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Dedicated to all those dearest to me...my brothers, mom & dad...but most especially to my son, Michael, and my granddaughter, Anya Marae. They are my heart of hearts.

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I love tracing the proverbial Family Tree ::kicking skeletons out of the way:: (let's face it, I'm addicted - and now I've spread it to my brother!) 

We're concentrating heavily on our MOTHERSHEAD family right now, but if you have family names of PIERCE, WILEY, ROGERS, SPOHR, QUISENBERRY, LEMMONS, LONG, BAKER, HUSKEY, or BLEIKER (to name just a few!), especially if you connect into Missouri in the early 1800's, we'd love to hear from you!

We've also got  ODOM,  VERNON,  DAVIS  & MICHAEL (both with and without an 'S' on the end).... all came to Texas in the 1800's. We'll be putting more specific information here on these families as we have time.

If you think we might have a connection, have information you'd like to contribute (on any of our lines), have a website you'd like us to link to, errors you'd like to point out, etc., please email! Just be sure to include "genealogy" in the subject line so I don't delete it by accident before I read it!  :-)

It makes no difference whether you are a seasoned professional or a rank beginner to this fun world of Genealogy; one of the most important things everyone must do, is verify their information!

Finding a GEDCOM on the Internet, or reading what appears to be your family lineage in a book, does not necessarily make it true. GEDCOMs and other information you may find make a great starting point, but simply can not be relied upon as the only source for you to declare your connection to certain ancestors. I have seen erroneous information posted about my own ancestors; if I hadn't tried to find the source of the original information, I never would have known it wasn't true. Please read this very informative article, The Uses and Abuses of Online Genealogy by Gary B. Hoffman, and verify your information before adopting that ancestor!

Not only is it easy to make accidental mistakes when trying to find traces of our ancestors, but there are also people who have no qualms about purposely giving out fraudulent lineages, like Gustave Anjou did in the early to mid-1900s. For more about fraudulent family trees and links to other very informative sites, please read this excellent article, "Grafting Family Trees", by Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG and RootsWeb editor.

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Due to continued abuse by internet scammers I have been forced to close the forms that allow individuals to post to both my Guest Book and the Query page. I had originally left the Query pages open for viewing, but scammers found a way to post to them anyway so I have deleted them. Eventually I will post them back on the site as text only. If you would like something posted to the Query page, please email me and I will post all legitimate queries. Please be sure to include the word "genealogy" in your subject line so I do not think it is just spam and let me know that you want it posted! Thanks for viewing these pages, and hope you find your family connection!
~ Jo Ann

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