Family Villages

Family Villages

On Being Slovak: During the period of written records the land of present day Slovakia was ruled by the Hungary for the period 900 AD until 1867. Then it was Austro-Hungary until 1918. That when it became Czechoslovakia. Finally, 1993 it became Slovakia. For your records anything before 1867 should be listed as Hungary. From 1867 to 1918 Austro-Hungarian, 1918 to 1993 Czechoslovakia and 1993 on as Slovakia. You can footnote somewhere that the village is now in Slovakia.

The Patsko's and Potsko's of Ashley, Hanover Township, and Wilkes-Barre, PA came from a family of grain miller's northeast of Presov, Slovakia-Eperjes, Hungary. The village of Olsavce, Slovakia-Orsocz, Hungary was the home of Janos Paczko and Eva(Gasparik) Matis, whose family came from nearby Porubka, Slovakia/Hungary. It is said that Janos' philandering led to ten of their eleven children and his wife immigrating to America between 1893 and 1910.

Janos' father Andras moved the family from Marhan, Slovakia-Margonya, Hungary, with his wife Maria Grega whose family came from Kochanovce, Slovakia-Kohany, Hungary.

Andras' father Stephanus lived in Marhan/Margonya with his wife Illya Janoscsiha(Yanoshik), possibly from a famous family from western Slovakia/Hungary.

Stephanus father Joannes(John) was married to Anna Dzuris, but I have been unable to locate their church records on the LDS microfilms for Evangelical Lutherans in Marhan/Margonya(this village's church held church records for several nearby villages).

Janos' daughter Eva married a John Hrivnak from Luzerne, PA, who, along with his family, came from Lukavica, Slovakia-Lukavicza, Hungary.

Janos' son Tomas, married Anna Handzo from Lada, Slovakia, Hungary, and had ancestors named Sabol, possibly from Abrahamovce, Slovakia.

Many other families from this area of Saris or Sarisska Zupa, Slovakia-Saros Megye, Hungary between Presov, Bardejov and Giraltovce and Hanusovce nad Toplou are also found in these records, including Balla, Drevenak and Kerestes.

Recently I've also added some church records from the old Zemplen, Megye/Zemplin Zupa Presov Region, and many of them, Roman Catholic. Previously, all of the records had been Evanglical, and from Saros Megya, Saris Zupa, Presov Region. Oh, and now, records from Nitra, Holic records.

Olsavce, Slovakia/Orsocz, Hungary
Marhan, Slovakia/Margonya, Hungary
Kochanovce, Slovakia/Kohany, Hungary
Porubka, Slovakia/Porubka, Hungary
Lukavica, Slovakia/Lukavicza, Hungary
Kracunovce, Slovakia/Karacsonmezo, Hungary
Olsavce and Surrounding Villages, Slovakia, 1869 Census
Bardijov, Slovakia/Bartfa, Hungary
Hanusovce nad Toplou, Slovakia/Hanusfalu, Hungary
Chmelov, Slovakia/Komlos Kerezstes, Hungary and Surrounding Villages
Nemcovce, Lada, Slovakia/Kapi-Nemetfalu, Lada, Hungary and Surrounding Villages
Abrahamovce, Slovakia
Lopuchov, Slovakia/Lapos, Hungary
Holic, Slovakia Nitra
Haraszti, Hungary Chrastne, Slovakia
Cselfalu, Hungary Celovce, Slovakia
Valykoc, Hungary Valkovce, Slovakia
Giraltovce, Slovakia/Giralt, Hungary
Snina, Slovakia/Szinna, Hungary Zemplin
Harscar-Lucska Tarkeo/Hungary, Kamenica/Slovakia Zemplin
Csaklyo-Ceklov, Slovakia/Caklov, Hungary Zemplin
Turany, Slovakia/Turany, Hungary Zemplin
Kis-Szeben,Magyarjacabfalu Hungary/Sabinov, Jakubovany Slovakia Presov