Janowski Family Tree 6

The Janowski Family

of Chemung County, New York

John Fredric Carl (Johan, Johannes) Janowski 1847-1921 born in Prussia and was a farmer by trade on Garlic Road (Sing Sing) Road in Horseheads, NY. He married Ottilia Carrie Bast (Basp) and had 8 children.

1. David Friedrich Johann Janowski 1885-1970 married Laura Krause Janowski (his niece) and moved to Puyallup, WA.
2. Flora (Florentine) Louisia Janowski 1882-1951.
3. Amelia (Melia) Janowski Miller 1887-1939 married George Miller and moved to San Joaqin County, CA.
4. Hulda (Huldah) Augusta Janowski Van Order 1878-1948 married Walter Van Order and ran a hotel in Breesport, NY.
5. Johann Heinrich (John Henry) Janowski 1881-1918 married Gladys Janowski and lived in Pierce County, WA.
6. Edith Janowski was born in 1875.
7. Alice Ollie Anna Janowski Wolfgram was born in 1880 and was the second wife of August Wolfgram of Horseheads. They had 3 children. Lucille Wolfgram, Catherine Wolfgram, and August Wolfgram.
8. Edward Emil Janowski 1874-1920 (disappeared and presumed dead - after he did some pretty bad stuff) married Mary Wagner Janowski and had 9 children - John Heinrich Janowski, David Janowski, Ollie Alma Janowski, Sarah Janowski Hartman, Ida Jennie May Janowski, Joseph Walter Janowski, Edith May Janowski, and Edna Caroline Janowski.
John Henry married Molly Ruth Gardner and had 4 children, including Alice Janowski Powell Elwell who had one child and four grandchildren.
David was married 3 times and had 3 children.

Sarah married Jacob Hartman and had 3 children.


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