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This home page shows some of the families I have been researching. To protect the privacy of living people, only part of my research on each family is posted on this board.

I have researched many families in addition to my own lines. Originally I worked most extensively on the Goad and Webb families. Many branches of this family are still found living in the Patrick and Carroll County area of Virginia. I have written several books about these families, which you can view at several LIBRARIES .

Pages are constantly redone. Reporting of errors will be most welcome.

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United States
New York
West Virginia
Anselm family Kinsler/Kinsella Conrad Isaac Webb - Carroll County, Va. Sears
Mistrot family Bratton     
Patout family Benson family Schade Williams    
Schwing family Smith Schwing Webb Goad    
Audibert Family Braun Dutton Hubbard Cock  
Segura Murdoch Wise Rorrer Witt  
    Eagle Chiles Martin  

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