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I have been working (or having fun, as in most cases) on our family roots for close to twenty years. I have not found very many great or famous people, but I can say for sure, that most of these people left their marks in this great nation of ours. Some settled and worked all their life in the back country, and never left the area, but due to their hard work, there are churches, and school houses and other city function buildings that are used today from that person's hard work.

My wife's family came from the foothills of Virginia and those of North Carolina.

Out of the respect of the living, I tried not to include anyone that is alive today, so in some cases I have only two, three or four generations. Many of you have added to this work, and too you I say, enjoy our connections. I would like to add a big thanks for those people who are helping me in my endeavor to find and uncover these ancestors of ours. So please feel free to write me anytime. It does take a while to change the data, so please be patient with me.

So look over the surname list and see if we are related in any way. Always happy to share information.

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New to this page are the Pedigree Charts of

Daniel M. Jenkins and of Rebecca E. (DeHart) Jenkins

Danny Jenkins

May 2003

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