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A Page of Helpful Information

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The information here may be of assistance if you are unsure of how my WebPages work.
  1. Words underlined and in a different color are what are called "Hyperlinks" of just "Links". If you double click on them with your left mouse button it will take you to that page. For example this will take you to my Home Page.

  2. The small pictures you see scattered about are called "icons". Most of these are hyperlinked (cf. Item 1 above). For example, this one  Photo Gallery button  will take you to the Photo Gallery. Notice that these last words are hyperlinked as well. You will usually find both words and the adjacent icons are both hyperlinked to the same address. 

  3. This icon  At work icon  indicates that I am still working on putting this section together. This icon is NOT linked as there is nothing to go to as yet.

  4. There are several thousand individuals scattered throughout these pages. To assist you in finding a particular person, I have included a search program. If you click on the  Search button  icon, it will take you to the search program where you can enter the name of the person you are looking for and the program will take you there or tell you they are not present in the database.

  5. If you still have questions or difficulties, please contact me by E-mail  E-mail button  at Note that there are three active links in that sentence! The first two will send me the mail while the last will require you to connect to me directly with your internet service provider. You may also send me regular US postal mail to:

  6. Gerald Cahill
    255 Slade Street
    Belmont, MA  02478-2323

  7. I have included a Change Log where the history of the changes to these pages will be recorded.  Change log button

  8. On each page is a date first posted to the webpage and a date last modified line. I will try to indicate on this line what the changes I made since the last change. The Change Log will obviously have more extensive information about the changes made.

  9. The "Back" button on your browser (cf. the top left corner of this page) will take you back to the last page you were viewing. In this case, it will take you back to where you were when you came over to this page.

First posted to the web 3 Dec 2000
Date Last Modified: 8Sep2018

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