( KILLYLEA Farmers & Residents cont.)
Conlan, Joseph, Drumsallen lr
Connelly, James, Corr
Coote, Mrs A. , Knappah Manse
Costigan, John, Annaghananny
Cross, Mrs Fanny, Dartan
Crow, William, Dressogagh
Crozier, William J. , Naul
Curry, John, Annaghananny
Davidson, Thomas, Drumgar
Devlin, James, Kilmatroy
Donaldson, Wm. , Cormeen
Donaldson, W. sen. , Tullycallidy
Donaldson, Wm. jun. , Tullycallidy
Donnelly, Arthur, Annaghananny
Donnelly, Cornelius, Annaghananny
Donnelly, Ptk. , Polnagh
Ewart, Clarke, Tullycallidy
Ewart, Jas. , Tullycallidy
Ewart, Sl. , Tullycallidy
Ferguson, Quinton, Corr
Finnally, Thomas, Killymaddy
Frazer, John, Killymaddy
Frazer, John, Lisnafeedy
Frazer, Joseph, Cabragh
Frazer, Jos. , Killymaddy
Frazer, Wm. , Lisnafeedy
Gamble, John, Lisagally
Gillespie, Hugh, Killylea
Gillespie, Hugh, Naul
Gillespie, James, Drum
Gillespie, John, Corr
Gillespie, J. W. Cavanbellaghey
Gillespie, Mrs. , Annagh
Gillespie, William, Pollnagh
Glass, James, Killylea
Graham, Thomas, Drumrusk
Greer, Benjamin, Drumgar
Greer, John, Mullintar
Greer, William, Drumgar
Greer, William, jun. , Drumgar
Hagan, Owen, Corr
Hall, George, Cormeen
Henderson, James, Knockenagh
Henderson, William, Dressogagh
Hewton, James, Killymaddy
Hodge, John, Derrydarragh
Hughes, Andrew, Foyar
Hughes, C. , Dartan House
Hughes, Edward, Ballymacauley
Hughes, Edward, Corr
Hughes, Francis, Lisagally
Hughes, Henry, Ballymacauley
Hughes, James, Corr
Hughes, John, Cavanbellaghey
Hughes, Joseph, Corr
Hughes, Patk. , Tullycallidy
Hughes, William, jun. , Corr
Huston, William, Killylea
Irwin, James S. , Cormeen
Johnston, Alex. , Cavanpole
Kane, Thomas, Annagh
Knipe, Samuel, Culkeeran House
Lappan, James, Dernasigh
Lawson, Abraham, Drumgar
Lee, David, Eglish
Lester, Geo. Hy. , Polnagh House
Lester, Thomas, Dernasigh
Lester, Wm. , Kilcarn
Linton, Wm. , Tullycallidy
Livingston, John, Drumsallen
Loughhead, Timothy, Polnagh
Lowery, Robert, Lisgally
McAllister, Francis, Dartan
McAree, James, Manooney
Macabe, Thomas, Foyar House
McCarragher, George, Cabragh
McCarragher, John, Killyquin
McCarten, Bernard, B’macauley up
Macauley, John, Knockaneagh
McClean, James, Killylea
McClure, Thos. A. , Rose Lodge
McElroy, Patk. , Annaharap
McGee, Arthur, Turry Cottage
McKenna, Fr. , Cormeen
McKeown, Rt. , Annaharap
McQuade, Bd. , Annaharap
McWilliams, John, Lisagally
Makeham, Felix, Drumrusk
Marshall, Henry, Killymaddy
Marshall, Michael, Lisnafeedy
Meaghan, John, Corr
Menary, Jno. , Knockaneagh
Menary, William, Killmatroy
Mooney, Peter, Lisagally
Morton, Alex. , Manoony
Murphy, John, Cormeen
Newton, Miss S. , Killylea ho
Noble, S. , Lisnafeedy ho
Nugent, Alex. , Annaghananny
O’Neill, C. , Ballymacauley up
Patten, Wm. , Killylea
Prentice, Joseph, Killylea
Quinn, Edw. , Derrydarragh
Rolston, James, Polnagh
Speer, Robert, Tullycallidy
Speer, Samuel, Tullycallidy
Speers, Robert, Drumgar
Steele, James, Cormeen
Steele, Thomas, Cormeen
Stevenson, Jos. , Cavanbellaghey
Stringer, Wm. , Cavanbellaghey
Tate, William, Lisnafeedy
Thompson, William, Killyquinn
Toner, Hugh, Drumrusk
Trimble, John, Tullycallidy
Treanor, James, Polnagh
Vogan, Joseph, Ballymacaully up
Ward, John, Manooney
Warden, Joseph, Tannagh
Whitelock, John, Polnagh

