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Galka on the Volga

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Border Crossings,Sources & Cards shown
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Landings and Crossings. LDS FHC film # 1472866
Soundex # B-676 93 Ger-Rus abstracts
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The American Heritage Society of Germans from Russia

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Use this link to access photos of the village taken by Dick Kraus, Spring of 2001, and other photos of persons from Galka.      
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Who are Adam Kelln & Mary Katherine Wunsch ?

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A descriptive doctoral dissertation on Volga village life in 1910 including change to private ownership of land. Referenced by John Long in "Privileged to Dispossessed" Excerpts

Brian Berger's site includes Beseran, Odessa Berger Surnames

Census & Maps

Dr. Pleve included this photocopy of the census sheet in the documentation materials he sent with the Wunsch chart.

Write to Gary B. Schneider and view his family site.

General Information on Galka
References to other village pages including
the AHSGR Galka Village Coordinator.

ADDRESSES of Galka Searchers

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Definitions & diagrams.
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BORDER CROSSINGS and other data from Arliss Hopkins

Impressive Ger-Rus Work by Gene Jenkins.


Pleve Chart

Information on Wunsch

from Galka.

Mailing lists to Join
An easy way to make contacts with other Galka & Ger-Russ searchers on the Internet.