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Jaskiewicz Madziar Social Mosaic
of Bay City Michigan


Jaskiewicz-Madziar Mosaic of Bay City, Michigan

I am breathing life into this genealogy tree by respectfully providing photos and stories of ancestors in the RootsWeb World Connect mosaic to share with their descendants: I would like to match faces and stories to the names. to create a social network of a unique part of Poland and Bay City, Michigan I have broadly defined ancestors as any deceased people who are related to me by blood or marriage, and, within reasonable limits, their spouses.

The descendants of this tree can use the free RootsWeb mosaic to start work on their immediate family’s genealogy. Because of privacy issues, no living people will intentionally be put into the database.

If you have pictures or stories of ancestors in my tree you would like added to this photographic tree, please contact me. I have a scanner if you don’t. I also have a few unidentified pictures I would like your help in identifying. Contributors will be mentioned by name.



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