Battery "A" History, 137th AAA Gun Bn

The History of Battery "A", 137 Anti-Aircraft Artillery Gun Bn.
with some Photos of the 608th Military Police Battalion, Leyte, Philippines 1945




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608th MP Bn.






30 November 2016


The following is a word for word transcription of the original book, which belonged to my father, Charles A. Stern (1918-1955). After the 137th was broken up he was retrained as a Military Policeman and went to the Philippines as an Army MP, with Co. A, 608th Military Police Battalion. This unit history is interesting as it relates to WWII and the training these men received, and some of their thoughts about that training. At the end is the Roster of the Battery. I hope that some of this information helps someone find more about their loved ones.

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Gun #2 Crew Commendation (Courtesy of John Grochan)

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