( CARNAGH - continued)
Allan, J. , Tievenamara
Argue, R. A. , Kilcam
Conn, Rt. , Carrickaduff
Conn, Rt. , Crossnenagh
Connelly, Ml. , Tievenamara
Connelly, P. jun. , Tievenamara
Conroy, Patrick, Drumherney
Curry, John, Carrickaduff
Curry, John, Tievenamara
Dalzell, T. , Tievenamara
Feehan, Fr. , Kilcam
Hill, Robert, Kilcam
Hughes, Bd. , Crossnenagh
Hughes, Edward, Carrickaduff
Hughes, Edward, Tievenamara
Hughes, James, Drumherney
Irwin, Thomas D. , Curryhugh
Irwin, W. A. , Carnagh House
Keating, Dl. , Clay
McArdle. Thomas, Kilcam
McCarron, Ptk. , Tievenamara
McClure, Thos. , Drumnahovill
McWharter, David, Carrickaduff
Mallon, James, Carrickaduff
Mallan, Peter, Drumherney
Nesbitt, Allen, T’namara
Nesbitt, J. , sen. , T’namara
Nesbitt, J. , jun. , T’namara
Nesbitt, John, Crossnenagh
Powell, Robert, Tievenamara
Rooney, Andrew, Clay
Rush, Ml. , Crossnenagh
Seymour, John, Drumnahaville
Seymour, Sl. , Crossnenagh
Strahan, Robert, Kilcairn
Turner, Joseph, Carrickaduff



Cullyhanna is a village of about 20 houses, 3.5 miles, Irish, south of Newtownhamilton, and an equal distance north by east from Crossmaglen. . The land is uneven in quality, some being very good and some very bad. In the valley of the Cullyhanna, otherwise the Creggan River, below the village, a great deal of damage is done by floods. Oats, potatoes and flax are the chief crops. A patent was granted to provide for the holding of fairs, but it has been a dead letter for more than twenty years.

Baker :
Hugh Connell

Blacksmith :
Ptk. Leonard

Churches :
Presbyn. : Rev R. R. Drysdale
R. C. : Rev A. O’Toole

Draper :
Felix Kelly

Grocers :
Hugh Connell
John Hanlon
Jno. McMahon

Post M. :
Hugh Connell

R. I. C. :
Sergt. Edwd. Crossen

School, Natl. , : P. Murray

Scutch Mill :
Rd. Palmer

Spirit retailer : Hugh Connell, [two licences]

Bellew, Ml. , Mulladuff
Bellew, Mrs A. , Kiltybane
Black, James, Lisleitrim
Black, Wm. , Lisleitrim
Blacker, Edward, Dorsey
Boyle, Bernard, Tullynawall
Boyle, James, Tullynawall
Bradley, David, Freeduff
Callaghan, Patrick, Drumlogher
Carragher, James, Skeriff[T]
Carragher, John, Cullyhanna[Big]
Carragher, Mrs B. , Cullyhanna
Carragher, Mrs B. , Skeriff
Carragher, Mrs M. , Skeriff up
Carragher, Ptk. , Tullynawall
Carragher, Philip, Ballynarea
Carty, John, Cregganduff
Carragher, M. , sen. , Skerifftrueman
Carragher, Ml. , Skerifftrueman
Carragher, Owen, Tullynawall
Carragher, Rd. , Skerifftrueman
Carragher, T. , Cullyhanna [Big]
Crozier, Mrs. , Tullyvallen
Cully, John, Creggan up
Donaldson, Mrs. , Cloghoges
Donaldson, Mrs A. B. , Tullynavall
Donaldson, John, Cloghoge
Donaldson, Jos. , Cloghoge

Donaldson, Thos. , Cloghoge
Donaldson, Wm. , Cloghoge
Donnelly, Arthur, Tullynavall
Donnelly, Peter, Tullynavall
Duffy, Patrick, Dorsey
Durnin, J. , Skerifftrueman
Durnin, P. , Cullyhanna[Big]
Garvey, Owen, Dorsey
Goodfellow, Sl. , Cullyhanna[Big]
Hanna, Crozier, Sheetrim
Hearty, Ml. , Cregganduff
Henry, David, Dorsey
Johnston, Alex. , Cloghoge
Johnston, John, Cloghoge
Kelly, Mrs E. , Drumlogher
Kelly, Mrs E. , Tullyvallen
Kelly, Mrs J. , Tullyvallen
Largey, Michael, Cloghoge
Larkin, Terence, Cregganduff
Lennon, Francis, Cullyhanna[B]
Lockhart, Sl. , Mulladuff
Loughran, Patrick, Cregganduff
Loughran, Patrick, Dorsey
Louth, John, Tullynavall
McBirney, Dd. , jun. , Mulladuff
McBirney, Samuel, Mulladuff
McBirney, Wm. J. , Mulladuff
McClean, Wm. , Cloghoge
McCooey, Ptk. sen. , Drumlogher
McCooey, Patrick, Drumlogher
McCreesh, Peter, Tullynavall
McGaw, J. , Skerifftichburn
McGeough, Peter, Sheetrim
McGinnis, Mrs M. , Dorsey
McGinnis, Mrs M. , Sheetrim
McMahon, Hugh, Sheetrim
McMahon, John, Cullyhanna lr
McMahon, John, Sheetrim
McMahon, Patrick, Lisletrim
McNancy, John, Skerifftrueman
McNulty, Bernard, Sheetrim
McNulty, Hugh, jun. , Drumlogher
McShane, Hugh, Drumlogher
Mackin, Felix, Dorsey
Mackin, Joseph, Tullynavall
Mackin, Patrick, Tullynavall
Mackin, Redmond, Dorsey
Moley, Michael, Dorsey
Moore, Mrs. , Tullyvallen
Morrison, John, Creggan lr
Nelson, Samuel, Freeduff
O’Hanlon, Peter, Cullyhanna
Quigley, Bernard, Dorsey Hearty
Quigley, Edward, Dorsey
Quinn, Edward, Dorsey M’D
Quinn, John, Cullyhanna [lr]
Quinn, Peter, Cullyhanna [lr]
Ronaghan, Edward, Camly Ball
Savage, Ptk. , Skerifftrueman
Sheriden, Bd. , Skerifftichburn
Sheridan, Michael, Ballynaare
Toner, Chas. , Cullyhanna[Big]
Wiley, Geo. , Dorsey
Wiley, Wm. , Mulladuff



Lislea is a rural post-office 4. 5 miles, Irish, west of Newry and 6 miles Irish, south-east from Newtownhamilton. It is situated in the valley of a river which passes through Forkhill. Slieve Gullion rises on the eastern side and on the western a height known to the natives as The Burren Mountain. The Misses Quinn of Newry own the district. In the valley the land is fair. Oats, potatoes and flax are the chief crops. One of the disadvantages experienced by the inhabitants is the danger of mountain floods.

Blacksmith :
Bd. O’Neill

Church R. C. : Rev Chas. Quinn

Grocer &c :
Stephen McCann

Post M. :
Stephen McCann

School, Natl. :
Ml. McParland
Mrs T. Byrne

Scutch Mill :
L. Donnelly

Crawley, Thomas, Levallymore
Curtis, J. , A’loughmullin
Donnelly, Mrs B. , Doctors Qrs.
Donnelly, Peter, Lislea
McCann, Stephen, Lislea
McParland, Francis, C’galliagh
McParland, James, Ballard
Murphy, P. jun. , Doctors Qrs.
Murphy, Terence, Lislea
Quinn, Bernard, C’galliagh
Ward, Mrs B. , C’gallion
Ward, Mrs S. , Doctors Qrs.