Farlow Cemetery

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New pictures taken August 14, 2005 by Jean Leeper

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Almost to the county line near New London. Going east on new 34 turn south on Quincy Avenue about 1/4 mile then east 1/4 mile. It is in the middle of some fields with a gravel lane back to it. It is located in section 35 and the first burial was in 1844. Farlow is also called Reese, Hardin or Flint. This cemetery is very much in need of being restored.

I found eleven burials that are not documented in previous works.

There are eight burials that are listed in the cemetery records, and no monument were found for them. Three of these were Harden children, that might be listed on the back of their parent's monument. The monument was heavy and on the ground.


As you drive east down the graveled lane.


There are many big stone toppled. These are in the SE corner.

The Richard family plot. Totally unkempt.

Inside the Richard's plot one stone that was on the ground and no writing was found when chalked.

There are lots of areas showing toppled stones and buried stones.

Another toppled stone.

This stone will appear again but we found pieces of it all around the area.

We covered it back up to try to preserve it until restoration is done in the cemetery.

Looking into a newer NE corner.

Looking back towards the west and our car.


Stones are shown on pages below in alphabetical order

Stones Page One Algeo - Boak

Stones Page Two Berry - Bledsoe

Stones Page Three Carter - Goines

Stones Page Four Hand - Harden

Stones Page Five Hare - Hobbs

Stones Page Six Hulbert - Lyman

Stones Page Seven McAnderson - Nugen

Stones Page Eight Packard - Porter

Stones Page Nine Preuss - Richard

Stones Page Ten   Shaner - Stevenson

Stones Page Eleven Stewart - Wilson



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