Route 825 just past Beechwall Church and turn right at the bridge, that is Asa Creek.
Then past the little one room yellow school house, next house and trailer in
between and drive or walk over to where the May Blair cemetary is.

Location Asa Creek
Copied Sep. 22, 1991 by Harry & Faye Holbrook

RED: Additions added after original listing was posted

MAY, McConnell                           Apr.25 1913     Aug.18 1972   (OBIT)
MAY, Mary Sue (Preston)             Dec.29 1928     Apr.06 1993  

FAIRCHILD, Earl M.                  Jan.08 1900     Apr.21 1906   s/o-Newton C Fairchild & Sarah Luna Williams
FAIRCHILD, Ernest P.                Dec.09 1901     Mar.11 1908   s/o-Newton C Fairchild & Sarah Luna Williams
FAIRCHILD, Newton C.                May 06 1880     Jun.12 1970   (OBIT)
FAIRCHILD, Sarah Luna (Williams)     Sep.30 1882     Feb.96 1970  (OBIT)

RIVERS, Zella (Arms)                 Jun.11 1920     Nov.15 1986 (OBIT)
RIVERS, George Jr.                   Apr.15 1919     Mar.10 1976  (OBIT)
RIVERS, James Hershell           73  Jan.11 1927     Feb.29 2000   (OBIT)
RIVERS, Susan (Holbrook)*        73  May 07 1883     Jun.06 1956  
(OBIT) 1st-w/o-Thomas Henry May 2nd-w/o-George Rivers Sr.

MAY, Thomas Henry                    Aug.11 1856     Aug.09 1917   s/o-William W May & Catherine Conley
MAY, Cynthia Emily (Fairchild)           Mar.17 1854     Aug.25 1897   d/o-Eli W Fairchild & Malissa Jane May (1st wife of Thomas May)

FAIRCHILD, George Dewey              May 02 1899     May 02 1900   s/o-David May Fairchild & Alice Trimble

BLAIR, Edna                          Nov.15 1904     Nov.15 1904   d/o-Bruce Blair & Edna Goble

MAY, Floria (Blair)                  -----------     -----------    (1st wife of Herbert May)
MAY, Herbert                         Apr.28 1908     Jan.09 1962  

UNKNOWN, Small grave no stone        -----------     -----------

BLAIR, Andrew Jackson             86 Feb.08 1879     Jun.29 1965  
BLAIR, Rosa (George) (May)          Nov.22 1885     Jul.04 1958  

BLAIR, Bruce                         Feb.27 1905     Feb.23 1985  (OBIT)
BLAIR, Edna (Goble)                Sep.08 1902     May 16 1976 (OBIT)

O'BRYAN, Harry                       Oct.14 1878     Apr.07 1962  (OBIT)
O'BRYAN, Rosa (Salyer)               Jun.21 1890     Jul.13 1969   (OBIT)

* Harry and Rosa O'Bryan were the parents of the second wife of Herbert May,
  Chlora "Cloie" O'Bryan.

** Susan Rivers was the daughter of Woodie Holbook and Nancy Quillen.  Susan
   was married first to Thomas Henry May.  She married second George Rivers

Johnson County Cemeteries
Vol-1 1993  page-43