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Jan's Profile & Index page

My "Silks, Grace, Hair, Fowler, Luce/Luse, Rowan" and many more names in my genealogy links are here on this page too!

My Main Interests

My interests are Genealogy. I want to leave my children with a knowledge of where they come from. Someday I would like to write a small book to go along with each person I personally know. *<{:D



About Me

Gees, I didn't know this was going to be so a complex. Oh, well what you see is what you get so you get three of me now. Ok, so I confess this past year I have gained weight. So no full view picture of me. If I could I would fix the one I have to be thinner...LOL  = laugh out loud, 5'3" tall and :::::muffing this::::__Lbs, Brown hair blue eyes and well round if you get my drift.


My Online Life

I love going to the 6 A. M. eastern time Christianity on line prayer, praise and worship hour, in the room called, "Co Women's" . I have met some wonderful prayer warriors in that room.
For "Aolers" type this : aol://4344:122.WOchat2.1255471.604959910


My links: Some are on other AOL names others are on different web servers


Relatives WANTED dead or alive

With Pictures if you have them!




John W. Fowler

Rowan Genealogy

    * Soon to come other genealogy page

My Fowler Web pages:

Fowler picture page. (Page 0)

Fowler picture page. (Page1)

Folwer misc.  pictures  (Page 3)

My Rowan Web pages:

Rowan's of Alabama (Page 1)

Rowan's of Alabama

Rowan Page 3 Pictures of ALABAMA ROWAN'S

Rowan Page 4 The writings of Leon Virgil Rowan

My Silks Web Pages:

Silks are you ONE

This has  phone numbers and addresses from white page of people with the "Silks" name in the USA

Silks pictures

Jesse E. Silks Pages pg1 Book of Memories

Jesse E. Silks Start Page A Book of Memories By Ted Silks (Needs proof read. Any takers?)

For more follow the links below:

Deitricks to the Lunum families

Jesse E. Silks Page 3 Al's first boy

Jesse E. Silks Page 4 Remembering Daddy

Jesse E. Silks Page 5 Ted talks about Pheobe's side of the family.

Joseph Eli Silks out of Abraham Silks Related Names With the Generation Number

Jesse E. Silks Page 7 Silks, Joseph Eli Relationship page

Jesse E. Silks Page 8 Funeral and Obit of Jesse E Silks

The Outhouse and fun stuff

       (This is a true story by Janet "Silks" Rowan. It happened in Derby Kansas 1946. )

My Christian Web pages:

V-MAIL in times of WAR

V-Mail Updated beginning 8/11/98


Town Crier. (Page 4 of V-MAIL index)

Lord's Army. (Page 1)

Mystery of the Bride Message Revealed

Thoughts of Heavens (Page 1)

Colors In The Bible



My Favorite Links

V-MAIL in times of WAR