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The first known Chiles in America was Lt. Col. Walter Chiles who emigrated from England to Virginia "before 1638 bringing with him, evidently in his own ship, his wife Elizabeth, sons William and Walter and four other persons. For these emigrants he was awarded 400 acres in Charles City (now Prince George) County near the falls of Appomattox River. On May 2, 1638 he received a further grant of 250 acres on the Appomattox River; in March 1638, 613 acres in Charles City. He also bought 813 acres from William Thomas in the same county. (Sevier and Madden, Sevier Family History, p.512)

We are interested in bringing together the descendants of this family.  This is their page and is the effort of these family members.  We are interested in contacting other members of this family and pursuing the possibilities of identifying further ancestors through the ongoing DNA project.

This is a work in progress. Hopefully it will help you with your genealogy, but beware not all events are documented with primary records. This genealogy serves as an aid to you in your personal research. When primary records are cited, the citations will aid you in locating original records. Corrections and additions are greatly appreciated. Please read more about documentation and an example. Unless I have seen the original documentation for an entry, I footnote it as to where I found the entry.

We invite anyone to join us who believes they are part of our family. Hopefully we can aid you in your search.

Only a small amount of our research appears on these pages. There are thousand of Chiles in the database whom we have not been able to link to Walter Chiles. The surname spelling changes often which is not unusual. People connecting to Walter Chiles were and still are known as Chiles, Childs, Child and many other variations of the name. If you do not see your ancestor here, we might have some information. For help contact Janice Smith

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