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Material gleaned from Hinshaw Quaker records, family members, family records, The Works of Webster Parry, The Maxwell-Trueblood Memorial Vol 1 and The Maxwell-Mendenhall Connection the last two by Roy C. Woods. I thank JoAnn Maxwell Corell for letting me use the Woods material.

Note: If you find "They had one child". These words are generated by my genealogical program. There may be more children , but I only entered one. 


First Generation


1. ? MAXWELL, M.

The family of Maxwell, which for centuries held the titles of Lord Maxwell and Earl of Nithsdale, is of Saxon origin and can be traced as far back as the middle of the eleventh century when Undwin and his son Maccus, on the conquest of England by William of Normandy, took refuge in Scotland and became the founder of the family and the surname of Maxwell.

Maccus, the son of Undwin, A.D. 1100-1150 obtained from King David the lands of Roxburghshire, afterwards erected into the Barony of Maxwell. He built the Maxwell Castle and the Church of Maxwell, which he designated St. Michael, now united to Kelso.

His grandson Sir John Maxwell was the first of Caerlaverock 1200-1241, John's son Aymer Maxwell, fourth Lord Maxwell, second of Caerlaverock and first Mearns, 1241-1266; Aymer's son Sir John Maxwell, first of Pollock, 1270-1306 or 1266-1270; John's son Sir Robert Maxwell, second of Pollock, 1306-1330;Sir John Maxwell, third of Pollock, 1330-1360; Sir John Maxwell, 4th of Pollock, 1360-1405 & etc. A possible lineage can be traced on but two links are missing to connect for sure with our John Maxwell immigrant.

Caerlaverock Castle is found in Dumfrieshire. Scotland near the coast of the Irish Sea. Richard and I visited there in May 1995. In September 1997 we were at Gasglow but choice not to find Pollock Castle and the town of Mearns, because of the heavy traffic and highly developed area they were in.

Our possible American ancestor, John Maxwell was born in Ireland between 1710 - 1720.

He was twenty one when he came to America. We are Scots-Irish. I have listed some possible ancestors for him but have no prove other than the unusual first name of Hugh falls into this grouping of names.


6. John MAXWELL, M. Born ca 1718/1720 in Dublin Ireland came to America when 21. John died in North Carolina aft 1762/1772; he was 44. Occupation: lived near Reedy Fork near Greensboro Guilford Co NC.

Our American ancestor, John Maxwell was born in Ireland between 1710 and 1720. He was twenty one when he came to America.

He married Elizabertn Mc Clendon/McLi(a)nden and settled in the low part of North Carolina. At this time he was a Presbyterian and lived near Greensboro, North Carolina. He is listed in the records of North Buffalo Creek Presbyterian Church (later called Buffalo Presbyterain Church) It was named Buffalo because herds of buffalo once ranged in this area. The church record states "John Maxwell located on Reedy Fork in 1772" The church was two miles north of the center of Greensboro. The first settlers in this area were Scotch-Irish with a constant emigration to American from 1610-1688. History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People, page 44 and also quotations from Deed Book 1 of Guilford County, page 186 and 526. He purchased land in Guilford County 8-14-1772, according to Deed Book 1, p 186. The John Maxwell in the Augusta County, Virginia military in 1842, is not him but another line of Maxwells, that did live in Augusta County Virginia at that time. See my husband's John Maxwell.

Possibly John may have been in the Revolutionary War and may have died from his injuries. He and his wife are believed buried in the same grave.

A John Maxwell is on the Tax lists of Johnson County. NC 1748 - he protested the high taxes. Thus some say this is our John and his children are probbly all born in this county. Other play it safe and say children born in North Carolina.

Listing of children and names of spouses with no dates and excluding Francis came from the Work of Roy C. Wood of Huntington, West Virginia. He was the husband of Florence Maxwell. His publication Maxwell-Trueblood Memorial Vol 1, was done for the family. Possible dates are from

Ca 1744 when John was 34, he married Elizabeth McLENDON (McLANDEN), 5G Grandmother, daughter of Dennis McCLENDEN (MECKENDEN) (-ca 9 Jul 1706) & Margaret Mary EARLY, in North Carolina. Born in 1706/1710 in North Carolina. Elizabeth died in North Carolina, ? 1762; she was 56.

Listing of children with no dates and excluding Francis came from the Work of Roy C. Wood of Huntington, West Virginia. He was the husband of Florence Maxwell. His publication Maxwell-Trueblood Memorial Vol 1, was done for the family. Possible dates for FamilySearch.Org.

I have found no primary documentation for these children.

