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August 14th, 2002 was the day that changed our lives forever. Our son, Trevor, a well respected, hard-working, dedicated Registered General Nurse had his life extinguished when Bernard Parry drove his 60ft long lorry and trailer across his path.

My personal opinion is that this lorry driver was doing what many arrogant lorry drivers do - because he had such a large vehicle he thought he’d bully his way across on-coming traffic. I also suspect that he was using his mobile phone at the time. We see this dangerous practice every day on our roads and even the lorry drivers admit that they deliberately pull in front of smaller vehicles knowing that nobody is going to argue with them. These inconsiderate drivers need re-educating before they are permitted to drive on our roads.

BERNARD PARRY lives at 43 The Fairway, Burbage, Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 2TY

He has shown absolutely no remorse and continues to blame other people even though he was found guilty of driving without due care and attention on 14th October, 2003 at Lincoln Magistrates Court.

Our laws at present do not punish such offenders sufficiently. He was fined £500 with £500 costs and had his driving licence endorsed with 8 penalty points. Not much for a life, is it?

We considered taking out a private prosecution charging him with a more serious offence, but he would only go running to his employer (RDL Distribution, now part of the mighty Wincanton plc) to fight his battles with their legal team. There are serious discrepancies with his evidence but I can't afford to fight these powerful people.

PARRY - Leaving Lincoln Magistrates after being convicted.

If you see this man walking, you are probably safe.

If you see him driving a vehicle - BEWARE!!