Namelist of people born in Ceylon but living in Java in 1823


J. van Toll

Sibbe 3; pages 183-4-5.

At the ARA in The Hague is a register of Europeans older than 16 years old, born in Ceylon but living in Java in the year 1823. (OI = Oost Indie; Dr = Date of Register; z.B. ???? Salatiga)

  1. Adriatschky, Hendrik, 19 years old old, DR 1-8-1823, arrived in Batavia. Nurse in the hospital. Java Courant, no. 48 of 1831. Obituary (see obituary N 1943; summons of the Orphanage of Batavia.
  2. Becht, Johan Hendrik. Ceylon, 36 years old, DR 1-8-1823, arrived in Batavia, Merchant, Obituary Java Courant 25, 1833.
  3. Belling Jan Gerard. Colombo, OI, DR 1-8-1823. Arrived 1818 in Batavia. 1st Custom-House Officer at the Head Administration of Finances. Obituary 5-11-1823 and unmarried. Ext. J. de Reter.
  4. Boosema, Michil. Ceylon-Bengal. DR 1-8-1823. 53 years old. Arrived in Batavia. Servant.
  5. Burs, Carel. Ceylon, Java. DR 1-8-1823. 20 years old. Arrived in Batavia. No profession.
  6. Caspersz Johan Arnaud Renaldus. Colombo-Ceylon. 35 years old. 1807. Ass. Res. (Assistant Commissioner) in Semarang.
  7. Cramer, Didrik Cornelis. Ceylon OI, 23 years old, Batavia.
  8. Diederiksz, Henning Fredrik. Thenconomale-Ceylon, 42 years old, 1799. Ass. Res. of Djipang, Resident of Rembang. Died 12-8-1823.
  9. Fedder, Johan Ferdinand Diederick. Funkelena-Ceylon, 1-12-1823, 36 years old. Banda, Inspector of spice beds (spice parks?) and Member of the Court of Justice at ? (no name given).
  10. Festus, Lambertus. Colombo-Ceylon, 23 years old, 1806 zB. in Semarang.
  11. Fieligs, Hermanus Justinus. Colombo-Ceylon, 22 years old. Soerabaja. Apprentice in the construction shop.
  12. Franse, Alexander Lodewijk. Ceylon, OI, 37 years old, 1817. 1st Custom-House Officer at the General Tax Collection Office in Batavia. With the resolution of 27-1-1824 Nr 3, appointed First Officer of the Bureau of Director at the Exchange Office.
  13. Fransz, Adolph. Coesin-Ceylon. 30 years old. 2-8-1806. Surveyor of Forests in Japara, residing in Japara Joana.
  14. Fransz, Carel Frederik. Colombo-Ceylon, 1-12-1824, 31 years, Chinsurah, Clerk at the Resident.
  15. Geertskram, Hendrik. Colombo-Ceylon, 25 years old. 1807 in Semarang. 1-8-1823, surveyor 2nd class, died in Java Courant 108-1829.
  16. Groenhagen, Herman Jacob. Colombo, OI 36 years, Batavia, z.B.
  17. Gunsch, Adolph Christiaan. Ceylon, 22 years old, Soerabaja. 2nd Custom-House Officer at the Exchange Office.
  18. Haart, Willem Jacob de, Colombo-Ceylon, 31 years old, Batavia, 1st Custom-House Officer at the Director of Finances.
  19. Heupner, Francois Charles. Colombo, 26 years old, 1807. Z.B. in Japara and Joana.
  20. Hoff, Frederik Carel, v.d. Colombo-Ceylon, 53 years, 1778. Retired, living in Soerabaja.
  21. Holbeck, Egbert. Ceylon, OI 38 years old, Batavia, Z.B. died. obituary Java Courant 24-1832.
  22. Jansen, Hendrik. Ceylon, 27 years old. 1810. Seaman. Died 10-26-1826.
  23. Jansz, Jan Godfried. Colombo-Ceylon. 37 years old. 1807. Merchant in Soerabaja.
  24. Mandel, Willem Hermanus van. Ceylon, 19 years old. 1816 or 1820. Innkeeper in Batavia.
  25. Meijer, Diedrich Thomas. Colombo-Ceylon, 26 years old, 1807. Assistant Resident in Lamongang (Resident Mr. Grissee).
  26. Meijer, Jan Frederik. Koetjiel-Ceylon, 22 years old. Batavia: Clerk. (extraordinary employe at the General Secretary).
  27. Milord, Jan Daniel. Ceylon, 25 years, Semarang. Z.B.
  28. Mossel, Jan Willem Simon. Colombo, OI 19 years, 1819. 2nd Custom-House Officer at the Accounts and General Bookkeeping in Batavia.
  29. Nette, Pieter August. Pahle-Ceylon, 31 years old. Banka and Billiton. Clerk.
  30. Pelgrim, Johannes Bernardus. Colombo-Ceylon, 33 years. Semarang. ZB.
  31. Philip, Hendrik. Jasnam-Patnam-Ceylon, 28 years old. 16-1-1823 in Semarang. Citizen.
  32. Ranzow, Lodewijk Carel, Count of Manaar-Ceylon, 35 years old. Malacca, Resident of Riouw.
  33. Reijnholst, Johannes Gerardus Albertus. Colombo-Ceylon. 43 years old. Soerabaja. ZB, died 10-10-1825.
  34. Richard, David. Manaar-Ceylon. 42 years old. Malacca. Musician.
  35. Rudolph, Abraham Christoffel. Kaltura-Ceylon, 37 years old. 1807 in Soerabaja. Assistant Resident in Djapan.
  36. Rudolph, Theodorus Cornelis. Colombo-Ceylon, 37 years old, 20-8-1817 in Bantam. Inspector of Land revenues of the First Class (??), 11-11-1823 left for the Resident of Soerabaja.
  37. Schaap, Jan Diderik Gerard. Pantogak-Ceylon, 17 years old. 1821. Clerk at the General Secretariat, 24-1-1824 appointed pupil of the local languages to Malacca.
  38. Schutz, Carolus Adam. Colombo-Ceylon, 26 years old. Salatiga. residing in Semarang, civilian.
  39. Schutz, Johan. Colombo-Ceylon, 23 years old. Salatiga, residing in Semarang.
  40. Sohsten, Gustaaf Adriaan Diderick von. Ceylon, OI 36 years old. 1822. 2nd Custom-House Officer First Class at the City Police. Died 20-1-1824.
  41. Stienstrend, Gerrit Cornelis. Japnam-Patnam - Ceylon, 28 years old. Semarang, civilian.
  42. Tierbach, Johannes Wilhelmus. Colombo, OI 23 years old. 1817. Java. Officer at the Head Administration of Finances of Batavia.
  43. Tierbach, Justus Frederik. Ceylon OI 31 years old. Batavia. ZB
  44. Weerman, Niapoli, Adolphfie. Ceylon, OI 21 years old Batavia, ZB
  45. Winckelman, Abraham Johan Carel. Colombo-Ceylon, 26 years old. 25-12-1805. Inspector of Land revenues in Koedus, residing in Japara and Joana.
  46. Winckelman, Francois, Wilhelm Ludwich von. Colombo-Ceylon, 22 years old, 25-12-1805. Inspector of Land revenues of the Malang Division, residing in Passoeroean. N. Stamboek (Genealogical Register) Dfo 282.
  47. Zitter, Petrus Henricus. Punts-Ceylon, 24 years old, 1805, Assistant certified Clerk at the Court of Justice in Semarang.