They had the following children:

8 i. Thomas, M (ca 1746-ca 1762)

9 ii. Mary, F (ca 1748-)

10 iii. William, M (ca 1749/1852-)

11 iv. Ann(a), F (ca 1750-)

12 v. Elisabeth, F (ca 1752-)

13 vi. Robert, M (ca 1754-1797)

14 vii. John, M (ca 1756-)

15 viii. Francis, F (ca 1856-)

16 ix. Arthur, M (ca 1760-)

17 x. Hugh, M (1762-1830) (His line I can document to the present, as I am of this line)


7. Thomas MAXWELL, M. Born in 1704.

In 1738 when Thomas was 34, he married Abigail McCLOSKEY, F.

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Sixth Generation

Family of John MAXWELL (6) & Elizabeth McLENDON (McLANDEN)

8. Thomas MAXWELL, M. Born ca 1746. Thomas died ca 1762; he was 16.


9. Mary MAXWELL, F. Born ca 1748.

Mary married Isaac WATERS, M.

10. William MAXWELL, M. Born ca 1749/1752 in North Carolina.

 He married Elizabeth Grason. I do not believe the same person as the William Maxwell who married Elizabeth Croom(e).

11. Ann(a) MAXWELL, F. Born ca 1750.

Ann(a) married Latemore EDMUND, M.

12. Elisabeth MAXWELL, F. Born ca 1752.

Married a second cousin, Dennis McLENDON, M.

13. Robert MAXWELL, M. Born ca 1754. Robert died in 1797; he was 43.

One undocumented sourse says he lived in GA and his death date is taken from that source.

Robert married Mary, F.

14. John MAXWELL, M. Born ca 1756.

He died unmarried.

15. Francis MAXWELL, F. Born ca 1856/1858.

Not sure if male or female or if child ever existed. Records that I have of this family do not list.

16. Arthur MAXWELL, M. Born ca 1760.

Arthur married Mary HOOD, F.

17. Hugh MAXWELL, M. Born on 9 Feb 1762 in North Carolina. Hugh died in Union Co IN on 8 Jun 1830; he was 68. Buried in Salem Friends Cemetery, IN

(another person Ward Cem.).

 I have a document done by Webster Perry called The Work of Webster Parry's (compilation of Quaker families). Lily Library, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana.  (Mr. Perry lived 1749-1936) 

page 158

Hugh s/o John Maxwell and Elizabeth McLenden born 2-9-1791. died 6-8-1830/31.  It goes on to list his wife and their children.

From two different listings of his family in Quaker records the year of his birth is 1862 and the year of death 1830.  Besides the information from Mr. Wood in Maxwell-Trueblood Memorial Vol 1 andMr. Perry's information I have Hugh as John's son.  John was known to be in the same county in North Carolina, so they probably are right but no other documentation that I know of has been found.

Hugh and Elizabeth may have joined the Society of Friends after thePresbyterian Church split. I have a map of Guilford County North Carolina in 1781 that shows the church on it. It was about 15,000 feet southeast of Guilford Courthouse, where the important battle of the Revolutionary War took place. The following Quaker church records show the Maxwell name for the first time. The name Elliott was also checked and neither Elizabeth's name or her parents are found in N.C. or Virginia.

FROM P 408 CANE CREEK MONTHLY MEETING N.C. church records Guilford Co. N. C.

1790 8,7 Elizabeth rocf Center Monthly Meeting N. C. dated 1790 7,17

1792 10.6 Hugh recrq.

1792 10,6 Elizabeth dt. Hugh & Elizabeth recrq.

They later go to Lost Creek Monthly Meeting in Tenn and listing of their children is on page 1108 of those records.

 another source says Hugh died 1 Dec 1838. (N. Wayne Cosby of Watson LA)

 On 30 Dec 1787 when Hugh was 25, he married Elizabeth ELLIOTT, F, daughter of William ELLIOTT, M & Betty MOORE, F, in North Carolina. Born on 7 Jun 1766 in Perquimans Co NC. Elizabeth died in Salem IN on 4 Mar 1841; she was 74. Buried in Friends Cemetery Salem, IN.

They had the following children:

18 i. John, M (1789-)

19 ii. Elizabeth, F (1791-)

20 iii. Jacob, M (1792-1845)

21 iv. William, M (1794-)

22 v. Hannah, F (1795-)

23 vi. Thomas, M (1797-)

24 vii. Mary, F (1799-)

25 viii. Hugh, M (1801-)

26 ix. David, M (1802-)

27 x. Rachel, F (1804-)

28 xi. Ruth, F (1806-)

29 xii. Matilda, F (1808-)

30 xiii. Lydia, F (1810-)

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Seventh Generation

Family of Hugh MAXWELL (17) & Elizabeth ELLIOTT

18. John MAXWELL, M. Born on 10 May 1789 in N.C.

19. Elizabeth MAXWELL, F. Born on 9 Jan 1791 in N. C.

20. Jacob MAXWELL, M. Born on 4 Sep 1792 in North Carolina. Jacob died in Henry County, IA on 26 Sep 1845; he was 53. Buried in Salem Friends Cemetery in Henry Co IA. When Jacob was five years old he moved with his family to Tenn.

