Bozeman's of Covington County Alabama

The James C. Bozeman Family

The Bozeman Family of Covington, and the Harris Family of Crenshaw County Alabama.

"To rescue from oblivion the history of a large and honorable family is a praiseworthy achievemant. Somebody must begin the work. It is to be hoped some one will complete it. Only those who have made the attempt have any conception of the mag nitude and difficulty of the undertaking. It is like prospecting for silver and gold. In a large degree it is, indeed, a search for hidden treasures". Rev. Woodruff Bozeman

So I would like to join him in prospecting that rich vein of Family History that begins in Covington County Alabama!

Looking for our Ancestors and their touch upon our family and world!

Rev. Joseph Woodruff Bozeman in closing the preface of his book, "Sketches of the Bozeman Family" says: "A just family pride is a great virtue. Let it be cultivated in every Bozeman on the earth by excellence of personal character, by nobleness of aim, and by usefulness of individual life. "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold.

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Areas of Research:

The Bozeman Family enters Covington County Alabama!

Getting to know James C. Bozeman A Little biography

Introducing My Ancestors W.E. Bozeman

My Granddaddy and Family Willie I. Bozeman

Faces of our Family Bozeman and Harris Families

A Look at their Resting Places in Covington County
  • Bozeman Cemetery
  • Good Hope Cemetery
  • Rose Hill Cemetery
  • Mt. Gilead Cemetery
  • A Look at their Resting Places in other Counties
  • Pineview Cemetery -- Selma, Alabama
  • Sun Rise Cemetery -- Greenville, Alabama
  • Live Oak Cemetery -- Selma, Alabama
  • Oak Hill -- Prattville, Alabama
  • A Tribute to Mom! Ruth Harris Bozeman Mom, thanks for everything

    A Tribute to Dad! James Vinson Bozeman Much Obliged Dad!

    Bozeman Cemetery, Covington County Alabama Cemetery History

    Good Hope Cemetery, Covington County Alabama

    Rose Hill Cemetery, Rose Hill, Alabama Covington County

    Mt. Gilead Cemetery, Covington County Alabama

    Pineview Cemetery Selma, Alabama Dallas County

    Sun Rise Cemetery Greenville, Alabama Butler County

    Live Oak Cemetery, Selma, Alabama Dallas County

    Oak Hill Cemetery Prattville, Alabama Autauga County

    A Tribute to Son-in-Law! Darryl Layne Smith You made me Laugh!

    A Little about their Work

    My Family and their Worship Their Primitive Baptist Beliefs

    A Little about the Uniform they Wore: Bozeman's and other Family Members in the Civil War Gentlemen, I Salute You! They served together from Covington, Crenshaw and Butler Counties and Lowndes Counties, and a few other States,!

    My Lowndes County Alabama Kin Folks!

    Thank you to all the Bozeman's before me that have shaped our country and our family.

    Another Family Site James C. Bozeman

    This work is dedicated to my parents, James and Ruth Bozeman, who loved me and gave me such a good example of what it means and looks like to "have and to hold, for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do us part"! Mom went home to be with the Lord on April 24, 2005. That day was a Sunday! She went to Heaven on a day she loved dearly, Sunday! Dad would come to his home going on January 8, 2012, also a Sunday!

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