Benjamin Langford & Patsy Pace

            Benjamin Langford & Patsy Pace

     Landowner, Justice of the Peace, magistrate, commissioner, teacher
     Parents: Henry LANGFORD and Mary
     Born: c1780 Virginia
     Married: Martha “Patsy” Pace 1805 Greenville Co., South Carolina
     Died: August 1844, Pope Co. Arkansas
     Parents: John PACE, Sr. & Ann RUSSELL
     Born: c1780 Virginia
     Died: c1844
1780  - Ben Langford was born in Virginia or Carolina
1805  - Married Martha "Patsy" Pace Greenville Co., South Carolina
1805  - Oct. 19, Ben bought 218 acres in Mush Creek, a fork of the South Tygar River Greenville District.
180?  - Daughter Prudence Langford is born Greenville co., SC
1806  - Daughter Sinai Langford is born in Greenville, SC
1807  - Daughter Evaline Langford is born in Greenville, SC
1807 - March 12 -  Ben bought 15 acres adjoining his and brother-in-law Stephen Pace's property.
1809  - Daughter Anna (Annie) Langford is born in Greenville, SC
1810  - Benjamin  & Patsy have 3 daughters, living next door to Matthew & Peggy Langford (census Greenville Co., South Carolina )
1815  - Feb 27 -  son Milton Hazelton Langford in born in Greenville
1819  - Dec. 14 -  son John Pace Langford is born in Jackson Co., Alabama
1819  - Patsy Pace Langford's brother was in Cotaco, Morgan Co., Alabama
1820  - Aug. 4  - Jackson Co., AL Ben commissioned as Justice of the Peace.
1822  - Apr 20  - son Robert Berry Langford born in Jackson Co., Alabama
1823  - March 3  -  Jackson Co., Alabama Ben re-commissioned as JP
1825  - Patsy's father John Pace died in Greenville Co., South Carolina
1829  - Crawford Co., Territory of Arkansas, Ben & son-in-laws John Price and John Ridge are paying taxes.
1830  - He settled in Arkansas in one of the first settlements in Pope County which was the Boiling Springs community located about a mile west of where the city of Hector now stands.   Pope Co., Arkansas Ben Langford family are residing along with the Rev. Mahlon Bewley who, opened the first school in the area.  The school was first held in Rev. Bewley’s home and later in the church building. Teachers were Rev. Bewley, his son, Robert, and his son-in-law Benjamin Langford. (PCHist.v.1)
1831  - Nov. 5 - commissioned as a Magistrate of Pope Co., Arkansas
1833  - July -  Pope Co., AR Berry Langford makes Ben executor of his will.
1833  - Nov.12  - Ben Re-commissioned as MG of Pope Co., AR
1835  - Sep 12  - Ben & others sign petition to Congress for postal route
1835  - Oct. 27  - Ben once again Re-commissioned as MG in Pope Co., AR
1836 - 1838 - Benjamin Langford is County Judge of Pope Co., AR, (Pope County History, v1), (Arrows to Atoms : Russellville Centennial 1870-1970)
183?  - Ben bought a farm from an Indian on the Illinois Bayou , north of where Scottsville is.
1836 - After Arkansas became a state, Ben was commissioned to be one the agents to make plans to build a town and make it a permanent seat of justice in Pope Co. This town was Dover that thrived until the Civil War.
1840  - Aug. 8 - Ben Langford application to be appointed administrator  John Ridge estate
1841 - Sept. 4 - Ben helps organize Temperance Society in Pope Co. Arkansas Gazette
1842  - Benjamin still performing marriages in Pope Co.
18??  - Ben assisted in the burial of Little Johnny in Boiling Springs Campground.
1844 - July 31 -  Executors of Ben's estate executed his will. They were son--in-law Robert S. Bewley, John P. Langford and Robert B. Langford.(see below)
1844 - Aug. 10  - Ben's will was probated. (see below)

“The following reference to the pioneer epoch is from
the pen of Hon. John R. Homer Scott, of Russellville: ...I
look back to the good old days with wonder, astonishment
and sadness at the change ...that we might again realize
and enjoy the blessings ... which were once very pleasant-
... and have with us again ... such grand, congenial noble
men for fellowship as ... Benjamin Langford ... Mahlon and
John M. Bewley ... fondly remembered, but now no more,
whose smiles, presence, company and counsel served to enliven,
cheer and gladden our hearts.  Peace to their ashes.”
(Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Western Arkansas, 1891)

Children of Benjamin & Patsy Langford :

Prudence  Langford m. John Sawyer Price b. March 18, 1805, Greenville Co., South Carolina d. bef. 1832
Sinai Langford m. Thomas J. Gardner b. Abt. 1806, Greenville Co., South Carolina d. after 1833
Evalina Langford m. Robert S. Bewley b. Abt. 1807, Greenville Co., South Carolina d. Bet.1860 - 1864
Benjamin Langford Jr.   b. Abt. 1808, Greenville Co., South Carolina
Anna Langford m. John Ridge b. Abt. 1809, Greenville Co., South Carolina
Milton Hazelton Langford m. Mary Ann (Polly) Banta  22 June 1843 b. February 27, 1815, Greenville Co., South
d. 22 Jun 1843, Bandera Co., Texas
John Pace Langford m. Eliza Jane McCain
21 Feb 1843
b. December 14, 1819, Jackson Co., Alabama d. after 1880, Scottsville, Pope Co., Arkansas
Robert Berry Langford m.Caroline Matilda Langford
19 April 1843
b. April 20, 1822, Jackson Co., Alabama. d. 24 June 1899, Burnett Co., Texas

          In the name of God Amen.  I Benjamin Langford of the County of Pope and State of Arkansas being of sound mind and perfect memory blessed be God han (have) on this thirty first day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty do make constitute and publish this instrument of writing to be my last Will & T revoking all other wills made by me.
          In the manner following, to wit:

          FIRST, my will is that all my just debts be paid.