FROM P 408 CANE CREEK MONTHLY MEETING N. C. church records Guilford Co. N.C.

1797 10,7 Hugh and sons get Lost Creek MM (Tenn)

1797 10,7 Elizabeth (with h) & ch get Lost Creek MM (Tenn)


1798 4, 21 Hugh and s John, Jacob, William & Thomas rocf Cane Creek MM N. C. dated 1797, 10,7 1798 5, 19 Elizabeth & dt. Elizabeth and Hannah rocf from Cane Creek Mm dated 1797, 10, 7. Hugh was recommended for an elder in 1804 and Elizabeth was recommended for an elder in 1810.

On Dec 31, 1814 Jacob was received into White Water Monthly Meeting in Indiana having moved to Union County IN and was married at Silver Creek Meeting House (later Salem MM). His parents followed to White Water Monthly Meeting in Union Co Indiana in 1816.

Jacob and Margaret's children are listed on page 244 of Silver Creek-Salem MM Indiana church records. On page 263 of same records Hugh was appointed an Elder in 1817 and Elizabeth was also and Jacob was appointed Recorder.

In 1838 a problem arose in the church that contributed to their decision to leave Indiana and move to the new Quaker community of Salem Iowa. Jacob came to Salem Iowa from Union County, Indiana in the spring of 1839 and moved his family there the next year. Charles was 19 and Rachel was thirteen. She latter documented the trip and their early life in Iowa. ca 4 Feb 1815 when Jacob was 22, he married Margaret HEAVENRIDGE, F, daughter of John HEAVENRIDGE, M & Margaret ALLEN, F, in Union Co IN. Born on 10 Oct 1788 in OLD VA. Margaret died on 9 Nov 1759 in Salem IA. Buried in Salem Friends Cemetery, Henry Co IA.

They had the following children:

31 i. Hannah D., F (1815-)

32 ii. Elizabeth, F (1817-)

33 iii. Margaret, F (1819-)

34 iv. Charles, M (1821-1877)

35 v. John H., M (1823-)

36 vi. Isabel, F (1825-)

37 vii. Rachel, F (1827-)

38 viii. Jacob, M (1829-)

39 ix. Josiah, M (1831-1834)


21. William MAXWELL, M. Born on 8 Mar 1794 in N. C.


22. Hannah MAXWELL, F. Born on 4 Nov 1795 in N. C.


23. Thomas MAXWELL, M. Born on 10 Mar 1797 in N. C.


24. Mary MAXWELL, F. Born on 20 Mar 1799 in Lost Creek MM Knox Co TN.


25. Hugh MAXWELL, M. Born on 11 Jan 1801 in Lost Creek MM Knox Co TN.


26. David MAXWELL, M. Born on 23 Nov 1802 in Lost Creek MM Knox Co. TN.


27. Rachel MAXWELL, F. Born on 25 Mar 1804 in Lost Creek MM Knox Co. TN.


28. Ruth MAXWELL, F. Born on 9 Mar 1806 in Lost Creek MM Knox Co TN.


29. Matilda MAXWELL, F. Born on 8 May 1808 in Lost Creek MM Knox Co. IN.


30. Lydia MAXWELL, F. Born on 2 Jan 1810 in Lost Creek MM Knox Co IN.

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Eighth Generation

Family of Jacob MAXWELL (20) & Margaret HEAVENRIDGE


31. Hannah D. MAXWELL, F. Born on 19 Nov 1815 in IN.


32. Elizabeth MAXWELL, F. Born on 26 Oct 1817 in IN.


33. Margaret MAXWELL, F. Born on 10 Jun 1819 in IN.


34. Charles MAXWELL, M. Born on 3 Mar 1821 in Indiana. Charles died in gored by bull on farm in Henry Co IA on 3 Oct 1877; he was 56. Buried in Cedar Creek Friends Cemetery. Occupation: farmer came IA in 1841.

I have a copy of their marriage certificate they were married in the Friends church according to the doctrine of the Society of Friends at Cedar Creek Friends Church, Mt. Pleasant Ia on 7-2-1846

On 2 Jul 1846 when Charles was 25, he married Pamela (Permela) MENDENHALL, F, daughter of Enos MENDENHALL, M & Lydia GRIFFIN, F. Born on 25 Aug 1817 in North Carolina. Pamela (Permela) died in on farm in Henry Co IA on 31 Aug 1896; she was 79. Buried in Cedar Creek Friends Cemetery Henry Co, IA. Came to Iowa in 1837.

