Lost Records Page

Lost Records

Problem with Sweeney/St. Charles Church Records:

Destroyed in fire in the 1910. The parish was running smoothly until June 1910. During a vicious electrical storm, a bolt of lightning struck the church and it burned to the ground. The people of the parish were stunned by this event. However, they faced this tragedy like they did all others: they met it head on and began the task of rebuilding a new church. While planning and during construction, masses were held in the public school hall.

Problem with Heylek/Austrian Census and Village Data:

The Statistisches Zentralamt in Vienna has the RESULTS of the census (Volkszaehlung) in the Austria Empire (without Hungary) in 1869, 1880, 1890, 1900 and 1910. Here you can find e.g. statistical information about number of inhabitants and houses per village/town -- but NO NAMES of individuals. The source documentation (the enumeration sheets) was largely destroyed in the Palace of Justice fire in 1927. Some documentation is still available at the Staatsarchiv in Vienna but most of it is badly damaged (by fire and water), is difficult to handle, nearly impossible to read and may not be photocopied.

Problem with Cirko/Yanoshak Austrian Census and Village Data:

The 1947 Operation Vistula by the Polish Communist Govenment destroyed entire villages, churches and their records, and removed Rus, Ruthenian, Ukrainian, Lemko's, to other parts of Poland, the Ukraine, concentration camps and mass graves.