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The aim of the campaign was to bring pressure on Parliament to take a long, hard look at the inadequate penalties being handed down to those found guilty of motoring offences.

I firmly believe that if the average driver knew that there were stiffer punishments for various driving offences, that they would think twice before taking risks.

Most importantly is the need for a change in the law when a fatality occurs because of driver error.

At present there is no offence between “Driving without due care and attention” and “Causing death by dangerous driving”

I feel we need a charge of “Causing death by careless driving” or similar introducing.

GOOD NEWS................

Causing Death by Careless Driving

Legislation has been passed making careless drivers who cause the death of another person more accountable for their actions. The minor offence of Careless Driving, the same offence which applied if they had hit a tree, can now be replaced with a much more serious offence.

When someone dies as a result of the carelessness of another driver, the death has to be central to the charge. For far too many years, families and friends of victims had to watch and listen helplessly as the ones who caused the death of their loved ones got off with a light penalty and were allowed to continue driving.

The deaths of their loved ones caused by those offences were not even mentioned or recorded. The new charge, Causing Death by Careless Driving, not only mentions the death, but it also can be heard in the Crown Court, with the possibility, in some cases, of incurring a custodial sentence. The new charge also carries a driving ban of 12 months.

Careless drivers should be taken off the road and then the message may just get through to reckless drivers that there is a real possibility that they will be banned from driving and forced to retake the driving test.

Fines are all well and good, but once paid they are forgotten about. Take away their right to drive and they are reminded every day.