Williamson, George, Drumgar
Wilson, Edward, Kilcarn
Wilsaon, Jas. , Drumsallen
Wilson, Jas. , Knockaneagh
Wilson, John, Kilcarn
Wilson, John, Lisnafeedy
Wilson, Joseph, Drumrusk
Wilson, Robert, Killylea
Wilson, Thomas, Killymaddy
Wilson, T. A. , Drumgoliff



Kilmore is a village of a few houses, 7 miles
north-east of Armagh, 2 miles south-east of Loughgall, and 2 miles north-east of Richhill, the nearest railway station. The land of the district is good. Potatoes, oats, wheat and beans are the principal crops. A great many of the farmhouses are improved in appearance by
apple-orchards. Many of the farmers and cotters
receive their letters from the Kilmore post office.

Church of I. : Rev. L. P. T. Ledoux

Grocers & drapers :
Misses Gilpin

Postm. :
Miss M. J. Greer

School, Erasmus Smith’s :
Miss Mary J. Greer

School, National :
Mr Ruddock

Spirit Retailer :
Robinson Ruddock

Atkinson, John, Ballywilly
Atkinson, Richard, Ballytrue
Atkinson, Richard, Money
Derry, John, Kilmacanty
Gardner, Miss Rachel, Annaboe
Greer, James W. Lurgancot
Hall, John, Annaboe
Hampton, Chr. , Greenagh
Henderson, John, Ballytrue
Hobson, James, Kilmore
Hutchinson, Rt. , Annaboe
Jenkimson, James, Drumard Jones
Johnston, H. A. [B. L. ], St. Aidan’s
Kane, John, Mullaletra
Kane, Wm. , Mullaletra
Kane, W. , jun. , Drumard Jones
McAllister, Johathan, Kilmacanty
McCann, Daniel, Lurgancot
McCoo, Michael, Ballywilly
McDonnell, J. , Lurgancot
McGeough, John, Ballytrue
Marshall, William, Money
McMahon, John, Drumard Jones
Morgan, Felix, Lurgancot
Odgers, Robert, Kilmacanty
Odgers, Thomas, Ballywilly
Palmer, William, Ballywilly
Redmond, Philip, The Cottage
Robinson, Joseph, Annaboe
Troughton, Jones, Annaboe
Troughton, Rt. , Lurgancot
Watts, Samuel, Lurgancot
Weir, Henry, Money
Williamson, Wm. , Kilmacanty
Winter, Joseph, Ballytrue



Lislea is a village 4 miles south-west of Armagh. The houses are scattered. It is in the Callan valley, once, at this point, the site of extensive bleach greens. Now the only industry is operated by Messrs. Thomas Wynne & Co. They are manufacturers by power loom of buckrams, hollands and packing canvas, and in the factory and beetling mills give employment to about 200 people. The land of the district is good. Oats and potatoes are the principal crops. Higher up the river the Roan Paper Company, Ltd gives employment to about 50 people. Coarse lapping paper is the speciality. Anglers find the Callan fairly good for trout up to the paper mill, but no further. The scenery is charming at Lislea. Armagh is the nearest railway station.

Church of Ireland , Aughavilly :
Rev. Hugh Edgar

Linen Manufacturers :
Thomas Wynne & Co.

Paper : Roan Paper Manufacturers Co. Ltd :
Jas. R. Girvin, Man. Director
Wm. Girvin, Sec.

Post M. , Jno. McKinney

School National : Jas. McMenemy