          SECONDLY, my will is that all my horses & cattle, my wagon, oxon, my hogs and my sheep be sold on twelve months credit except one black mare and colt -  of which I bequeath to my wife Patsey and also as much pork as the appraisers may judge sufficient for one years provisions also one Negro girl named Mary.

          FURTHERMORE, my will is that all my land together with the premises belonging to my wife Patsey during her life and then my will is that the above named land together with the premises belonging to my wife Patsey during her lifetime and then my will is that the above named land together with the premises after her death is to belong to my daughter Anny Ridge during her lifetime and to the heirs of the said Anny Ridge forever.

          AND FURTHERMORE my will is that the two other servants BOB and DESTIMONEY continue the farm and assist in gathering the crop until the first day of January 1845 and then the said Negroes Bob and Destimoney to be hirred out at the highest bidder.

          FURTHERMORE my will is that my present crop be sold for ready money a part or all as the case may be convenient to pay a debt which I owe to WILLIAM SHERMAN (?) and also I will my corn crop gathered and a sufficiency there off laid by to support my wife Patsey and her stock and the balance sold for ready money.

          FURTHERMORE my will is that when ever Robert, S. Bewley shall pay sum of money myself & John Brewton (Bruton?) stands security for him to Hawkins Gregroy amount somewhere between two and three hundred dollars a fifty dollar debt which I stand security for him to William Sherrin who the above named debt for which I stand for is paid by the said Robert S. Bewley then the said Robert S. Bewley is to have certain land as the

                   West fr of the South East quarter section of Section No.
                    two in Township No. Ten North of Range No. Nineteen West 
                   containing eighty acres.  Also the North East 1/4 of the 
                   Southeast Quarter of Section No. Thirty Two in Township 
                   Ten of Range No. Nineteen W containing forty acres in the
                   premises thereoff and his heirs forever.

          FURTHERMORE my will is that my son Milton H. Langford have all the land which he sould my horses for lying and being in the Republic of Texas.

          FURTHER my will is that all the house hold furniture and property to my wife Patsey, be sould at her death excepting the NEGRO girl MARY.

          FURTHER my will is that the the death of my wife Patsey the Negro named Destimoney belong to Evlina Bewley and the heirs of her Boddy for and also my will is that the boy Bob at the death of my wife Patsey belong to my sone John P. Langford and his heirs forever, also at the death of my wife Patsey the girl named Mary belong to my sone Robert B. Langford and his heirs forever, and it is further my will that the four children heirs Gardner deceased wife of Thomas Gardner heirs names Eliza and Martha and Ellis have four hundred dollars out of my estate one hundred dollars provided Thomas Gardner pays a debt that I stand his security for to H. Gregory, debts interest and all a mounting to something over one hundred dollars and the balance to said above named heirs said above named money to come to said heirs at the death of my wife Patsey proceding from them at her death, and it is further my will that Anna Ridge have ten acres of farm now belonging to me to cultivate from this time forward.  And it FURTHER my will that Robert S. Bewley and John P. Langford and Robert Langford be appointed Executors of the above will.

          In witness I have hereunto set my hand and seal this day and date above written.

      John Brewton                                                                               Benjamin Langford (Seal)
      Absolom Sims 


State of Arkansas                                         In vacation of Pope Probate Court
County of Pope                                                                     August 10th 1844

This day personally appeared before me John R. H. Scott, Clerk of the Circuit Court and Ex Officio Clerk of the Court of Probate, ROBERT S. BEWLEY, JOHN P. LANGFORD and ROBERT B. LANGFORD, who this day made application for Letters Testamentary on the Estate of Benjamin Langford deceased of the County of Pope Arkansas, who after being duly sworn on their oaths saith that the said Benjamin Langford died having executed his WILL dated thirty first day of July A D 1844, whereby they were appointed Executors thereof and that said deceased Benja. Langford at the time of his death was possessed of Property (to the best of their Knowledge) to the amount of Three thousand-----Dollars and that there are Nine Heirs of said Estate to wit:
Evalina Bewley
Anny Ridge
Milton H. Langford
John P. Langford
Robert B. Langford
Children of Benjamin Langford dec'd

Ellis Gardner
Children of Sinai and Thos. Gardner, and Grandchildren of Benajmin Langford.

And that they the undersigned ROBERT S. BEWLEY, JOHN P. LANGFORD and ROBERT B. LANGFORD as Executors of the last Will and Testament, make true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights & credits and effects of the said Benja Langford dec'd and faithfully act as Executors of the said Will of said Langford and pay the Debts and Legacies therein set forth according to the provisions of said Will and under the due direction of Law in such cases made and provided.
Sworn and subscribed to before)                         ROBERT S. BEWLEY (seal)
me in Vacation of the Probate Court)                          J. P. LANGFORD (seal)
of the County on the 10th day of)                               R. B. LANGFORD (seal)
August A D 1844