Long Lake families

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Long Lake Families

Over the last few years I have been researching the families of Long Lake township. I became interested in this group of people when it became apparent that many of the individuals were related and that groups of people had moved to the Long Lake area together. One group included my ancestors, Ebenezer and Harriet Bessey Fillmore, who traveled north from Lenawee County in the mid-1860s. Other families that they were related to or neighbors of also moved including the Durgas, the Schanks, the Stotts, the Tiltons, and the Wynkoops. Later, in the late 1870s, many Quaker families journeyed north from Randolph County, Indiana. Another smaller group were immigrants from Germany and Bohemia, who trickled in after the 1870s.

Together these people formed a small community on the west side of Long Lake. They attended school and church together, spent winters logging the old growth forest while summers planting newly cleared fields. Women worked mostly at home, taking care of large families, tending livestock, and growing and preserving food from their gardens and fields. Spare time was spent visiting friends and relatives, attending church functions, and viewing students' exhibitions at the end of each school term. Maps for Long Lake township for 1881, 1895, and 1908 can be found on the map page.

The following family histories is from a work in progress. Feel free to contact me with additions or corrections.

Please note that it is a copyright protected work.

Surname Index

A     Acker, Adams, Ahrins, Allen, Allgaire, Alsback, Anderson, Arnold, Atkinson, Attenger, Atwell, Ayres, Aylard

B    Bailey, Banta, Baranck, Bash, Bates, Beckwith, Beeman, Beemer, Benjamin, Bennett, Bently, Benton, Betts, Beverly, Big, Biller, Bird, Blades, Blumquist, Bond, Boone, Bower, Braydon, Brayton, Bristol, Brooks, Brown, Budinger, Burchard, Burden, Burditt, Burger, Bush

C    Camp, Campeau, Campbell, Carey, Carmichael, Carmien, Carpenter, Carril?, Carstars?, Carter, Case, Chalker, Chase, Clark, Clay, Cleese, Clouse, Coffield, Cole, Collins, Conant, Conklin, Conkrite, Conner, Connine, Cooper, Corbett, Corey, Cox, Crise, Cummins, Curtis, Cutting

D    Daley, Danielson, Davis, Davy, Dawson, Day, Denemy, Dixon, Dobson, Doebiet, Dowling, Dradracka, Duane, Dunn, Durga, Duryea, Dyer

E    Earl, East, Eback, Ebare, Edgell, Eggli, Eistner, Eldridge, Eley, Eller, Elliot, Erickson

F    Ferris, Fewins, Fillmore, Finch, Fish, Flack, Foote, Frazier, Freeman, French, Furnans

G    Getchell/Gitchell, Ghering, Gilbert, Glover, Goin, Grakes, Grant, Gray, Green, Greeno, Grew, Gutzka

H    Haemsch, Haines, Haiss, Haldeman, Hall, Hallett, Halstead, Hamm, Hammond, Hanna, Hardy, Hart, Hartman, Hathaway, Haywood, Hendrick, Henry, Henshaw, Hildebrandt, Hill, Hinkson, Hoch, Hockeburn, Hodgson, Holinsworth, Holmes, Horen, Houghtaling, Howard, Huelmantel

J and K    Jackson, Jeffers, Jenkins, Jenne, Jinkins, Johnson, Jordan, Judd, Keefe, Kennedy, Kenney, Kenworthy, Kevwitch, Kingdon, Kirby, Kopka, Korb, Kratochvil, Kriz, Kroupa, Kubesh

L    Lada, Laird, Lane, Lapham, Lardie, Lautner, Lebarron, Lee, Leit, Leonard, Lewis, Limbert, Linderman, Little, Lorns, Loucks, Luce, Luplow, Lyon

M    Mallory, Marsh, Mason, Masters, McBride, McCloud, McClure, McCormick, McGarry, McGeary, McGill, McNulty, McRae, Mead, Mickens, Middleton, Mikula, Miller, Moler/Molar, Monroe, Moorman, Morse, Munsell, Myers

N and O    Nash, Neal, Nephew, Newhouse, Newman, Newstead, Nilson, Norman, Norris, North, Novitny, Nyberg, O'Mealey

P    Page, Payne, Pennington, Pepper, Perkins, Perry, Petrafka, Pierce, Popst, Porter, Powell, Pratt, Putney

R Redel/Redell, Reynolds, Rice, Richardson, Riehl, Riley, Rind, Robertson, Rogers, Rokos, Rosa, Rugg, Russell, Rutherford, Ruttenhouse

   Sachtleben, Salinat?, Salinksi, Sanburn, Sanford, Sansin, Sasser, Saunders, Say, Scamehorn/Schermerhorn, Schanck, Schrader, Schumacker, Schwind, Secor, Seger, Settell, Seymour, Shane, Shay, Shearer, Sheridan, Sherman, Shilling, Shisler, Simmonds, Sinclair, Skiver, Slensky, Sluyter, Smiley, Smith, Sogge, Sonfeld?, Spaulding, Stata, Stearns, Stott, Stoutt, Stover, Stricker, Swada, Sweeney

T     Tharp, Thayer, Thomas, Thornton, Thorson, Tilton, Titus, Tucker, Tuttle

U and V    Underhill, Valleau, Vaussin

   Wainwright, Wares, Warner, Weatherwax, Weiselberg, Welborn, Wells, Whalen, Wheat, Wheelock, Whinnery, Whitesel, Wickham, Wiedroeft, Will, Willhanck, Williams, Willobee, Wilsey, Wilson, Winters, Witkop, Wortherington, Wright, Wykoft, Wyncoop/Wynkoop

Y and Z Yagle, Youker, Zimmerman


Pioneer Families of Grand Traverse County