First Generation

First Generation

1. Henry 'Hal' WEBB was born about 1750 in pos Franklin Co., Virginia.1 He died about 1845 in Grayson County, Virginia.2
"Henry Webb, one of our great grandfathers came from Scotland to America and settled on Black Water, Franklin County, Virginia and married Sallie Austin in 1778, whose father came from Wales. The Austins bought the lead mining property and built up Austinville. They moved then to Texas and built up the government of Texas. So the capital of Texas was called Austin after them."
Signed, M.P. Webb, President, Laurel Fork, Virginia
O.J. Winesett, Sec'y, Woodlawn, Virginia
"Henry, James and Jacob Webb were born in Scotland and came to America, and settled on Black Water, Franklin County, Virginia." (from the Webb family reunion minutes, July 28, 1935, Snake Creek Church)

"It should be said here that for years it was claimed that Henry's wife was Molly Austin, and that Molly was the daughter of old Moses Austin who lived in southern Wythe County and owned the mines (Austinville being named for him) before going on to Texas. This is not true. The known data on the Austin family plainly show that they did not come into the area until long after Henry Webb had married, and Elder Isaac's Bible makes it abundantly clear that Molly Austin was Henry's mother and not his wife. The unsolved genealogical riddle is the relationship between Henry Webb and the Cuthbert Webb who followed him to Big Reed Island." (Alderman, The Settlements, pp.84-85)

"Henry Webb's Father's name was Jacob Webb who married Mary (Mollie) Austin, which was said Henry Webb's mother." (Isaac Webb bible)

In 1782, "they settled in what is now Carroll County, on 80 acres of land 'on the branch which runs into Big Reed Island Creek near Andrew Cock's landing, running down a branch of Burks Fork, to include Chestnut Hill.' Their log cabin was located perhaps less than a mile upstream on a ridge that divides Burks Fork Creek from Big Reed for about two miles. Henry and Susan lived about one-half mile from John and Elizabeth (Goad) Cock. It is believed that they were the parents of Susan. Henry and Susan's second home was on Big Reed on land adjoining Robert Goad.... In 1798, Henry bought 120 acres of land on Little Snake Creek from Randolph Collier, and sold all of his land on Big Reed and Burks Fork Creeks. This land later included the Webb Cemetery now known as the Thompson Cemetery. The plot in the early days was known as Andersons Camp. The cemetery is located on the Snake Creek Road; state road 670.

"Henry signed his name by mark. Although Henry could neither read nor write, so far as is known, all of his sons could read and write, and are believed to have been taught by their mother Susan. The Webb house was small, but it was not a cabin as were the homes of most of their neighbors. About 1815, Henry bought another tract of land on Little Snake Creek from Ephraim Dickens. He gave all of the land during his lifetime to his children." (Quesinberry, Webb and Horton Families, p.3)

"Henry Webb was called 'Hal' by all who knew him and tradition is that he was a small 'red-headed' man who had been loyal to England during the early part of the Revolutionary War, but later joined with the colonies in the struggle for freedom." (Turner, Webb Families of the Virginias, p.11)

A new grave marker was placed at the grave of Henry Webb and his wife by Rev. Claude Jackson "Jack" Martin and his brother. It reads Circa 1762 birth, Circa 1845 death. Rev. Martin states these dates were estimated by the births of the children.

Henry 'Hal' WEBB and Susanna COX were married. Susanna COX (daughter of John COCHE or Cock and Mary Elizabeth GOAD) died about 1847 in Carroll County, Virginia.2 She was also known as Susanna Webb. She was buried in Webb-Thompson Cm, Snake Creek, Carroll County, Virginia.2
According to Alderman in his book the Settlements (p.40, 84), Susanna was most probably the daughter of John Cock and Elizabeth Goad. Henry 'Hal' WEBB and Susanna COX had the following children:



James Austin WEBB.



Mary WEBB.



Andrew WEBB.



Giles WEBB.



John WEBB.



Joseph WEBB.



Susannah WEBB.



Jacob WEBB.



Henry WEBB.



William WEBB.

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