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" History and memories are lost if you leave them in the past!" Janet Jones


My name is Janet Jones and I'm a resident of Ontario.  I have undertaken the project of doing my family tree. Unfortunately, I have very limited family support in my research and rely on many volunteers and organizations' generosity to get me further along.  Please see "Jan's Puzzles" to see if you're researching any of the names I am.  I'll be the first one to admit I get a little teary when I see a family bible without any information in it or a 3-binder family history file at an archive housing.

When I began my research, I didn't have much to go on.  I reviewed cemetery transcriptions first, contacted cemeteries next (thank you!), and then searched for obituaries.  There is so much information in obituaries that I began a passion for them... and the thought that others may be like me, searching for obituaries without a date, location, etc.  In this website, I have provided an index of obits that you can request from myself.  I do hope that people will volunteer time and/or obits to add to this site.  Primarily, I'll be using the site for mainly Ontario related links and information as well as my personal genealogical adventure.  And guess what!!! It's free!!!!!!!!!

In advance, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit this site.  I hope it becomes a bookmark in your family research.  Though my time is limited, I always take the time to help someone who is in need of information, and hope you will too. Please support the organizations that you visit/make use of.  Genealogy seems to be more of a volunteer based hobby, though there's always someone who has to pay for something along the way.

Thanks again.

"Every little obit helps"

New note:  Through this website and through the work of so many, I have had success in linking my relations to others.  If you can, get information online - not all personal information, but every little bit of information may help you connect with another researcher.  If you need help in getting a website created, send me a note. 

(Researching in Ontario: Ashton, Blair, Brown, Danbrook, Funston/Funstin, Moore, Pettit, Probyn/Proben, Robertson, Snowden, Whaley)  Always welcoming notes to see if there's a connection in any way. - Please see "Jan's Family" for more family research information.  Please respect my desire to confirm all information with some form of documentation prior to posting new leads.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you know of someone who doesn't have a family history in the works, why not do up a couple of pages of information of what you know, and save it for them?  (Some information is better than none)


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Janet Jones, 2004

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