( LOUGHGILLY Farmers & Residents cont.)
Gordon, Wm. , Lisnisk
Greer, Robert, Mullaghmore
Hale, Thomas, Cornagrally
Hale, Wm. J. , Cornagrally
Hamilton, John, Corrinare
Hamilton, Hugh, Lisnisk
Hamilton, J. Ferguson, Corrinare
Hamilton, Wm. , Cornagrally
Hanna, Isaac, Ballydogherty
Hanna, Wm. , Ballydogherty
Hawthorne, Jas. sen. , Kilcon
Hawthorne, James, Kilcon
Henry, James, Creeve
Henry, Wm. , Creeve
Hutcheson, F. G. Killycarn lr
Hutcheson, Thos. , Killycarn up
Jennings, James, Mullaghmore
Larkins, John, Mullaghmore
Lennon, James, Drumilt
Lester, Samuel, Killycarn lr
Lowe, Patk. , Cornagrally
McCartney, Wm. T. , Bolton
McClelland, James, Ballygorman
McCune, James, Ballygorman
McConville, Andrew, Lesh
McConville, Felix, Lesh
McKee, Mrs J. , Mullaghmore
McKinlay, James, Ballygorman
McKinlay, John, Ballygorman
McKinlay, Moses, Ballygorman
McManus, James, Lesh
William Smith, Derrycorry north
Richard Gilpin, Derrycorry

Drapers :
Miss M. J. Jackson
Jos. Orr

Education :
Eras. Smith’s school, James Doherty
National Schools, J. Lindsay, Patrick Bradley

Estate Agent :
Hume Babington, Armagh

Groceries, Hardware, Seeds, Boots, Delf &c :George Jackson
Joseph Orr

Library :
Mrs T. Jones
Linen Manufacturers &c :
Jos. Orr & Sons, Cranagill

Petty Sessions 3rd Wednesday in every month :
Rd. Ewing, clerk

Postm :
Samuel H. Orr

Process Server :
William Hall

R. I. Constabulary :
Sergt. Geo. Tanner

Scutch Mill :
James Mallon

Spirit retailers : None.



Loughgall is 5 miles north-east of Armagh and 2.5 miles north by west from Richhill, the nearest railway station.It is situated in a beautiful valley,and surrounded by richly planted demesnes and handsome private residences.The village consists of one street,in which the houses,with few exceptions, are large and well built.A highly ornamental entrance to the Manor House demesne [Mrs Cope], is almost in the centre.The lough that gives name to the village,is accessible from this point,and is one of the attractive features......
The lands have a limestone basis and yield abundantly. Oats, potatoes, flax and wheat are the chief crops. A great many of the farmers are fruit growers,more or less extensively,and in the season of bloom the orchards contribute greatly to heighten the charm of the scenery.


Bleacher,Finisher &c :
Anthony Cowdy,jun., Green Hall Mills

Burial Ground : S.Orr, caretaker

Baker : John McKitterick

Blacksmith : Thomas Wright

Churches :
C.I. Rev.A.M.Dobbs
Prebyterian : Rev.Wm.,Smyth
R.C. Rev.Ml.O'Brien,p.p.

Coffee House : Mrs T.Jones,mgr

Dispensary :
Dr W.W.Leeper,J.P. Medical Officer
Attendance -Monday,Wednesday and Friday,10a.m. to noon.

Committee :
John A.M.Cope,J.P.,Drummilly House
Robert J.McGeough,J.P.
Charles Ensor,J.P. Ardress East,Loughgall
Joseph Atkinson jun.,J.P.Summer Island,Loughgall
Thos.Hall J.P., Eden Cottage,Loughgall
James Orr J.P., Cranagill,Loughgall
Henry Lamb,Castleraw,Loughgall
Timothy Fox,Derrylee,Verner's Bridge
Moses Robinson,Grange O'Neiland,Loughgall
Thomas W.Sinclair,Tullyrone,Moy
Jacob Orr,J.P.Cranagill,Loughgall
John Nicholson,Tall Bridge,Loughgall
Alf.R.Goodlatte,Salem Lodge,Moy
George Hayes,Clontyclay,Moy

Committee meeting first Monday every month at noon.

Wardens :
Thomas D.Jackson,Derryane
Robert Taylor,Grange Lower
James Conn,Clonmacash
Samuel Orr,Loughgall
William Smith,Derrycorry north
Richard Gilpin,Derrycorry

Drapers :
Miss M.J.jackson

Education :
Eras.Smith's school,James Doherty
National Schools,J.Lindsay,Patrick Bradley

Estate Agent :Hume Babington,Armagh

Groceries,Hardware,Seeds,Boots,Delf &c :
George Jackson
Joseph Orr

Library : Mrs T.Jones

Linen Manufacturers &c :
Jos.orr & Sons,Cranagill

Petty Sessions 3rd Wednesday in every month :

Postm : Samuel H.Orr

Process Server : William Hall

R.I.Constabulary : Sergt.Geo.Tanner

Scutch Mill : James Mallon

Spirit retailers : None.

Alexander, Henry, Kinnego
Alexander, John, Termacrannon
Allen, Isaac, Caushnagh
Allen, Jacob, Annasamry
Allen, James, Derryloughran
Allen, John, Drumhariff
Allen, Samuel, Dennyloughran
Allen, William, Ballymagerney
Allen, William, Ternagreevagh
Anderson, Henry J. , Kinnego
Anderson, James, Aughnacloy
Atkinson, Joseph, [D. L. ], Crowhill
Atkinson, J. jun. , [J. P. ], Summer Island
Bates, George, Ardrea
Beggs, John, Ballygasey
Beggs, JohnmDrumilly
Bates, George, Creenagh
Best, George, Egerlougher
Boland, James, Moneycree
Boland, William, Moneycree
Bothwell, William, Clovenden
Brannigan, Patrick, Knockaconey
Brown, James, Creenagh
Brown, Robert, Creenagh
Burrows, Samuel, Kinnego
Burrows, Wm. , Lisasley
Campbell, Felix, Derrycrew
Campbell, James, Ardress east
Cappagh, Michael, Eagralougher
Carroll, James, Derrycrew
Carroll, Samuel, Mullaghmore
Cartmill, Bernard, B’gassoon
Cartmill, Francis, Grangeblundell
Cartmill, Robert, Grangeblundell
Castles, Robert, Derryloughan
Clancy, Robert, Aughinlig
Clogher, Henry, Ballybrannon
Clogher, John, Drumagher
Connor, John, Ardress
Connor, Thos. , Ardress east
Conway, Charles, Clonmain
Cooey, John, Ballygassoon
Cope, J. A. M. [J. P. ], Drumilly
Cope, Mrs, The Manor
Corrigan, Wm. , Clonmain
Cullen, James, Tullymore
Cunningham, Ml. , Mullaghmore
Curry, John, Annahugh
Davison, James, Ardress west
Davison, John, Ardress west
Davison, Sl. , Ballymagerney
Davison, Thos. , Caushnagh
Davison, Thos. , Coragh
Davison, Walter, Annasamry
Davison, Wm. H. , Ardress west
Devlin, Ptk. , Mullaghmore
Donnelly, Peter, Grangeblundell