( MULLAGHBORN - Farmers & Residents cont.)
McKeowan, Terence, Aghadanove
McParland, J. , Carricknagavna
McParland, Mrs M. , Lattherget
Magee, Patrick, Carrive
Magennis, Ml. , Levallymore
Morgan, Mrs P. , Lathberget
Morgan, Mrs M. , Lathberget
Muckian, Ptk. , Mullabawn
Murcan, Jas. , Carrickaldreen
Murcan, Owen, Tullynacreene
Murphy, E. , Carricknagavna
Murphy, Ml. , Carricknagavna
Murphy, Ml. , Maphonet
Murphy, Ml. , Tullnacree
Murphy, Ptk. jun. , Mullaghbawn
Murphy, Stpn. , Mullaghbawn
O’Hanlon, Mrs. , Lathberget
O’Hanlon, Patrick, Mullaghbawn
Quinn, P. , Carricknagavna
Shevlin, E. , Mullaghbawn
Smith, Edward, Lathberget
Smith, Mrs S. , Mullaghbawn
Smith, Peter, Mullaghbawn



Silverbridge is a village of about 15 houses, on the Cully Water, between 7 and 8 miles, Irish, north, north-west of Dundalk, 3 miles, Irish, east by north from Crossmaglen, and 5 miles, Irish, north-east of Culloville, the nearest railway station. The land of the district is fair in the valley, but it soon rises to lofty heights and becomes poor. Potatoes and flax are the
principal crops. Most of the farms are small.

Beer retailer : Jno. Grant

Blacksmith : Hy. McNamee

Corn mill :Jos. Malone

Grocers :
Bd, Carragher
Jno. Carragher
Ptk. Faughey
Mrs E. McCourt
Ml. Geough
Ml. Murphy
Jas. Stokes

Spirit retailer : Bd. Carragher

Burns, Samuel, Dorsey
Crilly, Patrick, Dorsey
Grant, Owen, Cashel
Grant, Patrick, Carrive
Hanratty, Mrs. , Cashel
Hughes, Hy. , Carrigans
Johnston, Jas. , Ummerimore
Johnston, Mrs B. , Ummericam
Loughran, James, Dorsey
Loy, John, Dorsey
Loy, Mrs B, Dorsey
McAntear, Mrs B. , Aughenduff
McCourt, Mrs T. , Aughenduff
McCreesh, F. , Ummerimore
McCulloch, John, Carnally
McDermott, Patrick, Dorsey
McGorman, Laurence, Dorsey
Martin, Mrs A. , Cashel
Martin, Mrs M. , Cashel
Mullen, Ml. , Silverbridge ho
Murchan, P. , Ummericam[Ball]
Murchan, Mrs M. , Cashel
Murphy, Anthony, Carrive
O’Hare, Thomas, Carnally
Stokes, James, Carrigans



Tandragee compares favourably with the most beautifully situated towns in Ireland. The main street, which runs up the side of a hill, is broad,
and the houses for the greater part are large and well built. . . . .
There is a great deal of good land in the neighborhood. Oats, potatoes and flax are the chief crops. . . . .

Branches, Public Bodies,
Professions, &c

Bakers :
Hy. Aston
Geo. Davidson
Jas. O’Hare

Bank, Belfast :
Thomas B. Powell, mgr
H. Hayes, cashier
John A. Pentland, act.
Bootmakers [shops]:
Peter Kinney
Thos. Harvey

Timber merchant : Thos. Mathers

Churches &c :Baptist :
Rev. John Taylor
C. I. :Rev. Wm. McEndoo
Methodist : Rev. Jas D. Foster
Presbyterian :Rev Alex. R. Foy
R. C. : Rev. Jas. Donnelly, p. p.

Coal Merchants :
John Anderson
Seth Jelly
Jas O’Hare
Jas Whiteside
Dd. Williamson

Dispensary : Dr Jas. Taylor, M. O.

Drapers :
Geo. Crothers
Miss M. Gillis
Sl. McCallan
Rt. Meridith
Jas. Purdy
Miss O’Hare
Edward Rodden
Jas. Taylor
Miss A. Qua

Emigration Agent : Rt. Emerson

Estate Office : Capt. O’Brien, agt.

Gas Co. , Thos. H. White, J. P. chairman
John J. Mayes, mgr.
7/6 per 1000 feet.

Glass and Delf, &c:
Hy. Baxter
Mrs S. Loughran
Mrs D. McWhinney
Jas. Whiteside

Grain Merchants : Seth Jelly

Grocers :[*]retail spirits, [+]hardware, [++]seeds
Jno. Anderson
Sl. J. Barr +
George Dickson ++
Rt. Emerson, +, ++
Philip Hughes
Seth Jelly, ++
Mrs S. Loughran *
Sl. McCallan
Mrs S. McIlroy
David McDonald
Jas. McMurray
Miss Mt. Maginnis
Thomas Maginnis +
Thomas Mathers *Rt. Meredith
Thos. Nesbitt
Jas O’Hare, ++
Edward Rodden *
Jas. Whiteside, +
Dd. Williamson
Gun Club, Mandeville :
Viscount Mandeville, President
Thomas Dickson, Secretary
Wesley Watson, Treasurer

Hotel Keepers [*]spirit license
Jas. Dinsmore *
Geo. Davies, sen.

Miller[corn] : T. H. White

Manufacturers :
Wm. Kilpatrick, Cabra Grove
Thos. Sinton [Laurelvale, Weaving, Tandragee, flax spinning]
Wm. John Turtle, Mullavilla House
News Agent : Geo. Davies

Painters :
Jos. Greenway
Wm. McCullough
Jno. Matthews

Petty Sessions, 2nd Tuesday of every month,
Rt. Emerson, clerk

Physicians :
Jas. Taylor
Jas. H. Wallace

Plumbers and Tinsmiths :
Henry Baxter
J. J. Mayes

Post mistress and Stamp distributer :
Mrs D. McWhinney

Process Server :
James McCallen

Railway Station :
J. Livingston, toll collector

R. I. C. :
Sergt. William Power

Saddler : Thomas Greer

Schools, Ladies :Miss Moore
National :Robt. Ross
Miss F. Harvey
Jas. Devlin
Mrs L. Rice

Solicitors : Edward D. Atkinson and Son