Left to Right: Charles, Lydia, Pamela, Thomas, Hannah, Enos, Josiah in the middle

They had the following children:

40 i. Lydia, F (1847-1920)

41 ii. Margaret, F (1849-1850)

42 iii. Thomas C, M (1858-1837)

43 iv. Josiah, M (1851-1898)

44 v. Enos Jacob, M (1853-1944)

45 vi. Hannah, F (1855-1929)


35. John H. MAXWELL, M. Born on 28 Jan 1823.


36. Isabel MAXWELL, F. Born on 30 Apr 1825 in IN.


37. Rachel MAXWELL, F. Born on 1 Feb 1827 in IN.


38. Jacob MAXWELL, M. Born on 4 Feb 1829 in IN.


39. Josiah MAXWELL, M. Born on 17 Aug 1831 in IN. Josiah died in IN on 26

Jun 1834; he was 2.

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Ninth Generation


Family of Charles MAXWELL (34) & Pamela (Permela) MENDENHALL


40. Lydia MAXWELL, F. Born on 31 Oct 1847 in Near Cedar Creek Friends Church. Lydia died in At Her Home in Tipp twp. Henry Co. IA on 4 Nov 1920; she was 73. Buried in Cedar Creek Friends Cemetery, Henry County, IA.

Occupation: Housewife. Religion: Quaker "Friends".

On 16 Aug 1866 when Lydia was 18, she married William Draper TRUEBLOOD, M, son of Matthew TRUEBLOOD, M & Martha DRAPER, F, in Cedar Creek Meeting House. Born on 19 May 1841 in Orange Co., IN. William Draper died in Tippecanoe Twp. Henry Co. IA on 14 Feb 1929; he was 87. Buried in Cedar Creek Friends Cem, Henry County, IA. Occupation: Farmer. Education: Attended Spring Creek Academy Near Oskaloosa, IA. Religion: Quaker "Friends".

 William D. Trueblood in Iowa was an active member of the Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting. This church is the oldest Quaker Meeting House building, west of the Mississippi River still holding services in 1998. His mother's parents, William and Mary Draper moved to Oskaloosa IA and William D. Trueblood sometime during the years of 1856-1866 lived with his grandmother and attended Spring Creek Academy for two years. Spring Creek Academy later became William Penn College. He returned to Henry County in 1866 and married and raised his son in that county. William and Lydia moved to a red brick house northeast of Salem after their marriage. Later, they lived three fourth of a mile south of Cedar Creek Church. Their son Charles Matthew was born there. They then bought 90 acres and moved to the "old home place" in 1875. They celebrated their 50th anniversary there in 1916. Lois was six years old. 

They had one child:

i. Charles Matthew, M (1869-1938)

41. Margaret MAXWELL, F. Born on 18 Oct 1849 in Henry County IA. Margaret died in Henry County IA on 29 Oct 1850; she was 1.

42. Thomas C MAXWELL, M. Born on 26 Feb 1858 in Henry County IA. Thomas C died on 7 Dec 1837.

Thomas C married Mannie DEVORE, F.

43. Josiah MAXWELL, M. Born on 20 Apr 1851 in Henry County IA. Josiah died on 15 Jan 1898; he was 46.

Another date of birth possible 8-20-1851

Another date of death possible 11-15-1898

On 23 Feb 1882 when Josiah was 30, he first married Elizabeth HOLIDAY, F.

Josiah second married Louisa KNUDSON, F.


44. Enos Jacob MAXWELL, M. Born on 30 Oct 1853 in Henry County IA. Enos Jacob died in Henry County IA on 31 Aug 1944; he was 90.

On 1 Jan 1889 when Enos Jacob was 35, he married Mary Elizabeth (Molly) TRUEBLOOD, F, daughter of Dorson TRUEBLOOD, M & Lydia B WINSLOW, F. Born on 1 Mar 1868. Mary Elizabeth (Molly) died on 8 Oct 1941; she was 73.

They had the following children:

i. Glenn W., M (1890-1949)

ii. Anna, F (1891-1944)

iii. Florence C., F (1895-1975)

iv. Josiah Dorson (Joe), M (1898-1973)


45. Hannah MAXWELL, F. Born on 24 Dec 1855 in Henry County IA. Hannah died in Henry Co IA on 4 Feb 1929; she was 73.

On 10 Dec 1884 when Hannah was 28, she married Benjamin BROWN, M, son of Jacob BROWN, M & Mary HALLOWELL, F. Born on 12 Jul 1838 in Morgan Co O.

Benjamin died on 9 Aug 1921; he was 83.

Known child:

i. Alice, F (1895-)



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