters Sarah, Hannah and Mary daughters of eldest son John deceased, my 500 acres of land in Bradford Township in forks of Brandywine also £10. To son Thomas' 4 daughters Susanna, Lydia, Rebecca and Hannah £10 to be divided and to Saml. And Ebenezer Worth one guinea in gold. Remainder to son Thomas and son John's 3 daughters. Cod gives to son Thomas 6 acres of the above 500, at the mine hill adj to Richard Woodwards. Executors: Saml. Garrett, John Davis


Book Page: Surname: Worth, Given Name: Thomas, Title: , Description: Decedent, Residence: East Bradford,

Date: 2 Feb 1768 Prove Date: 18 Jun 1783

Remarks: Worth, Thomas. E. Bradford. 2-2-1768. June 18, 1783. To son Samuel £100. To daughter Susanna worth £160 and household goods, etc. To daughter Lydia, wife of George Carter, £50. To daughter Rebecca, wife of Jonathan Vernon in Virginia, £30. To daughter Hannah Worth £80 and furniture. To daughter Mary, wife of John Lewis, £40. To my son Ebenezer my plantation in E. Bradford where I now dwell containing, by estimate, 350 acres, also all farming implements, etc. Executors: Son Ebenezer, daughter Susanna.

Book Page: , Surname: Worth, Given Name: Thomas, Title: , Description: Nephew, Residence: ,

Date: 9 Mar 1806 Prove Date: 26 Jan 1808

Remarks: Worth, Ebenezer. East Bradford.

Mar. 9, 1806: Jan. 26, 1808.,

To wife Margaret all personal estate; also all real estate during widowhood. To kinsman Samuel Worth at marriage or decease of my wife, all my land, &c. except two lots otherwise devised. To nephew George Carter 6 acres, to be laid off the N.W. corner of my field adjoining his land, as described. To Joseph Coope and William Woodward £100 in trust for school purposes at discretion of Bradford Meeting. To sister Mary Lewis £6 yearly during life. To nephew Thomas Worth and his son Ebenezer £50 each. To my 8 nieces, Mary and Elizabeth Carter, Lydia Davis, Rachel Carpenter, Rachel Lewis, Hannah Ingram, Susanna Lewis and Lydia Miller £20 each. To kinsman Ebenezer Worth, son of John, £50. To kinsman Emmor Worth the tenement and lot of land south of road from Jacob Marshall's to Emmor Jefferis's, containing 8 acres; also £100. To Ebenezer Faucett £25. Executors: Wife Margaret and kinsman Samuel Worth.

Book Page: , Surname: Worth, Given Name: Samuel, Title: , Description: Decedent, Residence: East Bradford,

Date: , Prove Date: 4 Jan 1782

Remarks: Worth, Samuel. E. Bradford. Jan. 4, 1782. Adm. to John and Thomas Worth.

Book Page: C:42, Surname: Worth, Given Name: Thomas, Title: , Description: Executor, Residence: ,

Date: 15 Apr 1748, Prove Date: 29 Jul 1748

Remarks: Mary Carter. East Bradford. April 15, 1748. July 29, 1748. C. 42. To brothers George and John Carter £10 each. To sisters, viz., Rachel wife of Abraham Marshall and Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Worth, £10 each. To half brother James Jefferis £10. To half brother Emmor Jefferis. To half sister Abigail Jefferis £10 and wearing apparel. To mother Elizabeth Jefferis, my right in plantation in East Bradford left by my father, George Carter. Executors: Elizabeth Jefferis and Thomas Worth.

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